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    How much homework do your kids get?

    I’m a volunteer math and science tutor for kids from 6th grade through high school. Sometimes they are loaded up with an insane amount of work and sometimes they claim to have only 1 or 2 problems.
  2. codewritinfool

    Peter Tork passes at 77

  3. codewritinfool

    More Gender Angst

    I do. At least they claim to be. BTW I’m using “they” to avoid potentially identifying a person. In my opinion, in their case, I believe they are gay and in denial. To be clear, I’m fine with whatever; it isn’t my life.
  4. Make offer. Dahlquist DQM-9 pair, with stands. Very very dusty. One of the stands may have a problem; I didn't look at it. No major cosmetic issues that I remember. These are in my folks basement, but they never got wet. Were 100% working in the 90's. Then they got foam rot like all of them did. Years ago I re-foamed the woofers, not sure how well I did since I never put the woofers back in. These are in Pacific, but I am willing to transport them anywhere in west county. This is your chance to have some DQM-9's with Magnat drivers and stands for very little money. I have no space for these at my house, and though it is a shame they got so dusty over the years, these could be great for someone's little project. Put the woofers (also dusty, but included) back in and you might have something nice. I never drove them hard. Make an offer, I'm easy. I just need to get these out of that house. Now that mom has passed away we are looking to sell the house. Also posted on AudioCircle GAS circle.
  5. codewritinfool

    GONE: Dahlquist DQM-9 pair w/stands, STL local only.

    Update on the DQM-9 saga. They are actually in really decent shape. No foam rot on the mids. Woofers are dusty but nice. Stands have problems but can be fixed.
  6. codewritinfool

    GONE: Dahlquist DQM-9 pair w/stands, STL local only.

    I dunno, but she looks like she's pretty fond of that character. Even though she can't hear the differences in the various equipment that he claims he can.
  7. codewritinfool

    GONE: Dahlquist DQM-9 pair w/stands, STL local only.

    Cool, I didn't know you were around here, Edgar. Nice to know there are more STL folks.
  8. codewritinfool

    GONE: Dahlquist DQM-9 pair w/stands, STL local only.

    Hammering out delivery to JustAuBy.
  9. codewritinfool


    Works fine on iPhone
  10. codewritinfool

    GONE: Dahlquist DQM-9 pair w/stands, STL local only.

    I may take you up on that. Gotta hook ‘em up and play Adagio for Strings while they catch fire. So sad but those got me through my wilder days. Which weren’t all that wild, come to think of it. Ugh.
  11. codewritinfool

    GONE: Dahlquist DQM-9 pair w/stands, STL local only.

    No love for these? I know they are ugly and dirty and all, but you'll keep them out of the dumpster and you know you'll feel good about it for helping a brother out. @MookieStl? @Hornographic? @JustAuBy? @jackrcox? @Terry Palmer? @sheltie dave?
  12. codewritinfool

    LaScala woes

    How about the rafters? I’m serious, I’d make room for them up there.
  13. codewritinfool

    LaScala woes

    Do you have a garage? La Scalas love garages too.
  14. codewritinfool

    Critique this 2A3...

    No but that is beautiful
  15. codewritinfool

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Speaking of beer, look up Toi Sennhauser’s OPB. I love the label.
  16. codewritinfool

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Yeast can be dormant for a long time. Fermentable sugars and the right temperature can bring them back. Not sure they can go that long, though.
  17. codewritinfool

    1979 La Scala LS-BR Ebay

    For posterity:
  18. codewritinfool

    1979 La Scala LS-BR Ebay

    $780 isn't bad at all if all of the drivers work and you can go pick them up. Not sure how those fronts were done because from the looks of the squawker face depth, it looks like a normal thickness. Also the peak of the bass front looks right, yet there's an overhang seemingly everywhere. If you look closely, there's a horizontal seam just below the squawker like the entire top section front was replaced. Doesn't explain the bottom, though. I'm intrigued! Did you get them, @Mh3pworth?
  19. codewritinfool

    khorn bass bin solution??

    What? Tell me more, please!
  20. codewritinfool


    Sorry, brother. Lost my mom in August and I know how it feels.
  21. codewritinfool

    Klipschorn bass bin

    Agreed. In my experimentation, it does not.
  22. codewritinfool

    Klipschorn near Denver

    Heck, I can’t stop.
  23. codewritinfool

    Klipschorn near Denver

    Hey @sheltie dave, looks like that was your 3000th post. Congratulations! (and long time no talk)
  24. codewritinfool

    Klipschorn near Denver

    Interesting, Dave. I think I mentioned it, but my 68’s had Type A.
  25. codewritinfool

    Klipschorn near Denver

    This is the really concerning photo: That stamping on the plywood, the pencil lines, the weird reworked woofer door (terminals gone and putty added), no stamped numbers. I dunno....