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  1. May not be as smooth as you're looking for, but I used Duratex:
  2. I have them in my La Scala's and Heresy's (along with CT-120's). They sound great, but so did my K-55's... I wanted to make my speakers 'new' again, so I went with what was "better".
  3. The La Scala has always used an driver with a lower Fs than what you're getting out of it in the horn.
  4. I am positive it will go mandatory... When they trust it won't potentially take a hit on manpower/forces, since they don't actually care about you as an individual. If they're not there yet, I'm not there...
  5. Recently retired military here... After a lifetime of getting forced to take shots, the military hasn't made this mandatory yet. I think I'll wait. I think this will get solved, but I am not in a rush for being in on the first run(s) of these. In 10 years: "Have you or a family member had a COVID shot between xxxx-xxxx? You may be entitled to money".
  6. Yeah, this thread is odd. Two guys in the video talk about their speakers.
  7. That's nuts... That's more than I paid for my La Scalas!
  8. The graph looks much less impressive than the above claim. Decent torque curve though.
  9. I'm a fan of SVS, but this is certainly not a sub I'd consider in the price range. It's small, and the frequency response tells that... And a good speaker, for the most part, should cover that frequency range (maybe not my speakers. 😛 La Scala & Heresy)
  10. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    That is correct: This pass was with the hood acting as a parachute:
  11. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    One of my tuning customer's (jaz TUNING is my business) currently has their car on display at Summit Racing in Georgia. If you're in the near area, check it out! If you're near the Summit Racing store in Georgia, stop in and check out a familiar SHO on display in the front of the store!
  12. I might have some brand new boards for sale, which you can wrap yourself. I have had a few different types/sizes made for me and they should arrive in the mail tomorrow. What I don't use, I can sell off.
  13. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    The guy who bought my STi a year and a half ago is a huge collector... And a car I built is in it @17:38... That is my old STi.
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