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  1. Call sign CHAOS by retired General, Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis. Interesting, a bit too much on his leadership influences but the stories from his long career were good. Didn’t see eye to eye with two presidents and both situations did not end well. He would be interesting to meet.
  2. @zeagan, if you need B&C drivers check Q Components in Waterloo. Have purchased tweeter drivers and woofers from them. Happy customer, no other affil.
  3. @Chiliarches, I think you are in the US? There are some good custom cable makers in Canada, a company in Ontario named Take Five Audio and a person on Canada Audio Mart... no affiliation with either, they both get very high ratings. I’m sure there would be equivalent on US Audio Mart?
  4. @rplace I used a pair of Martin Logan LX16 connected to an Akai AM-2800 in a smallish bedroom turned reading room. I thought the sound was very good... amt tweeters, very good ML speakers.
  5. welcome to the forum. @HDBRbuilder can elaborate, but my understanding is they are initials of the cabinet makers. See my discussion in thread 1980 Heresy under Ask the Historian, @JRH
  6. @Coytee... it seems like a pop up, and or pop up add window. Google to see how to distable pop ups in that browser. Hard to disable adds, but again you can Google how to limit or disable them in that particular browser. Pop ups are very annoying! There are add blockers that you can get, either as an add in to most browsers or a physical one based on the mini Raspberry computer platform. Good luck.
  7. Just getting closer... Luxman R-117 is in with tech for a full refresh, can’t wait to get it back. Got an Outlaw 5000. 5 channel power amp for the rest of the channels and just picked up a Sony 55 inch OLED tv to finish things off. Now we have to do wiring, wall mount(s), furniture, painting and decorating. Budget is nearly depleted! Oh, and build Heresy clones with son-in-law to be.
  8. Parting Kiss bourbon barrel aged ale. Dang, I have to buy it in baby size growlers. Every Tuesday it seems.
  9. Q Components in Waterloo Ontario appears to have them in stock, I put 4 in an online cart, no warning came up. I’ve purchased B&C woofers and tweeter drivers (12CL76 for super Heresy and DE120) from them in the past. Not sure that helps US forum friends but anyone in Canada , should check them out... no other affiliation than satisfied customer in the past.
  10. @Sylvania I hope my daughters care for me as well as you have.cared for your father-in-law .. my Klipsch Heresy are in place! welcome to the forum, great post!
  11. @No.4 sorry to have affected your dinner plans or thoughts! Nice speakers! Look up a wine called Alzero by Mr. Quintarelli... there is simply no way of describing it. After his Amarone or tied with it, best red wine I’ve ever had, subject to future tastings. Only one of those left downstairs, but a friend who has Proac K6 and Octave gear has more! Glad your pre is still fantastic.
  12. Have seen THE JIMMY, in Toronto, Vancouver and many times in Las Vegas. Vegas is the most fun. Everyone gets dressed up. And when the concert starts everyone gets up, sings and dances the whole concert long. If you don't like that, then don't go. In Vegas, he used to hold a pre-concert party, big one at MGM or somewhere else along the strip. It was big. I only went once, couldn't do it and the concert in the evening!
  13. Facebook live feed. He’s doing more in Nashville so check his schedule, do search in FB for Jimmy Buffett and Coral Reefer Band there may be live stream for next one.
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