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  1. More potential bass? Yes. The ability to move your sweet spot around? Yes. I added a 3rd sub when I had a basement theater to move the sweet spot at my seating position. I also had to run it 180 out of phase.
  2. Kids born when this thread was created... Will be able to vote in a couple months!
  3. It was a bummer to see this as Bob has helped me quite a bit and I've purchased my share of his parts, very recently even. I've had some pretty good conversations with him via email, though never spoke to him on the phone. Sad to see him go, but there's no escaping it. My condolences.
  4. I went ahead and stuck with these for now. If they sound good, which I suspect they will, I'll leave it as-is:
  5. yamahaSHO

    What I Got Today!

    When my parents built their house in Arizona (1995/96), they use "Ice Block", which was very similar in construction and 12" thick.
  6. I use a subwoofer with my La Scalas, which I feel is needed for a lot of the music (and TV/movies) I listen to. If I want to just play some Motley Crue really loud, I don't feel like the need a sub... Though I still like it better with one.
  7. Hmm... You have me considering giving these a try. I bought my Heresy's woth Solens already installed and they sounded good. I have put Sonicaps in, however, they have not been used yet on the rebuild. My La Scalas have Sonicaps with the A4500, and they sounded great... No grainy sounds or anything.
  8. I imagine Roy has thicker skin than that.
  9. yamahaSHO


    I know a thread that this will trigger people.
  10. Knowing they command more money, people will list the mods you want listed in a sale so you don't buy something you don't want. I see "Crites upgrades" on sale ads all the time, which people use to draw in potential buyers. Money was not in reference to you as a buyer, but to the seller trying to make more money on the sale ;).
  11. I don't think that will be a problem since the ones that are 'upgraded' command more money, from what I've seen.
  12. I was the one who posted that... That was part of my point as well. People have their preferences as to which drivers are better, but in the end, I could not hear it. I can't say I hear a difference between the K-55's I've had and the A-55-G's. The tweeter is a different story though... Big difference and better, in my opinion. On the woofer side, I saw no benefit (to me) to change anything, just refresh with a new OEM. I think Bob has stayed fairly true in his replacement/upgrades and clearly, people wanted them. Hell, the only reason I replaced the original woofers in my Heresy's is because they were so faded. The real improvement will probably be the bracing and actually sealing the cabinet, particularly on the poorly built one, which I'm sure isn't in the original design (it was pretty bad). And for the facts vs feelings... The end goal is a feeling, no?
  13. Shoot, I'll take 100% credit with a written statement of not being sued. 😛
  14. My capacitors were leaking, so I'd imagine to some extent, absolutely. There was a very large variance between the build quality in my Heresy's... One was built significantly better than the other. Because of that, I did have to do some real maintenance. Plus, the leaky capacitors.
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