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  1. Perfect, thanks!
  2. Thats what I was thinking. How can you decode date of manufacture? Is that in the serial number?
  3. And one more
  4. Another
  5. Hope this is the right place for price discussion? Found these reported to be one-owner La Scalas. Also described as in immaculate condition and rarely used. Owner says she called Klipsch and they told her $3k ea? I'm new on the La Scala scene so dont have much of a feel other than the deal I got on the black industrials. See pics
  6. Indeed they are. Pix of the speakers with valspar paint?
  7. Also a pneumatic DA sander with 80 and 120 sanding discs will make quick work of the old finish. I'm filling using Dolphin Glaze, sanding, then applying a black surfacer to the cabinets before blocking down before paint. The innner walls and doghouse has little damage so i plan to lightly hand sand and scuff those areas.
  8. Yes, one had some damage on the upper front. Having to do some minor filling but most of the work on top and sides of the cabinets. Any idea what paint Klipsch uses in production on Ultra 2 systems?
  9. These two La Scalas needed attention. I was just going to quick sand and paint but my obsession with removing every nick and repairing every edge has taken over. I'd like to finish them in the identical satin black that my THX Ultra 2's are. Any recommendations on this? I was thinking of the SEM product called Hot Rod Black but thought that might actually be over kill. Cabinets will be smooth with no texture. Thoughts or recommendations on paint to use?
  10. I plan to refinish the cabinets and possibly get a 3rd and run in LCR. I may also run them as stereo for music. Not sure yet Unsure on that but there is also a blue colored cap at the forward RH corner. What brand caps are the preference?
  11. Thanks, that illustrates it perfectly.
  12. I cant make out any serial numbers stamped in the plys. Odd but this just gets more interesting. I pulled the base plate off of one of the units to expose the woofer chamber. Was surprised to see the woofer actually fires into the rear of the cabinet. I'm new to the La Scalas and didn't have a clue about this configuration. So they fire into a false wall dead space in the rear of the cabinet? It is not obvious to me but where does this space vent out to?
  13. Hi Mike - I'll confess your setup was an inspiration to me. I'll bet any lack of bass on the LaScala's part is highly over-shadowed by 4 15" subs you are running. I'm unsure where this is going but I did want to try them out as possible replacements for my THX 650's. Growing up, my older brother had a pair of Altec "Voice of the Theater" speakers in our tiny house and he drove them both with a Pilot tubed amplifier. They were as big as a clothes washing machine with a huge horn stacked on top. The house was peer and beam and the vibrations that they generated would translate throughout the house. Cant believe my parents put up with it. Wish I had a pic of those things.
  14. Thanks - were gen1 LS all configured internally the same? The data stickers are gone. Was curious if they actually came with the suspension rings as well. Those definitley need to go.
  15. Yes, he was askig $800, I offered 600 and brought them home. Steel cables and all