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  1. If you are out of ports on your existing router just get a cheap ethernet switch for 10 bucks.
  2. Well unless congress passes a law specifically forbidding thread bashing in the garage sale forum and the president signs it then the Constitution does not apply.
  3. Most of my listening over many years has been done using class A/B SS amps. It has only been within the last four years or so that I started using low power SE tube amps and at that time I noticed a significant difference. I won't rehash the adjectives used to describe the "tube sound" you all know what they are and I really enjoyed that difference. Now enter class D. My only experience with class D was small powered speakers and subwoofers and I never paid much attention to that stuff. Well I started to fool around with some of the new stuff coming from China using TI and Infineon chips and I've got to tell you I can really hear a difference now. As much as I like tubes, those amps are now sitting in my closet for a little break and I'll revisit them in a few months. Until then I'm enjoying the new found clarity and detail.
  4. The one pictured is the new Topping PA3s, there is a review on the ASR forum with specs and measurements. I also have the Sabaj A10a and A20a they sound very good with my Heresy ones and threes. Just Google around. There's fair amount of info and positive reviews out there.
  5. I bought a new amp to replace a nice tube amp that I had been running with my Fortes. Now I have knick-knacks that are larger than my entire system. Don't laugh, this stuff sounds amazingly good. The detail in the highs, the clarity and presence in the midrange, the punchiness of bass while maintaining tone and timbre. I swapped out all my amps in three systems for class d chip amps using the Infineon Merus MA12070p chip. It runs counter intuitive, almost like taking a step backwards to go forward. It's cheap, it doesn't impress anyone but it sounds so good.
  6. wetowne

    What I Got Today!

    ES9068AS Sabre chip. 0.00009% THD, 121dB SINAD. Should sound pretty clean.
  7. Hallelujah. Over fifty years of critical listening behind me. I've never looked back on vinyl or cds. For me it's just a practical matter of modern day convenience. I don't understand the nostalgia at all. If you feel the need for cds get a moderately priced player like Cambridge Audio and a good separate DAC.
  8. The Modius is a very good sounding DAC. I've been using one for a little over a year with a Musical Paradise tube amp. I just got a Sabaj balanced class d chip amp this week and hooked it up to the Modius and I like what I hear so far. That said, I just ordered the Topping E50 just for grins and giggles. While I still love tubes with my old Klipsch stuff I got to admit the new chip amps sound very nice. I don't know, I'm starting to roll amps and dacs like they were tubes. Stuff from china is so cheap now I don't feel guilty doing it and it's fun to hear different combos.
  9. How about something like this. https://imgur.com/a/Qgmay
  10. From one of the first cd's I ever bought. Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries.
  11. Easy. In my fantasy world I can do anything I want. The Matrix example was hyperbole. Regular prison will just have to do. There's probably enough cruel and unusual punishment there already, it's just not sanctioned.
  12. I prefer that murderers should live a long and miserable life in prison. I only wish they could be put in liquid filled pods ala "The Matrix" and be given a simulated reality life full of incredible pain and suffering and be kept in that state for as long as possible. I'd pay extra in my tax bill for that. Execution just makes it cheap and easy for everyone involved, including the murderer.
  13. I agree. For anyone willing to audition the TPA3255 "sound" Get an Aiyima A07 amp they're like 63.00 right now on Amazon. Listen for a few weeks and then return it, that way it won't cost a sent. Then plan your own DIY build.
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