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  1. Looking at the link, are you in Coal Creek Canyon?
  2. La Scalas are very good in Home Theater. My system comes on with the TV and I use them, and the rest of the surround sound every single day. I can't imagine going back to anything else. My old living room, never mind the unfinished fireplace: New setup when we moved into the current house:
  3. Someone definitely needs some training and probably is just there for a job. They clearly are not fluent with the subject.
  4. I got a buddy who gives me really deep discounts, but yeah, they get expensive. This used to be 255/40/17 Hoosier R7 money for me, now it's sticky street tires in a bigger size. I think I still had over $1,400 in these with my discount. I have a couple sets of track tires to buy for my other car soon. Gotta pay to play, I suppose.
  5. I had a set of RF-62's and I loved them. One of my more favorite speakers. They've got plenty of volume and they go decently low. With a good sub setup and filter, they'll go really loud, cleanly. If I have to 'downsize' from the La Scalas, I will then regret selling off my RF-62's. Yeah, there are newer options, but I know what I liked.
  6. Got the last thing needed for the car. Now I wait for the next AutoX! I'm still surprised that I can put 275's on all 4 corners and not rub.
  7. This car is way more fun now!
  8. Yes, it's an LED replacement. Since these are projectors, I went with the brightest LED's I could find.
  9. I've been buying some car stuff... Imagine that... There's more, but I haven't taken pictures.
  10. I bought another car. Found a pretty good example, considering I didn't know I wanted one of these cars until a week before buying. It's a 2007 Saturn Sky Redline (never thought I'd own a Saturn) with 9k miles on it. I wanted a fun street car/convertible again that I could do autox events in, as a back up to my other street driven track car. 😛 Also ordered a bunch of other things since buying this... Funny how that works.
  11. After almost a year of waiting for it to be built, I bought my wife a new car since our driving teenager took over my wife's CR-V. We've had it for 4 days and I've already made some changes in Forscan and installed a Cobb AccessPort. She liked the color of the Ranger I bought last year (ordered the Maverick the day I picked up the Ranger, which was only a 6 month wait), so she got the same color, which I really like. I also don't need another touch-up color to have on the shelf.
  12. You mean the heated toilet seat isn't a face warmer?
  13. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    This is what I learned to ride on after a dirt bike. My dad got tired of replacing cams due to the poor oiling and finally sold it about 15 years ago. One hell of a top-heavy bike.
  14. I have a nearly new RP-502S II surround speakers for sale. Selling as we remodeled our living room and I no longer have a wall to put them on. I purchased new from ListenUP and only used them 4-5 months before the wife decided to take out a wall. The speakers have zero damage and will ship in original boxes. Located in Greenwood, AR, asking $650 shipped, CONUS.
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