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  1. Slow hand and JJ Cale, ahhh now that’s good music.
  2. I use a music server. As I’ve written before, why can’t the music server store per track setup information and send to the AVR / pre / amp before the track begins so we can have the bass etc tuned the way we like for each track? I use twin subs too and need to change their attenuation too often, from my recliner!
  3. The GP, Dentist and Corp Medical Officer were over the phone. Also listened to a nurse describing how she has had to change and completely keep separate her clothes, car etc. from her family and rest of house. Big impacts on medical personnel
  4. Just a comment re. the health care workers ... Wife has a recurring debilitating tooth/nerve problem. Dentist has done a bunch of work, but it comes back once in a blue moon. It is terrible pain, she can't function/sleep etc. Of course, it came back a few days ago. We went to emergency at best hospital here. She didn't think they'd even talk to her, I said they'd be more than accommodating to help. Wife went in, I stayed in car. Sure enough, emerge wasn't overflowing and they were very organized. Doctor and all staff could not have been more empathetic, helpful and kind. She was out in record time. Spoke to her GP and Dentist, as well as corporate medical officer (she's senior enough that they care). All in all, the health care workers are busting their butts, in front line and doing it with amazing care. Thanks to all, stay safe.
  5. Your AVR has 7 amps so 7.2.4 won’t work unless you use pre-out and a second amp. Use the 7 amps and then see if the 2 height/back pre-out connected to your second older AVR will provide the signal for height. This would lead to 7.2.2. You could split the height pre-out to get 7.2.4 but the front/rear height will have the same signal. Check your user manual as they usually have a chapter on how to do the 1 million different combinations. You might be better with 5.2.2 if you really want height monitors involved. Good luck, have fun experimenting.
  6. Jim, other than Oppo, are there any that have both the HDMI input AND analog output you want? ESP if you want balanced connections? I am interested in the answer as I was going to buy an Oppo 203 literally the day they pulled the plug and haven’t done anything as yet. My guess is your 105D is maybe the best bet... get a twin? The 103 model comes up frequently but anything above that is rare in Canada and the 203/5 are way expensive. I’ll watch with interest.
  7. @longdrive03 these might be my favourite ones you have posted, really nice work. Any tips on making the cane grills? Perhaps that’s for a different thread. GLWS.
  8. I would rather that he retired and became an advisor or some such to NE. Surely he and Giselle don’t need more $$$. Maybe TB12 has a couple of good years left, at this point it must be about personal stats. If Tampa wins a few and contends in their division then good for them and their fans. I will stay with NE, even if the wins drop off. Go Jarrett Stidhamm!
  9. I have a Denon x4300h, but haven't run it with all Klipsch Heresy (I have 4, would like to add a 5th as center channel ... working on that). With the Heresy efficiency, it's ok. But when I add in my Martin Logans which are relatively inefficient and 6 or 4 Ohms, the Denon doesn't do as well. I've also got a Parasound A23 to offload the front mains, plus I have a couple of chip amps which I can use. But then it all gets messy. Given you have all Heresy, I think I'd chase a used Denon, something like a 6300H should do quite well or as @willland said a new XX08 model. The NAD route would be really good, but a fair bit more $$$ vs used Denon at least. It all comes down to budget.
  10. Youngest daughter and son-in-law were just on their first vacation in 2 years in Savannah and Charleston, but had to cut it short to come back to Canada before all the air lines and boarder closures. Wife and I have done shopping for them and stocked up their house. Final round was yesterday as they are in 14 day self quarantine. I left groceries on our porch and daughter came up and picked them up. I had to wave to her through the glass in the front door. That's not fun. Oh well, they are fine so far and at home with pets and projects to keep them busy and we didn't expose each other. That's important. The people who don't believe in flu shots etc. are hopefully going to learn that they have a responsibility to others, including social distancing and self isolation or we are all going to have to deal with this for a long time. The researchers and pharama companies are going to be going full blast but we're still stuck for a while with our own behaviour as the common front against this. The 2 times I went out, I've washed, used Lysol wipes, and hand sanitizer multiple times while out. Wiped down anything I touched. Then repeat when I got home. Then wash all clothes and ... me. Top to bottom cleaning. Also wiped down the interior of the truck. If I get this thing, I am >65 and have asthma, I'm probably in for a tough ride. Wife is working from home, boy she's flat out (in house counsel) and trying to limit her outdoor activities too. But she goes stir crazy while I'm happy reading, making speaker cables, watching videos etc. Thank goodness for the NFL free agency fun, Tom Brady may have single handily kept some people from going crazy, or maybe he made some crazier! Can't wait to watch the draft "live" or sort of live. Everyone please be safe. Please take it seriously.
  11. Even worse when the Legions were on the March, grass and leaves! Oh my where’s the Charmin... first world problems.
  12. I nearly got knocked over in line for TP at Costco, getting a bit aggressive out there! Buddy behind insisted on being in front and was going to bust in on a lady. I’m not big, but just big enough to be in the way. Just happened to catch Costco when they had 1 pallet delivered, it was gone in 2 min. Yikes! I’m not going out now for a month... well, not to a grocery store at least.
  13. Homemade baked bean sandwiches. Still love them.
  14. @Bosco-d-gama, yes to your notes, but I'm still not leaving the good scotch to the son-in-law!
  15. 2020 Olympics might have a problem, among other events.
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