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  1. The Y in serial number would be 1983, so early V1.5.
  2. Might be the V1.5, because the crossover actually is E2? So they were the version in 1984 IIRC, where Heresy was in transition between V1 and V2.
  3. @Schu, you are right, your mom needs to get rid of that PC unless she can erase, reformat and reload the operating system, all applications and data from a backup older than when the fraud occurred. If she does online banking with that PC, I’d be worried.
  4. @Schu that’s horrible... I’d like to meet those jerks, they just have no morals whatsoever.
  5. When I was working for a Joint Venture associated with a very large international company ... we used to have to do an annual cyber security training, attest, swear on bible to behave etc. Then, said parent company would spend all year trying to infiltrate, coerce, fool, etc. people. That simple hover over an email address and READ IT CAREFULLY could have saved a lot of people embarrassment as they were caught in the internal scam. If you were caught twice, IIRC, you lost internet privileges for some period of time. There are a lot of scams out there right now. Also, just a thought ... use more than one email account. Keep the family "business" to a very limited set of use. Never give out anything over the internet. If you buy/sell on electronic boards, e.g. Kijiji, Craigslist, FB ... use an email account you can blow away if you need to. Don't mix family and hobby stuff if you can help it. The email, internet and phone phishing attacks are getting pretty intense. Just don't answer anything! When I "really" retire, I will likely blow away my email from years and years of family life, and only send new email to immediate family. The rest can try to call me. Then again, I don't answer my phone. Curmudgeon? Maybe.
  6. Put them in the GTI and come out to Victoria for a listening session with @Islander and me! Bring the Jub-Peavey too!
  7. Are you saying some people can’t hear the sound difference due to different coloured zip ties?
  8. There’s a set with original diaphragms on Canada Audio Mart, list price $3,000 CAD, no affiliation. They are in Vancouver.
  9. Nice, they never come up in Western Canada at least I haven’t seen any in a very long time. HifiShark didn’t pick this listing up, maybe it doesn’t crawl over craigslist?
  10. Ouch, a Christmas time marketing teaser. I'll put together my paper route funds now! I already have v1 @Dave A tweeters in the Super Heresy ...
  11. Oh if only a set for those of us with tiny horns ... careful 'ya all ... what would happen in a Super Heresy setup with both horns from @Dave A, one has to ask? Yes I know it has to be different for the K700/701, but if you don't ask Santa for the gift ... well, 'ya just don't get it!
  12. @JRH my 1984's warranty card says 5 years. I like the 1980 warranty card! I will speak with the "boss" and see if there's any reason she wants me to keep the 1980's. It would be fun to have all the documentation I received together in one place and perhaps for you to have it together with the pictures and story above? If anyone asks, I'll just say Jim has it. I'll get back to you via this thread but I don't see why we wouldn't.
  13. @JRH attached front side of warranty card, both for the two 1980 Heresy are the same. Klipsch Lifetime! Well, not for mine although I bet Klipsch doesn't have too many original owners who have the documentation I have and a set of speakers after (nearly) 40 years.
  14. @JRH I’ll try to get pick of warranty card reverse side. Since I’ve had my hands inside, replaced the E crossover with one I built, I doubt I’ll be making any warranty claims... Disco Sound Distributors are way long gone too!
  15. So, wife and I were cleaning out storage room and found the original documentation for the 1980 (and also my 1984) Heresy. I was wrong. I bought a Sony TA-F55 integrated amp, a STJ-55 AM/FM tuner and Koss headphones in summer 1980. I bought the 1980 Heresy Jan. 30, 1981 for $1,057 Cdn. They were distributed by Kuehne & Nagel distribution services to Disco Sound Distributors in Edmonton. Wow... me at Disco Sound! I've attached the warranty cards ... my handwriting but it says I have Lifetime warranty. Um, maybe not. I also have the original brochure from Klipsch with intro by PWK, and page of information for each of Klipshorns, Heresy, La Scala, Belle and Cornwall speakers. Fun to see these old documents, thanks again @HDBRbuilder and @JRH
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