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  1. Yes, it's an LED replacement. Since these are projectors, I went with the brightest LED's I could find.
  2. I've been buying some car stuff... Imagine that... There's more, but I haven't taken pictures.
  3. I bought another car. Found a pretty good example, considering I didn't know I wanted one of these cars until a week before buying. It's a 2007 Saturn Sky Redline (never thought I'd own a Saturn) with 9k miles on it. I wanted a fun street car/convertible again that I could do autox events in, as a back up to my other street driven track car. 😛 Also ordered a bunch of other things since buying this... Funny how that works.
  4. After almost a year of waiting for it to be built, I bought my wife a new car since our driving teenager took over my wife's CR-V. We've had it for 4 days and I've already made some changes in Forscan and installed a Cobb AccessPort. She liked the color of the Ranger I bought last year (ordered the Maverick the day I picked up the Ranger, which was only a 6 month wait), so she got the same color, which I really like. I also don't need another touch-up color to have on the shelf.
  5. You mean the heated toilet seat isn't a face warmer?
  6. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    This is what I learned to ride on after a dirt bike. My dad got tired of replacing cams due to the poor oiling and finally sold it about 15 years ago. One hell of a top-heavy bike.
  7. I have a nearly new RP-502S II surround speakers for sale. Selling as we remodeled our living room and I no longer have a wall to put them on. I purchased new from ListenUP and only used them 4-5 months before the wife decided to take out a wall. The speakers have zero damage and will ship in original boxes. Located in Greenwood, AR, asking $650 shipped, CONUS.
  8. They're very good, particularly at regular listening levels. Once my house remodeling is done, I am going to install the CSW-450's and give them a try for a while and eventually decide which I like better and let go of the other.
  9. Not really, I was able to sell off the stuff I took out. And when I bought some of this stuff, it was pre-covid pricing. The A-4500's I have are like double or more than what I paid a few years ago.
  10. I've got a set of 1978 La Scalas with Crites CT-120's, A-55-G's, and A-4500 crossovers and I've loved them. I have a set of new Klipsch bass drivers to swap in when I refinish the speakers and I bought a new set of CSW-450 crossovers to try out as well. I have not heard the new version of the La Scalas, but I've not felt the need to look for a new speaker in my life... Not until I downsize.
  11. They were there as well.
  12. Went to the Grand Ole Opry a little over a week ago... We were passing through town coming back from Ohio and my wife and daughter wanted to do something in Tennessee. I'm not into country, but apparently one of the guys I listen to is classified as country.
  13. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Had some fun with the side-by-sides this weekend and hit some trails out here in Arkansas. Of course, you get two tuners together with tuned machines, of course we ended the weekend with a race. My machine (camera car) is a 2021 RZR XP turbo with silicone charge tubes, BC intercooler (air:water to replace the stock unit that is known to crack), Dalton clutching, and a tune on E50. His machine is a 2019 Yamaha YXZ with a Weller turbo kit, MoTec ECU, and tuned on E85. I don't know what mine makes exactly, but his did 180whp on the dyno. These things are a blast!
  14. I've listened to a set of these at ListenUp a few years ago... They sounded good, but they didn't make think any different about my La Scalas and a sub. They weren't $137k better and the LaScalas don't require the big/expensive/heavy amps to sound good, like the Focal's had. https://gridhifi.com/shop/speakers/floor-standing-towers/focal-grande-utopia-em-evo/?variant=1024176&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw5dqgBhBNEiwA7PryaAmjBOqWsc8CZUNnwFZNxahfXMIdMsnRWRa7QUNntIvCXA1DLEL4shoCKRcQAvD_BwE
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