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  1. You have to be an Albertan to get the lyrics to some of Corb's songs ... but definitely Western Canada.
  2. Oh the room and gear are far from "dialed in", I think the wife just enjoyed sitting in a completely controlled environment, quiet and cool and calm and listening to her favourite tracks one after the other jumping across genres. No people making noise (although the cat was calling us to come and play with her), or for rowdier venues people stepping by carrying Margaritas and spilling frozen concoctions on us. I've been to St. Martin's in the Field, the Vienna Opera House, the Boston Symphony etc. and no our room is not "dialed in". Just simple enjoyment of the music. Happy she spent the 2 hours with me (and the crazy cat came and listened too).
  3. At half time of the incredibly boring Niners/Broncos tilt last night, I turned off the TV and fired up the 2.1 channel (unfortunately, my Heresy are in another province so Martin Logan to the rescue). I was listening to a variety of music via music server ---> DAC -----> 2 channel amp ---> ML Clarity and Velodyne sub (the music server has a sub out). Wife comes home and in the door where the gear is setup. She sets some stuff down, and I turn on Randy Travis, Corb Lund, Dwight Yokum (for starters) and she comes into the room to listen. Two hours later she says ... it's better than live. Wife is trained in choir and classical signing and although she won't say so, has an amazing voice and way more understanding of pitch and music than I do! Best complement for the gear I could achieve. Long way to go in final setup, but if the WAF is high, I am very pleased. I may have succeeded in justifying the hours and $$ spent on a separate 2.1 channel setup.
  4. Natalie Cole singing with her dad Nat King Cole ... Unforgettable. Wish they were both still with us. The recorded version is much better for her voice than the live performance.
  5. Just in case anyone near here is interested ... no affiliation, original Belle $2,900 Cdn. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649546130-klipsch-belle-loudspeakers/
  6. Interesting mix. I think at about 19:30 min, it is perhaps Kodo a Japanese drum group. Blessing of the Earth CD by them is very good for testing your bass! I saw them live in 1991 when my wife was carrying our first daughter. I am highly biased obviously, but that daughter is a most interesting human being which I ascribe to hearing Kodo live while still in the womb!
  7. $150 USD for Heresy (1I assume?) is pretty cheap. In Western Canada a reasonable “market” price is $650 CDN.
  8. The only “must” I’ll offer the OP, is to ensure the “barrel” and set screw combo will accommodate 8awg or better as he is certain to go down the rabbit hole of bigger better speaker cables (avec pixie dust, lunar orbital electron flux etc.). I don’t like plugs with a cap that screws onto the barrel, I’ve had too many large cables that would fit in the barrel but the set screws would not screw in all the way, hence cap would not fit over the barrel. When I’m done playing around I’ll likely go to bananas on amp end and bare wire on speaker end. I make my own cables (braided Cat6) and tend to end up with 8 awg or bigger ( with all the accoutrements, electrons and otherwise).
  9. I like Parts Express angled banana plugs part #091-3608. Good quality Good price Locking screw tab that tightens pin into binding post Stackable - think of the possibilities! Large receptacle for cables and dual screws Poly carbonate casing No affiliation, I really do like them.
  10. MC39693

    What I Got Today!

    After a year of research on 2 channel amps, getting my purchase criterion together and budget, I have been chasing a Parasound A23. Several have been available at $850 to $1,300 Canadian to my house. Given my strong preference to buy in person, no deals and in fact none in Calgary. Then, yesterday one pops up on Canada Audio Mart for $650. I jumped and met the seller, a very nice brand new music grad, and got the amp. Young man has a really nice recording studio with all kinds of great gear and instruments. Perfect scenario! It pays to be patient. Edit: Same guy just posted a completed ACA on local Kijiji and a set of powered Dynaudio monitors. He must be cleaning house! He had a set of custom horn fronts and custom 12 inch sub, as well as a pair of "expensive" JBL monitors on stands. Along with 2 pianos, guitar and violin, plus Hypex Ncore amps (he convinced them to make a set for him!), DSP and mixing boards. All this behind a door that looked like a closet. Diffusers and and absorption panels he had made on walls, ceiling and floor. Not sure what else he might have to sell, but I am pretty sure I saw an older Parasound 6 channel amp in a corner too. Yikes.
  11. There are a few forum members on the island ( I have a house on the island), there isn’t much good Klipsch gear usually on the market out there. A couple audio stores in Victoria have had Cornwall’s. You might try selling on Canada Audio Mart. Good La Scalas list for $2,000 Canadian recently, try a search on Kijiji, there were recently a couple pair in Saskatoon if I recall. Sound Hounds in Victoria might offer some input. They consign gear too, but I have never gone down that path. Good luck.
  12. Where are the LaScalas? Looks like a blast! It rained all weekend here and was close enough for the 4 letter word (S N O W) ... good grief.
  13. MC39693

    RB75 in NYC

    Thanks, I think it was posted to USA mart, then here. Good deal, wonder if he would ship them way west.
  14. MC39693

    NFL 2019

    I think Mr Mack is the best defensive player in the league, Gruden biffed that one for sure. As to the BB cheater slight earlier, I view PV= nRT as as physics lesson that Mr Goddell was lacking in. As to the video scam, I won’t dignify it with any comment.
  15. MC39693

    NFL 2019

    You are right ... it isn't a matter of "if" it will go but rather "when"!
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