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  1. It's OK now. No apology necessary Chad. Just a heads up was all.
  2. Firefox did not want to connect today. Said the certificate is expired and site is a risk. Just letting ya know.
  3. Picked up One Second After (Forstchen) from the library (only thing government does right) the other day. Interesting take on what could be.
  4. She was rumored to be a real sweetheart of a person.
  5. Ah...store brand on homemade bread. It's the bread that makes a sammich.
  6. Ms. Montgomery any day.
  7. IMHO it's an age old problem. However it's beginning to get more attention because the victims (as shown in the OP's video) are not predominantly brown people anymore. Just my opinion I won't argue it's veracity here.
  8. It's not political. As population grows so will problems. Just how it is. The human condition is as it's always been just more of it 'cause there's more of us. Politics inhibits (some would say prohibits) the ability to improve things because someone is always going to object for one reason or another. Do what you can personally to help another person and hope it spreads. All one can do honestly.
  9. Only watched a couple minutes. Are you implying this is something new? If so you've had your head in the sand for a long time.
  10. There was a time when that earned respect. Just another piece of paper these days.
  11. Do you have somewhere you wish to go with this or is a scattergun approach your MO?
  12. And the consequences attached. Enjoying free speech means you must endure hearing and seeing things you find uncomfortable.
  13. Nothing listed on the website yet.
  14. @Jeff Matthews-If you're like most freedom is an alien concept that you preach however never explored with any honesty.
  15. yet again......
  16. I have a late '09 iMac playing through a Schiit Modi 3+. Sounds great to me. I did go into Audio MIDI and adjust output to 24/96 as that's the highest resolution it offers.
  17. No. I forget who posted it up but he's a regular here. I'm sure someone will post up the author. And yes it is quite handy.
  18. No expert here but items of that nature go for whatever you can get someone to pay for them. However according to this about half the asking price.
  19. That condition should command a premium price. Nice.
  20. I do but I'm low budget for this neighborhood. I use Spotify on an '09 iMac-Schiit Modi3+-Fisher 440T-Klipsch R610f. Sounds great to me.
  21. I've got this for back road shenanigans. Although you'd be surprised at how well the Harley handles. Tuono chassis is magic. Bike has over 150K miles on it. One of the best I've ever owned and that's not a short list.
  22. Not that big a deal. They were cheap then. Kinda wish I had kept the damn thing honestly. And there are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of guys who raced them. Just got back from a ride. Wonderful early fall weather. Leaves are starting to change at 3K+ ft altitude.
  23. Cue some live Frank Zappa and crank it up. But that's just me....
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