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  1. Article says in the text “Completed in 132bc”... hope that’s a typo or I just don’t understand? Table at end says 1932 which seems more realistic? Regardless, nice building.
  2. Sorry for distorting the conversation. Correct you don’t “need” a dac. If you just want bluray and other HD sources, eg cable box or streaming player, run through the Oppo you just use HDMI. The 103 costs about half of a 105 and the 105D is even more, decide based on budget. If only after HDMI then other players come into play as well.
  3. @jimjimbo did Oppo put out a statement saying they won’t do any support? Their site still says to send them an email with information and they will attempt to help? Hmmm, might need a backup plan. @mopardave 4K bluray vs 4K pass through and up scale. I use a 103 for 4K pass through and upscale to 4K Sony TV. I use an external DAC so did not need a 105.
  4. Most of our family (5 of 7) have now had 2 x full dose and 1 x booster shots, plus flu shots. Starting to feel like a pin cushion, but the alternative for some of us would not be good as we have 2 family members with immune system or lung issues. Health care workers are amazing, I don’t know how folks are surviving and so many people backed up for other health treatment. Only option, regardless f your take on vaccines, is to keep yourself and your family healthy and take all precautions you can. Stay safe, don’t let down your guard, be careful.
  5. I think most people, including me until a few years ago, miss the real question... Which watt sounds best to you? If you can hear a few amps to find the sound you like, the watts question may become less important? For instance I prefer vintage amps to more modern AVR, chip and power amps, the few I’ve heard. I really like tube amps but they are a non-starter with the wife (little fingers could get burnt)... so they are out. Someday,I may acquire a First Watt amp hoping to hear near tube sound. Good luck in your search.
  6. Nice garage setup... hope the neighbors don’t mind... Black Sabbath... really?
  7. @wuzzzer, great to hear you have your setup finished. I am nearly there... 4 Heresy. My centre channel right now is a pair of Cambridge Audio Aero 2 bookshelf speakers... I might build a Heresy clone. The Aero do ok, they crossover very low so midrange that the centre channel handles is all in the HF/MF driver which is why I bought them. I don’t get any audible distortion from using 2 either. But a 5th Heresy would be nice... I should build one.
  8. UB40 Labour of Love, then some Steely Dan, maybe Eagles? Happy New Year!
  9. @AndreG. any update on your TT? @billybob sorry for long silence re how to do multiple receivers in HT... I switched to Luxman R-117, really like it, including phono preamp. I just bought my second R-117. Will buy a 3rd. Should be able to drive all their volume simultaneously from the one remote, Logitech universal. I seem to recall you’ve had R-117 so you know the sound and it has a remote control... and pre-out to my Velodyne subs. Will use the Oppo 103 to extract 5 channel audio from HDMI and feed the 3 R-117. Hoping to finish the setup in 2022. Had my first R-117 completely updated, ouch a bit expensive but it’s good for a long time now... 108 caps replaced including power caps, new binding posts, cleaned lubed and set to factory specs. It sounds very good.
  10. Interesting comments, I have likewise considered Krell integrated for Heresy setup, will stick with my vintage Luxman gear. Good luck @byson1
  11. Velodyne makes an 8 inch called Mini Vee. If you can find one, I’m sure it would be more than enough base and they are small. good luck with the search
  12. All the above basic troubleshooting, you’ll get it... a soldier gone bad, loose screw... something you can isolate... don’t give up, you can make them come back to life and enjoy them again !
  13. I’m not certain but there may have been a second set? Alerts section had a set very recently. Keep looking! Good luck.
  14. @Coytee LG makes most OLED screens used by others, then everyone puts in their own “smarts”. Sony has a strong reputation in TV. Not the cheapest, but come out on or near top of a lot of reviews. I just bought the OLED 55A8H. On 10ft wall of overall 18 ft x 18 ft room. Big enough for me. Any bigger and it would be too close to door frame and side wall. Also how far back will your seating be from the TV? I am about 10 ft back from the 55 inch. A 65 inch might fit, but was too much money. Do you use any streaming services, Netflix et al? Upscale to 4K is nice, but some standard TV broadcast is not good. Costco and others put TVs on sale when new models are coming out, usually in the fall. Good luck with your search.
  15. Did you get the ones on Craigslist Seattle? @ShelbyGT350
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