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  1. MC39693


    I saw one of these or equivalent once in downtown rush hour traffic ... IN THE WINTER. I think he had a death wish? I am interested in an e-bike. Our house in Victoria is on top of a big hill. Not sure the ticker will take too many hard rides up that hill. Daughter is into tri-athlon and loves the hill. Ugh.
  2. @Deang I love that picture. I had a less extravagant physical layout problem on a crossover once, but that might be the best I've seen. Thanks for sharing, it made my day (having a new roof put on our house, ugh).
  3. Well done, nice looking speakers.
  4. MC39693


    Wow! Very glad I saw it before this happened, there will be a very big investigation into this and I wonder if they have any way to restore any of it ... fair bit is stone but ... that's a real tragedy.
  5. A really good piece of documentation, and a very kind offer to support a DSP "dial-in". Not likely within my pay-grade, but if the Lotto every pays off, I'll be all over this.
  6. Snowed like crazy overnight ... trees and flowers just starting to bud out ... ugh. I suppose it was fate as the Flames opened the playoffs last night. Stanley Cup #2 coming home. Well, maybe?
  7. In the pics supplied by @avguytx you can also see the 2.5 mH Inductors which are also available on Parts Express and will work in your E crossovers if ... you need an excuse to get to some free shipping level! Odds are you don't HAVE TO, but if you want ... I built an E crossover including these inductors, capacitors and bits and pieces from Parts Express (no affiliation and you can find the same "stuff" elsewhere), and new 3636 transformer from Mr. Crites. They make my 1980 Heresy sound excellent. The E crossover is simple and easy to work on so GO FOR IT!
  8. Some folks, incl me, use a cable wire tie screw mount eg. from Parts Express. Allows you to screw the mount to the board, then use a tie wrap to strap down the capacitor ... don't over tighten it. This allows you to move/replace items in the future without messing with glue.
  9. There's also a set of K-horns + 1 Belle in West Vancouver (check Ebay) if you are on that side of the country! The Belles I noted before are in Quebec I think, so that covers most of the country and in between.
  10. @Kyuss_79 since you noted $7,500 Canadian ... have you checked Canada Audio Mart? Depending on where you live in our little country, there are Cornwalls, Forte and Belle Klipsch speakers plus, 2 sets of KG4 listed now. In Calgary, there are also 2 sets of KLF20 listed on Kijiji. So a few choices to pick from in the used market. Good Luck with your search.
  11. Too many choices so little time, and money! Benchmark AHB2 or a Nord setup if I had the money. My bottle returns are going to have to pick up the pace.
  12. Nesspreeso, organic palm sugar, 35% whipping cream. One per day.
  13. Having "played" around a fair bit with my music server - AVR speaker configurations, I've discovered that my ears like; 1) stereo for one or two voices and just a few instruments (think Tracy Chapman's live Stand by Me). I like the sound of someone right in front of me simply singing ... albeit incredibly so. 2) for larger groups (Pentatonix, The Flying Pickets), rock bands and up to classical with a lot of sounds from different locations, I like a variety of multi-speaker setups including DTS and "Matrix", not multi-channel stereo so much. The question is ... wouldn't it be nice if the digital metadata on the server included a per track AVR speaker config (which ones, attenuation, equalization etc.) which could be sent to the AVR just prior to the track playing? Does this already exist? I suppose implementation by separate units would require a communications channel, e.g. digital cable and a tiny bit of "code" to transfer the settings. Or perhaps I should just leave the setup in 2 channel?
  14. I thought I passed my university physics classes, but clearly I was in the beginners class and missed the Illuminati electro forces section all together.
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