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  1. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    This should be a start of new ongoing thread. Bands / music that seemingly everyone but you think are great. FWIW I agree with you on Zeppelin!
  2. Thanks for posting this. Great Read!!!
  3. Pizza

    There is only one other thing I can think of that can match Pizza. Meaning that the worst pizza is pretty damn good..as is the case with the other thing.
  4. What I Got Today!

    Its from timbernation. And yes the maple shelves are awesome. This thing weighs a ton - or there abouts!
  5. What I Got Today!

    New Rack.
  6. Legends You Have Seen Live?

    Bill Evans at keystone corner Stan Getz at keystone corner Oscar Peterson at keystone corner The Kinks at the original Fillmore West Rod Stewart at the original Fillmore West Elton John he was the opening act for the Kinks at the Fillmore Stones Burrito Brothers The Dead The Band w/Dylan The Band on their own Neil Young solo at Berkeley Community Theater - which is the auditorium for Berkeley High School James Taylor solo at BCT Van Morrison a number if times best venue was the Inn of Cotati Jefferson Airplane at Fillmore West Moby Grape IMHO the best of the late 60s SF bands Willie Nelson with Merle Haggard and Leon Russell and many more that I cannot think of!
  7. What I Got Today!

    Here's the back. I have a few guitars. I acquire them but I have a hard time selling them! I have an early Collings OM1A - SB, a Nice Santa Cruz D-12, A couple of Martins, D28 and a HD-7 a Jumbo Burchette, a Taylor 12 string for acoustics. I know its crazy but I cannot help myself!
  8. What I Got Today!

    New to me Grand Concert Goodall Guitar . Spectacular Koa body, Stitka top Wonderful sound!
  9. Lucky for you that you cannot tell the difference between various amplifiers. If you cannot tell a class A from a class AB or a class D from a class A you can spend $19.00 on a chip amp ( I assume you believe there to be no difference between various chip amps) and be happy as a clam. For me part of the fun of this hobby is the differences between various components - including amps.
  10. Interesting

  11. La Scala's

    The fact that they were listed as La Scallas may be why they lasted 7 days!
  12. Roon

    I am using Roon and I couldn’t be happier. Give it a go on the free trial. I did the free trial and ended up paying for the lifetime option.
  13. Favorite Sports Movie

    Bang the Drum Slowley is a great sports movie that rarely gets mentioned. Early Di Niro I think 1973 or around that that time.
  14. What I Got Today!

    New Camera
  15. I too would endorse calling Brent Jessie. Ecc82’s are notoriously noisy. A lot of the vintage ones were originally in test equipment. I have had tremendous success with Brent for all my fancy tube needs.