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  1. If you cannot taste the difference between rye and bourbon stop drinking expensive whiskey. Cheap vodka is for you.
  2. I've only set one up that loose and it wasn't mine. An air cooled "Harley" with S&S low silicon pistons meant for nitromethane use. Strong but sounded like a thrasher even hot. Made stupid power and went like stink.
  3. Very subjective. As well as many variables like the big one...speakers.
  4. And they have piston clearances of .012" and up. Try that in yer mini van. And flat tappets aren't really flat. They have about a 60 inch radius. I've built engines that have set 14 landspeed records and paid the bills doing it for decades.
  5. hey Henry...flat tappet cams require break in. Racing or not.
  6. Clean 'em up a little,replace missing woofer/s and play music. If anyone asks about the finish tell a story how they are from Lemmy's personal system or some such BS.
  7. I don't care why what I like to hear sounds good to me. I don't measure music I listen to it.
  8. Also do I have to have a farcebook account? I don't and do not want one.
  9. If I decide to buy them I'll do the Rat Rod route with anything that needs replacement/repair other than the cabinets. In fact unless they've got real problems I'll just listen to them for awhile and see what I like/don't like. They have soul and I am single. It'd be cool to have something that looks that aged/rough and sounds so good. I've got the class D bug so it would suit that just fine. Be a 4 hour round trip. Hmmmmm.....Can I pay with PayPal w/o an account?
  10. Do you cut the veneer for every side or try to run a continuous piece? I'm thinking about doing the Polk 5b I got for $25 as practice for later.
  11. Pot should be done 'bout now. Time to grab a Padrón and head for the rocking chair. Later ladies and gents....
  12. Gotta remember to pick up that lottery ticket after work.
  13. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Hey Schu when they're all settled in and tuned could ya post a video of them playing something complex and detailed? It's not likely I'll ever own something like that but I'd love to hear them anyways.
  14. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    They're more than just new Klipschorns.
  15. geezin'

    Car Thread

    Dood! Spoiler dammit.
  16. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Sure seems like it. They've become quite nice. Image well more bass than I thought could come from a smaller speaker and pretty detailed. Can't complain for the price. I'm going to use them for practice. Rebuilding the crossovers and veneering the cabinets 'cause it's vinyl...eeewwwwww.
  17. Bad connection somewhere corrected by accident. I never discount a freebie. A gift from the universe.
  18. That's so sad. They are tasked with caring for your property. Yet when they fail you it's as if there's no consequence.
  19. geezin'

    Stupid News

    "stupid is as stupid does......"
  20. Nice job. I love the way the porting turned but. Hope it works as well as it looks.
  21. I love a quick and easy fix that's free!
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