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  1. I’m not familiar with the Bonavita but I am a big fan of the Technivorm . We have had one for about 5 years and it doesn’t disappoint. Went through a ton of other drip machines and none delivered a drinkable cup of coffee. We have owned breville, Cuisinart , Braun, and a bunch I don’t remember. The Technivorm is in another league all together. I will be interested to hear how you like the Bonavita.
  2. joshnich

    HULU Anyone?

    Another fan of you tube TV here. It has everything I need. Significantly more affordable than xfinity
  3. Incredible price on a GREAT receiver. I would jump on this if I didn’t already have one!
  4. Not being much a woodworker myself, I have more the most part had plinths made by others. The tts that I have done have been a Linn LP12, Lenco, and AR's. For all of them there is a pretty robust community of people who build them. The best plinths and the ones that are the most robust have been laminated. I bought this one from a guy in Moldova. The heavy acoustically dead plinth is important for the Lenco because it is an idler drive. I would think that would also be the need for the direct drive SP25. If I had router skills ( or maybe even a router!) I would certainly think that a block of hard wood would certainly work as well. I think the ultimate material would be slate or some other stone. I know there are companies that sell Lenco based turntables with slate plinths and they are pretty cool. My main turntable is a PTP Solid 9 and it is a Lenco based turntable from the Netherlands. The builder, Peter Reinders fabricates the plinths from Corian - the countertop material from DuPont. It is heavy as all get out and it is can be machined easier than most stone. Not sure if this answers your question!!
  5. Don’t really have a plan for the tt. I’ll more than likely let one of my kids or one of their friends use it. Next up is an old AR that I am going to refurbish.
  6. The bottom one is a stereo tech receiver aka McIntosh.
  7. Had a slew of parts and came across a donor lenco for a great price at a garage sale so I decided to put another one together.
  8. joshnich

    World Series?

    Oh I’m watching. I keep changing who I’m rooting for! I normally root for the National League team because they play real baseball. For some reason however I find myself rooting for the astros.
  9. joshnich

    ROON software

    Interesting that there are many posts on the Roon support forum regarding this issue. Wonder why they blocked you?
  10. Didn’t know that Star Wars was still a thing. I have absolutely no interest in seeing this movie. Nothing specifically against the franchise other than I haven’t found the ones I have seen particularly interesting. Then again, I rarely go to the movies and prefer for the most part to watch them at home. That way I can just turn them off when I realize they are not worth my time and that happens probably 80 % of the time. Now please get off of my lawn.
  11. So sorry for your loss. Very sad to hear that he was in pain as he passed on. Thinking of you.
  12. OMG. That is freaking incredible. Made me cry!
  13. joshnich

    What I Got Today!

    Certainly this is the case. My only experience with a Hell Cat was at Bondurants performance driving school. Drove them on the track and have to say that having all that horsepower requires a different approach than other cars I have tracked. Lots of fun for sure. I track my boxster a fair amount and nothing I have owned takes to the turns like that car. Its like the car is turning around your hips. Amazing. As I get closer to retirement I am looking into buying a Miata just for the track. If I feel more industrious I will consider building up a 2002 as a track car. I have worked on so many 2002's that I am very comfortable with pretty much everything - excluding the suspension! Fun part will be shopping for the right car to set up/ Josh
  14. One of my first cars was a 1964 Mercedes 220 sedan. 4 on the column!
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