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  1. I just ordered the Modius. Going to try it my system 1 replacing the Musical Paradise tube dac which sounds very good but has a few issues. Based on my wonderful experience with the Modi 3 I have high expectations for the Modius. It should arrive next week. I shall report back.
  2. These things are amazing for the money. Dead quite at idle, I leave the volume at 100% and control the volume with Volumio( streaming app on a raspberry Pi) and the background is pretty close to black. Very dynamic and detailed and with just enough "tubiness". Pairs very well with my Heresys. Money well spent. I make it a point to listen to it for at least an hour every night.
  3. Maynard here's a schema. I'd be interested in your opinion of the overall design. Thanks.
  4. I have the A10 and love it. My Heresy III speakers are very happy as well. That's just a typo in the manual as Maynard noted.
  5. If you must spend 5 grand go for a McIntosh 275. (Never mind you said integrated. Sorry.)
  6. I have been following this thread with some interest but I must admit that I was having some difficulty in understanding much of what you have posted, then when you said, "the presence and shape of her body, was more delineated........Not bad for going from rubber washers to brass "pyramid washers", and a brass 6-32nd bolt and nut !! " everything became clear to me.
  7. So may I assume from your answer to my first question that the answer to my second question would be no.
  8. I can only offer advice based on my personal experience. Over the past 8 months that I have used the A10 with the tube adapters I can report no loss of sound quality or any issues at all. They work just fine. Rewiring in my opinion would be a waste of time and money. Try the adapters and don't worry about them. Just enjoy the amp.
  9. I'm just curious. Is your opinion on adapters based in theory or in practice? Did you have a negative experience using an adapter where you could actually hear a degradation in sound?
  10. I use dBpoweramp with Accuraterip, also my cd's were well cared for and in pristine condition. I really can't tell the difference between my rips and Tidal 44.1/16.
  11. Today Steve Guttenberg the Audiophiliac posted a link on his YouTube channel to a free download of high quality audiophile recordings that are very very good sounding. Minimal production two microphone, two track, uncompressed recordings of some interesting jazz and ethnic stuff. There's twelve tracks and the files are 44.1/16bit wav. Worth a listen and a good work out for your system.
  12. I ripped my whole collection of cd's to flac files and store the files on a micro-sd card. That card sits in a slot in my wireless router which acts a NAS device. I stream over WI-Fi from the router to three different systems in my house either using Chromecast Audio or a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro into whatever dac I choose. I use a tablet or phone to control everything. No PC involved except for the initial ripping. It all works great and sounds great and was a very cost effective solution. My cd's are now in a box in the basement and my cd players are decorative.
  13. Probably not helpful to the OP but take some time to you rip your CD's to FLAC then stream them. IMO, a good streaming device with a good dac beats a cd player every time. My player sits on the shelf for looks only or to play a cd I haven't ripped yet.
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