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  1. Update: klipsch had acknowledged that they are having issues with newer Samsung phones with latest updates. So..... what then? Do I have to buy an iphone to use this product!!? Not gonna happen!
  2. I have owned this headset for only 2 weeks now and from the very beginning the headset disconnects while in the middle of a phone call! I did some research and found that I am not the only one having this issue. On (Amazon dot com) for example several people are complaining about this problem as well. I checked the Klipsch support website and there is absolutely no mention of this....? I am sure that all we need is a firmware update but if Klipsch is not recognizing the issue then where or who should we turn to for help in this matter!? Am I really the first person to bring this problem to Klipsch's attention? If so, I hope the Dev's take notice and address the problem and release a FW update very soon as I did not buy these for play! I bought them for work and I need my 2 phones to be connected and always stay connected. Especially during an important phone call.
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