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  1. Benchmark is top of the class as far as I'm concerned. I would be surprised if they don't have a replacement faceplate.
  2. Panasonic plasmas are incredible. Love mine. Kind of shocking to me that when I went to buy a tv for the bedroom I found that Panasonic no longer sells televisions in the states.
  3. There are lots really good you tube videos of his guitar playing. This is one of them. Wait for the guitar break
  4. sold
  5. I really like amazon prime. One thing to remember however is Don't Drink and Prime!
  6. Wow. Glad to hear know one was hurt. With you on a knee scooter let me know if you need any help moving things etc . Josh
  7. I own two Benchmark AHB2's. Truly remarkable amps. Incredible value. Cant touch the performance for anywhere near the cost. I have owned any number of amplifiers and these are the only solid state amps that stayed in my system for any length of time. I will certainly be interested in your impressions. I posted about the AHB2 in the past and I think most here thought it should be compared to a chip amp. Not even close. These are serious pieces of audio state of the art engineering and implementation. Josh
  8. still for sale
  9. I happen to own a pair of Rivals. I know nothing of the forum issues with Greg alluded to here. To me the Rivals are by far the best speakers I have owned period. Seems like the folks here who have actually heard them have positive reactions. The ones that haven't resort to personally bashing Greg. Pretty bush league if you ask me. Like Justin said - to each their own. And what I say " I like what I have and I have owned a lot" Josh
  10. If I recall correctly (these days a bit of a challenge!) but I seem to recall a dead mouse (or should I say fried) preamp thread a few years ago! Josh
  11. Hey Scott, Good luck with your sale! Are you still hitting the tennis ball or have you migrated completely to golf?! I sure hope your still putting up the good fight on the court. I still give it my best. But the older I get i pretty much feel like I did when I was younger , only with something wrong with me all the time! Cheers
  12. Blueberry extreme with nice walnut case. I bought this recently from forum member Nailbender (Brian). Not that I was looking to change, but soon after I was able to land a virtually new reissue McIntosh C22 . Needless to say I dont need both. Ill sell it for what I paid $1200.00. No LOMC. Photos are actually from the original listing but if you want new ones let me know!
  13. Sold!
  14. Yes this amp is DEAD quiet!!. Amazing detail and very musical. Its awesome. At the moment Opus has dibs. If he decides otherwise I will repost. Josh
  15. For those that are looking to try out a fantastic tube amp for a very affordable price this is your lucky day! I bought this from Justin a few years ago and it has been sitting in my office not really being used. It is a wonderful sounding amp that will certainly make your klipsch speakers sing. I cannot tell you anything about the specs and I dont think Justin sells this model anymore so there isnt info on his site regarding this amp. I bought it for 950.00 ( I think) Im selling for 475.00 shipped ( usa) . Note that Justin installed a volume pot so you can hook an iphone up directly. It really is a nifty fantastic sounding amp. Contact me through the forum Cheers Josh