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  1. Identifying Tubes

    I am probably not the Lone Ranger in this regard .....I have a number of tubes that the identifying marks have been rubbed off. On some I can breath on them (same way you would on a pair of glasses before cleaning) and the numbers are readable. On others that doesn’t work. Anyone have other ways to Id tubes that have no marks on them? thx
  2. Integrated Amp suggestions

    Great video ! Way cool for sure.
  3. Identifying 12AX7 tube specifics

    I would say its a ribbed long plate with a square getter. I have a number of RCA 12AX7 's that have a short plate and a halo getter. I dont know enough about them to know when either of those were made or if one is considered better than the other!
  4. What I Got Today!

    Actually it looks pretty interesting. I should transfer some old vcr tapes as well. I looked on the B&H site and it looks like the software is only for windows but in the review section someone mentioned converting to MP4. Do you know if this thing works on Macs? THX
  5. Integrated Amp suggestions

    I haven’t heard this amp but I will defend the LEDs. Apparently, the green turns to amber when the power guard circuit senses clipping. Yes it may be overly dramatic but it serves the same purpose as a little red light would. I have owned both vintage and modern Mac equipment (as well as countless other makes - no not leben) and to my ears Mac is still at the front of the toboggan. From both a sound as well as build quality standpoint. So I cannot agree that the mighty has fallen. In fact I believe that the opposite is the case.
  6. Integrated Amp suggestions

  7. First Watt / Nelson Pass Amps

    Forum member William @wdecho has owned a number of pass designs and is knows a lot about the various builds
  8. This is a remarkable pre amp and performs way above the price asked! Also , it appears that this unit has been upgraded to use the 6H30 tube in place of the 6DJ8 which was the case in the original design. The 6H30 "super tube" is readily available new and is quiet and remarkable. Yes the 6DJ8 is great as well, but you may need to search for a non microphonic example. Just saying that this is a great preamp that someone should jump on!!
  9. SOLD FS NOSValves Scott 299a

    The amp is back for sale . I am sad to do this, but I am going to limit the sale to folks who have at least 100 posts on this forum. The potential buyer revealed himself to be a flipper and while I should have figures that out , I didn’t until he asked me if I had packing materials even though I was meeting him in person to deliver the amp. He joined the day I posted the listing. So the amp is back for sale at 600bucks to actual forum members. The price will be higher if and when I post it elesewhere thanks
  10. This is a Cool Idea

    OK I give up! Where on her website are the downloads of the Christmas Music!? I am a big fan of Rickie. And you are correct there are a few swings and misses in her releases. But you cant hit it out of the park if you dont take a swing!

    PM sent
  12. SOLD FS NOSValves Scott 299a

    I believe it has been sold. Ill let you know if it falls through! Cheers Josh
  13. SOLD FS NOSValves Scott 299a

    I bought this from forum member Greg Roberts a few years ago. It has been used sparingly in my office. I will sell it for what I paid for it. $600.00 plus shipping. It works great and sound awesome. I have too many amps and someone should be using this! Rather than take new photos, I have included the link from when I bought it.
  14. Best US music city

    Maybe but truth is that Brady is no Montana
  15. I have a purpose built Windows based server with a NAS unit. I too use EAC to rip the CDs to the NAS. The server is connected to a Benchmark DAC3. I have used JRiver in the past for music management and tidal lossless for streaming. I have since moved to ROON and absolutely love it. Great integration of my library and tidal.