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  1. OMG. That is freaking incredible. Made me cry!
  2. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    Certainly this is the case. My only experience with a Hell Cat was at Bondurants performance driving school. Drove them on the track and have to say that having all that horsepower requires a different approach than other cars I have tracked. Lots of fun for sure. I track my boxster a fair amount and nothing I have owned takes to the turns like that car. Its like the car is turning around your hips. Amazing. As I get closer to retirement I am looking into buying a Miata just for the track. If I feel more industrious I will consider building up a 2002 as a track car. I have worked on so many 2002's that I am very comfortable with pretty much everything - excluding the suspension! Fun part will be shopping for the right car to set up/ Josh
  3. One of my first cars was a 1964 Mercedes 220 sedan. 4 on the column!
  4. certainly one of the reasons I had my kids drive manuals. At least there is an increased demand to pay attention to what you are doing!
  5. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    Would not say that a VPI scout or any VPI other than the top of line rim drive model would smoke a 124. Having owned a number of turntables including a 124 as well as a few VPI's a couple of clearaudio's as well as a LinnLP12 - I would for the most part go with an idler drive versus a belt drive. I could never get the 124 to perform like I knew it could. It sounded incredible but I couldnt conquer the rumble. I know that there are folks who refurbish these and do in fact conquer the rumble. I have ended up with a lenco based idler drive turntable ( ptp audio) that has in my estimation smoked all of the other turntables I have owned. In the great history of turntables, it is unfortunate that pretty much all of the efforts over the years have been focused on building better belt drive models - because they are cheaper and less complicated to build. It would have been interesting if companies had spent more effort on improving idler drive turntables. Thankfully the DIY community did so with new plinth materials and improved bearing assemblies and improved motor isolation techniques. Having the motor drive the platter rather then a rubber belt pulling the platter improves pretty much everything in regards to vinyl playback. The resulting improvement on cartridge drag delivers a better overall presentation. This improvement is most noticeable with instruments that have a percussive component. Think acoustic piano, violins, acoustic guitar etc. A violin section sounds like a section of individual instruments rather a smear. It really is remarkable. It has basically the same effect that adding a record clamp does on belt drive turntables - only more so. People rave about the sound of 45 rpm audiophile LP's. The reason for the improved sound with a 45rpm LP is the limiting effect the 45 rpms have on cartridge drag. With an idler drive there is no need for a record clamp and all Lps have the drive and PRAT of a 45rpm audiophile edition. Just my opinion and your mileage may vary. But unlike a lot of BS in audio there is a physical reason for the improvement that made sense to me.
  6. All my kids learned with a manual tranny. Have to say having a manual transmission is now the best way to avoid car jacking! When my kids went away to college having a manual car kept anyone one borrowing it! For my daily driver I have only owned one automatic and I do not intend to change!
  7. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    Leica is selling refurbished M9 s. This one has. 600 shutter activations and a new sensor. I already owned the zeiss 50mm 1.5. Great combo btw!
  8. joshnich

    French Press

    Course Grind / stirred / steep for 5 minutes I use this press. It has two filters and is an insulated container. Best one I have tried. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=espro+p7&i=garden&crid=2QEXMWXNN6L0S&sprefix=Espro%2Cgarden%2C409&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_6_5 Josh
  9. Good guy for sure. Years ago he lived less than a half a mile from me. In fact when he moved I almost bought his house. He was married in the local Catholic church. He hung out pretty regularly at McNally's an Irish Bar in Berkeley. Mentioned above that his father was a cop. I believe he was cop in Berkeley. His real last name was Mahoney. For sure the son of an Officer Mahoney would hang at a bar named McNally's/
  10. Not that I need anything, but what were you considering trading?
  11. Hello All, I recently purchased this with the intent of using it for a bedroom system but it turns out my needs have shifted and I really do not have a need for it. It’s brand new having been used for only about an hour. They sell for $450.00. I’ll sell it for $350.00 Shipped. From the Parks Audio website... For vinyl lovers everywhere, the Puffin does it all. * Dial in your sound using Tilt, Air, Treble, Bass, and BassBoost * Twenty gain settings from -4dB (CD) to 72dB (MC) w/ 40dB (MM) default * Over 500 adjustable phono settings for LPs and 78s * Volume control with cueing mute * Modes are Stereo, Mono, Left and Right * Apply transfer functions like tube (2H) and tape (3H) * Recall default settings (CD, MM, MC) and save your own * Traditional analog inputs and outputs (RCA type) * Suggested initial settings for many cartridges
  12. We just turned in on end of lease a Tesla S which was pretty much my wife’s commute car. Pretty fun to drive but not the same as my 04 Boxster S. I couldn’t tell from the video how or if the regenerative braking was in effect. I take the Porsche to the track pretty regularly and enjoy “driving” the car. Trail braking, heel and toe downshifting etc. I haven’t driven the Tesla on the track but driving it on twisty roads I need to disengage the regenerative braking and even then I have a hard time keeping the car balanced and the weight where it needs to be. But im pretty old school when it comes to driving. No rev matching or paddle shifting for me.
  13. As had been said, maple is very durable. This floor is over 22 years old. Yes it was refinished once about 8 years ago. Still lots of traffic , dogs kids etc etc.
  14. Yes the sticky tape issue is real. I bought a bunch of old radio station ampex tapes and they instantly gummed up my Otari. Cleaning it was a PITA. Only new tapes for me now. Some folks have has success "baking" sticky tapes in a food dehydrator. But using tapes is a big enough production as is without the added work that would be involved in baking tape! Josh
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