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  1. Re. restaurant ordering a bottle for you ... in Edmonton there was/is a restaurant which would sell space in wine lockers. Then, you got access to all wine at basically wholesale prices, so if a distributor had it, the restaurant could bring it in for you. Of course, you were expected to have your wine with a meal at their restaurant. Fortunately, the restaurant was a very good Italian restaurant with very good staff. Had some very nice Amarone via this method. They treated us well and I was happy to pay for the locker. Since we moved, we don't have the locker but I have it on good authority that it has not been rented to anyone else so may still have our name on it. I wonder if I left any bottle(s) in it?
  2. If I was the coach, he'd be off the team. Good luck, don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out! These (including the pro's) celebrations are getting out of hand and they need to be stopped. The penalty hurts the team for one players stupidity. Get rid of the player. Do it once, and you'll stop this "getting caught up in the moment" excuse. This includes Myles Garrett.
  3. MC39693

    NFL 2019

    Getting to the serious football now. In the past, I've picked 2 NFC and 2 AFC teams, put $10 on each to win the SB, before START of training camp. 3 times out of 8, I've had both sides. This year I took a break. Too hard to tell at the outset. I sure didn't see the Ravens coming on, nor did I think the 9er's would be that good. But we'll sort out the real teams soon. I fear my Patriots are going to disappoint down the stretch, too many injuries, too little GOAT this year and back to back SB wins are very hard to do. I'm still cheering them on, only hope is massive snow fall in NE during the playoff games.
  4. HTG to our American friends, our's is already over (ham, smoked turkey leg and fixin's). Have fun with friends and family and FOOOOOOTBALL! 3 games today.
  5. 1979 I was a coop student working in Ft. McMurray, northern Alberta ... very cold winter. I ducked into a shopping "plaza" to get out of the cold. There was amazing sound coming from a small, cramped audio store. I went in. Two large speakers in the corner of the room, Klipsch label. Hmmm, corner Klipsch, with horns! Twelve months later, I hired on permanent, but company sent me to Edmonton and told me I'd be moving about every 6 months so I had to be very mobile (I lived out of a suitcase, in "executive" suite hotels). Took my 2nd paycheck to an audio store. I listened to a bunch of speakers, all BLAH. I needed small, but good speakers that I could heft and move on my own, and wouldn't take up room in my "luxury" accommodations. Finally, the sales buddy says ... I've got these other ones over here ... label said Klipsch, model said Heresy. I still have them, 39.5 years later. Bingo, the sound, the size, the quality I needed. New, self-made E crossovers thanks to this forum, Bob Crites, Erse and Jantzen. I'm going to pass those speakers down to my children and hope they go for 100 years in the family... I have no doubt they can make it. For music, belting out Saturday Night on stage with Sir Elton John at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas. I was at the end of the Million Dollar piano, wife and daughter were within 2 feet of Sir Elton. Daughter has a cell phone video, it's fantastic. Most fun I've ever had with music.
  6. Read Ken Rockwell’s review of the DacMagic Plus. It’s good, very flexible with connections. I purchased the BT100 adapter too (it doesn’t come with the unit by default). They come up on CAM from time to time. I haven’t used the headphone out, always output to an amp to drive speakers. No remote on the unit is the only negative I have, but I use source volume controls.
  7. If you search the forum you’ll find extensive work by @ClaudeJ1 on measurement of DE10, DE110 and DE120 tweeter drivers. Also see ALKEngineering for Al’s assessment of B&C drivers. They have lots of options, all seem capable. Good luck in your search.
  8. You could connect an external Dac with headphone amp to your pc, via USB and play that way. That opens up possibilities but decreases portability. E.g. a Cambridge audio DacMagic or DacMagic Plus connected to your PC would do the trick.
  9. Astell & Kern JR on CAM for $125. They make great gear, some folks on the forum have their gear. Use Exact Copy, and then move the file to a Dac/player, or buy Flac files, but you wanted to use your CDs, so start by doing the copy. WinAmp on the PC to check your copy. I’d check FiiO, Oppo (I think they are out of the audio gear business) or Astell & Kern. At your budget, new would be FiiO, used for the others. Be aware that if you use your phone you have to get the file to the external Dac, obviously in digital, aka bypassing the phone’s internal Dac.
  10. Wow, lots of options! Exact Copy is Windows software for copying CDs, really good software. Once you have the file, there are many programs to play the files. Free software... WinAmp! This will let you use free software and your PC sound card. Tons of choices to buy upgraded sound cards, but you have to know a bit about your PC. There have been some Asus sound cards on CAM recently. Buyer beware as always! Now, for a DAC/Amp, again a lot of choices. I have a FiiO E17 Alpen a few generations old but works (been trying to sell locally, no luck), but something from FiiO would do the trick. There’s a nice Oppo Dac/player on Calgary Kijiji! You can spend a ton on these. Headphone Bar in Vancouver has good gear (no affiliation). Do do you already have headphones? If not, oh wow too many options and opinions. I have 4 sets, two on ear and two In ear. I prefer the IEMs. I like Bowers and Wilkins on ear. Again Headphone Bar has some choices, there are tons of headphones on Kijiji (really buyer beware!).
  11. B&C audio out of Italy and have UK distributor. I use their 12 in woofer in Heresy set, and many folks, including me, use their tweeter drivers. Mid range also available but not as widely used, but certainly worth checking if more local to you. Keep us posted with your project.
  12. I too got rid of a Dual and lots of vinyl, in 2008... dumb a$$!
  13. MC39693

    NFL 2019

    Garrett seems to be in a much longer term heap of trouble, even if somehow provoked that’s a no no regardless of rules. Teams can’t have a hot head in a game of consequence.
  14. Or, those new fangled, re-tiable cable ties. Spell check didn't like anything in that sentence.
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