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  1. As had been said, maple is very durable. This floor is over 22 years old. Yes it was refinished once about 8 years ago. Still lots of traffic , dogs kids etc etc.
  2. Yes the sticky tape issue is real. I bought a bunch of old radio station ampex tapes and they instantly gummed up my Otari. Cleaning it was a PITA. Only new tapes for me now. Some folks have has success "baking" sticky tapes in a food dehydrator. But using tapes is a big enough production as is without the added work that would be involved in baking tape! Josh
  3. Thanks for the information. I am recently getting back into photography. Having learned and shot with film, transitioning to the digital world has been interesting. I am somewhat amazed with the current reliance on editing software - And at the same time wowed with the ability to shoot 30 frames to keep two! Sounds like you are old school with the attention to detail on the setup and are able to take advantage of what digital offers in regards to having multiple images from which to choose. Again, I have admired your images on these pages for sometime and know that they don’t happen by happenstance,
  4. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    That is so awesome that you feel you are ready and able to follow your dream. Good luck to you please know that many are envious! Knowing your dream and then acting on it is a rare gift!
  5. As always really really great photos! Curious, do you shoot with the camera setting in black and white or do you convert in Lightroom or some other photo editing software?
  6. I do not have experience with Volti upgrades, but I do own a pair of his Rival speakers. Have to say that if the drivers are the same in the rivals as he uses for upgrades, I would highly endorse the move. Josh
  7. here is another source. I have not used them so I cannot vouch for them. I have bought a couple of tapes from a company in Italy and was trying to remember the name and found these guys while I was searching. https://www.yarlungrecords.com/product-category/analog-tapes/
  8. I have purchased 1/4 inch 2 track tapes that have been recorded directly from the master from a guy named Leslie Brooks. His company is https://analogaudioinc.com/ They dont list these for sale on his website but email him to get on his list. From time to time I get an email with available titles. Way more reasonable than other sources. Josh
  9. Bruce, you are correct the office was a recreation of Owen Bradley’s office. Not Fred Foster. I got my Nashville producers mixed up! I very well could have posted this a couple of years ago since that was when I visited the country music hall of fame. J
  10. This is a photo of a recreation of the legendary Nashville record producer, Fred Fosters' office. It was a display at the country music hall of fame.
  11. I have had three different vintage amplifiers with the original 7591 all tested great and sounded awesome. 2 Mc225s and a scott 299d just saying!
  12. is there something wrong with the originals? I have tried the EH coin base version and have always gone back to the original westinghouse collar based type. To me they sound considerably better. I have not tried the new collar base Tung-sols so I cannot comment on them.
  13. Free stuff has been claimed.
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