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  1. Another advantage of the splits is they can be stacked like legos, just for fun!
  2. Definitely not Carl!! Plus he'd be complaining about needing a sub, blah, blah, blah.
  3. depends on who is the in the other chair!!! 😉
  4. This pic used to get a lot of mileage on the Forum back in the day. The ultimate LS experience.
  5. I've said it many times (too many??) that the great outdoors is the best way to listen to LS. Good luck.
  6. Plus one on the DE-120. The Crites version is definitely a step up from the K77 and going one step further with Daves SMAHL is even better. Best upgrade I think I have ever done (at least in the top 2 or 3)
  7. Before you go renting a moving van, try your LSi with a decent sub. It somehow kicks everything up a level not just the very low end. I think (doesn't happen often) that I would crank my LS too much to try to get that bass slam that just isn't there. With a small boost below 100 hz (or even 80), you aren't tempted to turn the dial as far. More enjoyable across the spectrum. I really like the bass from the LS, quick and hard hitting, just needs a little boost down low. I even added some small tapped horn subs to my Belles in my living room and it made the same impact.
  8. Surprisingly well. They are home built using Eminence LAB15 pro sub drivers that are built like a tank and have a great reputation. Driving with a Crown amp putting 600 watts to each (available). Night and day with them vs without them.
  9. I know Matthews played around with ports for his Chorus I. He was convinced it was a noticeable improvement. I didn't hear it without the tubes but did after and they sounded very nice. If you like to tinker, it is easy to try and also easy to remove them if it is not to your liking. It is just fun to try things out and see for yourself.
  10. I've put a LS in that spot and it was very nice but didn't make as much of a difference as I thought it would. The K500 mid horn in the Belle is considerably smaller than the K400 is the LS. The difference between the K500 to the K700 in that Heresy is probably about the same. All had the same mid driver and tweeter. I am not really good at critical listening though. I know crap when I hear it, but subtle differences are lost on these old ears. I guess my point is, if you don't have the room or budget for a LS or third Belle, you wont suffer much if you have to use a Heresy.
  11. Never noticed much of a issue with using an HIP for a center between my Belles. Sounded fairly nice to me. The subs helped to not notice the reduction of bass (I guess)
  12. I'm not sure if there are any neighbors where I cut mine loose, or if they like the same kind of music (doubt it). Easily hear a mile away.
  13. Rickyboy, If you get a chance, drag those splits outside and cut them loose. When I get mine outdoors (no neighbors) and crank them up, it is yet another level for these already wonderful speakers.
  14. Just curious, did you take that much care with any other possessions? How's it going @cincymat?
  15. Never saw an AA x over in a Heresy of any kind, but I dont get out much. Odd number of cans too. I'm sure you'll have them singing pretty in no time.
  16. Well, any updates? I (like many others here) enjoy a good "saving Klipsch Heritage" thread! Don't be fooled by an ohm meter. That is just one way to see if it is working or not. No guarantee that it is working properly. I had a pair of k55V (solder lug) in my LSi splits that tested fine, sounded, not so fine. I swapped them out and the speakers came back to life. I eventually replaced the diaphragms in them and tried them in a pair of Super Heresy that I was building and they sound absolutely wonderful again. Have fun with these speakers, they are worth the effort.
  17. I went industrial look for mine, not pretty. I already had Belles for that. These are knock around, use in my shop or outdoors. Still going strong 6+ years later. Added a recapped AA xover and more recently Dave A's fabulous SMAHL 120 tweeters.
  18. Mine started at $125 for another member that gave up and we bartered for them.
  19. Doubt those are really "industrial" LS. Just regular LS that someone added handles to. If Industrial, they would have the K43 not K33 woofer. Lots to build on there. I did a pair very similar a few years ago. Sound great now. Every bit as "rough" as yours. There is a serial # stamped into the wood on the rear. Part of it can be seen in one of your photos, just below the cross over. Good luck with these. You'll get plenty more advice, I'm sure.
  20. I did not save a cut sheet. I modified the one I used for the other Super H. Parts were: CT 120 (may switch to Dave A's SMAHL lens) Atlas PD 5V mid driver K700 Recapped E x over and the Eminence woofer I mentioned earlier.
  21. E, I can get it part way. Heading to Denver in June. Texas in October, maybe
  22. Yeah, didn't measure, but they sound wonderful. They were build from scratch so no before / after comparison. I do have a set of stock Heresy that are very nice sounding but these are head and shoulders above them. The woofer used was Eminence 12LFA and they dig deeper than stock and shine in the vented cabinet. These also have upgraded tweeters too which helps round out the full spectrum. Really, really nice sounding speakers. They are exactly like the S Heresy you see behind it in the first photo, only difference is rear 4" round port and front slot port.
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