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  1. thanks for the reply, I think if you would've used "stomach cavity" or something more scientific than "tummy" that would've made me read it as factual science. funny tho. i look forward to someone having my same question so i can use your line. thanks again for the feedback
  2. Hi all, i have a scott lk 72 amp. these things are crazy old, so I'm trying to let go of any OCD tendencies of looking for perfection. BUT, i have to ask this question anyways. it looks like my amp seems to slightly dip down towards the center of the amp, natural gravity effect? idk . when you look at it, it is not level all the way across, you can see the transformers are ever so slightly lower on the side closer to the middle of the amp. same with the output tubes, they are slightly lower on the inside 2 tubes when looking straight on at the set of 4 tubes. No, there doesn't seem to be any impact on the sound, pure cosmetics, but wondering if this is just one of those things thats expected with a 50 some year old gear. again, the height difference isn't insanely different, but when you look close you can definitely tell. any input is appreciated.
  3. thats what i thought too. so maybe my case was the problem. llike i said above, it was sold as 299 stereomaster, which from what ive read should fit lk 72 models too.
  4. to add to my 1st response above, by "tung sol fits perfectly in my unit", do you mean just in your unit or in the unit with case on it? the first pic is the case i had to modify (it was advertised as 299 stereomaster case), as you can see it looks different than the more common looking 2nd case pic . as with alot of us, i am considering buying the 2nd more common case just so i have a perfect fit, but thats assuming the issue with the first one was the model. i would hate to buy another case and have the same issue, do you think its the case or the tubes that are the issue. . any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. just went through a whole thing with my case. i still dont know if my case is wrong, if the tung sol 7591 are too tall, or if something is up with how my unit was restored. I have tung sols in my scott lk 72 and the case i got was just barely too small to fit over the tung sols. i ended up sanding the bottom pieces to give myself enough room for the unit to fit into the case. either way, since you have basically the same unit as me, when you have your case on, is it pretty normal for the heat to even cause the case above the tubes to get warm? feel free to pm me, i would love to talk with someone who has an lk 72
  6. It def gets hot, even naked, with the tubes being right by the screen, i really can't imagine the temp being that much different that with the case totally off. this may be a sin to say, but i like the look of the tubes with the case on, just looks more complete IMO. plus gives it some more statue since its next to the monster cornwalls. i just dont want to add the case if someone with experience has gone through some sort of issue because of the case. thanks for your comments
  7. thats a great creation, but i think the wood case looks better, IMO
  8. since i have a set of Tung Sol 7591A output tubes would the ones that are too tall be obviously taller than the face plate? I'm trying to figure out if i have the new right sized ones you discribed or the ones that are too tall. i tried to use a level to see how the tubes measure against the face plate. the tubes are just a hair lower that the face. that tells me the case would fit but just by a hair. IDK what the normal clearance is, so idk if that is normal or if thats too close. what do you think?
  9. Hi, IDK what ill replace it with. it just doesn't match the cornwalls i have and i want something more vintage
  10. Selling my less than 1 year old turntable and cart. It also has the upgraded acrylic platter, which cost 129.00 and an ortofon blue cart which cost 240.00, so you don’t need any kind of felt mat, and the platter greatly reduces static. I do still have the original metal platter. The only reason I’m selling it is because it just doesn’t match my otherwise older vintage speakers and integrated amp. selling for 550 local pick up only, austin texas IF YOU WERE TO BUY NEW TT=400 PLATTER=130 ORTOFON BLUE CART=240 TOTAL=770 Thanks for looking. matthew 262.902.1934
  11. Vintage H.H. SCOTT LK-72 Tube Integrated Amp (1961) FULLY SERVICED, NEW TUNG SOL OUTPUT TUBE This is a nice example of a vintage Scott LK-72 Tube amplifier. The LK-72 is the kit version of the 299C model. This particular example has undergone a complete overhaul, and should provide many years of trouble-free service to its next owner. Background noise is minimal; this is a very quiet amplifier (for a tube amp). Details of the service including the following:- - All the potentiometers have been cleaned with Deoxit. - A thermistor has been added to drop today’s higher line voltage, so that it is more in line with what was the standard at the time of the original design. - All ceramic capacitors have been replaced. - All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced. - The aging (and now dangerous) selenium rectifier has been replaced with a modern (and much more reliable) silicon rectifier. - The now hard-to-find 7199 tubes have been replaced with the more common 6GH8A tubes, using high quality ceramic adapters (the audible difference between the two tube types is negligible). - The amplifier also comes with brand new set of Tung Sol 7591A output tubes, and should provide many hours of trouble free operation selling for 900.00 Matthew 262.902.1934 local pick up only, austin texas
  12. Hi, obviously tubes get extremely hot, i notice most tube gear is left without a wood case or cabinet, is that just because the tubes look cool when the amp is on, or do people leave the case or enclosure off for another reason? i ask because i think i want a case for my scott lk 72, but dont want it if there is a dangerous downside to it. thanks,
  13. HI, Im looking to get a case for my LK 72. I know mine has new tubes, do you think the high will have any impact on how a wood case for it will fit?
  14. thanks for the advice, i used to look forward to being critical of my components and look forward to upgrades. now i just want a hassle/stressfree system and just enjoy the music, and be done with the rabbit hole of equipment.
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