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  1. Sorry for your loss, keep fond memories of both parents in your heart.
  2. It's unfortunate but likely inevitable that manuals disappear. It used to be that if you went to Europe and you didn't drive a stick ... you might have some fun in a rental car agency. But I suspect (haven't rented a car in Europe in a long while) that there's paddles in lots of cars.
  3. No affiliation. He says local sale only. These are pretty rare. He has a step down transformer too. Just in case someone on this side of the border is looking! https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649560199-beast-sansui-au-alpha907i-mos-limited-reference-amplifier/
  4. I had a problem with Costco tires. I've been a happy customer in the past, maybe 4 sets of tires on 3 different vehicles. I bought a set of Michelin Defenders and there seemed to be a wobble from about 60 mph to 65 mph. I drover on them for a week to be sure, and all family members said there was something wrong. Happened to take our truck into the original dealer and asked them to have a look. They put the tires on some kind of high speed test machine (they sell Nissan GTR sports cars so have this machine) and showed me that all of the tires were out of spec. I took that info and my original purchase documentation to Costco and they got right snippy with me. I thought we were headed to small claims court, but they finally relented and replaced the tires with another set of the same. They told me they were provided without warranty. Really, Costco can cancel an OEM's warranty? These too have a high speed wobble but no where near as bad. I'm keeping them, but I bet they don't last the full life span. If Costco was smart they would have thanked me, got in touch with Michelin in case there was a bad production run, and been a lot more customer friendly. I won't be buying tires at Costco again.
  5. Definition of Dead Man Walking ... oh hold on dear, I'll just post an update to the Klipsch forum I'll be right back! When my wife was in midst of 17 hours of labour (28+ years ago) on a cold wintry night, the nurse said "You can lie down on the couch and we'll wake you if anything important happens." My reply "Not a chance. If she wakes up and I'm asleep, I'm a dead man." That was a long day. I have no idea how I got home after my eldest was born. I think I called family members and passed out in the middle of the living room for a few hours before going back. Hope all goes well for the families involved, it's a stressful but hopefully happy time in all.
  6. Our two are 28 and 26 now. It was long long ago in a different galaxy it seems. We also sent/took them to language camps in Bimidji! Two summers of French and one of Italian. They both have 2 passports, speak at least 5 languages and have their own money. I'm just a bystander now.
  7. Really nice layout... all the audio gear BUT; a barn door window cover (great idea), a disco ball on the ceiling, and NE helmet. Nice!
  8. Best wishes to all. What music is the baby listening to?
  9. Not required but available. I took 7 years of French, my daughters were in a French immersion and a basically bi-lingual. Starting them in kindergarten they had no idea it was optional and now speak 5 languages. Start ‘em young!
  10. So, I have given brother-in-law all of his audio gear as he has no money for it but loves it. He's using my hand-me-downs that are 4 generations old and unfortunately his "mains" are 2 old Bose (I know...) diminutive surround speakers. I got him for secret santa. I've been looking (actually for 2 years now) and missed 2 chances for Heresy at $50 Cdn! Ugh! And with winter (weather is the theme of the thread?), I don't want to drive 4 hours north to Edmonton if there's a set up there (RB5s at a pawn shop but way over budget). Feels like I'm going to have to go non-Klipsch but would like to at least be in the family and close to his center channel and sub that are Klipsch. I am fine with fixing anything with speakers so even if I can find some that are broke, I'd fix them up. Oh well, onwards and upwards. Maybe I should post a wanted add in Kijiji?
  11. Yes please do send all the RB75's you can find for $100 Cdn.
  12. @Wolfbane your deck looks like mine! Already tired of the pre-winter snow. We are slowly crawling out of the negatives and might get a week of 10 to 13 C. I need it to all melt and dry up so I can clean up the gardens and do final outside work. Then the winter projects, leading to our "secret santa" Christmas gifts. I have some work to do, trying to find some "cheap" speakers locally as we set a budget for the gifts. Dang hard to get good Klipsch bookshelf speakers for $100 Cdn. I'm wearing out Kijiji searching.
  13. I have also used the Jantzen Cross Caps in another crossover build and they are fine. It's all about what you can hear!
  14. @ILI another option is Jantzen capacitors, from Denmark part of the EU so should be easy access for you. I've used Jantzen Z-Silver in E and E2 crossovers. They make a full lineup so pick your budget / price and off you go! Enjoy.
  15. I know our US friends are glued to their TV sets watching the Canadian Federal election ... everything. A recap for those who might have missed last night's leaders' debate while watching the 'Niners prove they are for real while taking the Browns to the wood shed; 1) There are 6 parties. Four of whom have no hope. 2) There are 2 parties that will tell lies to get elected, never fulfill any promises, have horrible leaders in office, scandals and not accomplish anything except attempt to be elected the next time. Wait ... that sounds like US politics? 3) We'll likely have a minority government. Nothing will be done, and we'll have another election in 18 to 24 months. And, scary thing is it might be the best outcome? 4) The French debate is on Thursday ... tune in or you'll miss out. Wow, what a sad state of affairs.
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