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  1. Ethan sells room treatments..... In my experience the 600$ i spent on bass traps from GIK on my back wall made the biggest difference by far in my system. Maybe your experience is the same? my room is the same size as yours. Way more of an impact than switching out amps. That being said I love buying new amps and electronics. Its way sexier than room treatments. I haven't used a lot of solid state amps with my Klipsch but i have used a lot over the years. Then best being a first watt sit 2. Then after getter a 300b amp in my system I never went back to the first watt. I don't think more power = better sound. Quite the opposite, the less power the better sound. Once i went to a 45 tube just 2 watts I never use my 300b any more. I know I'm the minority here with 2 watts but 8 should be plenty with a 300b. 1) i don't have experience with your amps mentioned. but I agree with ethan, i bet you don't notice that big of a difference. 2) I think a good dac is a must but it also would not give you a WOW factor like a nice tube integrated.
  2. here's the address, no reply on the email.
  3. looks like is a pawn / antique shop
  4. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/ele/d/west-sacramento-vintage-klipsch-la/6906967501.html this price dropped to 1450$ 1.5 hour drive
  5. Local. 20 min from my house. All original except for casters on the bottom.
  6. i have 2 bass traps on stands that can block the archway for critical listening I often sit near field and found it less than a problem. plus i'm lazy to move them all the time.
  7. I will! thanks for your support! and ideas!
  8. Looking for well taken care of La Scalas, preferably in Northern California. Stock- - ish or the usual mods. Thanks for any leads!
  9. I’m was surprised recently when I used a spl meter and I was averaging 80-85. And I thought it was loud. I felt like such a woosie.
  10. La Scala mock up. 27in by 37in, with more that 24 in behind the speakers. 8 feet center to center and I could still more the left speaker over 16 inches. My seating position is 9 feet away. With 4 feet behind me, bass traps on rear wall. Room is 13 by 19, for those that missed that detail. 10 foot ceilings. Maybe some still think the room is still too small? I am just trying to paint a better picture of what I'm dealing with.
  11. thanks for the reality check guys. the photo perspective maybe tricking people. The front of the speaker is 4'10 from the back wall. if i move the speakers to the close to the side walls i could have 9 feet center to center of a 24 x 24 speaker. Is this not adequate? i'll make some boxes up and get some layout ideas. I appreciate all the help.
  12. Thanks for all the input. The La Scalas II are my first choice. but I'm totally open to getting a pair of 1s. I did spend some time reading about he Jubilee. I agree with what someone said about the Corwall, Forte will sound similar so the next logical should be La Scalas. I guess the main reason I want something different isn't because the speakers are lacking or deficient, but just trying to squeeze a bit more our of my45 amp. I do think my front end is up to par and the speakers is where I can make the biggest impact with a change. enclosed is a picture where you can see the fireplace is in the way of having better options. but I can place a larger speaker at the edge of the carpet basically where the Heresy are. btw...thats otis IMG_2565.HEIC
  13. these are the local ish pair. Asking 5 grand.
  14. Thanks guys! I appreciate the input. I don't have perfect corners because of a fire place. There is a used pair of K horns kinda local so i have been considering them that past 24 hours. I just don't think they will work with my space. I'm going to check out the used La scalas tomorrow, the guys is asking 1200$ I should start a new thread or research what to look for. Demoing is weird not being in my home. I maybe better off going to someones home instead of a dealer. And from what it seems like is some people have as many speakers as the dealers.
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