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  1. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    You haven’t watched many of their games. No Jimmy is not Mahomes. But All he does is win.
  2. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    One thing it true however - they ( like pretty much every team) have had issues with the “new” breed of extremely mobile QBs. Their pass rush can really frustrate a classic drop back passer but a running and improviser can be problematic. It will be a tough game because of KC’s QB but I do think they will prevail.
  3. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    When has had to pass he has and will. But why bother than you can run the ball the way that the niners have. So yes the KC QB is Great. But don’t underestimate Jimmy G. Also note that the niners have the best pass defense in the league and close to the best running game. KC has the worst pass defense and a suspect run defense. If the KC somehow contains the sf running game Jimmy G can make up for that. See the two games versus the cardinals. Cardinals have a solid run defense and were able to limit the niners run game ( our two all pro lineman were out) . So what did jimmy do averaged 370 yards in the two wins. See also him out dueling Drew B in the Dome. Not many have done that!
  4. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    the total differential for the niners three losses was 13 points.
  5. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    The niners clobbered both the Vikings and the Packers.
  6. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    Trying to understand why you would think that. I admit to being a long term niner fan but I’m also a realist. The niners will clobber the chiefs. Better defense better offense and better special teams and yes a better coach.
  7. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    Mmmm...... check out the score from earlier this year when SF played the packers. Honestly I think the niners have more of an issue with “mobile” qbs. And AR doesn’t qualify as one of those. Look what they did to cousins. I think the same is I store for the old blue.
  8. The new taco craze in SF https://www.sfchronicle.com/restaurants/article/Cheesy-messy-Tijuana-style-tacos-are-the-Bay-14945391.php?
  9. joshnich

    NFL 2019

    How did that turn out for them?
  10. I have not tried the Myabi knives. But I am a huge fan of Japanese knives. I have a set of Shun premier knives that are the best I have ever used. Never really sure why I have a set! I tend to just use one knife. The Japanese version of the chefs knife. I can pretty much do most everything with the one blade.
  11. I don't know anything about the unit..but it sounds like you are using the iPad as the source and getting that music to the player using bluetooth. The better way would be to use the apple airplay which I would be surprised if the Marantz isn't compatible. I would also think that you can use the Marantz as the source and the iPad as a controller. Figuring out that approach would be best. J
  12. I am using a server that is a purpose built fanless windows computer with the music stored on a nas. Streaming service is Tidal with Roon organizing it all. DAC is a benchmark Benchmark DAC 3. Doing it over I would probably go the NUC route or something prebuilt from small green computers.
  13. I don't have any issues with the players on the list but would certainly have a different top 10 list of my own!
  14. Mine were new decorators. $800.00 if I remember correctly. Paid a hundred bucks in cash, put $300 on a credit card and financed the rest through the store.
  15. I have had similar a similar experience. I used the blower before I had the rods that fit on the drill. I used the rods after the blower and was amazed at the amount of lint that remained after the blower approach. I clean with the rod and drill system approximately once a year. And have not had a major blockage since doing so.
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