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  1. Very nice build Justin, bet they sound wonderful.
  2. Surely there will be a limited edition headset produced with carbon fibre(ish) accoutrements?
  3. I think ... at least at one time ... most stolen sign in the US was ... A1A at southern most tip of Key West? Some Parrotheads need the sign for the Tiki Bar. I've been there ... checked that sign out and thought ... what's the fine? My wife sees me eyeing the sign and says ... Don't even think it! She's a lawyer. Dang.
  4. @bluerob, welcome to the forum. The @ClaudeJ1 super Heresy recipe will work just fine. Mine sound very good. You could add a small, sealed front firing sub, e.g. Velodyne Minivee (8 or 10 inch). That would fill in the LF nicely. Build a set of 4 post speaker stands, Heresy on top, subs in bottom.... good to go.
  5. One offered for your wife, you and your family.
  6. So a First Watt Sit-3 in excellent condition sold in less than 2 hours (my guess) this AM. List price $3,900 Cdn. I’m guessing a local sale. A First Watt F7 lasted a bit longer but moved very quickly too, list price $2,700 Cdn. Hattor pre amps (2 different models) also very fast sales. Boy, audio gear is moving!
  7. @Ponty56, welcome to the forum... great score. Ask questions here there are lots of folks who can help you but you’ve already made a major score.
  8. @Matthews, sorry no experience with CHT line, I have two DD10s which are very good. I think several members have DD line subs. Once you get the CHT setup, update the thread with your thoughts.
  9. @Sancho Panza, Jimmy? Not sure he’d consider himself a great guitar player, but Mac Macanally for sure. Sonny Landreth with Jimmy and the Coral Reefers in Vegas. Yes I had a parrot on my head and a margarita in my hand.
  10. Your $5 per cap budget will shorten your list quickly! Nothing wrong with that but Solen likely only has about 4 caps that are <$5, are 2.0 mfd, and in stock quantity 4. Dayton or Fast Cap brands, IIRC.
  11. 2.0 mfd is TWO micro farad the measure of capacitance as specified in the E crossover design. I don’t recall the voltage spec for the original E crossover but a 250 or 400 volt dc will work. There are several choices on Solen for <$5 per capacitor. Check the pinned thread in Technical Modifications called Klipsch Crossovers for schematics, the Heresy E type is on page 1. Asking what capacitor to use, on this forum, is a very brave thing to do. Essentially it’s like asking who’s the best sports player ever.... get ready for a lot of opinion.
  12. @ryanlahay2002, getting parts to Canada is a pain, but ... I built E crossovers using autoformer from Bob Crites, Erse inductor and Jantzen-z silver caps from Parts express. I had it all delivered to a place in the states I was visiting which kept the cost down. Caps and air inductors are available from Solen in Canada. Don’t think twice about getting the autoformers from Mr Crites, totally the go to person for that.
  13. MC39693

    Spy vs Spy

    Not only is sitting in the dark environmentally friendly, it keeps the spies at bay! They are going to be very disappointed if they listen in on any of my conversations.
  14. Jan. 1978 Ft. McMurray Alberta, -41 deg. I stepped into a “mall” to get out of the cold and heard amazing sound. Found the K-horns playing at thunderous level. Summer 1980 bought my Heresy HBR that @HDBRbuilder built along with Deronda Beavers and NW Bradford. Still have them, and always will. Have moved them 6 times over 3,000 km. By myself.
  15. The podiatrist now have these digital scanners for your feet. The orthotics then are very specifically made to fit your foot. I think it took a week of the cold metal (I think it was tequila bottle) rolling, exercises and wearing the orthotics and I was fine. Have been ever since. I am not good about doing the exercises, but wearing the inserts is easy and that seems to have cured me. Wife still thinks the metal bottle is fun... I think she's nipping a bit of tequila as self-medications.
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