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  1. i actually ended up just using some kind of carpet upolstry cleaner and they look great now. brushed the lint off and cleaned and I'm all good now. Save 200 bucks for sure
  2. Hi, someone on the FB klipsch page said there was someone on here that make new cornwall frames and grills. Is that ringing a bell to anyone? i just figured someone would be out there that makes and sells them. Thanks
  3. are they still for sale? i am in austin area and would easily drive to you for them.
  4. Hey, I want to upgrade my forte 1's with BC's new ti diaphragm and new x overs. I don't have the cash to do both so I have to pick between the tweeter diaphragm or the x over. Since this will be my first time ever working on the inside of the speaker I am a little nervous. Which mod would be the easiest for a beginner? ti diaphragm or x over? is there a step by step with pictures somewhere I could use to help guide me through it? Thanks
  5. @John Chi-town Hey, super delayed response, but i just had an idea. I've been reading about some other Klipsch speaker and people making false corner and basically as the name suggests, literally building a corner and putting it next to the speakers. My idea is, since some of the false corners I've seen, look kind of odd IMO, what is I bought some small book shelves that have backs to them, and more or less used them as both storage for my records and to also create a sort of wall. Hope that makes sense? what do you think? Im asking you because although I'm living in Texas, I am from the Chicago area.
  6. @robert_kc I've been really getting into jazz and blues. But I am really into any record that is a quality pressing. I love punk music, but quickly learned that the quality of punk vinyl is garbage, at least the ones I've tried. On the other hand, Ive never been a huge fan of allman bros, but after listening to eat a peach album, I am all about them.
  7. @Emile sounds like you went down that path to save me from making the same leap. On one hand, I do love the way my system sounds now, but on the other hand, reading about the possibility of improving the sound with tubes is tempting, My biggest hesitation is that I dont exactly have a lot of extra time to try out this, and test out that and swap this for that, I would potentially be unhappy with my music for a while before sorting it all out and my marantz would be sold and gone by that point. I will just appreciate what I have, Thanks for your reply.
  8. @tube fanatic Thanks for the feedback. I live in Austin Texas
  9. Hello, I currently have forte 1's with marantz 2252b and a pioneer tt with ortofon blue cart. If you've read some of my other posted questions, I love the way it all sounds together, but with all the research Ive been doing on tube amps, I starting to get an itch to hear what all the hype is about with the tubes. I dont want to deal with pre amp and amp, or multiple other components, I know there are some tube amps that are a all in one, like my marantz is now. I figure my budget is around 1,000.00 Any suggestions? would it be worth the switch?
  10. @wvu80 those are great FREE options. @John Chi-town I actually just put the fortes on those mini stands hoping that raising them would help, but your saying that raising them may actually be making my sound quality worse? I just thought bringing them higher and closer to my ears would be better than lower and just set directly on the floor.
  11. @Khornukopia I feel like it would be pretty easy to get sucked into an unachievable sound. I think I just need to be happy with what i have and enjoy it when i am on my sweet spot chair, and leave it at that.
  12. @pzannucci I guess I just wasn't aware how specific my location needs to be while listening to the speakers. I just wanted to hear the same quality I hear when I am in the sweet spot as when I am in other areas in my house. But it sounds like thats not possible regardless of what speakers I have, unless of course I go with @rebuy 's idea (ha). I think that makes me feel more at ease about trying to get bigger speakers, because like another comment said, ill be chasing my tail. i just need to sit my *** down more in my blue chair if I want to hear the quality of what my system produces.
  13. @Peter P. pretty grim huh? If you can see it, across from my system I have a blue lounge chair I sit at to get a direct line of sound from the speakers. But in any other spot in my house it sounds pretty mediocre.
  14. Hope these pics help, other than taking speakers off the wall more I don’t know what else I could do
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