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    Denon X4300H, Martin Logan mains, 2x 1984 Heresy (ALK universals, B&C woofers), 2 x 1980 (stock drivers, New E x-over), Velodyne DD10 sub, Martin Logan Theatre I center channel.

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  1. MC39693

    Subwoofers for Heresy III's

    Not Heresy III's but ... pair of Super Heresy via @ClaudeJ1 recipe with a pair of Velodyne DD10, in the bottom of all wood, home made stands. Fits like a glove and sounds very nice thank you. The DD10's are small(ish), and in the stands are very unobtrusive akin to the @teaman setup above. WAF is good, as they "hide" nicely. Don't turn them up too much though!
  2. MC39693

    ‘82 Belles (were) available

    Mighty nice speakers. I've always thought I'd like a set of Belles. Colorado is just a tiny bit too far south. GLWS
  3. MC39693

    Who is AWAKE?

    I'm retired ... what's work?
  4. MC39693

    DIY six input tube preamp

    The way to a man's heart and maybe his amplifier is always through Prairie raised world class steak, smoked on an open flame and fine Quintarelli Amarone. Maybe even some Hawaiian rum as a chaser. I can't imagine your build not suiting your system since you have total control and can change items out, plus your work looks awesome for someone without a machine shop. I'll have to see if my electrician son-in-law wants a challenge to match up to your work ... esthetics not a chance, but if I buy parts and lay them out ... he'll rise to the challenge.
  5. MC39693

    DIY six input tube preamp

    Did you happen to say where you purchased the board from? I know where some of the rest of your parts came from (PM) but not sure if you have mentioned board source? Very nice work. If you ever tire of your build ... I'd offer you a very fine Alberta Steak Dinner with some also very fine Italian Amarone wine! And some money!
  6. MC39693

    Your Top 3 Receivers and Why?

    I only have experience with Denon. The Audessy room correction (x32) is great. Per channel, auto AND manual configuration is critical. They also have an app that allows even more per channel control, which I will buy. Also be aware of your connectivity e.g. unbalanced vs balanced and if you have an external DAC you want to keep. I am padantic re cabling and I like the layout of Denon/Marantz connectors all in line at bottom of receiver so I can use angled banana plugs in a nice clean line or straight connectors to horizontal patch panel. Assignable configurations per input device is also very useful. I actually have ended up by passing the DAC on my Denon for music in preference for both my CD player, music server and external DAC. I use the external CD, music server and DAC for music then straight HDMI for movies. A preamp/power amp or “music only” integrated amp is in my future but I started with flexibility and configuration as key priorities.
  7. MC39693

    K-53-K drivers and K701 horns $75.00 shipped

    @jimjimbo I'd like to discuss with you, I have a need for exactly these drivers/horns... did you read my mind all the way to Calgary? I just completed Super Heresy on a set of 1984 V1.5 (as noted by @Frzninvt above) and removed tweeter, woofer and XO for the updates which now my son in law wants in order to build a set. So, to complete the setup I need what you are selling. Send me a PM and let me know if you are willing to ship to Canada. My other alternative is for this forum to suggest an update for a Heresy cabinet for an all together different horn/driver midrange for the Super Heresy and then I can reuse my existing K-53/K-701 set that are currently still in the Super Heresy. But, JimJimbo's driver/horn is a pretty cost effective solution! Thanks Mike
  8. How am I going to explain this to my wife after the Super Heresy setup? I've been thinking about getting a set of Cornwalls and now this. Can't wait to see what magic comes out of the hat!
  9. MC39693

    Forte 1

    @Mila1924 along the same lines as your question on the cabinets ... lots to find in the forums, search may be your friend. I'd start by understanding what you have and what / why you feel like changing it. Are you crossovers original ... etc. Take a fun read through Technical Modifications ... everything you need is likely in there! And, welcome to the forum.
  10. MC39693

    Help with banana plugs

    Good, I hope they work for you. I like the expanding plug and the thumb screw is easy to use, including stacked with other banana plugs, e.g.on already finished cables that might not have a good fit to the binding posts.
  11. MC39693

    New crossovers

    If, like me you have ( had) 38 year old crossovers, likely you will hear an improvement in separation and within the 3 bands... also if you want to do the work yourself it can be very rewarding as long as you keep the soldering iron away from burning yourself! Simple answer yes, a great way to learn a bit more about your speakers even if you buy a crossover vs make one.
  12. MC39693

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    This is going to be a great read and gesture, good on you Matt.
  13. MC39693

    Goodwill Find

    @sctim that's a great deal. You have Heresy 1's, as noted above vintage 1978 with drivers... K-77-M, K-55-V and K-22-E. There's lots of details esp. under Technical Modifications for all kinds of updates / fix including working on the veneer (e.g. Watco or Howard's Restore either in walnut will help a lot) and light sanding / 000 steel wool. You have an E type crossover with "oil can" capacitors which may be worth changing, but listen to them for a while first. As noted above Bob Crites is a great source for advice, parts etc. If you solder, the E crossover is an easy update on your own too. Again, tons you can do it is up to you to determine how much or how little. Perhaps search Heresy in the search bar and you'll find a treasure trove of information. Well done!
  14. MC39693

    HERESY I, II, or III and Why?

    I only have experience with I and 1.5, I think it likely boils down to the sound you like and whether or not you want to do upgrades eg. to crossover and/or drivers. Do you like the original Klipsch sound or newer technology sound? Any chance you can listen to all three? If you like the upgrades hobby then the I and 1.5 allow easy access to cabinet internals and you can make as many or few updates as you want. But if you like the newer version sounds and want to plug and play then go for a newer set.
  15. MC39693

    Help with banana plugs

    @SmthngWcked I have used the following banana plugs with good results. A couple of nice features; they expand by turning the red or black thumb screw so they fit most any size binding post. You can stack them ... I use them sometimes with other banana plugs that don't fit well in a particular binding post. Not cheap compared to some but way cheaper than top end ones and have similar functionality. https://www.parts-express.com/angled-locking-and-stacking-banana-plug-with-dual-set-screws-poly-carbonate-shell-and-insu--091-3608