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  1. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    Awesome DAC. Now if you really want end game. Use it with the AHB2 amp.
  2. Good call on the guitar amp tech. Here is a listing of techs some are in northern Florida. I would certainly want references but as panelhead indicated the moondogs are not complicated. https://el34world.com/service.htm
  3. I would second the Benchmark AHB2 amp. Although you rarely see used ones for sale. I know I’ll never sell mine - I own two. Best amp I have owned by a long shot.
  4. joshnich

    foreign language

    I was in the same lottery. My number was 232. Don’t think I will ever forget that number!
  5. I bought this amp out of curiosity and have to say it sounds fantastic. I bought it on ebay from a seller in china who builds these clones - as well as clones of lots of different hifi equipment. This is great amp for klipsch or other hi efficiency speakers. I bought it for $350.00 plus shipping. I will sell it for $200.00 plus shipping. More information and photos can be found here. PM through the forum if you are interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PASS-AM-10W-10W-Class-A-Audio-Power-Amplifier-Hifi-AMP-Balanced-input/222153666558?hash=item33b963effe:g:mU8AAOSwNuxXYOiN
  6. I would tend to agree with HDBR Builder in regards to going with a quality direct drive such as the SL -1100A. I believe that the direct drive tts from that era are significantly undervalued in regards to performance. For whatever reason, the manufacturers and tt designers have focused on developing better belt drive tts and have until recently ignored direct drive and idler drive turntables. In my experience I have not heard a belt drive turntable that can match the drive and performance of a well isolated idler or direct drive. Rather than pulling the record under the cartridge they drive the platter virtually eliminating cartridge drag. It is no surprise that a number of manufacturers are offering direct drive and idler drive models. If you have the inclination buying an idler drive lenco and using the drive components with modern motor isolation can result in a world class turntable that will outperform any belt drive - even the $20,000.00 versions. Here is a thread of my repurposed lenco turntable. All in - not counting the tonearm - I think the total build cost me less than a grand. if you are interested in more information regarding repurposed lencos check out lencoheaven.com Also check out Arthur Salvador's opinion of a repurposed lenco here http://www.high-endaudio.com/RC-Lenco.html You can also view reviews of the PTP repurposed lencos here. Peter, the builder of these turntables also manufactures top plates and bearings for lenco diy'ers http://www.ptpaudio.com/magazine-reviews.html if you want to learn more just let me know.
  7. I also endorse the ultrasonic approach. I put together a DIY ultrasonic set up and it works awesome. I bought the ultrasonic cleaner on ebay and used the motor unit from here https://thevinylstack.com/ultrasonic-cleaning/ultra-sonic-spin-record-cleaning-kit/ And the filtration set up from here https://www.cleanervinyl.com/micron-fluid-filtration.html This DIY set up does virtually everything the more expensive ultrasonic cleaners do. It does however take up a lot of space. The unit does take up a fair bit of room however which is why I have stepped up to a stand alone unit from Kirmuss Audio. I was going to put the DIY unit in the garage sale section. If you interested let me know. I will sell all of the above for a very fair price. If you have a place to put it it is an excellent option. Josh
  8. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9a5b1-wright-sound-ag-1000-gorgeous-tube-preamp-with-tone-controls-reduced-look-pics-tube
  9. Clearly you have no idea whatsoever.
  10. joshnich

    Moto Guzzi Audace

    If leaking oil bothered me, I never would have owned the alfa's that I loved or the 441 thumper or the triumph bonneville. I miss every one of them - despite the oil puddles!
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