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PWK BIRTHDAY BASH IN HOPE -Save the Dates: March 9, 10, 11 and 12 (Jubilees up and playing)

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OK so my first bid I was thinking I just can't let these go too cheap and after the second bid I was like oh crap I gotta have em.... lol.... Psychology of auctions is real... Gotta go back to Hope to pick these up... There were some great oporrtunities at this auction. Thanks to the museum and klipsch...









































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On 3/14/2022 at 1:58 PM, MMurg said:

Since I can't stand dealing with the image size limits here and I took close to 200 pictures at the Birthday Bash, I just created and shared a folder from my OneDrive. 

Great pics! We the videos recorded with a phone or other camera? Amazing the bass sounding so good outside.

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16 minutes ago, mark1101 said:

MMurg...........Do you have your new Jubs yet?


Nope.  I would have posted about it.  🙂  When I was at the Birthday Bash, Roy said that the plant was already cutting panels for them.  He also said that the following week they were going to start the first production assemblies.  He said the first few pair would be black so that any minor cosmetic issues with the first few pairs would be just painted over.  They can't do that with the walnut ones, which is what I'm getting.  So, I'm hoping maybe mine will be made sometime in April.  🤞

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