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***Warning: Beware of counterfeit headphones!***


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As reported on this forum lately, there has been an unusually high occurance of counterfiet headphones being sold on eBay and through some unauthorized resellers on Amazon, most commonly the Image S4 and S4i. We cannot stress enough how important it is to purchase from our authorized dealers to ensure a genuine, quality Klipsch product.

If you suspect you have one of these products, you may contact us direct to verify. We cannot exchange these under warranty (our policy is to only honor warranty claims when purchased from an authorized dealer), but we can help you determine if your product is genuine.

We have posted the following statement on our website:

Beware of counterfeit products trading off of the valuable goodwill of
the KLIPSCH® brand. Like many companies that have expended years and
enormous resources in carefully developing brand recognition, Klipsch
products are being unlawfully imitated and sold at inferior quality
through unauthorized channels, and usually at drastically reduced
prices. These inferior knockoffs, while not always easy to detect, are
not produced by or for Klipsch Group or under its control. Accordingly,
these products do not meet Klipsch Group’s quality standards and are
not covered by Klipsch Group’s warranty. The
only way to ensure that you are purchasing genuine Klipsch products
covered by Klipsch Group’s warranty, is to purchase through an
authorized retailer

Please report any suspect products to Customer Service at 1-800-KLIPSCH or support@klipsch.com.
We intend to vigorously investigate those who manufacture or sell
counterfeit Klipsch products and take action against counterfeiters as
appropriate to protect the value that the KLIPSCH® brand has come to
represent. If you have any questions concerning this issue, please
contact Customer Service at 1-800-KLIPSCH. We appreciate your help in
maintaining the integrity of the KLIPSCH brand.

If you need any help finding an authorized dealer, visit our dealer locator or call us directly.


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