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  1. I am by no means an expert or historian, but this is what I have always thought to be the case. The AK, along with the AL and AB crossovers were introduced to be used with the K55M. Timing may have differed due to inventory or contracts or first mass production of the 55M and a number of each style would have come out with the remaining 55V. Much like the many Heresy 1.5's out there that have the rear mounted drivers but have the E2 xover and the K53 driver as the transition was a process. None of this is matter of fact, just the way the story has been told to me. Makes sense but unconfirmed. Maybe try the "Ask the Historian" section of this forum.
  2. I built a complete HIP following mostly the Super Heresy recipe. Not much room to improvise. This is with the CT120 tweeter and the Delta 12LFA woofer. I could not change the sizing due to using a set of HIP aluminum trim that a nice member here gave me. Did you resize your cutout for the woofer as well. I don't think the woofer Claude recommends is the same size as the K22 slightly larger cutout and overall diameter. I know the Delta is larger .
  3. That's not how this hobby works. Any money saved on this project goes towards the next one. You don't get to keep the cash.
  4. I am not convinced the APT150 is that much (if any) of an upgrade. If you're cheap, keep your cash and use the CT125. I've used both and think it is a coin toss. Also if you're cheap, the Eminence Delta 12LFA is a solid choice and would save you $180 for the pair. I have not heard the Kappalites to do a direct comparison, but have used the LFA several times and the results were very nice IMHO. Not quite as efficient but dig a little deeper per the spec sheet.
  5. I gave my daughter one of those when we refinished her kitchen. It is a very nice sounding unit. Plenty of bass if positioned properly. Just bought another one for her uncle who was amazed at hers. There definitely is some software (firmware) tweaking going on with the sound. It is compensating for the physics of this small unit. Sounds like yours is overcompensating a bit. Hopefully it is just a reset, give that a try. Both units we are using seem to be working as designed. Good luck.
  6. My LS sound wonderful too. Not sure who is doing what wrong and/or what I am accidentally doing right, but they sound great. Both sets and both sets of Belles. Enjoyable is the right word Riche!!!
  7. I don't really think anyone is bashing the Klipsch engineers. They have made many x overs and changes to improve them as well. Some have to be better than others. Not all can be homeruns. Some changes are made due to availability of materials or a change in another component or weakness discovered in a current component. They are also restricted to cost/ROI of materials and need to take production capabilities etc into account. The engineer has to decide when the law a diminishing returns comes into play. If you are building or tweaking one or three sets, costs are one thing. If you plan to make hundreds and hundreds, small costs add up. Tweaking or tinkering is part of this hobby. Good, bad or indifferent, it is what it is. Love my Klipsch, the ones I've tweaked and ones I haven't.
  8. I made almost identical pairs of Super Heresy's. One had the round 4" rear port and the other was designed to use some aluminum trim and look like HIP's utilizing a 1" slot port on the front. I cannot tell any difference in the sound between the round vs flat port. I did do some rough calculations to make sure they could move the same amount of air and they were very similar (4" round vs 1" x 14" flat) I doubt your would notice the difference. Eminence probably uses round more often simply due to the easy implementation of a round port. The last subwoofers I got from them offered both designs (Lab 15)
  9. You would be surprised how well they gel (with Belles in my case) BUT not for every situation or room. Mine are in a small (12 x20) living room with no place to put another speakers, so underneath it goes. I use 200 watts not 25 and the two keep up just fine with the mains. just the little boost from 80hz down to around 25hz. Like you (if I guess right) I just enjoy building things and experimenting. I have built about a dozen of these for several people. Some were knocked out, some were underwhelmed. I have other set ups with another set of Belles and two sets of LSi. I use different subs for each, just for the fun of the game. All sound good to me and were worth the effort put forth which was fun so actually no effort. Enjoy the hobby
  10. Yup. Turned out nice and added that little kick at the bottom end.
  11. Miss Jane Hathaway vs..... Abstinence One vote for abstinence here.
  12. I have the same amp and never heard the fan either. I would put my hand behind the amp just to make sure it was on.
  13. Congrats dtel! You work your butt off on that museum. A little recognition is a good thing.
  14. @DizRotus Yup that was me, sacrilege! Even worse, I sent you a Speakerlab badge as well. Pretty sure that's even worse around these parts.
  15. If you are going the "pretty" route, look up a couple threads from @Matthews He did several pairs of LS that went he resurrected. Those of mine pictured above in @codewritinfool's post were a pair he grabbed that were too far gone for anything other than industrial. Like I said several (3 or 4) detailed threads by Mathews that are a fun read.
  16. MookieStl

    Death Clock

    I have less than ten years left! And it is going to be rude of me to die on one of my son's 45th birthday! If they wanted to at least make it somewhat accurate, they could have asked more questions, even if they ignore it. BMI is not the only (besides the smoking thing) factor in longevity. I am big boned. Both of my parents made it to 92 and I only get 72? Who do I complain to???
  17. If you interpret "tone" into what is written on forums, you are asking to be offended. A while back, I asked Claude a question and his reply seemed harsh to me. While I was busy feeling hurt, he ran calculations for the design I asked about and help me out considerably. I read too much into it. Just my experience.
  18. Great to hear Dave!! Now get back to whatever the heck you want to get back to!
  19. Did you check the BS filter. I may be clogged or full. It has been working overtime lately here.
  20. Why do I feel I just got challenged to a slapping contest by Mike Tyson? Why to which part? If you are referring to swap out the AL, you know better than anyone if that's necessary, enlighten us. I saved the OP time researching. The AL (AB AK) all get beat up pretty good here and elsewhere. I've been tinkering with speakers for over 40 years and the biggest single improvement (to my ears) over those years was when I got rid of my ALs and replaced with AAs. Not just a slight improvement, but a huge improvement. More than when I swapped out my ABs for another x over. Everyone's experience differs. Yours is vast compared to mine. You could help the OP more by answering his question than questioning my answer.
  21. Not really anything to worry about. It just needs to be replaced. Recapping is not recommended. You can pick up a used AA and recap it or get a new AA or A from Crites. Many options. Just wanted you to compare apples to apples. The 00 probably would not need any update.
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