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  1. I used LaTeX a long, long time ago. I was running computers for a research facility (Digital Equipment Corp. Vax/Vms ... still the best virtual memory system ever) and back in 1983 or so, it was the text editor for scientific papers. Wow, I can't believe folks still use it. It gives you complete control, there isn't a more rich text editor.
  2. Made it through the -35 C time, boy it wasn't fun. Daughter's car was frozen, would not respond to jump start. Got towed, warmed up, new battery all is well. We are back to positive temps now, roads are very messy with lots of melting. But maybe we are out of the worst of it now.
  3. MC39693

    NFL 2019

    Ugh, I don't mind the Raiders, but not sure about the owner. I would not see TB12 in Las Vegas. Jimmy G. has San Fran locked down, but the Chargers ... hmmmm. Then BB moves to GM and Josh McD takes over as head coach. Half the players leave and NE starts on 20 years of no playoffs. This will test my allegiance. Anybody here watch curling?
  4. Calgary does get wind. When I lived in Ft. McMurray we didn't get much and if we did in the winter, ouch ... then it was time to be inside. But my kids grew up in -30 C and loved the winter. They learned to drive in those conditions so winter driving it not a problem. But, daughter has no plug in for parking at work so she's gonna have a problem or perhaps I will trying to start her car. We'll get enough wind to move the heavy cold air out in the next 3 days and finally get back to warmer temps.
  5. -29 C, feels like -36 C (wind chill) and yes we go to work in that, those that have to work! I have to help daughter try to start her "abandoned" car. She left it outside for 2 days not plugged in so the battery won't start it. Gonna be fun.
  6. -29 C, low of -35 C tonight. Ouch. It's here. Cold all over Alberta and onwards north. Gonna read a book and listen to music all day. A good day to lay out plans for the next audio project too.
  7. Zac Taylor of Cincy is smiling! Just got a franchise QB.
  8. MC39693

    NFL 2019

    Just watched games from the weekend (was busy with family when live). Can someone explain the Titans? I get Henry, but what the heck? If they beat KC and either NFC team it would be Big. I think their luck might run out vs KC. I like Mike Vrabel but Andy Reid is a better coach and Mahomes, who saw that coming out of college? Nothing against Lamar, what a season, but Mahomes is pretty special.
  9. I have 2 Velodyne DD10 subs, both purchased used, local and about 1 year apart. One piano black the other “cherry” (not my fav). The only other difference is one had a full accessory kit the other was missing the Remote. There are lots of configuration options the remote helps you select. I have downloaded the commands to a universal remote, but the OEM one is better. The price difference I paid was $50. After years of searching I have found a used remote. You guessed it, $50 (plus shipping). I guess that’s the price of a / the remote. Although the value of not having to leave the couch/listening chair and your Scotch unattended to tweak one’s sub woofer should not be questioned. What’s your remote worth?
  10. I’m with George Burns, it’s a scotch kind of night. Macallan Ruby (even better) after dinner.
  11. Year with no Beer part deluxe. Did it once, gonna do it again to prove it wasn’t a fluke. Call me crazy!
  12. The furthest north I’ve been was Norman Wells NWT, where the high today is -34 C, about -30 F. Coldest ever for me was -51 C in Ft. McMurray Alberta. Ouch. Now where’s my expedition parka?
  13. For those in warm weather states ... forecast for Calgary ... within the next 6 days we'll drop to -26 C for a high and -33 C for a low. That's -27 F for you folks. And temps will be that low for about a week, that cold air is heavy and it takes some wind to move it on out. Gonna need the down coat(s) for sure and my garage door stalls out. We know it's coming, now all we can do is get ready. Hopefully this is the once per winter real cold spell.
  14. @AuditMan a couple of points; 1) You can learn to solder and do the DIY thing. I've learned (I'm 65 so it ain't no age thing!), mostly by becoming interested due to this forum and watching YouTube. Now, I'm not saying my soldering is as nice as @Deang and other pros, but it's semi-ept functionally. Why learn? Because you can then control what you put into your systems, and have fun! My only regret is that I didn't start sooner. 2) By your moniker and story of being away for weeks, I take that you are retired auditor. Likewise. Control + Accountability = DIY. Go for it! Mr. Crites will provide excellent service and results though, and better soldering than me. Yes, I was away for weeks at a time too, dang hydrocarbon measurement auditing all over Canada and major projects audits in US.
  15. Short answer is it’s worth it. I’ve rebuilt E crossover (all new parts) and E2 (caps and inductor), both are clearer and better separation. Up to you as to control vs cost equation, DIY vs pro rebuild.
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