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  1. @Connecticut Yankee welcome to the forum. I also am original owner of 1981 Heresy, although mine are light oak stained birch. As @Deang and @dtel said, you should consider updating the capacitors. Sounds like you’ve already opened them up, do you solder? If yes it’s a simple change out with options to purchase replacement capacitors including @JEM Performance On this forum. You can search the many discussions on crossover capacitors... there are lots of choices. When you remove the crossover also just check all connections on the drivers. Some other low cost steps; - seal the seams of all wood joints - line the internal cabinet, lots of choice here too, I have used thin neoprene with Velcro dots. - make a gasket for the rear panel, thin weather stripping or neoprene - if you remove the drivers from the front motorboard you can make a thin gasket for that as well. - if you want to update connectors on the rear panel, you can use 5 way binding posts There are lots more changes depending on time, interest, budget etc. Enjoy!
  2. ‘81 corvette in maroon, much like picture @scalawag posted. I then spent half again as much to update it... I swapped out auto tranny for a 4 speed, hurst competition shifter, Holley 4 barrel, removed all emissions control, added headers and side pipes in chrome, updated suspension (gas shocks, better bushings, better universals). Even a hard wood, goose neck Momo shifter knob. Then it was fun. Had two daughters and traded it on a mini van, yikes.
  3. @joessportster, the real question is/are... what will you listen to first and with what beverage?
  4. Are you going to use tube gear? Is room going to be fully enclosed? Ventilation becomes very important in this case. Also, will you use dedicated electrical homerun to panel, any 220 gear?
  5. Not sure if anyone has noted this before... just finished Vol. 1 of 8, of the Nimitz Graybook. Fleet Admiral Nimitz WWII communications, estimates and summaries. Dry but amazing digital copy of his communications, and basis for decisions and interaction with peers, superiors and direct reports. Fills in some background for history buffs. Issued in 2014 I think by American Naval Records Society. Total work is over 4,000 digitized pages, free to download... just search Nimitz Graybook.
  6. Well, I’ll fall into the 16 year old rabbit hole! Bose... agree their speakers are... so, so. But their in ear sound cancellation ear phones saved me in over 650,000 air miles, still going strong on a set of refurbs from outlet store at half price... value, yes. B&O in ear phones... very stylish, good fit and sound and broke, just outside warranty period. Second pair same thing. Heard a B&O TT, amazing they made a cartridge that small! But, I’d be afraid it too would break. If you have Pooh, fling it now!
  7. I might have guessed Gaucho... and Paul Simon Graceland.
  8. No wonder I can’t find CF-4s... I haven’t been looking in the bookshelf speaker section!
  9. If you are from Alberta, his lyrics mean a lot more! Have seen him live, along with Matt Andersen, really good live show. Did not hear recent interview.
  10. Taps on Corb Lund Horse Soldier! really good for the singularity of the horn In My Life by Sean Connery, amazing male vocals Sunrise by Norah Jones, female vocals Anything on Crossroads festival for guitar Anything on Live At Abbey Roads Kodo any track on Blessing of the Earth for percussions
  11. @AndreG. are you close to these speakers! Hmmm, $2,000 US = $2,550 Cdn... where’s my piggy bank? @AndreG. buys them, gives them a one month trial with impressions documented here, then ships them to Canada! It could happen? Anyone want to contribute to an old, retiree’s piggy bank? Fast!
  12. Run! Wish they were in Canada.
  13. Some of us have made our own... not hard. Mine are simple 4 post on corners... the dimensions are sufficient for my subs to sit in the bottom... Velodyne DD10 subs. Others have placed the posts more in the center which looks even better but looses the ability to host a sub in the bottom. I haven’t seen any commercial stands I liked better than the ones I made.
  14. New Pass design, VFET kit to be offered via lottery... check diyAudio. I’d love to build one of these.
  15. @WMcD Google Chrome.... is my guess... aka Google’s browser. . So you should be able to Google Chrome support for opening applications to specific pages / URL or how to open gmail inbox from Chrome?
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