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  1. The Outlaw Audio RR2160 is a solid “modern vintage” receiver option. A little bit quirky with the retro styling (which I found appealing, myself), but relatively affordable, with good power and feature-packed with on-board DAC and bass management.
  2. Yes! The Mach 5 is the first thing I thought of when I saw the number 5 on those McLaren speakers. A Racer X design would be pretty cool as well. 👍🏼
  3. I’m in as well. Fingers crossed that we reach the target, as I’ve already cleared a space for it on the coffee table.
  4. Just added my pledge/pre-order! Still need a lot more folks to participate! Let’s go! 😁
  5. Gotta love my "D'oh!" entrance. :-) Thanks for welcoming me anyway!
  6. Oops, just noticed this is over a year old! Oh well, still looking for these if you have any.
  7. Newb here - first post! I just joined, and this is exactly what I've been looking for. I recently picked up a pair of Forte IIs, and both mid-horns have cracked flanges. I would be interested in two of them if they are free of cracks and are still available. I also am on the lookout for a k-25-k woofer. FedEx was very unkind to these babies!
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