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    Denon x7200WA with Luxman R-117 as stereo FL/FR, BlueSound Vault 2, Oppo BDP-103, Luxman PD289 turntable, 1984 Super Heresy (ALK universals), 1980 (stock drivers, New E x-over), RC-7, 2 x Velodyne DD10 sub. Sony 55A8H OLED 4K. Try ARC, you'll like it! Second system includes Sirius lifetime, connected to wireless fed ML LX16. For serious Yahtzee games.

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  1. @OO1 Sorry for your loss. Dogs are loyal, devoted, loving creatures … keep your fond memories close .
  2. The two posts by @Travis In Austin make it clear, as we all knew, that the forum is untenable. You cannot promote “free” speech discussions in an OEM controlled forum while protecting IP, trademarks, goodwill etc for the manufacturer’s products. Nor should the OEM do so for a forum so dominated by people who provide such a small revenue stream. post a shutdown date, and turn off the lights. Thanks to one and all, I’ve learned a lot.
  3. Not sure if anyone has mentioned Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series… bounty hunter lady who has some very crazy friends and adventures. Makes me laugh to the point people ask if I am ok.
  4. Best wishes to all, and to all a good night! @YK Thom stay warm!
  5. Double Dutch line dance!
  6. I have both Gaucho and Aja on vinyl, not remastered. I like vinyl. But, admit that CD burned to FLAC on my music server feeds my random, can't stay on one track problem! I suppose it depends on whether you want to convenience of digital or the relaxed, sit back with bevie experience of vinyl?
  7. I think there are other members on Vancouver Island, perhaps silent. Lots of CAM members on the Island. I've been too busy this year with house renos, family matters, daughter's wedding etc. that I haven't had time to chase any folks down.
  8. @TheGoodTexanperfect. The crossover schematics are in the forums, just search crossover... there's a lot of pages but you can find the E crossover easily enough. Most of all for the 1980's the caps can do with an update. Again, you have lots of choices, contact JEM (their information is in the forum), or otherwise. I'm not a designer but the E crossover is the best to work on and the 1980 cabinet back comes off to afford easy access. There are some easy other changes you might consider, but if you wander through the forum especially in the Technical Modifications older posts, you'll see lots there.
  9. @TheGoodTexanalso, as a new member, you can't send or receive PM until you post 5 items ... so do some more replies in this thread and you will also perhaps receive some answers via PM. Also, with PM you can if you wish offer email address which others can then freely communicate to you. Up to you how far you go with crossover update/upgrade ... spend a little / spend a lot. And welcome to the forum.
  10. @TheGoodTexan, the 1980 Heresy have E crossovers which are as straightforward as can be. Even if you haven’t done soldering, there’s really only 3 items that need any work, learn to solder from YouTube and a bit of practice…. source some components and rebuild your own. Search “JEM” for Klipsch approved parts, or … Also read the Super Heresy threads. Welcome to the forum.
  11. If I’m demoing for selling, I like to use singular or minimal number of instruments and voices. Sean Connery’s voice, taps on a bugle, Kodo drums, Norah Jones … not something with complexity so the listener can concentrate on certain frequencies and sounds. Then again some people want to hear massive rock n roll!
  12. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    @Schu… I’ve done dip switches, punch cards and punch tape. Wrapped my own memory. Lost more than I wrapped!
  13. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    2TB on a plug in card. Wow. When I started programming ... never mind. It just is amazing the density on memory these days.
  14. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    Built jumpers for RC-7. Too much?
  15. @kcurtis600, would insurance accept current market listings of KLF-20s? HiFiShark.com has 5 sets listed in USA. Exclude high and low (they are outliers), average the remaining 3… comes in around $1,400 USD. Hope that helps. Sorry to hear you had a fire, hope everyone is ok, best wishes.
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