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  1. thanks for the advice, i used to look forward to being critical of my components and look forward to upgrades. now i just want a hassle/stressfree system and just enjoy the music, and be done with the rabbit hole of equipment.
  2. what are your thoughts on the wattage difference, in regard to klipsch cornwalls? would that 75 watts vs the 35 watts, be better, even though i hear tube watts are better.
  3. Hi, I just recently purchased a scott lk 72 integrated tube amp. it sounds great, but (don't attack me) it honestly stresses me out. Too old, tubes stress me, too easy for daughter to touch, and lastly, Its in our massive living room and the 35ish watts makes me have to turn it too loud and I think im loss some sound quality at the high volume levels.. any experience/opinions with a marantz 2275 reciever? im wondering if that would sound as good if not better than my scott? i THINK im interested in it beacause its less fragile, daughter cant do damage to it, and I THINK the more wattage would be better suited for my large living room and the volume that i need to turn it to would be more fitting for a higher wattge receiever. any thoughts?
  4. Hi, when you said looks like they even went into the tone controls, what exactly do you mean? I'm assuming thats a good thing? what do you think was done to the tone controls? thanks!
  5. ohhh, I wasn't familiar with that term used like that.
  6. What do you mean by karma?
  7. Hi, I posted this question in modifications too, wasn't sure which tab would be more appropriate. I saw these DIY screens on a guys blog. He made it for his scott integrated. I think it looks awesome, serves a purpose, breathable, and more affordable than the case that comes with it. any thoughts/ideas/
  8. Hi, I saw this DIY screen on a guys blog. Anyone have any experience. This would give me a nice sense of security since my 2 year old is almost getting tall enough to touch my gear. Thoughts/ideas?
  9. General info, relatively speaker, assuming the builder and/or refurbishing is done correctly, are they know for being a strong and reliable amp? Is the phono stage anything special? if so why? any quirks they tend to have? so i can avoid making any mistakes How complicated or simple are they to work on? not super crazy queestions, like my post says, I just want to learn more about it.
  10. Hi, I'm looking to learn as much as i can about my scott lk 72 by asking some questions and just listening to someone who knows, is there any tech or person known for being an expert with vintage scott integrated amps? Matthew
  11. ohhh, I appreciate that
  12. Hey, he was, but he's so far away that i may try to meet him on a trip i have to dallas at the end of june. so if its still for sale at that point, i will try to reach him. plus, I think i putting the ad in the alerts was the wrong spot since i am the one selling.
  13. Hi, I am selling my fully functional 2252b Marantz with wood case. I had about 250.00 into it to refurbish the phono and pre amp section a few months ago. i was going to use it mainly as a pre amp, but decided on getting a integrated tube amp instead. Again, everything works perfectly, I just wanted to focus on refurbing pre amp and phono section to be pro active. It's in great cosmetic shape too, aside from the 1 little nick above the MARANTZ name. I attached a pic of the receipt detailing what was done. I live in Cedar Park texas and do NOT want to ship. I have it posted on CL for 700. but will sell to someone here for 650.00. feel free to call or message me if your interested. Matthew 262.902.1934
  14. thats exactly what I'm asking, just leave the amps on knob pulled out in the ON position all the time, and just turn it on and off from the surge proctor to hopefully prolong the life of the knob on the unit. i just wasn't sure if that approach would indirectly cause of other issue I'm not thinking of
  15. Hey JIMJIMBO, I really dont want to ship. I am in central texas
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