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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. The total cost is somewhere in the 3.5-4k range. I try not to think about it...
  2. His contact info is listed on his website http://www.alkeng.com
  3. Where would you recommend doing this? Any suggestions ?
  4. And now I'm done. Completely satisfied now. Gonna have to finish the other speaker this week.
  5. Most likely Klipsch will not have anything besides the new Jubilee logo that they use.
  6. I would give Terry Dewick a call and see what he thinks you should look for when going to look at it. It would never hurt anybody if you just went to go look ....
  7. I believe you can do everything yourself on the older 2505s and 2105s. My father in law and I did a 2105 about a year ago. I gave it to him for Christmas. We were easily able to clean the pots and replace caps as needed. The bigger power supply caps in the back may or may not be bad. They were expensive last time I checked. You can replace the boards if you feel its necessary for 300ish for the parts? Personally we waited a month before we decided to recap it to see if we liked it the way it was in its current condition or not. We got curious so we did. The glass is readily available from McIntosh for a small price (120ish?) if something were to ever happen. They do runs about every six months of the older glass. You can send it off to someone and they charge about 7-800 dollars to do a full upgrade electronically last time I checked.
  8. Making a black 3/4x3/4 border this weekend! More pics to come! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I would say try contacting the factory in hope. Other than that I would have no idea.
  10. This is the "build" thread. Skip to the last page for pics of the finished product.
  11. Call the Klipsch parts people! I believe they were $12 a badge? These are the only badges that they sell now called the Jubilee Badge.
  12. The cloth that will be used is the cloth on the right in the second picture! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hey DTR, Let me post pics tonight of the grill cloth. As I said before I hope I can get the two grills in one to two shots. Even If I mess up once on both grills it still leaves me with a 72"x36" piece. Ill give you more details as it comes in! I would say about a week or two from now. Ill keep in touch.
  14. Hello everyone! I recently had my LaScalas re veneered and I have decided to put a top grill on them. I ordered the grill cloth at the link below. I had to order 2 yards of it as a minimum. I surely do not need that for two top grills. Anyway putting this up here to see if anyone else is interested in the left overs. I am hoping there is at least one 72x36 solid piece left if not more. If there isn't I really need to go and work on my DIY skills . Will update this post more as its delivered and I finish the grills if there is any interest. This will be Free! I just want it out of my house once I'm finished and I don't want to throw it away. Link to the cloth. On the drop down tab its the p-9000. Ill post pictures of the sample I received tonight. https://acousticalsolutions.com/product/acoustone-amplifier-grille-cloth/ I personally think it looks like the 70th Anniversary cloth. Thanks, Graham
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