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  1. From a website mentioned in that thread: EIDOLON, from the Platonic conception of idealized forms; the embodiment of perfection that exists beyond our plane of perception. How's that for some rarified BS?
  2. For what it's worth, I purchased a pair of Heresy III special edition matte black with consecutive serial numbers way back in early March of this year from an ebay seller for 1800 dollars. So there have been good deals available for some time now. I'm surprised they're not all gone by now.
  3. I missed this thread when it was new. Glad someone resurrected it. I listen every so often to 320k stations exclusively and they all sound pretty damn good. Here's my station list
  4. I’m using a 10 dollar CanaKit wall-wart. It seems more than adequate with no noise at all. No plans to upgrade.
  5. I've used colored plastic bags and scotch tape on the inside of the faceplate with great success too.
  6. Well I replaced my Musical Paradise MP-D1 tube dac with a Schiit Modius and my Chromecast Audio with a Hifiberry Digi+ Pro hat on an Pi 4. A big improvement on both counts. Less noise,more dynamics,clarity and convenience. The old dac was warm sounding to a fault,the Modius still has the warm characteristics that I like in a dac without blurring the musical details and the background is dead quiet. Running Volumio on the Pi is also a lot more convenient than having two separate apps for Tidal and local files as with the Chromecast. It all cost less than the old MP-D1 did.Winners all around and my Fortes are happier for it.
  7. I just ordered the Modius. Going to try it my system 1 replacing the Musical Paradise tube dac which sounds very good but has a few issues. Based on my wonderful experience with the Modi 3 I have high expectations for the Modius. It should arrive next week. I shall report back.
  8. These things are amazing for the money. Dead quite at idle, I leave the volume at 100% and control the volume with Volumio( streaming app on a raspberry Pi) and the background is pretty close to black. Very dynamic and detailed and with just enough "tubiness". Pairs very well with my Heresys. Money well spent. I make it a point to listen to it for at least an hour every night.
  9. Maynard here's a schema. I'd be interested in your opinion of the overall design. Thanks.
  10. I have the A10 and love it. My Heresy III speakers are very happy as well. That's just a typo in the manual as Maynard noted.
  11. If you must spend 5 grand go for a McIntosh 275. (Never mind you said integrated. Sorry.)
  12. I have been following this thread with some interest but I must admit that I was having some difficulty in understanding much of what you have posted, then when you said, "the presence and shape of her body, was more delineated........Not bad for going from rubber washers to brass "pyramid washers", and a brass 6-32nd bolt and nut !! " everything became clear to me.
  13. So may I assume from your answer to my first question that the answer to my second question would be no.
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