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  1. wetowne

    Awesome Crosley

    Save yourself a trip, better yet just don't...https://www.amazon.com/Crosley-CR42D-PA-Lancaster-Turntable-Bluetooth/dp/B074CRKQRK/ref=sr_1_7?crid=2U3ZMN70YB5GH&keywords=crosley+record+player&qid=1643493628&sprefix=crosley%2Caps%2C106&sr=8-7
  2. Nothing wrong with tubes I think they're great. Over the last few months I've been carrying out a sort of simplification program. I stream-lined all my systems using the least amount of great measuring components possible, just a Pi running Volumio, a DAC, an amp and speakers. I even removed the hats from my Pi's and went to USB connects to the DACs. I'm using balanced connections were possible. I figure the fewer parts the better. In my mind what I'm trying to achieve is the theoretical but impossible "straight wire with gain". I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.
  3. It's amazing what a low noise and low distortion signal will do for a pair of speakers. My Fortes never sounded so sweet. The bass is very well articulated now, it has better texture and detail. The tweeters have something to do now too, cymbals have sizzle and ring with a nice decay. Detail is amazing, I can hear background sounds on some recordings, players breathing and moving. This amp is dead quiet, absolutely black background at full volume. I think maybe the better upgrade for old Klipsch speakers isn't new crossovers or caps but using a really clean amplifier instead. Compared to the six watt tube amp I was using it is a major improvement. I think my love affair with tubes is over.
  4. I can remember those little coke bottles would get reused so much they would develop a wear ring around the middle that felt rough in your hand.
  5. When I did mine I just replaced the big electrolytic cans, those are easy to do. The ceramic ones I left alone. I figured those hardly ever go bad and the PITA factor was enough to discourage me.
  6. Well this ain't a one box solution but it checks your other boxes and cost way under a grand. It sounds great with Heresy III and Forte I.
  7. The slow boat from China should be docking at my house on Monday the 20th.
  8. When I clicked on the link this also showed up. Better hurry! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3146615415567816/?ref=product_details&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  9. My audiophile philosophy as of late is to have as much fun with as little as possible. It's a challenge to assemble a great system with just a few components. All three of my setups consist of just a Raspberry Pi, a DAC, an amp and speakers. Saves both money and headaches. KISS is my motto. Oops, I forgot I got a cd player which I hardly ever use and a sub that is dialed in so delicately It's barely noticeable, it just adds a little "je ne sais quoi" to the old Heresys.
  10. It matches the E50 perfectly. Here's my rack with the PA3s just waiting for the PA5. As you can see I'm using the DAC in preamp mode and I use it's remote for volume control. I run the amp wide open and it's dead quiet.
  11. It will go with my Fortes replacing the PA3s amp that I'm already running balanced TRS with an E50 DAC. That will be my first tier system. Second tier is my Heresy IIIs paired with a Sabaj A20 amp and E50 DAC. Third place goes to my beloved old Heresy Is running Sabaj A10 amp and a Khadas Tone Pro 2 DAC. All three systems sound excellent to amazing since I started using the latest stuff from China. I know, I know, let's not go there please.
  12. My super clean SX-780. Sounded OK last time I used it a couple of years ago. It probably should be recapped. Just sits in a closet these days. A shame really.
  13. I Just got the shipping notice from Amazon! Should be about ten more days from Shenzhen China.
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