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  1. My dad is on 40 years with his 82 La Scalas, that he bought brand new.
  2. Some fancy listing pictures... Much better than the previous picture from when I bought the house!
  3. I hadn't updated this with the finish product... Just in time to move! So now, someone else will probably have a center channel that will be able to keep up with virtually any speaker they may put in here. House goes on the market in a couple of days. On another note, as much as I love my big speakers, I am kinda liking all this room and no clutter. In-walls may be my future.
  4. I've been plenty happy with La Scala's and my Marantz SR-8015 for both movies and music. I previously had a Marantz NR-1605 and two Outlaw 2200's. Both sound great. I was on a mission to declutter, so I bought a flagship receiver and have a lot less clutter, cables, and outlets. The receiver uses more power than my previous setup, including the Emotiva 12v trigger I needed to turn on both Outlaw amps, AND the BASH 300 I used to power my subwoofer (I have an SVS-PC13 now and is plugged into the wall where it sits).
  5. Man, this seems worse than I thought. This popped up on my IG. Both of those speakers look awful.
  6. I guess that's accurate. You want the heat even across the whole media. You start to get a feel for it. Once you get it somewhat shrunk on the first go, stop, let it cool, and see if it's enough. If not repeat... This helps you from overdoing it. On the open areas (driver openings), take a little extra care. With my test pieces, that's where I found it could start to melt the little plastic between the gold/silver. When in doubt, move fast and keep plenty of distance. You'll eventually see what works well.
  7. Nothing particularly special... I lay the grill down (on my tile floor), and keep the heat gun 6-8" away from the material, moving over the area quickly and equally. The distance and speed depend on the heat, starting further from the material and moving in, especially as the heat really gets to temp.
  8. Anything in the wrong hands is an invitation for disaster, even an iron. I've done this several times with a heat gun with this material, without issue.
  9. I'm not sure a hair drier can provide enough heat for shrinking the material. It. Took some real heat (carefully) to get the material to start shrinking.
  10. I saw a set of Heresy's at ListenUP that had the sag, which was disappointing. That said, if you're good with a heat gun (and very careful, because you can melt the small black plastic in between all the gold/silver), you can shrink the material down. You'll want to do the whole thing evenly. I did this when I wrapped my center, mantel grille with the same material. It tightened up nicely.
  11. I've been meaning to run a test on mine, I might do that when I get home today and compare.
  12. Received a magazine which I ended up finding our race car in.
  13. I just have one now... I like my big system in the living room, so it gets used every single day. After that, I'm pretty basic on sound because I don't like a bunch speakers/equipment taking up space. If I didn't love my La Scalas so much, I'd just have in-wall speakers due to clutter.
  14. Prices are ridiculous on everything right now. I'm glad I quit my job last month and decided to just run my own business, full time, from home (fuel is also expensive). The gov pay increases do not keep up with inflation, nor the area I live in, but they want to work you for it. At this point, I'm waiting for crashes to make some big purchases.
  15. He doesn't even know what he has... The specs are not for his speakers.
  16. I had three big subs in my theater and I know what it's like. However, I can run up my current setup louder than I can really stand and the sub stays with it. The La Scala by itself, leaves me wanting the bottom end. I don't feel like I'm missing that anymore. Hell, I can't even crank a movie because everyone in my house tells me to turn it down... Even when they are also watching the same movie with me. And I certainly don't need anything bigger than a La Scala. I like good speakers, but I have other interests that keep me from chasing the "better" setup.
  17. I really don't need 130dB of "effortless subwoofer" in my room.
  18. I'm a huge La Scala fan, and I like bass. I just can't get rid of these speakers because they sound "big" all the time. That said, I have never had a speaker that I didn't have a subwoofer for, so I just got a bigger subwoofer for my La Scalas. In my room, I only needed one. Sure, I could crank the La Scalas up high enough that the sub can't keep up, but that puts me at listening levels to where I can't stand to be in my room.
  19. I like polyurethane as it doesn't require much upkeep. Here is what my Heresy's looked like after pre-treatment, stain, and many coats of wipe-on poly. I plan to do the same with my La Scala's, though I probably will not stain. Here are my dad's 1982 La Scala's that he bought new. He re-finished them back in like 1995 or 1996. It's just some sort of polyurethane of the time. They still look like this picture (picture was taken in the early to mid-2000's).
  20. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    Rare, and rarer.
  21. We are moving around that area this year. No other reason, other than we liked the area and it's still within a days drives of the wife's parents. My wife is full-time telework and I am retired and have a business that gives me freedom, so our intent in moving it to relax a bit. It just happens to be booming so fast, that I am likely going to start looking further away from everything.
  22. I think it might look cool to have two different looking, but refinished cabinets. If they are intentionally different, it's art!
  23. Yep. Not into fishing at all. I am into racing and SxS'.
  24. Yep, that'd be them. I struggled with the decision to sell, but ultimately, I didn't have a place for them. They went to a good home though and he was amazed at the sound, having never heard any Heritage stuff. We are moving this year, so we'll see how that plays out. I'll pick a house around the La Scalas. 😛 We won't be too far from where they were made in the first place!
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