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  1. I had an NR1605 for 5+ years and liked it a lot. I only recently upgraded to an SR8015 because I wanted to do away with my monoblock amplifiers (not that La Scalas need a lot of power). The only thing I didn't like is that it only had pre-outs for the L/R channels. If it had pre-outs for all channels, or at least the front three channels, I might have just picked up a 3-channel amp. The slim Marantz don't seem to run as hot as the bigger receivers. I had to put an AC Infinity on top of my new Marantz... Slim model did not need it. Fun fact, I found that my Marantz NR1605, 2x Outlaw 2200 amps, and a Bash 300 (connected to my sub) used less power than just my SR8015 plugged in by itself.
  2. My current room works well for bass at the seating position. My previous theater required 3 sub to get this kind of bass at the seating position. We will be moving next year and I am hoping I don't have the need to get a second. I'm kind of tired of equipment taking over. I can do the La Scalas and a sub, but I did in-wall speakers for the surrounds and built my own center channel out of a mantel so that it hides crap.
  3. Yes, yes, and yes.
  4. 105 dB/w vs 97.5 and the same rated power handling is all you really need to understand. IE: MUCH louder.
  5. Wattage shouldn't be a decision factor here... A good sub may or may not need a lot of power. I had a sub I built that used a BASH 300 and it had plenty of power to drive my sub out of its magnetic field. Up to that point, that's playing very loud music with a set of La Scala's. If I had an 8" driver that could take 1,000 watts, it doesn't mean I'm going to get what I want out of it with a set of La Scala's.
  6. Because I can't control myself... New parts for the new turbo RZR:
  7. That's one of my go-to songs with my La Scala's and a big sub.
  8. On my laptop, I stopped hearing sound around 13k. On my La Scalas, I could hear all the way until it stopped playing.
  9. Complete - Update your rules on the Garage Sale page (not a new thread that gets lost).
  10. Couldn't resist.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/578481823348684/?rid=10223623232441204&ad_id&rt=1&refID=0&refType=0
  11. I upgraded my sub to a PC-4000 and made a switch from my Marantz NR-1605 (+ 2x Outlaw 2200's) to a Marantz SR-8015. Was looking to go to one unit since my speakers are stupid efficient and I wanted to declutter.
  12. I am in the middle of downsizing and don't really need these with La Scalas, so I am selling my two Outlaw Audio 2200 monoblock amplifiers. I've had five of these over the years and they are fantastic. Zero issues with them and they will come with all cables. I do not have original boxes any longer. All specs can be found: Model 2200 Monoblock Power Amplifier Also have an Emotiva ET-3 Trigger Expansion Module. My receiver did not have enough juice to pass through 12v trigger to both amps, so this allows me to expand to more devices. Comes with cables. Specs on the ET-3 can be found: ET-3 Trigger Expansion Module $450 + shipping (From Denver, CO) for all.
  13. My center is about the same volume as a Heresy, which makes it pretty big. But, it's not an issue in my circumstance.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3141897269378041/ Not affiliated.
  15. Damn, I hope a Klipsch enthusiast gets them. If I didn't have La Scalas already and love them, RF-83's are way up there for me.
  16. I stand by what I said. I don't even let my wife have that control.
  17. Dammit... These are tempting to try.
  18. You said "girlfriend" and not wife... Make a huge center channel speaker, and hide it.
  19. I loved doing this speakers and loved the way they turned out, but I just didn't have a place for them, realistically. I don't need multiple systems, didn't have another space to really use them, and I have La Scalas that I love. That said, I sold these to a buddy that had been looking for a good set of Heresy's for awhile. They exceeded his expectations and has been converted to a Klipsch and horn guy. I also sold him my "Klipsch Sonosub" I built about 10 years ago as it was a great match for the Heresy, and I ordered an SVS PC-4000 to better keep up with the La Scalas (I was actually surprised how well my sub kept up). I originally bought these for a garage, then made them so nice, I thought they should be in a main system. I am glad these will live on and be taken care of.
  20. yamahaSHO

    Car Thread

    If you haven't seen "Getaway Driver" on Discovery +, I have a car competing on it... A 1994 Ford Taurus SHO... Which, does very, very well. I even made it onto a clip (guy spraying the champagne). Catch our car on episodes 6, 7, and 8... That may have spoiled it a little. Also, here is video of when I went out to tune the car (nitrous was not used on the TV show):
  21. I couldn't help myself... Got another RZR. This one is a bit faster.
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