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  1. @Little Wolf I made a typo on first response... you do NOT have to place sub below Heresy. I did because I need the floor space, so vertical stack worked best for me. If you have space, move the sub around to fin best placement.
  2. @Little Wolf the Velodyne receives signal from pre out of whatever amp is driving the Heresy. The Velodyne are powered subs so they take the signal, I use LFE input from amp pre out, and process via their amp. Hope that helps. if looking for a sub, closed box, front firing is what you want. You do not have to place the sub below the Heresy like I did, mine are that way to save floor space.
  3. Ok, now I don’t feel so bad about my ,,, ah hem... inept soldering and layout skills.
  4. @wuzzzer, good idea for the MOST IMPORTANT speaker ever made by Klipsch! My 1980s are documented in thread 1980 Heresy... these are my HT rears. My 1981 are no longer Klipsch Heresy, rather modified Heresy, close to the super Heresy recipe, these are my mains, HT L/R For low end the 1981s are supplemented by Velodyne DD10 sealed box, front firing subs. No problem with low end. We built stands for the Heresy and the subs sit in the bottom of the fronts. Hoping to build a set of Heresy clones and use one as centre... currently using two Cambridge Audio Aero bookshelf The Heresy speakers have been with me for 40 years, moved 6 times, never missed a beat. Best value ever.
  5. @Coytee, totally cool but might be hard on the shoulder ala boom box, however might double as centre channel in HT? i know I’ll catch flak but... Bose soundlink and BT from my iPhone when I’m outside working.
  6. I’d be interested except for the Covid testing required to cross over and the two ferry rides each way. GLWS, but I’ll keep a watch on these.
  7. Stay safe everyone! Baton Rouge... oil refineries... not good.
  8. @YK Thom, ah ha, now we are at the crux of the matter... collecting and ripping is just the tip of the ice berg. when I considered the whole job, I decided to buy a complete one piece solution... a Bluesound Vault 2. As a music server it manages all the ripping, storage, human interface, playback, Internet access for streaming, Bluetooth etc. I could have built a PC or Raspberry, managed the operating system, ripper, storage, human interface, playback, streaming software ... but I’m lazy and retired so a commercial product got me into my listening chair faster. There are lots of choices you’ll have to consider in all the software and hardware categories and getting them to work together and remain compatible through various release points... my only real suggestion is to think about and research the whole job before going too far on any one step. Once you have a solution it really is wonderful... although I still prefer my old TT and a good LP with a scotch! EDIT: oh, I forgot to add the thorny issue of a DAC for playback... almost as deep a subject as choice of capacitor for a crossover update!
  9. And WAF is the only metric that matters.
  10. @DougM, the Luxman also have remote control. And the command codes are (hopefully still) available for download to a Logitech universal if you get a unit without the original remote. I have only owned the R-117 so can’t comment about differences other than what’s on paper.
  11. @DougM welcome. I was going to suggest a used Luxman R-117 or 115,114,113.... but if the HK didn’t work for you I’m not sure about vintage Luxman. I have an R-117 that to my ears is way better than my Denon x4300h was, more depth/body and low end sounds better. The R series have phono, tuner etc pre amp, includes pre out if you want a sub and good power. Mine is in for the same maintenance that you did on your HK, will be interesting when it’s back, hope it sounds as good or better. Good luck with your search.
  12. Perhaps a CHROME browser problem as I have the same symptoms on my iPad in Chrome but not Microsoft Edge.
  13. Nothing, absolutely nothing goes on top of my 40 year old Heresy x 2 pair. Don’t even think about it! oh, let’s water the plants on top of the speakers! Ayeee!,,,
  14. Very glad I bought 2 pair of Heresy 40 years ago and still have them... a fantastic value. Hope to build a 3rd set (all original drivers but new crossover and cabinets) of not Klipsch Heresy with son in law. Being retired, I can’t afford anything new in audio.
  15. Must have been a tough nut to fix. Once did an upgrade on my department wide system... 48 hours in, I had to roll the whole thing back in time for startup Monday morning... >48 hours no break. I was not a happy camper. Thankfully it wasn’t just me, it was a problem on the major operating system upgrade worldwide (no not Microsoft or Apple). Worst upgrade ever. I went home and slept 12 hours having wasted about 60.
  16. @Chad, thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated by all >42,000 members I’m sure.
  17. MC39693


  18. I'll add to this slightly old thread as opposed to opening a new one. I just purchased the 1800 model which is 80 W per speaker. I haven't hooked them up to the Heresy rears I have, as yet. I've run them simply for testing and the sound is very good, using ML LX16 as test speakers. One note on the unit, the speaker terminals are spring type with a very small opening. The profile of both the transmitter and the receiver/amps is very low so they are trying to use a low profile connector. I had to use pins on the cables I prefer for this in order to get them into the spring clamps. The supplied cables were very small and short. I wanted longer cables and 12 gauge would not fit easily, but pins worked with a little convincing. I have not loaded up a sub woofer, likely won't. These will either drive Heresy rears or the ML LX16 as a stereo pair connected to a satellite radio. A kudos to Jeff at Amphony. They were not in production for a while due to Covid. I reached out to them after seeing some very positive testimonials and in particular Jeff's name as being someone who was helpful. He told me he'd keep my name and when they were back in production he'd reach out. That was about 4 months ago. I didn't really expect to hear from him, but I was watching Amazon where I know they also sell. One day poof an email from Jeff saying they had units and he'd like to offer for me to get one before they went to a more "public" / Amazon posting. So I ordered a unit. It arrived, and one of the speaker receiver/amp power supplies was bad, it would cut out about once per second with a hard "thump" through the speaker. A quick test, no load, showed the supply was putting out its rated power of 36 Watts. I sent a note to Jeff and without any hesitation he shipped a new unit which I received and it is fine. That was pretty good service I'd say, in this time when companies have to deal with limited production and replacing a defective power supply no questions. Jimmy Buffett via satellite on the patio ... now where's my boat drink?
  19. So they finally reached out and offered about $50 in restitution. Wow. Thanks. I gave them a lengthy lecture about customer service. Oh well, I'm sure it went right on the floor or waste basket.
  20. @Bozo73, I feel your pain. I’ve had field techs put signal boosters in, then others take them out. The best seems to be to disconnect as many outlets as you can in your house and eliminate their signal boosters if possible. Law school wasn’t inexpensive! But handy, although I’ve never gotten out of a traffic citation even with my lawyer in the car at the time.
  21. To make a more generic point, in this wireless day and age, we should not forget that sooner or later a cable generally comes into the overall communications channel, and how much our lives depend on this is pretty amazing. My wife and I have essentially unlimited cell data so we did hot spot internet but it wasn’t very consistent and was much slower.
  22. @babadono, we appear to be the only users of provider B in our cul-de-sac at least for land line services. My wife is a retired lawyer. We have a very strong history of winning law suits. Hmmm? Never tell the opposition your background.
  23. I am really trying to make direct contact with an "escalation manager" to discuss compensation. But more so to get them to understand their people have been completely negligent in causing the problem, in providing meaningful resolution contacts and in follow up. Next message is to the PR person again, with draft letter I'll send to communications commission.
  24. Ok, I’ll offer this experience. We use two communications service providers; A for cell and home security, B for internet and TV. We live in a cul-de-sac where the development is no more than 11 years old, aka somewhat recent communications services all in ground buried cables. Contractors for provider A were in our area putting in fibre optic cable. Poof, our provider B services went out. I asked the provider A workers, hey guys any chance you dislodged a cable for my internet and TV from provider B. No way was the answer. Wife saw provider A guys working in two different in ground conduit/junction box locations right at the time the provider B services went poof. Hmmm. Provider B works over the ether and checks our in-house gear and says they can’t see anything, aka, can’t get communications to our house. Hmmm. I call provider A, every single number I can find. No one, not one human being can tell me anything about the work in our cul-de-sac, or get a field foreman to come and check things out. I reached out to the PR folks of provider A and told them the situation. They passed along to escalation folks. One escalation manager assures me their field techs could not have affected our house because, provider B doesn’t have any in ground cabling. Wow! Provider B provides services essentially Canada wide. This guy could tell, without looking at my house or checking installation diagrams that I have above ground cabling, even though there are no above ground cables within miles and miles. He just blew me off. Provider B sends tech to our house, 11 days after the incident because they laid off too many field techs during Covid. Field tech fixes the problem in 2 minutes when he finds the location of our in-ground cable and tells me the original connector was forcibly removed. Hmmm. I am still waiting for the provider A escalation managers to return my third call to them to ask why their people a) caused the problem, b) lied to me about the installation of provider B’s cables, c) were completely rude to me. I hope no one ever goes through this type of issue. Major pain with family trying to work from home, do job interviews over the internet and oh yeah, we missed the Olympics because we had no TV. I don’t expect satisfaction, provider A is not on my Christmas card list.
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