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  1. Edited to include correct Network info, and that I can deliver East coast between Maine and North Carolina, come spring.
  2. Guess I never saw this post, DHA-2 ? does the DHA stand for something? Ya, I put the price up a bit thinking I would have to deliver them, and I can always drop the price for a forum member, but didn't want to publicly post a different price then what I put on FB.
  3. I joined and my memberships shows auto-renewal on, but the welcome email says I expire 12/14/2019. Did I do something wrong?
  4. Brac

    Craigslist Safety

    So, WHAT you buying?
  5. Brac

    Craigslist Safety

    anyone can sell/ accept money. Some people may ask that you send as family/friends (this takes away any protection). As a seller I worry more about using pp than as a buyer. pp will always side with the buyer even when the buyer is a crook.
  6. Brac

    Craigslist Safety

    Forum member in the area would be my first choice, second would be an actual conversation on the phone. I find I can read people that way
  7. Only pair of these I've ever come across, business is growing and I need the space. These are in Dexter, ME $2500 CP-1 Pro.pdf
  8. This is a great pair, with Dean G built( DHA-2 networks designed by John Albright ) I spoke to Deang about these and sent him a picture, he says These are a Modified AA's with a band pass and a slightly different tweeter filter, these were built with PPT Theta caps (great caps). . I love them but need more room in the shop so a few things gotta go. I built one false corner that can go with these. PRICE DROP, $2300 picked up before 3/24
  9. That was a killer deal, I thought about it even though I picked up the CP-1's last week
  10. Killer deal not mine, yadda, yadda https://nh.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-ii-speakers/6706142792.html
  11. Was able to pick these up as a part cash part trade. Gave up a pair of HWO's of course, as I was showing the guy how to test drivers with a paper towel roll, come to find out I brought a Heresy with a bad tweeter to the party. I know I have a K-77 diaphragm around here someplace, but it's gonna stay safe I guess, so I'm sending him the Tweeter out of my Center (bummer) . Anyway a quick pick till I have a few minutes to play with them.
  12. I agree, they had set the Bar REALLY high, this call was a fail if there never was a bar.
  13. Sorry, this comment belonged in a different thread
  14. Damn, never noticed that and you're the first to point it out. Now I gotta move, or fix it. Where is Maime anyway?
  15. I'm in Dexter, kinda right in the middle of the state, cost of living isn't bad but the winter-surcharge is a *****
  16. Yep, the shared space and acting upon each other was in my mind the concern.
  17. Well, that brings me to his suggestion of try them in open air. I'll report back in a bit. Thanks
  18. I haven't put them yet, but that's the plan. Some difference between in wall and in ceiling? KL-6502-THX
  19. no insulation in the space, speakers are to be 9 feet apart. As I understand "In-wall" the design using the created space as the enclosure, which is the reason for my question.
  20. I remember the days I would talk to someone that KNEW stuff. Haven't had need to call in a good while, first the system kept repeating it message would then ring and say your first in line, wait awhile and it would do the same, "now you're really first in line" The girl that answered wouldn't know a speaker from a hole in the ground. Pretty Piss Poor and Sad. For the record the question was. "I am installing a set of KL-6502's as rear surrounds in a Heritage HT, the ceiling joist run parallel to the sitting area. Is there any need to acoustically seperate the 2 spaces. The answer was, "doesn't say anything about that here (on whatever simple screen she was looking at) so it's totally fine.
  21. Brac

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    In-laws are in Fayetteville as well, and this live in a house that gets flooded from any real storm. Not looking good
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