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  1. MC39693

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    +1, can’t but gotta wait for the rest of the story.
  2. MC39693

    Walnut tweeter lenses

    Can you ... @Dave A explain to my wife why I now need to buy wooden tweeter lens from you shortly after purchasing the MAHL? A set of the walnut lenses in my Super Heresy (HWO) would be very nice indeed. Keep up the T&T, it’s just fine to mess with us. If you can get a mid-range horn to work / balance for cost / effort, I predict a lot of orders.
  3. MC39693


    Your work is always top notch. If you were near me, and my wife agreed, and I had a different listening room ...
  4. MC39693

    Super Heresy tweeter update

    I have a set of @Dave A MAHL with DE120 in Super Heresy with a B&C 12CL76 woofer and K53 mids , also a modified set of ALK universals. All sounding very nice thank you! Tweeters are nice and smooth. I’m 64 so best to rely on younger ears to tell me the high highs are nice.
  5. I have had and currently have Denon AVR's with Audessy room EQ just as your 3400 has. If you have the sub plugged in, generally you have to turn down the volume/gain on the sub when performing the Audessy EQ using the mic. If you have the Denon plugged in (via HDMI) to a TV you'll see the instructions on the screen, just follow them. All speakers will be tested including the sub and then "save" the settings when done. Once done, I always play a "bass" related tune to adjust the listening level of the sub. You can do this on the sub itself with the volume/gain and/or in the Denon with the per channel/speaker attenuation. There is likely also a crossover frequency dial on the sub which you should coordinate with the Denon's settings for when to crossover to the sub (frequency ... say 100 or 80 Hz). Again, set these up and do a "bass" listening test and adjust for what you like music or HT wise. Good luck.
  6. MC39693

    Eye Opening Experience

    My wife's boss has Proac K6 powered by Octave pre/pro and power amps that run so hot he had to install exhaust fans in his custom built stereo room. All digital sources. Fantastic sound. Cables on nice little towers. Tracy Chapman (stand by me) and Midnight Sugar" by Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Trio were outstanding. Honestly a very nice setup. But, the sad part is no one else in his family listens. Meanwhile, I make my own Cat5 cables, modify crossovers and speakers (Super Heresy setup thanks to @ClaudeJ1) and augment speakers in surround sound (Martin Logans and Klispch) to come close. He knows about sound gear from going to shows and buying, I don't know 1% of what folks on this forum know, but I have fun trying and modifying my own "stuff". While his system is wonderful, I know which of the two of us gets more value out of our gear. My daughters and husbands, and wife occasionally, all listen in. One son in law (electrician) is certainly interested in all the cables/crossovers and drivers. Other son in law wants to build speaker cabinets. It is becoming a family hobby. A friend told me once not to chase what others have, because when you catch up to one guy you'll just find someone ahead of both of you.
  7. MC39693

    No Whining Wine

    Ahhh pairing wines with food ... When I was young, wife and I did a trip to France. At Le Petit Nice in Marseille (look it up), I asked the Somm, to select a wine from their very long and distinguished menu ... red please to go with our all white sea food meal. He is very kind and brought us a fantastic wine, which I completely gag on as it does down the old wind pipe... I am crying and saying it is FANTASTIC ! in my poor Canadian French. The millionaires in the room were certainly enjoying the crazy Canuck. Might have been the best meal and "hotel" I've stayed at. They were so polite and wonderful and that is one heck of a restaurant! So, when pairing wine with food, just don't put it down the old breathing tube.
  8. MC39693

    No Whining Wine

    A Pinot Noir favourite vineyard is Gary's Vineyard. Their grapes are only in a very few wine makers' Pinots, AP Vin and Miner Family are a couple. The flavour is very distinctive. Definitely one of my favs from Napa. Interesting specialization of grape growers vs wine makers in California. That would never happen in France. But in some ways makes a lot of sense and gives the wine maker both advantage and disadvantage in selecting grapes from multiple growers. Then, some of the growers turn into wine makers too and the whole situation goes upside down.
  9. MC39693

    Grey Cup 2018

    Amazing that it wasn't -45 deg, howling wind and 2 feet of snow! Stamps needed this one after 2 losses in prior years, although I am an original Ottawa Rough Rider (Russ Jackson) fan. Go FLAMES!
  10. MC39693

    Japanese Kitchen Knife

    I’ve had a beer in the Legion in NW. Did the hike up Tower Mountain, couldn’t walk the next day. Must be expensive to get Klipsch gear from “down south” to Yellowknife? I have not been to the Edmonton Knifewear store, so good idea to check online and maybe a call prior to your next trip to Edmonton.
  11. MC39693

    Japanese Kitchen Knife

    Hi @YK Thom the store is called Knifewear and they have stores in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver (I have no affiliation). Also, online so you can look them up. They are in Inglewood (if you know Calgary) as well a small stand at the Calgary Farmers Market. They also have a "shave shop" with some nice axes, straight razors, shave brushes/cream etc. It is called Kent of Inglewood, being across the street from the Knifewear store in Inglewood, So you can hit up two stores in one trip! I've been through Yellowknife, only at the airport on way to Norman Wells. Brother-in-law did a solo pilot's flight to Yellowknife in summer for the long hours of sunlight. Best wishes on a trip now ... lots of snow here.
  12. MC39693

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Re. the wood supplied for smoking ... does he deliver to Calgary? Brother - in - law just got a Napa wine barrel for use in smoking ... try it, you'll like it too. But that stack of smoking wood looks great!
  13. MC39693

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    A couple weeks ago, met a couple from Fresno who were on first ever trip to Canada. Met them at Peyto Lake, near Lake Louise. They were then going to Lake Louise for first time for a couple of days. Peyto Lake is very picturesque although it was very icy that day on the short walk to reach it. Lake Louise likely made them pass out if they had not seen pictures. I suggested a hike to the "upper" tea house ... if they could. Not sure the lake would be frozen enough to walk across but that is a real experience in the winter and looking back at the chateau from the far end of the lake. So, y'all come up and see the mountains and lakes and bring those green backs with you to spend at 30% premium!
  14. MC39693

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Some of us are ... ok.
  15. MC39693

    Super Heresy tweeter update

    Super Heresy (original Heresy v1.5), with MAHL and De120, and ALK universal incl. mid and tweeter adjustable attenuation. Very nice.