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  1. Are you 100% that the K-75-k and K-79-K are not being attenuated somewhat from the crossovers?
  2. I wonder if Steve would have approved the window blinds.
  3. What is the sensitivity for them: K-75-k= K-79-k= B&C DE120=106dB B&C DE10=107dB Do B&C replacement drivers need to be attenuated to match the K series?
  4. Looking for two K-75-K speakers. Please let me know if you are willing to sell them and price. Thank you.
  5. Sorry to hear you are having issues with Windows 11. Maybe a Mac could turn your frown upside downside or bring your PC in for service. Again, time and money.
  6. Wrench

    Computer guys....

    MacOS 🙂 I have been using an iMac 2015 5K display everyday for hours at a time. I just leave it on and put it to sleep. No fan noise, just bliss. One piece computer unit, built in display and speakers. No more " blue screens" and wasting time and money in repairs and issues configuring software or devices for me. I also have setup seven desktop spaces with different apps running on each one that I can scroll, switch, to. Apps can be assigned to different Desktops. Each Desktop has its own background. Another nice feature is that I can shut down the computer, restart it and continue where I left off without having to reopen the apps and files. It does it for me.
  7. Maybe trying to get some of $$ from a desperate Xmas shopper.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Game-Changers-Arnold-Schwarzenegger/dp/B07YSXY2BY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+game+changers&qid=1585010481&sr=8-1&swrs=EBC038CF5E7D9628174D5AA8A453FF1C
  9. Wrench

    Car Thread

    Good old reliable 300ZX
  10. I find it appealing that it is one of a kind. Visual over sound.
  11. Were the Jubilees commissioned, just named plated Golden Jubilees and then donated as a tribute? Golden referring to their color. Only two sets of name plated Golden Jubilees exist along with the wooden horns? So, are they recreations of the prototypes or first of a kind from drawings? I wouldn't mind owning a pair of these:
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