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  1. @Bharath Abhishek, welcome to the forum. i use the SVS isolation footers in conjunction with... 2 inch rigid foam and a carpet sample. My subs sit inside 4 post stands that I made for my Heresy... So it’s.. concrete floor, carpet with underlay, wood stand, rigid foam, carpet sample, svs isolation feet. Any rattle is due to volume.
  2. Two daughters two new dogs; #1 is nearly 11 months now... 87 lbs Bernese Mountain dog... Jasper is his own man(ish). Gets in a lot of trouble with very strict youngest daughter. #2 only 2 month old Border Collie .... so cute, and attentive. She should be a good running dog for tri-athlete eldest daughter.
  3. You could sell your really nice black ones to a Canadian friend then be free and clear to roam the Internet in search of cherry ones! I’m available if needed!
  4. @billybob and @Zen Traveler... thanks for the comments, you have convinced me not to go for either. I’ll try my bookshelf speakers first as they don’t cost me any incremental $$$. Then build the Heresy clones and try one. And in the mean time, keep an eye out for something closer to the ML Theater I... maybe a smaller ML, I miss that ESL midrange
  5. @Zen Traveler, thanks for the note... I have drivers and crossover for a Heresy clone build, I could make a pair and use one as center but for my room and layout, I’m not sure it will work. But once we make those speakers, it won’t hurt to try! The two bookshelf setup worked pretty well, actually liked it better than one, because you can spread them out to give better coverage to the horizontal seating space. I put the speakers on their sides on some foam padding and played with location to give a better dispersion... only to ear not via test equipment. I have two sets of reasonably good bookshelf speakers but did have to manage attenuation and LF cutoff to subs.
  6. I had an RC-3 but gave it to my brother-in-law. There’s an RC-7 in Ontario... I just can’t bring myself to risk $500 on a remote transaction. Maybe a pair of RP-600M... I just need to find a good used pair.
  7. @billybob, thanks, that is what I thought... the two local seem very similar in condition. I think I could get the 52 for at least $50 less than the 500. I recently sold a Martin Logan Theater I which was amazing but just too big. I don’t want something as big, and don’t want to spend $$$$, so I have been looking at smaller Klipsch center speakers which will match up to my Heresy in 5.2 HT. I have also experimented with using two bookshelf speakers by splitting the pre-out single to power amp, then running duplicate to the two speakers. I might just stick with that since I already have the bookshelf speakers.
  8. Spec sheets look identical. Any difference other than price? Which is newer? One each for sale locally, just wondering what the difference is if any.
  9. MC39693

    Big Cold

    Worst storm I’ve been in... -51 wind chill and about 3 feet of packed snow. High centered a Yukon SUV, had to dig it out in the wind, not fun. Same storm my wimpy Buick Rendezvous completely gave up... dash said, Take vehicle to dealer. Driving on ice is different than snow. Worst is snow over ice. No fast motions. If you slide, get feet off the pedals. Stay calm. I’ve done a few 180 deg unintentionally... never flipped myself! Went off-roading in a Trans AM once. Stay safe and check on your neighbours!
  10. MC39693

    Big Cold

    I hope people who aren’t used to severe cold are safe. It is no fun and not to be played with especially if you aren’t used to it and have right clothing and house heat.
  11. MC39693

    Big Cold

    With this cold, I should post my Eddie Bauer mid-80s expedition coat on the garage section... 10 pounds of really great goose down, warmest coat ever! Straight trade for an RC-7 anyone? I’ll toss in a pair of electric heated gloves... maybe a pair of Sorel -50 rated boots... come on, you know you want all that fashion!
  12. MC39693

    Big Cold

    It has been -29 Celsius or so at night for about 10 days here in Calgary. Snowed a fair bit n Victoria at my other house. 3.9 earthquake near Banff. Yikes what’s next?
  13. MC39693

    Half time show

    A long time ago, and maybe for only two seasons, the CFL did a home and home Total points championship. Now that was awesome. Come on NFL twice as much revenue! Two bad half time shows and two blowouts.
  14. MC39693

    Half time show

    I washed dinner dishes at halftime, did I miss anything? Prince was the best ever! No one else would have gone out in that monsoon.
  15. I’ve had some embarrassing moments with appliances! Day before a big family thanksgiving dinner at our house because we have great double built in ovens ... Cleaners wiped the inside edge of top oven, unknown to us. Next day we go to preheat the oven for the turkey, nothing, noda, zip it won’t do anything including the display, lights and heat. Both ovens are out of commission. Check the breaker, it’s ok. We are near crazy. Somehow I opened the oven and ran my hand along recessed edge and touch a button, everything comes on... master switch I never knew about. Whew, disaster averted, just barely.
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