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  1. Hi, I’ve finally been able to dig out my LaScalas (1983) after several decades of the rat race. I used to power them with a Soundcraftsmen RA6501/DX4200 amp/preamp combo. The amp is currently in the shop (3 decades of storage) and hopefully comes out working as it once did. But what if it doesn’t?, I ask. I want to come up with a contingency plan, in case of the unthinkable. So I’ve started looking into modern day amplifier alternatives that will match well with my La Scalas. I May be forced to bite the bullet and settle on an Asian amp from a big box store, because I’m no longer a single guy with an unlimited toy budget. So I ask you all if there’s an American made amplifier (with some modern conveniences) that will cleanly power my beloved La Scalas. Or will I have to settle for a big box store amp in order to get the band back together - on a budget. The band: Nakamichi Dragon. Akai GX747. JVC QLY66F.
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