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  1. Might be possible, depends on the seller, in this case looks like yes. But the shipping and if the border guys want to charge ... that's highly unpredictable ... I was half considering it for the RB-75 because I need (WANT) another set of bookshelf speakers. My audio fund is a bit depleted right now, I have 2 amps for sale here ... if they sell I'll be in a better situation to chase US based speaker fun!
  2. I guess the great RB-76 mystery will live on... perhaps a prototype of a new model! Why are these things always located diagonally as far from me as possible?
  3. Looks like same seller is listing a set of RB-81s now.
  4. Says the listing has ended, hope someone here got them, too expensive to ship to Canada or I would have been on them.
  5. @tony61, welcome looks like your Heresy are 1977... see thread Heritage Date Codes in 2-Channel section... R = 1977. @dwilawyer can offer information re Klipsch official repair company. Others use Bob Crites, see critesspeakers.com, Bob is a stand up guy who can offer diy fix up kits, replacement parts and service. Are the tags in tact? If they are veneer be careful with sanding, you can go through the veneer. There are plenty of forum posts on refinishing if you do some searching, perhaps the woodwork folks will offer input. Some pictures will help.
  6. Enjoying the build, thanks for sharing.
  7. I have 2 sets of Heresy (1980 and 1984 turned Super Heresy). Built my own stands to raise them up AND bottom exactly the size to place dual Velodyne DD10 subs for the bottom end. If your sub is sealed, front firing and a good make, the Heresy's will be excellent. Enjoy!
  8. If I had known... back in the day when I bought the AVR, I should have bought an Oppo BDP 105, and the Luxman R-117 I have now, along with say an Akai AM-2950 or 2. Each vintage receiver then can run 2 channels and never run out of "power" and you get much better sound out of any one of them. The one benefit of the Luxman is ... a remote control including volume! I've run this setup albeit with Oppo BDP 103, using the Luxman to run the front L/R and for music. It also has Pre-out, which is important if you want the subs to run off the same "volume" control. I'm currently using the small chip amp to run a very cheap (FREE) center channel until I get to my final setup. I don't think I'm using 10% of the volume knobs. @OneTinyIrken, hope this helps. Basically, get a couple of power amps, connect the preout from the Denon to your power amps for the L/C/R and off you go. It works great. The Denon will control the volume, just be sure that the power amps don't smoke your speakers depending on their output and volume control setting! You won't need more than 100 watts for the power amps. There's lots of discussions on the forums for power amps. Good luck.
  9. I have a Denon x4300h, well until I sell it, for HT and 2 channel music. I was (sadly no longer) using 5 Martin Logan speakers... 3 of which were 6 and 4 ohms and no where near the efficiency of Klipsch speakers. The Denon would run out of steam for all the reasons @Islander noted. The solution was 2 power amps as @willland noted. I used a Parasound A23 for L/R and a cheap chip amp for C. This helped a lot but you have to fiddle with levels on each amp, and you loose some integration benefits, remote control functions depending on the amps you add etc. But you won’t run out of steam!
  10. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    Luxman R-117. Wow. Now to find M-117?
  11. @MookieStl This forum never ceases to amaze me... a piece of trim otherwise destined for the g-file turns into a very nice speaker and may, just may begat a PAIR! The ability to reuse a piece and make something new and just as good as original is a fine art. Your carpentry is great too and just plain taking on the project. I hope you get that donor and can make a pair, whether you keep them or move them along for someone else to enjoy. Thanks for the thread.
  12. @mopardave on Oct. 17, 2009 ALK provided details on the CSW ... here's the link to the thread The short answer is the CSW is first order 6 dB/Octave. I modified an original CSW to be ... my version of CSW-450 (no where near as elegant as an original from Al ... the audible difference was more clarity and separation as one would expect and perhaps somewhat driven by my own bias in wanting to hear it that way. My CSW-450 clones were for Heresy (turned Super Heresy). One small problem was that I had to extend the original board to increase the space to accommodate the extra capacitors and inductor. This made it hard to situate the extended crossover inside the Heresy cabinets. I set them in the bottom. Not so good as this puts the inductors near the woofer magnet, but I had changed the woofer to a B&C 12CL76 which uses a neodymium magnet which has a tighter magnetic field. It took me a while to "dial in" the crossover using both the tweeter L-pad and the autotransformer taps, but I got the sound I wanted and it is very nice. Hope this helps.
  13. Well, within about 1 hour of my last post, the seller of the HK PM665 dropped his price on Kijiji by 25%! And, he did not repost it so only people, like me, who have it in a favourite list will see the change. I think it is "hidden" ... I'll wait a while and perhaps offer close to his current listing price subject to a demo. An nearly the same time, the Denon PMA-890DG came off of Kijiji. It could have sold, likely, or just been removed by the seller. He seemed eager to sell so my guess is he would not remove it unless he sold.
  14. @ILI, and @billybob, ... yes, I am toying with the idea of... Akai, HK and Denon in one setup for both HT (using Oppo 103 5 channel out) and for 2 channel music including the TT, music server (digital out) and CD/DVD/etc via Oppo. I can test test the theory as I have the Parasound, the Akai and a low budget chip amp... all 2 channel. If it works, I can eliminate (eventually sell) Denon x4300, Parasound and maybe my Cambridge Audio Dacmagic. Overall volume to be be driven by the Oppo, with a remote! Crazy? Or, one vintage integrated out of the 3 listed plus one, 3 or 4 channel class D power amp? Winter time fun project. I have to be cash neutral in all the changes, that might be the real determining factor.
  15. @ILI, your comments and article are in line with what I’ve read re the HK PM665, plus it has a pre out! Sub woofer for lower frequency! @parlophone1 your comments re belt vs direct drive are exactly what I think. I may be wrong but I’d rather clean, and lube a DD than play with a belt. The TT I bought was just cleaned and lubed so I should be good for a while. It’s a lower end TT but I like my chances with it and right now, it sounds just fine via the Akai AM-2800. Theres the HK PM665 and a Denon PMA-890DG both for sale locally at the same list price. Hmmm... HK is dual mono and pre out, the Denon has a digital circuit and dac. Or I just keep the Akai which looks better to me, you just can’t beat VU meters.
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