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  1. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Yes I am from the Bay Area. I was actually born in New York state but I have lived in the Bay Area for 61 years so I consider myself a native! Grew up a Giants fan and as such have a visceral reaction to anything Dodger. And yes the best ball player of all time is Willie Mays. And I to hate that video. The best part of that at bat was when it happened the national broadcast showed the parking lot and it was filled with cars leaving. Who leaves a World Series game in the 9th inning? Dodger fans, that's who!
  2. Let's Go Yankees.....

    I am with you. The dodgers are the evil empire as far as Im concerned. Lets go 'stros!
  3. Bluesound DAC

    I have a Bluesound Node2 and a couple of their wireless speakers. I actually bought the wireless speaker to use on my deck. The only way I could use it and have it play in sync with my two channel set up was to also use the Node 2. Works pretty well. I only use the Node when I want to play my wireless speaker with my two channel set up. The node can access my NAS via my wireless network and can also stream Tidal. I do run it through my Benchmark DAC 3 so I really cannot comment on the DAC. Its actually a pretty inexpensive way to have a music server - if you have a way to load music on a NAS. I am actually not a huge fan of the Bluesound interface. I find it somewhat clunky. But that is probably just me! I have to say that the use of the descriptor "streamer" is interesting and somewhat confusing - at least to me! I guess when people use the term streamer, it is meant to describe a piece of hardware that accesses music on the internet. If that is the case a streamer doesnt really stream anything - it actually just receives a stream. In that context, your computer is a streamer as is an ipad or even an iphone. Am I missing something? J
  4. Sony ES222 SACD PLAYER

    First response ( by 4 minutes) is from dirtmudd. absolve 2525 is number two in case dirtmudd decides otherwise! Josh
  5. Sony ES222 SACD PLAYER

    I have not used this for years. If you want it pay for shipping and boxing and its yours! This unit was upgraded by SACDmods.com I will include the receipt from them indicating the work that was done. This is an amazing sounding unit.
  6. Calling All Musicians

    Add Jessie Colin Young when he was with the youngbloods to the Danelectro bass user list!
  7. The Pet Corner

    here she is playing in the grass
  8. The Pet Corner

    one year old rescue mutt.
  9. Show us your great photography thread!

    Not a great photo but a good memory. Me and Jerry Jeff
  10. Show us your great photography thread!

    Photo from a number of years ago. Great view
  11. Some basic Scott 299C Questions

    As usual Craig, that's good advice! Hope you're doing ok! Call me sometime and we can catch up! Cheers josh
  12. Some basic Scott 299C Questions

    Not sure how you thought that I was referring to AEAUDIO having a personal vendetta with Craig. For the record I was not.
  13. Some basic Scott 299C Questions

    While I am sure that a Ken from aeaaudio will do a fine job and his 6 month warranty is good, my experience with Craig at novales has been nothing short of incredible. Craig has worked on no fewer than 3 Scott integrated amps for me and for each one he has never disappointed. He truly works magic. He has rebuilt and upgraded a 299 a 299b and a 299d. In addition to those I have owned a 222 and another 299b that he has done the full Monty rebuild on. No 6 month bs warranty- my experience is that Craig stands behind his work for as long as forever. If you are thinking of buying a Scott integrated look no further than the master-Craig Otsby to turn into a magical piece. Dont let personal vendettas from others here cloud your judgement Craig delivers. He has in the past and from that experience I know he will in the future. Just saying
  14. Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    New reissue c22. This is an awesome preamp and the phono section is to die for
  15. RIP Don Williams

    Sad News indeed. Just a few months ago a tribute album of his songs performed by a variety of artists was released and if you haven't heard it I suggest you do! Gentle Giants: The Songs Of Don Williams.