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  1. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Rare, and rarer.
  2. We are moving around that area this year. No other reason, other than we liked the area and it's still within a days drives of the wife's parents. My wife is full-time telework and I am retired and have a business that gives me freedom, so our intent in moving it to relax a bit. It just happens to be booming so fast, that I am likely going to start looking further away from everything.
  3. I think it might look cool to have two different looking, but refinished cabinets. If they are intentionally different, it's art!
  4. Yep. Not into fishing at all. I am into racing and SxS'.
  5. Yep, that'd be them. I struggled with the decision to sell, but ultimately, I didn't have a place for them. They went to a good home though and he was amazed at the sound, having never heard any Heritage stuff. We are moving this year, so we'll see how that plays out. I'll pick a house around the La Scalas. 😛 We won't be too far from where they were made in the first place!
  6. I sold my H1's for $1,300, however, I refinished them along with new drivers. The owner sends me messages every now and again about how much he loves them. I loved them as well, but I didn't really have space for them with a set of LaScala's already in place. I really do prefer the plywood over MDF.
  7. Not suspicious and made in 1985.
  8. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Spent last week out at PRI 2021, where our drag car was featured in the Vibrant Performance booth. It was a great time and went better than we had hoped... Lots of traffic, interviews, and a good deal of sponsorships (without us even asking!). The car was already in progress, but when we got the call to have it in the show, things had to be pushed up and it's not a running car yet. After a quick break from all the go-go-go, it'll start getting finished up to where we can hopefully run a 7 second pass this year!
  9. I did not say it was only audio/video forums. I'm apart of a lot of forums, a moderator a well. Audio isn't my only interest, but I specifically said "forum" and left out any specific designator. You seem pretty excited in this whole thread based on the responses, which are entertaining as well... So thank you for that. And it appears that it WAS an actual sale post. 😛
  10. I bought a set a couple years ago, refinished them, and then realized I didn't really have a place for them and sold them to a friend. The were 1982's that had never been finished, so I took a router to the corners, glued and filled issue areas, sanded, pre-treated, stained, and poly'd them. I also braced them, swapped out the drivers for CT-120's, A-55-G's, and CW1228's. I also put the crossovers on smaller boards and used new capacitors, then finished off with some foam lining. For the grilles, I had new ones cut and finished them with 70th anniversary material and new badges. The grilles also attach with magnets as I sunk some screws into the baffle. The new owner loves them and they are his first Klipsch speakers after looking for some time. I hope I don't regret selling these after we move and I find I have space for them (La Scalas are staying).
  11. I went with the original A-55-G's a couple years ago because I wanted to make my speakers, basically new again. The drivers that my La Scala's came with were pretty beat up, so I wanted to replace them. I also went with CT-120's and A-4500 crossovers... I also have a new pair of K-33's that I need to swap in, only for having made everything 'new' again. For a more direct comparison, I also swapped in some A-55-G's to the Heresy's I refinished, which they already had new capacitors in them. I can't say I noticed a difference between what I pulled... And what I pulled out were two different drivers, a K-55-M and K-55-V (dual phase plug). I couldn't tell the difference between the speakers with two different drivers. Now, I do have a bit of OCD, so making them the same was a bit of a must to me. Do I like that the A-55's spec better and the new version spec even better? Yep. Can I say I hear it? No. Will I upgrade my originals to the v2? No.
  12. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    My daily vehicle for quite some time has been a German, turbo engine, wrapped in an American car. For. The most part, I just change oil, and I'm soon to hit 213k miles on it. Granted, it's a Mercedes diesel, the same found in the Sprinter vans, but I use the hell out of it, towing the race car and RZR's across the country. The vehicle is a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD. I am actually looking to replace it with a new Ranger in the next few months. I want something new, I want a truck, but I don't want a huge truck nor do I want to spend a lot of money. I've thought of the NA V8, vs a turbo motor, but I still like playing with turbos and tuning. I am of the very mechanically inclined as well as ECU programming, but I desire to do less these days. Unfortunately, I can't hire good work, so I generally do it all myself, still. That said, a Mini is a terrible idea, in my opinion. I'd look at a well cared for, 5-10 Civic or the like. I've considered going with a C8 Corvette, however, for me to even justify a car like that, it has to double as a track car as it's a worthless street car for me. But... I still have a very good track car. I also have come to the point where regular street car is just that for me anymore... I don't particularly care what it is as long as it's comfortable and reliable. So to tag along with @Bubo, fun cars generally are better left to second/third vehicles, vs trying to have one as a daily.
  13. I don't live far from there, if anyone needs help getting things sorted.
  14. My 78 La Scala's have 'laser badges'. And...
  15. I had an NR1605 for 5+ years and liked it a lot. I only recently upgraded to an SR8015 because I wanted to do away with my monoblock amplifiers (not that La Scalas need a lot of power). The only thing I didn't like is that it only had pre-outs for the L/R channels. If it had pre-outs for all channels, or at least the front three channels, I might have just picked up a 3-channel amp. The slim Marantz don't seem to run as hot as the bigger receivers. I had to put an AC Infinity on top of my new Marantz... Slim model did not need it. Fun fact, I found that my Marantz NR1605, 2x Outlaw 2200 amps, and a Bash 300 (connected to my sub) used less power than just my SR8015 plugged in by itself.
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