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T5 II under a helmet?


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Anyone know if these are usable under a motorcycle helmet? I detest sound systems on motorcycles but wouldn't mind access to some tunes occasionally. Well that and I pay too much for the phone service so I'm going to test that whole unlimited thing.   :D

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To answer your question, I don't know.  That said, I used to have some Custom 3's which were IEM's.  They were flat/flush with the outer ear.  I  used them with over-ear hearing protection muffs for when I would be using my tractor or backhoe (or saw/other...)


They finally gave up the ghost.  Doesn't seem Klipsch makes IEM's anymore but instead more of what I'd call the 'stick' variety.  Now, I've got a pair of "X-201" (whatever that means).  Sound good and all that BUT, they do stick out of the ear further so now, when I have my hearing protection on, I have to wiggle things just right or the ear muffs will add pressure to the buds and cause discomfort.  I could (and did) wear the C-3's literally all day.  These cause me adjustment issues every now & then because of the contact pressure.  Not huge mind you but after a while, gets annoying.


I'd wonder if you'd be better served looking at some IEM's so they fit flat and maybe wrap around your ear like the Custom 3's did.


Be nice if they brought those back or an updated version of them.  I'd be all over a pair.

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