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  1. Mostly tubes. Both vintage and modern. My main system is McIntosh with current issue Mc75 mono blocks and the C22 current issue preamp. I do change it up from time to time and use my benchmark Abh2 amps running as mono blocks driven by my benchmark dac3 as a preamp and dac. H e to say until the benchmarks I never warmed to SS. These are amongst the very few ss amps that I could live with. The benchmarks are in rotation now and they are awesome. I’m sure I will say the same with the Mac gear when I roll that back into play!
  2. Let me check with my Beatles expert
  3. I purchased one of these this past year and have to say it sounds amazing. If you are OK with components from China i would most certainly check out this guys ebay store. If he able to clone other manufacturers devices like he has this Pass design , I dont think you will find a better value. Now I do not know how long this stuff holds up but I do know it delivers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PASS-AM-10W-10W-Class-A-Audio-Power-Amplifier-Hifi-AMP-Balanced-input/222153666558?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160727114228%26meid%3D1e1eacf72ef440a683e880a959d7b35c%26pid%3D100290%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D4%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D222153666558%26itm%3D222153666558&_trksid=p2060778.c100290.m3507
  4. joshnich

    New Belles !!!

    @deang What do you think about these. I am not familiar?
  5. I just recently bought the nobsound you referenced for my office. I am quite impressed. It’s a good representation of tube amplification. I have it in an area of the office we call the library ( don’t ask why because there are not many books in it). It driving a pair of blumenfield sound single driver speakers with a uturn turntable and a rega CD player as the source. I think it may be the first tube amp anyone in the office has ever heard and they cannot turn it off! I highly recommend the nobsound!
  6. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

  7. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

    I’m not sure you can find the match on you tube. But the tactic you describe - hitting a short ball that forces the opponent to move forward and hit a forehand from mid court- was used to perfection when Manolo Orantes beat conners in the finals of the 1975 us open finals. It is the tactic that fed used to beat Rodick as well. In fact Stolle told me that he won the French by using a short sliced backhand that forced the opponent to move forward and hit a floater back. In other words good thinking!
  8. joshnich

    Art work or not

    Would be interesting to add an age component. Unless you are of an age when LP artwork was actually designed and part of experience I’m not sure you re gong to get “informed” opinions! When end you think of Velvet Underground’s Lp designed by Warhol and the stones Sticky fingers or the Beatles white Lp and compare them to the back of a cd. .....seriously?!
  9. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

    Oh btw. I’ll look for some videos of 50+ nationals or regionals.
  10. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

    I just turned 65 ( those photos are from 20 years ago) and am recently recovering from a ruptured Achilles and a ruptured tendon in my elbow. So I haven’t played USTA league in a few years. I knew my days were numbered when I was playing number 1 singles on my 4.0 team and ended up playing a guy who was around 20 years old. I asked him if he was in college and he replied “ I was in college but I’ve taken a year off to focus on tennis!” Yikes! So with my arm issue and my Achilles I don’t play many matches. The Achilles has recovered but my elbow is still an issue for serving. I do get out a least once a week to hit. More of a workout than anything. I’ll hit for a couple of hours with my pro or with my son - who hits the crap out of the ball. A couple of tips for you it is obvious , but the most important strokes in tennis are the serve and the service return. The good news is that you can work on your serve all by yourself. Placement and consistency are more important than power. Work on both first and second serves. Don’t go all out on your first serve , instead go for placement and and target your opponents backhand virtually 100% of the time. People will say to hit to the forehand on occasion to keep your opponent guessing but I disagree. Data will Support that approach. Your first serve is only as good as your second serve. So make sure you have a second serve that you can count on getting into the court virtually 100% of the time. A side bar story ...years ago on the very young pro tennis tour. Pancho Gonzalez was dominating the tour and was winnng virtually every tournament. In an effort to equalize the playing field a promoter staged a pro tournament that allowed for only one serve. Pancho won the event without having his serve broken. He could go so big on his first serve because his second serve was so good. In regards to your return. ... you just need to put it in play. Don’t go big on the return play the defensive percentages and just get it in. Watch the multiple Wimbledon finals between Rodrick and Fed. Roddick was a dominate server. Fed would just block the serve back into the open court frustrating Andy and not allowing him to get free points with one whack. I could talk tennis all day. It is a magnificent game and one you can cont use to play for a long time - injuries not withstanding!
  11. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    I couldn’t resist Completely restored and upgraded 500c
  12. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

    Me and 12 time grand slam doubles champion Mark Woodford
  13. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

    Me with Charlie Pasarell and Vilas
  14. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

    Basketball and tennis are a great combo. Remember John Lucas the nba player? He played pro tennis as well. He was on the Golden Gaters - one of the original world team tennis teams. Again the movement and ability to pivot etc from basketball translate well to tennis. Marty Riesen , mentioned in my previous post, was an all American college basketball player as well. I believe his father was the basketball coach at Northwestern. It does require a subscription, but there is lots and lots of really good information on tennisplayer.net. Lots of videos of current and past greats from multiple angles. Also lots of great instruction information from top coaches. J
  15. joshnich

    U. S. Open - 2018

    Glad you’re having fun with the game. It is a great game. It sounds like you are discovering the benefits of movement. Yes Rafa has power - but there are many players who hit with more power. His best trait is his defensive ability - based on his movement and anticipation. It’s no secret that the player who gets the ball over the net and in the court on the last point is the winner. I have played doubles in a couple of pro ams with retired pros. And the anticipation was the most eye opening aspect of their game. I played a pro am 30 years ago with Fred Stolle - a top Australian pro who in addition to many major doubles titles also won the singles title at the French. We played against the great Roy Emerson, Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall. As well as the really good Tom Okker ( US open finalist) Marty Riesen ( US pro champion). I still remember being side by side at the net with Fred and getting passed by Okker. My instincts told me the point was over. But low and behold, Fred Stolle who was standing aside me when Okker hit the shot was now at the back fence putting up a defensive lob - I couldn’t believe it! If you look at the the greats, they all were or are great defensive players and great movers. Borg, Laver, Mac, Emerson etc. There are the exceptions. Perhaps the greatest player who gets little recognition because he turned pro early and therefore did not compete at the majors until he was in his 40s was Pancho Gonzales. In conversations with Laver, Emerson , Stolle and more - Pancho was the best they played against. And he was all power. For pro men the average point is 5.5 hits. For women I believe it is 4.5. Rafas success is based on his ability to have his opponent hit one more ball. A successful model no matter what level you are playing. If you move as well as you say, a defensive game is the ticket to success. Way more points are won on errors than winners - even at the top of the game. If you are competing against 4.5 players after such a short time of playing you are obviously a superior athlete. In my leagues there have been many ex college players at the 4.5 level. One of my regular hitting partners was a ranked junior in CA and when he got back into the game after raising kids etc, played 4.0 in USTA for two years before advancing to 4.5. To be fair he has played in the nationals at the 4.5 level. At that level - at least in NorCal - can consistanly hit forcing shots of both sides. Flat and powerful forehand and the ability to hit slice and top on his backhand. Powerful serve and biting volleys. He played D1 college baseball as a shortstop and catcher so he is also a superior athlete. He is also the only 60 year I know that takes advantage of the tread warranty on his tennis shoes, So yes he still moves! Enjoy this great game!