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  1. I won't buy into the USB cable but. Have used way too many different types on the government dime and have never noticed anything special, aside from the 'power-only' cables.
  2. I sent a PM. Are these still available?
  3. Does that include shipping? If so, I am interested.
  4. There are plenty out there. I picked up a set of 1982 Heresy's with excellent drivers, replaced caps, and cabinet condition that is in great condition to be refinished... For $375 (asking price was $425, IIRC).
  5. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    Picked up a new toy to give to my daughter for Christmas. She loves riding my ATV with me, so it was time to get her something she could drive. I've already installed control arm skid plates, mirrors, and a tuner. Also got a new dog... He's a work in progress...
  6. Did I miss the location? If near me, I'll take them as I'd love to refinish and give to a friend. Edit: I see it now.
  7. I retire in 7 months... Can't wait! I also come from generations of military. I never thought I'd stay this long, but I've realized it's time to retire, for me. One of my favorite moments was attending my buddies BMT graduations a couple years ago.
  8. I know that car... I have a customer that does this pretty regularly in his driveway.
  9. Make a better sub out of it!
  10. What parts are you looking for? Willing to bet all the information you want is already on this forum.
  11. That sounds exactly like what I was planning. I'd love to see pics when you're back in town!
  12. These are noisy. There is a reason why SVS puts foam behind them on the top, port end of their subwoofer. They also put silicone on edges of the screen to keep it from vibrating. I had to do all this when I built a clone as it was really, really noisy.
  13. My dad refinished his La Scalas, probably 20 years ago. He bought them new in 1982 and they were fine, but the original finish he put on it was not what he wanted. IIRC, this is just some wipe-on Polyurethane. I am probably going to do the same to my 78 La Scalas.
  14. Well... It is for sale in the same city as Klipsch headquarters, no?
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