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  1. @geoff. I too am "north of the border", but have purchased capacitors from Parts Express. The random, wheel of fortune ... you pay / you don't pay duty was favourable sometimes! No way to tell when it will be. Parts Connexion has a Canadian presence too. If you have coupons or catch a sale, the Parts Express costs including all in (foreign exchange, shipping, potential duty) can come out pretty close / better than Solen although I'd like to support Canadian retailers. Also, check Canada Audio Mart (buyer beware) as there are folks who sell capacitors there. My meager budget is only supportive of mid-level, e.g. Jantzen z-Silver, or Dayton capacitors but these have provided excellent "bang for the buck" to my nearly 65 year old ears.
  2. Three deg. C overnight, rainfall warning ... 50mm to 100mm depending on location Southern Alberta and at least 6 days of it forward (already have had 3 days). Yikes. Watching some workmen across our alley trying to put up or take down (I think they surrendered) some foundation forms. The foundation pit is a lake. Literally if someone fell in, they could drown.
  3. It’s not clear to me if you are in favour of the title idea or not? I have to say the thread on the “KLF-510” was one of my favs! I’m willing to be the Canadian tester if there’s a need.
  4. This past weekend, while on vacation at my soon to be retirement house, I stacked 2 sets of Heresy and put them into a cheap Chinese chip amp (the $50 variety) with an equally bad iPad for a source using a mini-headphone to 2 RCA input cable. I split the signal to the Heresy using "stacking" banana plugs. The crazy part was, the sound was actually pretty good and I only needed about 2% of the supposed 100 Watts to make them very very loud. My 28 year old daughter came downstairs and spent an hour listening to music including all kinds that she likes, so it must have been ok. Sound quality and level are so dependent on all the items in your system and your room it is hard to give concrete direction and you have the religion of tube vs SS etc. Best advice might be to find a way to audition any new gear you want to try and preferably on your speakers from your source equipment and in your room. Good luck with the unending search for "better" sound.
  5. Parts Express, search for cable wire tie. Don’t cinch them down too hard, the plastic can have sharp edges.
  6. Did my Boumeester Flames signed game jersey just increase in value? Too bad he had to leave to get a cup, but good on him and the Blues, worst to first!
  7. Dave, glad you are ok which is of course #1! Good tip on Google Earth View. I too am done in the "unknown" chase for audio. I will only work with local folks, mostly via Canada Audio Mart, there aren't too many Klipsch Forum folks here ... I've met Morray James, but not others. Did get a fantastic deal with a person on CAM for Martin Logan gear, but I really restrict what I look for. When I lived in Northern Alberta I purchased a GMC Yukon truck just to have half a chance vs a moose. Lots of folks were killed on the highway in/out of Ft. McMurray where we lived and the Yukon would only have been a draw. Very good that you kept the sunny side up and didn't roll the vehicle. Better day today for you I hope.
  8. Forgot game 6 was today, looks like the bruins were playing for a change. Split loyalties, big Boston sports fan but I also would like to see the blues win their first ever, and I’ve met J. Boumeester once in Alberta at a mountain lodge. He and his wife were very nice down to earth, pleasant people so cheering for the Albertan!
  9. Some folks here and CAM have noted over heating as source of fried HDMI boards on various AVR.
  10. MC39693

    Let's Go Raptors!!!

    In support of my fellow Canuck, Go Raptors! But Mr Curry is crazy good.
  11. I have two Velodyne DD10 I purchased used. They are on SVS isolation feet and on 2 inch rigid foam insulation in the bottom of home made 4post speaker stands. No complaints from my attached neighbour. Get sealed front firing sub(s), and really good isolation feet!
  12. A Canada Audio Mart member reported many Onkyo HDMI problems, then the same with Denon and a third OEM’s AVR. He also said he lives near industrial plants and there are frequent power blips some due to thunderstorms! I suggested “get an electrician “. Not sure if he had heat and/or power spike problems. I’v owned, still have, 3 generations of Denon AVR with never a problem (knock on wood). I have though increased the clearance of my current unit by adding SVS subwoofer isolation feet. The unit runs barely warm, although I don’t push it hard. Best of luck on the DIY HDMI repairs and I look forward to some pics and updates.
  13. I've seen metal grids like this at hardware stores. My guess is he purchased a big piece, cut to size with tin snips, then carefully folded where he wanted the edges. Not sure about the "matte black" colour though, I've only seen plain silverish metalic. That's my guess.
  14. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    @Buck115 download the PDF, handy to have around
  15. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    @A1UC that ML centre channel must be awesome, I have a Theatre I and love it. Let us know what you think of it.
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