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  1. joshnich

    MQA (round two)

    Happy for you that you are loving the MQA experience. Really! Interesting that rather than answer the opposing perspective raised over and over in your first post about this “ codec” you pretty much just say that anyone who dares to have a different perspective is a misinformed idiot who isnt capable of understanding what you understand. I dont think that starting a new thread changes any of that. By latest count ( Its entirely possible there are more but I could have missed them ) the people who you believe are idiots and misinformed include : the folks who design and build Schiit audio products, Bob Carver, a well respected audio designer, and John Siau the designer of universally respected benchmark audio products. I have experienced MQA and yes it sounds different but different doesn’t mean more accurate or better. It just means different. Much like cables can sound different. My offer of selling you cable lifts remains. Enjoy!
  2. joshnich

    Benchmark AHB2

    Just bouncing this up again. I recently put the Benchmarks back in play and have to say again - By far the best Solid State amplifier I have heard. If anyone is interested the application notes on all things audio written by John Siau , the designer of this amplifier as well as the well regarded Benchmark DACs , are always a good read. Here is one on speaker sensitivity. Most of what is written in this article is well known to folks here as he uses the Heresy as one of his examples. https://benchmarkmedia.com/blogs/application_notes/speaker-efficiency-and-amplifier-power
  3. joshnich

    Laptop to Tube Amp and speakers

    Something like this https://www.audioquest.com/dacs/dragonfly/dragonfly-red
  4. joshnich

    Laptop to Tube Amp and speakers

    I have not heard a prima Luna amplifier buy from everything I have heard they make quality products. I do not believe that they have an internal DAC - which I believe is a smart thing. I would give it a try by just using your headphone jack on your computer first. You may be completely satisfied. Next step would be to bypass your internal dac and use an external dac. Lots of folks use very modestly priced usb dacs. They are a huge improvement over the computer dac and should suit your needs. J
  5. joshnich

    Laptop to Tube Amp and speakers

    It is absolutely possible and no it wouldn’t sound bad. Quite the opposite depending on your setup. When I am not listening to vinyl , virtually everything I play is off the net accessed via a music server and a stand alone DAC and I using an all tube setup for amplification. If you are using the internal DAC on your computer and listening with headphones you would just need a mini plug to RCA male adapter plugged into a tube amplifier. There are also very reasonable integrated tube amps that have the ability to connect via Bluetooth. I have a setup like that in my office and it sounds wonderful.
  6. joshnich

    tube guide/manual

    This what I use as well. All the info that I need and a whole lot that is over my head!
  7. joshnich

    Analysis Interconnects

    I have also used Schmitt cables and could not be happier. Well constructed and as far as I can tell they sound great. I think it would be hard to find a better cable at the price point j
  8. joshnich

    Realistic 2100D receiver

    Randy refreashed a Marantz 2270 for me. He truly is in the top 1% on the quality scale for sure.
  9. joshnich

    Wright Wpp100c Tube Phono Stage

    Hello Joe, I have owned a wpp 100 for years. Bought it from George Wright a few years before he passed. It is one of the pieces of gear that I plan on never selling! I never had an issue with hum - except with a grado statement V2 that i had used previous to my current cartridge . I also experienced hum with that cartridge when using other phono pre amps. And I used the wright without a SUT with a Shelter 901 and various Denon 103/103R’s and had no problem just increasing the gain on the wright. Quite honestly the hum from the grado never really bothered me as I only really noticed it before the needle dropped. I always thought that the the grado may just be more sensitive to other electrical issues or might required better grounding or something. Josh
  10. yes it is a prathermade rack. I like it a lot. Doesnt hold anywhere near all of my records but it keeps the "current" playlist off the floor!
  11. And Borsendorfer was bought by yamaha! The story behind my Schimmel is actually pretty interesting. I was in the market for a piano and went on a "piano quest". I should note that in my 20's I thought that being a piano tech would be an awesome way to make a living. I worked with a local tuner and actually attended the Piano Technician Guild convention. I rebuilt a few pianos and learned a lot. I can still do some rudimentary work on my piano. I learned pretty quickly that being a piano tech was not going to be my lifes work! But I did learn a lot about pianos. There was a pretty large piano retailer - Colton Pianos - that was the importer for Schimmel. Colton also sold inexpensive pianos from China under the Schafer and sons brand. Schafer was his house brand. In an effort to build the brand reputation for Schafer, he had Schimmel grands branded Schafer for pianos that were on stage - either in a performance venue or even for Television. I happened upon a listing in LA for a 6'10 Schafer & Sons and knew that it had to actually be a Schimmel - Schafer never made a 6'10". I went to LA to check it out. Yep it was a schimmel. I contacted the factory in Germany and confirmed. Because the fall board had Schafer and Sons engraved on it as well as stenciled in large type on the side ( which I easily removed) I paid 8K for a piano that at the time was worth over 50K. Schimmel offered to send me a replacement fall board for a couple hundred bucks but I never got around to ordering it. Long answer to the question on the age of the piano. If I recall corectly it was built in 71. So if you see a Shafer and Sons 6'10" grand know that it is actually a Schimmel and one of the worlds finest pianos!
  12. joshnich

    Everyone but thebes should be interested

    Yes its on CD. And no Giles didnt squash the life out of it - in fact he opened it up (if that is a technical recording term!). I think he did a fantastic job. Its like listening to an improved old friend! It is also available digitally and on vinyl. Not all packages include the "esher session" cuts. But I believe there are versions of the LP and digital that do. I had to go to two record stores to find the 3 cd version. J
  13. From my experience, Pianos are very individual which I am pretty sure you know - given your guitar experience. There is no way I would buy a piano without actually playing it! I have played 7 borsendorfer grand that sold new for well over a 100K that I prefer yamaha grands to. I have also played Steinways that are sublime and others that are not! My piano, that I will take to the grave is a 6'10" Schimmel. Incredible sound and action! J
  14. I recently picked up the 50th Anniversary edition of the Beatles White Album. Its a remaster by Martins son, Giles Martin. It's really really good. But was is more than really good is that in the deluxe edition, there is a third CD "Esher Demos" These are all acoustic demos recorded on a reel to reel at George Harrison's house in Esher. It is FANTASTIC. Basically the 4 of them playing songs to each other. There are 27 tracts including an all acoustic While my Guitar Gently Weeps. Incredible stuff. Even the thebes among us would have to admit to a degree of talent being demonstrated on these demos!
  15. joshnich

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    I purchased a Pass labs clone from this seller and as far as I can tell it is well built. I know it delivers on the sound. He has over a thousand products on ebay here one of his integrated amps. Im sure he has many more all at attractive prices. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Finished-LM1875T-classic-stereo-amplifier-with-OMRON-protect-HIFI-AMP/222619884950