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    3 x Luxman R-117, BlueSound Vault 2, DacMagic Plus, Oppo BDP-103, Luxman PD289 turntable, 1984 Super Heresy (ALK universals), 1980 (stock drivers, New E x-over), 2 x Velodyne DD10 sub, Cambridge Audio Aero 2 and Martin Logan LX16. Sony 55A8H OLED 4K.

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  1. @avguytx No shipping. Local pickup. Hmmm, what do you consider local? Central Arkansas to Victoria is only 2,395 miles (1 day 11 hours drive, and hopefully the ferry is running on schedule). I seem to like items always far away in the US. Great speakers, GLWS.
  2. @NADman, Nuforce DDA120? Looks like it might work? There’s one for sale on CAM here in Victoria... no affiliation.
  3. @billybob @Scott Analognot to belabour the points but ... My lit says the R-117 does 160 wpc, stereo, RMS at 8 ohms. Some lit says they will get to 200 wpc before clipping. Dynamic is 400 wpc at 8 ohms. I've never had mine past the 10 o'clock on the volume dial... 4 Heresy and 1 RC-7 are very happy. The remote to me was a big deal as I use my 3 Luxman to run the 5.2 HT and one of them does the 2 channel service for audio. In setting up the various inputs, having the control codes in a universal means the rest of the family doesn't have to know which input to use, which devices to turn on, etc. And, they only use 1 volume control. I've read articles where folks said they liked the sound of the R-115 better than the R-117. I think an R-114, R-115 or of course R-117 would work fine. I've only seen 2 Akai AM-2950 for sale in Canada. One is currently on CAM, no affiliation. They are rare. I've actually offered to swap an R-117 for the AM-2950 but the seller wants $$$. Too bad. Best wishes.
  4. @Scott Analog, as @billybob notes, the Luxman R-11X line have a remote! You can download codes to a Logitech universal. As a interesting note, the R-114 is the only one in the lineup with a MUTE function! R-11X have pre-outs, good for a sub to help the Hersey LF... I use a Velodyne DD10 connected this way to my R-117. I use a Luxman TT with MM cartridge with the R-117, CD player, music server and analogue out from an Oppo BDP-103. The tone controls on the Luxman and Akai work well. The Akai AM-2950 has 5 band tone control, and VU meters! Find that audio tech, find your vintage receiver, get a bevie and enjoy!
  5. I'll toss in my usual vote for a Luxman R-117, I own 3, or R-115 which I have not heard. I also like the Akai AM-2850 I owned, or if you can find one, an AM-2950 would be nice. The Akai's do not have OTA AM/FM tuner. I'll also offer my usual caveat, you may want to find a good vintage amp tech. Some need cleaning, maybe some cap replacements, relays etc. So best to know a tech you can rely on. Good luck with your search.
  6. @Dave MacKay I own V1 and a pair of the V1.5 so called but not named by Klipsch because they used components from both V1 and V2. I have not heard V2. I’d go for whatever set you find that is the best deal, however you define that. One small bit to consider is that if you want to update drivers or crossover, the V1 back panel is removable making access to all internals very easy. You can chase individual drivers if you want, eg K-55 vs K-53 mid range etc, but unless you really want to get inside, I’d buy the best sounding and cosmetic set you can afford and sit back and enjoy them. Set on CAM right now in Peterborough for $800, no affiliation.
  7. @Tom.Adamson, you could consider a vintage integrated amp, eg AKAI AM-2950 on Canada Audio Mart in BC list at $1,175 which is a bit high, or a Luxman R-117 also on CAM in BC at $500. No connection with either, both in Canada bucks. I purchased a Luxman TT from the guy selling the R-117, good price, it was in better than rated condition and arrived well packed. Just be aware that vintage amps can and should be checked out by a competent tech, and may cost $$ to update capacitors etc. But... I own 3 x Luxman R-117 all driving Heresy and RC-7. Love the sound. Good luck with your search.
  8. MC39693

    Got ARC?

    I’ve noticed in my meanderings, that eARC/ARC is the subject of some negative press. This is from both the end consumer and some OEM audio equipment designers/manufacturers. Why would you be interested in eARC/ARC? In my case, I have an Oppo BDP-103 in my HT, which handles all video including streaming from Netflix. The Oppo is connected by means of 4K HDMI to a 4K Sony XBR55A8H. The Sony TV is “smarter” than the Oppo, in that it can use many more streaming apps than what was available when the Oppo was built. Hence, the Sony makes for a better streaming video manager, all things considered. The question is, how do you perform the ever-important HDMI/DAC function in order to use your favourite amp(s) and Klipsch speakers? This is where eARC/ARC comes in. The Sony supports eARC output and the Oppo supports ARC input. In a strange set of nomenclature, the Oppo calls this HDMI – ARC 1 Output as the physical connection on the back at HDMI 1 Out is referred to in the input menu. Indeed, the physical connect is to HDMI OUT 1 but it just seems on the menu, Oppo could have labeled it as an input. Sony TV has to be set to external speakers on the eARC channel. Once configured, Sony HDMI channel 3 eARC to Oppo HDMI – ARC 1 Output, onwards to my 3 x Luxman R-117, voila I have the best of all worlds. Sony smarts, Oppo HDMI/DAC and Luxman amps. So, if you have wondered is eARC/ARC possible, yes at least in my setup. Does it sound good? Yes, at least in my setup and to my ears … no measurement equipment involved in this test. I'm working on enabling at least 5 streaming services within our family and look forward to exercising 4 x Modified Klipch Heresy, 1 x Klipsch RC-7 and 2 x Velodyne DD10, all while watching 4K or near 4K content upscale/original content. Best of luck if you want to use this type of setup, it did take some trial and error and lots of reading in the manuals. Fell free to offer your experiences!
  9. @Dave A, best wishes for you and your wife. As always, your work sets a new standard.
  10. I’d switch the rear Heresy to RC-7 OR RB-75, but the L & R are seriously updated they aren’t going anywhere!
  11. Once it’s workng... back away, slowly! I’m ok re RB-75 as I really wanted an RC-7 and found one about 5 miles from my house.
  12. I use 4 Heresy and an RC-7 with 2 Velodyne DD10 subs. Timbre schmimbre.... but I’m maybe not as audio picky as some folks?
  13. I seem to recall I had a similar problem back when I had a Denon x4300. The Audessy setup would nearly blow me out of the room but music or movies were very quiet. Check the software values for the sub both on the sub and in the Onkyo to be sure they are set for a reasonable level... in my case Velodyne DD was <25% of max volume. Check your Onkyo settings for the sub eg LFE +Mains and what crossover Hz you have set for the use of the sub. Best wishes... p.s. How / where the heck did you find 2 RB75 in BC that I didn’t see first? Rascal!
  14. A Heresy is <22 inches high. L/R Heresy, RC-7 centre and you are set.
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