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  1. Thank you everyone for all the praises. Working on making a pair of tilting platforms for them.
  2. For sure @MC39693. I usually display and listen to my speakers without the grills attached but definitely won't loose them, Thank you again for keeping them in such good shape. I sometimes feel speaker grills are something in the past : )
  3. Thanks Marvel. Haha just think blue will be cool. Not trying to Mimic JBL blue but I had to go thru three variations of blue paint before I settled on this one. You are right they definitely looks different under different lighting. I figured the motor boards can easily be changed back to black if I get bored by it.
  4. Cabinets refinishing pretty much done. I hope I did not offend any of your faithful Klipsch Hersey fans by picking this color scheme. The original raw birch plywood, even with pre-stain conditioner, still came up blotchy. However the blotchiness turned out up giving the cabinets some vintage feel. So far I am quite pleased with the results. Soon to reassemble and enjoy music from them 🙂
  5. @MC39693 going to stain them but still trying to determine the stain color and type. Wont be long now. Also waiting for the weather to be nice so I can work outside.
  6. Sanding was basically done. This is the extent of sending I felt comfortable before loosing vaneer on the surfaces. Certain areas with old stain etched in the grain so good that cannot not be 100% sended out.
  7. Thanks again @MC39693 re paint info. Will look for them from local hardware stores. Have pretty much finished the outside over the last few days. Was planning to do the motor boards this weekennd but ended up spending many hours in the ER of RJH today (helping a 86 year old neighbor who has a fall accident this morning : ( Will definitely post some pics soon.
  8. Thank you everyone for the input and advices. @MC39693 thank you for the speakers, tho you didn't sell them directly to me but you had kept them in top shape for more than 40 years. Also appreciate the upgrade history info you provided. I spent sometimes this afternon removing all the drivers and crossover networks from the cabinets. I wonder if any of you know how the motor board is attached to the box? I am wanting to remove the moto boards and properly refinish them rather than sending them attached to the box. I noticed some nail holes (by finishing nail gun) all around the edge of the motor board (see pic). I am wondering if I can just hammer the motor boards from behind, provided that they are not also glued to the sides and backing. I am hoping some of you had done that and can advise.
  9. @MC39693 It is amaazing how this forum can connect people all over the universe. Will PM sometimes. @wuzzzer & @Woofers and Tweeters Thank you so much!
  10. @Woofers and Tweeters THank you for your reply. The damping material on the mid range is held together with the black elastic straps. The transformer stampd 3636. see pics below.
  11. Thank you all for the responses. @MC39693 I haven't hooked them up yet tho I have a brief listen at the seller's house at purchase time. I think the seller bought them from someone who did the crossover mod. located in Estern Canada. both come with the original grill in very good shape but I tend to display and listen with grill off. I think I am going to mask and send down the area with vanish and repaint the motor board. Will report om sound quality when I am done with the cosmetic. By the way, can someone tell me why the mid range is wrapped in white cloth/felt material ?
  12. Thank you 001. From a little more reseach it seems that it is not uncommon some Hersey owners choose to put in similar crossover kits. Are these after market kits meant to improve on the original corssovers or just to repair broken original crossovers.
  13. Hi all, I have just acquired my first pair of Hersey HBR with xxxUxxx serial numbers indicating 1980 production. From the previous owner I purchased from I was told that the crossover have been upgraded to V.1 (no idea what that means). The cabinets are in very good shape tho they have been refinished with a top coat of semi gross vanish. Unfortunately, the vanished seem to have run down to the top portion of the black face board (see pic). Being a newbie to Klipsch Hersey, I am hoping to find some help/info here. Specifically I like to know (1) what kind of upgrade is with the crossover (see pics)? (2) any suggestions as to refinishing the front black board? Many thanks in advance. Pak
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