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  1. Photo is me and Jerry jeff from many years ago. Great guy and a fabulous songwriter .
  2. I have owned the Benchmark DAC1, DAC2 and DAC3. I am currently using the DAC3 in my main system and the DAC1 in my workshop. I have never had a problem with the volume knob at low levels. For the price that I see DAC1’s going for I cant imagine finding a better option for the price. The difference in sound between the three of them is actually not much. A little difference between the 1 and 3 given the different chip. But overall all three are spectacular DACs
  3. With the resurgence of vinyl and with friends knowing that I “still listened to records”, I have been asked many times “what turntable should I get”. Usually with the qualifier of not wanting to spend a lot of money and not wanting something complicated. Not surprising that a lot of the requests are from friends of my adult kids. From experience, I can say that the uturn option is a good one for an entry tt - particularly considering the cost and the option of having a built in phono stage. With more money to spend, I would say that the best option under a grand would be the pioneer PLX-1000. Bullet proof build, and performance well beyond its price point. https://www.stereophile.com/content/gramophone-dreams-4
  4. I am sure you are happy with the Yamaha. I have never owned a Yamaha so I cannot comment on how it would compare. The ss amps I have owned include McIntosh, First Watt, Parasound Halo, Marantz, Crown, Portal Panache ( pass design) and NAD. Those are just the modern amps and do not include the plethora of vintage Sansui, Harman, Pioneer, and Kenwood receivers/integrated stuff. None are in the same league with the AHB2. The Benchmark represent a whole different level. It is not a surprise that Stereophile rates them as an A. Yes they are 3K. I believe the closest class A in terms of price is10K. No I am not saying that Stereophile reviews are the end all. But it is interesting. I auditioned the AHB2 because I have owned a benchmark DAC and believe it to be tops for the money. The AHB2 has not left the rack having replaced a pair of MC 75 current edition mono blocks. I could go on and on but its all just my opinion. I dont use tone controls and don’t have use for VU meters. And until Benchmark makes a phono stage, Ill keep my Manley.
  5. I have an EERO mesh network and it s the bomb.
  6. I was pretty much a die hard tube lover having tried a large number of ss options. I was converted when I tried the Benchmark AHB2. Best sounding (to me) ss amp I have heard. It is an awesome piece of equipment. J
  7. The benchmark is the best amplifier I have owned. By a long shot. Unfortunately you will be hard pressed to find them used. But if you’re Willing to go up to 3k you will not be disappointed. They have a trial period where you can return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. its been a Stereophile A rated amp since it’s intro. By far the least expensive A rated amp in their reviews. And before anyone screams about Stereophile, benchmark does not advertise with them! josh
  8. Years ago I had a BMW 2002, that I needed to have the hand brake cable replaced. I certainly had better things to do so I drove it for a bout. year without a hand brake. I became very adept at the process you describe. I worked in downtown San Francisco so the hills were pretty challenging.. I woman I worked with at the time needed to borrow my car one day. Needles to say she was a bit freaked out when she returned it!
  9. not cartoon and not political but it made me laugh
  10. The thorens is one of the best turntables ever. No belt drive can compete with an idler drive - if set up and updated appropriately. I am a big fan of idler drive. So if ou can get that beast set up properly with new rubber ( if it needs it) etc - Then you are in heaven with the MC30s and the preamp. You are set! J
  11. Godfather of Harlem on Epix The Restaurant on Sundance ( in Swedish with subtitles) Bosch ( Amazon) Schitts Creek (Netflix) Broadchurch ( Netflix) LaReina del Sur (Netflix) in Spanish w/subs
  12. Bill Brysons' "The Body" Great read!
  13. I would agree that if you were to increase your budget this direct drive tt will out perform many tts at many times the price. As was said here that a repurposed lenco would be a good option and it would be if you were open to a project! But you said that you were not so I would go with the pioneer.
  14. From my understanding you are correct in theory. They do however serve the purpose of keeping people from touching their nose and mouth - which I believe is the primary entry point of the virus.
  15. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    No Kidding. Talk about loosing their way! I have owned 8 of them. 2 -2002's a 1602. a 528i, 630i, 535i , a 330i and the afore mentioned 320i. The 330i was a 2003 and that is the latest model year I have owned. All of them were awesome cars and would be happy to own any one of them now!
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