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    Denon X4300H plus 2 x Class D amps, BlueSound Vault 2, DacMagic Plus, Sony BluRay, Martin Logan Clarity mains, 2 x 1984 Super Heresy (ALK universals), 2 x 1980 (stock drivers, New E x-over), 2 x Velodyne DD10 sub, Martin Logan Theater I center channel.

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  1. MC39693

    Cornwall's from Acousticsounddesign.com

    Great choice, those look fantastic!
  2. I have 1980 H1s all original except a completely rebuilt E crossover. i need to do the interior cabinet work, and dampen that K700 horn, etc. But I do like the sound in a heavily carpeted medium size room. I have 1984 V1.5 which I turned into Super Heresy which are, the best. But the H1s still sound amazing for a 1980 speaker pretty much all original. I'll keep those original and just have fun with the 1984 version. The two sets are in different cities but some day, I'll get them together for some listening and that will be enjoyable.
  3. MC39693

    Which 4k blu ray???? Without spending $1000

    I agree with @dtel re. quality ... but the old quality vs convenience debate has been had before and eventually, I think ... convenience wins out. The youngsters don't want to "find" the disc, put it in the right machine etc. And, they are the market... if not now eventually. So, I think quality will loose out except for a few hold outs. Now where did I put that 8mm camera?
  4. MC39693

    Which 4k blu ray???? Without spending $1000

    My wife discovered that I was looking into a 4K player and asked ... why, we don't buy any "media" anymore ... aka everything is via "the net". I think she's right, hence the end of Oppo players.
  5. MC39693

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    @Islander I have a house in Victoria too, daughter has been sending notes and pictures ... tree down right below our house due to snow and wind (Saanich hillside), and power outages, on off and on off! Fortunately we have 3 fireplaces in the house too. Also, watch out for pets. There is an MSN story re. cat that went out side, but nearly froze to death. Fortunately vets were able to get "Fluffy" back. Don't let cat/dog wander off in extreme cold! Or kids for that matter.
  6. MC39693

    Oldtimer's hot sauces

    I once ate 10 Thai Red Bird peppers in a "contest". My face was red, my lips redder, my guts hurt for a bout a week. I won! I haven't received my prize yet and it was like 20 years ago? I have a commercial sauce called Endorphin Rush. Ouch. When your teeth hurt you know it's hot. I'll have to try making some sauce, you folks are making this sound like fun, esp. if I give the sauce away as present(s). I like the Honolulu Hot Sauce label on @Deang's bottle. That's a warning label if I ever saw one.
  7. MC39693

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Those pics could be from Calgary too! Except you'd be on a skidooooo. Going into deep freeze number 2. Getting a bit annoying now.
  8. MC39693

    HELP, I Think I Screwed Up!

    And, just for fun, note you have 2 sub out ports ... hence twice the fun if you get a second sub! There's lots of discussion on the forums for sub(s), have fun and enjoy!
  9. MC39693

    Pork Rib rub

    Our family does ... make all presents for Christmas, and secret Santa. This year I got my brother in law who's a big time smoker/griller. I'm going to collect up some of your recipes and make a homemade BBQ/Smoker/Rub recipe book for him, along with some homemade rubs. We have a really good spice store here in Calgary (close to where the knife store is that I mentioned in another thread ... re. knives), so can get lots of ingredients. They also have their own rubs, which are all really good. We've been making some of our own, but always on the look out for what others do. Thanks for this thread, I know there are others I'll search around in here.
  10. MC39693

    Super Bowl Pats /Rams

    I think the secret to NE is ... once there is enough film on a team, BB can outstudy the best of them. He's got a very strong scouting background from his dad, so he knows how to watch film and pick an offense apart which is why the defense gets better as the year goes along ... that plus just the experience. I was worried when Chung went out with that broken arm/wrist/elbow. He's a big leader esp. against tight ends, but Rams hardly use a tight end. Jason McCourty saved the day with that end zone break up and Gilmore. It only took one offensive drive and usually, TB12 has 1 in him. Not a good game by him, he seemed off the whole game, no energy. Thankfully, Edleman was uncoverable and Gronk made the 1 big play. I think the Rams will be good again next year, but they'll have to deal with the reality of being so good this year in loosing players due to high contracts etc. I would pick KC, Pats, Rams and Bears for next year ... you heard it here first.
  11. MC39693

    Super Bowl Pats /Rams

    As I've said before, Pats win and then BB and TB12 need to retire even though TB12 says he is going to keep playing. Let's get a new generation started, not sure who at QB but that's what BB is really paid for. Go Pats!
  12. MC39693

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    Maybe destroyed the polar vortex in Ohio, but Calgary is now in the deep freeze for the next week. -25 C for hi, -30 C for low. Gotta plug the truck in! Likely will have "low tire pressure warning Will Robinson".
  13. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    On the topic of do it yourself ... we gave (sold?) our 2 daughters nearly identical VW Jetta cars. They both developed an annoying fan noise, rattle and bizarre sounds. VW wanted $1K to fix. Electrician son in law does You(fix it)Tube, finds exactly that problem, finds cheap Chinese replacement part, receives part, watches You(now do it)Tube repair video and done in 15 min. Total cost $25. Even if the thing only lasts a year, we can replace a few of 'em. Good grief, I don't mind a bit of cost to pay for all that overhead, etc., but really $25 vs $1,000?
  14. MC39693

    Denon x3500 or x4500 for HT with RF7iii and RC64iii

    I have an x4300h running 5 speakers and 2 subs ... I don't ever feel it hot and they have an "eco mode" which keeps the power consumption down. So unless you intend to crank it to the max for long periods, I'd try it without a cooler (although the AC Infinity is fine). Just a thought.
  15. MC39693

    BS from PS Audio Paul McGowan

    There was a small chance I would purchase some PS Audio equipment in the past. Not now. Voicing an opinion is one thing, but to name other companies in a (somewhat?) public forum as having lost their way, is not a good idea, especially given the limited information I have to form my own opinion. Sorry to hear @Chief bonehead has a different job than he thought, good luck with the fishing! I hear the trout fishing in the mountain glacier water fed rivers here in Alberta is good ... or Salmon/Halibut off the west coast, come on up and enjoy the scenery (in the summer!).