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  1. guf

    sh-50s SF bay area

  2. If you want another option that is praised on other forums i'd go with Dueland 12g with bare ends. You have upgraded components, low powered tube amp, your system is about finesse... treat it that way with something better than lamp cord.
  3. guf

    Porsche Does It Again

    you guys are crazy... i love the sound of an electric car!
  4. Why is the 4ohm recommended over the 8ohm?
  5. sure, they are great. of course i want to see where they can be better.
  6. Meanwhile on the other side of the ocean these guys are doing some cool stuff. Their facebook group is amazing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/164921830213087/?multi_permalinks=2665380340167211&notif_id=1564712247932196&notif_t=group_highlights
  7. guf

    La Scala II or AL5

    i'd say its more like Tesla pricing. There's price and that's what it costs. I look for cars more than i do speakers and anything that is very desirable is often sold at MSRP.... at least for a time. So If suckers mean "I can't wait have to have it now", then I agree. I think Klipsch is trying to preserve the image and line by keeping the pricing consistent. If you can't be patient and wait for a used pair. the B-stocks the way to go and likely the same price. Also getting them for a respected member and dealer is a no brainer.
  8. i never could get that figured out.
  9. just an observation... are we using gain and volume as if they are the same thing?
  10. i saw these too. decent deal for the bay area right? I wish i needed a pair.
  11. Spread the speakers a bit. It’s deceiving but from the plane of the front of the speakers there is 5 feet. To the rear wall. Besides the fire place obvi. The sound stage is awesome. Not pinpoint but all encompassing. I listened to a lot of live recordings so it’s pretty accurate to what it sounds like live.
  12. Any suggest on these setting that would be different than my single driver speakers set up. Or my Heresy 3s.
  13. Hey. Update here. New crossovers installed from dean. New tweeters from bob. Up and running. Everything sounds great. I do feel like I’m getting a bit of muddy bass. I do has a sub that I turn off and on to see if it helps balance things out. I’ve moved things around, spread the speakers. And used rubber isolating 2 inch risers, to decouple from my wood non insulated floor over a garage. to see if anything would help. I think it’s getting better.
  14. guf

    What I Got Today!

    Curious what kind of rack this is?
  15. nope. maybe friday but I'm out of town. damn it.
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