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Looking for new headphones.


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Klipsch has some good headphones, you could browse a bit in this thread and see what others have to say about specific model.

I do like to try before buying, and my local Klipsch offerings are not good. I also look for new and discounted if possible.

So I recently went to a local audio shop and found heavily discounted Audeze LCD-1.

Very easy to drive, perfect for a laptop. And better than conventional (dynamic drivers).

Just my 2 cents.

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I bought a used (~$1,200) Shure kse1500 IEM electrostatic, that retail new for $3500. There are other pairs available on Audiogon and eBay at that same price.  There have a good DAC built into the eStat amplifier provided that can be bypassed when listening via the line out (2.5mm single ended) output, if you have a DAC you want to utilize already.  The DAC kicks in when listening via the USB port to your computer, or phone, and the amp can be charged off your computer USB port while in use.  They're in-ears, and provide something like 30dB isolation, I can attest they do a great job isolating outside sound, which helps blacken the background quite a lot when listening.  They're also really durable, not a delicate hi-fi item, i use them when mowing the lawn and doing yard work, at the gym, etc. also being IEMS, they're not going to borrow anyone in your office, as open-backs or even some close backs would.


Some users say they lack bass, but they don't (frequency response digs down to ~10Hz), you can clearly hear/feel that sub bass on electronic music with bass information that deep, its all there.  Rather they lack bass "slam" other headphones/IEMS may have. I would just call the bass quality fast and accurate, and extremely detailed, as are the mids and highs. I listen to most all kinds of music from acoustic jazz to classical to rock, death metal and rap, i would say the KSE1500's compliment everything i listen to through them.  I couldn't imagine a headphone sounding more detailed, or honestly better, at this price range, or above that price range (I'm not sure what kind of money you're looking to spend).  


The downsides are whether or not you are looking for IEMS (some don't like them), and some find the amp that comes with the headphones cumbersome when trying to use them in a portable situation. Also some complaints are that electrostats in general don't start revealing their magic until you turn up the volume past comfortable listening levels. Some also say they're treble-forward, which may not be bad depending on your age, as men lose their higher frequency hearing with age.


If you're on the hunt for the best headphonesin your price range, there are many good headphone reviewers on youtube that are unaffiliated (Zeos, Directors Garage, Wave Theory, etc).


Good luck!

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I picked up some Momentus 4's from Senn. for a good price and they sound decent and have amazing battery life.  I was using Soundcore Liberty 2 and 3 pros.  I like the liberty 2's the best, but they don't charge half the time and when they do charge I can't get through a whole night of listening (mostly just youtube videos).


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