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  1. I'm really digging this setup! Yes, I'd like the mantel a little lower as well as the TV, but this is what I was working with... And I don't have additional speakers and wire anywhere. I haven't run a sweep with REW yet, but I did run Audyssey on my Marantz receiver and there were huge corrections in getting a flat sound. I think it may have had less correction than the La Scalas did.
  2. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    Yep, it's gas. I have plans for a removable heat shield as I did test the fireplace running for several hours. Although it got pretty warm, it wasn't 'burning'. We don't really use the fireplace unless we lose power all day during a winter storm.
  3. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    Got my new center channel speaker operable today. Grill is coming soon as I want it to not look like a speaker.
  4. Got the tile done and the speaker put together... So far, it sounds great. I will run some sweeps tomorrow and see where I am at with the crossover. As much as I like the look of the speakers, I will definitely have a grill in place, using the 70th Anniversary fabric. I like the idea of it not being noticeable. I tried to hire out the tiling, but the guy did not impress, so I had him take it down and I ended up doing it myself. I have a welder buddy, who'd done a lot of work for me in the automotive side, that will do a surround around the fireplace for me.
  5. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Got the car out to a NASA event at High Plains Raceway this weekend. I ran HPDE 4 as I knew I'd be rusty... And I was. This was the first time I had the car out on the track in 4.5 years, so I had to get back into the groove.... I definitely did not pickup where I left off. I ran wastegate spring for this event, which was between 4.5-5 PSI. I was on 4.5 year old RE71R's and it was about 88F and 5k ft above sea level. I also needed to bleed the brakes, as It's been nearly 5 years... But they worked fine, just a touch squishy. I was worried about heat in the turbo area, so I did as much shielding as I could and picked up a fire extinguisher. The only issues I had where that I had a radiator vent hose come loose, which didn't happen on track, and my V-band clamp loosen up on the turbo to downpipe. The first time I went out, open lapping on Friday, I saw my OEM temp gauge start moving up several bars, making me nervous, so I backed off and did some easier laps. Once off track, I pulled the log off the ECU and it showed a max coolant temp of 201. Knowing that AEM internal logging is hit or miss, I strapped my laptop in the passenger seat for the first session on Saturday, which is what I am looking at in the video. The data matched what I had seen with the internal log, so I didn't pay much attention to the OEM gauge. My max temps all weekend were: Coolant - 203F Oil - 235F Air temp on track - 105F Data from the back straight: First session on Saturday, checking my laptop for true coolant temps: Again, very rusty and this was the first time out with the turbo and aero. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF7SXLpZluQ I also had a customer S2000 out, who placed 1st in TT1 and got the lap record! He makes a bit more power with a lot more grip.
  6. I got burnt out for awhile, but I started working on it this week. Hoping to have the tile all laid tomorrow. Wife will be happy...
  7. Here are some Heresy speakers I am refinishing. I can't remember the pretreatment I used, but I found it on this forum. Seemed to work really well (3 treatments). I set some screws in the front in place of the velcro and am hiding them with doing the front baffle in Duratex. With magnets glued the grill, it should be pretty clean.
  8. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Hmmm... Okay...
  9. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Had a couple of cars on the dyno recently that put out decent power. This S2000 made 474whp at 15 PSI and went on 2 days later to get the fastest time of the day at his next event. Lower curve is my S2000 at ~9 PSI. This one is an STi with a built motor and 31 PSI of boost on Gen 2 GTX 3582. Also, not too long ago, we flat-lined the dyno with the Taurus SHO.
  10. I grew up in Phoenix, but I spent about 8 years in Omaha after living in Colorado for 7 years. The heat+humidity in Omaha can be rough. It always seemed to downpour at night (and wake me up), then get really hot the next day and super humid. Winter caught me off guard. With not having a real winter growing up and then getting used to Colorado winters, Omaha was brutal for me and the reason why I finally left. I moved back to Colorado 4 years ago... I was trying to go back to Phoenix, but the wife wasn't on board. I get out to Omaha about twice a year in the summer, which I can do. My wife is from North of Grand Island, so she makes the trip often.
  11. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    LOL... My phone always knows better than me.
  12. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    Anything (ATV) worth having, to serve multiple roles, I'd plan on $8-10k, new. I live in the mountains, so my stuff gets used pretty regularly. In addition to plowing, I have a trailer to pull behind the ATV/UTV's to help with work around the property. We'll use them to go somewhere local as well... And, they're also just fun to go out and tool around in.
  13. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    Absolutely. I got rid of my previous plow machine when I bought these as I didn't want to maintain more than 2 machines, but the 570 will become the new plow machine.
  14. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    Nice, I looked into the Honda briefly as I am a big Honda fan (not fanboi). I specifically opted to not get the turbo model on these purchases. I didn't want any "turbo car problems". After tuning countless boosted race and street cars, owning a bunch, I know what happens. I wanted to focus on getting out on the trails. And, I don't feel like my tuned 900 is lacking power, even at 8-9k ft ASL.
  15. No. I've tuned a lot of Subarus and had an STi for 10 years. The water pump is not part of the timing belt tract on the EJ motors. I haven't looked at the FA motors, so I can't comment on them.
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