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  1. Not just different tubes, the sockets are wired for 12ax7 tubes. My A10 needs converters.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I had never heard Jellyfish before, what a revelation. How did I miss this band? Wow!
  3. wetowne

    Tubecube 7

    That Nixie amp is a hybrid using an STA540 IC amp as the output stage and those EAM86 tubes are just a light show. I wouldn't compare it to the Tubecube. Totally different animal.
  4. I have both the MP-301 first generation and the MkIII. I discovered the original Mp-301 through Headfi.org, so yeah it was touted as a headphone amp initially. I think the later versions are used primarily as speaker amps. I have used both amps in various combinations with Heresy I and IIIs and Forte Is, all combos sounded excellent and played plenty loud with no audible clipping.
  5. wetowne


    Well J for that matter but I digress.
  6. Beautiful work. Better than original. I'm curious about the spring clip terminals. What not binding posts?
  7. I'd like to see GM start making the 1957 Chevy Bel-Air again. Who's with me?
  8. You know what I did when I felt like upgrading and improving? I bought new Heresy III's and left my old ones as is.
  9. Those are beautiful! Like a time capsule, only better.
  10. I'm very fortunate to own a pair of 44 year old Heresies that are all stock, all original and look like this. They sound just as good as they look. I am not messing with them. I don't need a revival, mine never died. 😉
  11. Expect the unexpected.
  12. Here are some more flac radio channels. These can be plugged into almost all software players or even browsers, so you don't even need a streamer per se. They all sound great and the programming for the most part is very good too. No metadata on the Naim channels though. Radio Paradise: mellow path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/mellow-flacm rock path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/rock-flacm world path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/world-etc-flacm standard path : http://stream.radioparadise.com/flacm Naim Radio: jazz path : http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8340/jazz-flac.flac classical path : http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8250/class-flac.flac standard path : http://mscp3.live-streams.nl:8360/flac.flac
  13. My advice would be to return the Digione if you can and get a Hifiberry Digi+ Pro. It's half the price and has Toslink optical out.
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