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Any news or announcements related to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History will be posted here.

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    • Thanks so much JRH. I'll work on high-quality images of the brochures for you.   Just to clarify, the first H700 Heresy made was #101, or you're just saying mine is #101?
    • Thats easy    its gonna be bloody hot      again!   Dunno about Austin but west of DFW is no joke 
    • Funny, I sat here and watched that entire thing.  I've never seen it before.  I roll a lot of the time w/memories in here.  How could I make that statement?  I've only been in NYC twice in my life.  One w/a record dude for NYE long ago and another time w/an artist.    He asked me to do something for him prior to a show so I did.  In return he threw me two "staff jerseys" for both the East and West Fillmore.  Purple for the East and green for the West.  I think.  Said just wear 'em and tell anyone that asks I gave 'em both to you.    Over the years the green one vanished somewhere but I still have the purple one.  Well kinda.  I have two big boxes of all my old t's and I know that purple one is in one of the boxes.  The down side of it all?    When I left my house, prior to my divorce, I couldn't get up into the attic above the garage because the pull-down ladder was cracked.  I wasn't gonna die.  Someone did take it down at some point though.  My trusty neighbor said no one ever went up there cause the ladder was broken so the just pulled it before it sold.  So that's where they are.    I keep an eye on the place but don't know the new owners.  I do know they haven't replaced it cause there's an open hole in  the garage ceiling I can see when I drive by.  I also can't tip my hand.  Thinking about offering to put up a new ladder if I can get my things out.  I just wanna be the first one up there.  There's so much money sittin up there it's unreal.  She was clueless cause she'd never seen 'em.    Bill Graham though?  He was truly the real deal as far as I'm concerned.  Great guy! 
    • @JerrysMiddleFinger, a little late to the party, as usual, but how “easy” did the Ti diaphragms go in ?   I read the caveats about them and still managed to snap the “tinsel” leads on one of the diaphragms I swapped years ago. Any flexing, or forcing of the assembly is a recipe for disaster.   Do you have a multimeter you could check them with ? 
    • LOADED! Front and rear doors, casters, skirted base, and some shelves included. Total cost of this package brand new today would be $2,986. Selling for $500. Middle Atlantic ERK-4025LRD A/V Equipment Rack, 40U, 25" Deep Comes with… -Middle Atlantic CBS-ERK-25R: Skirted base hides wheels for an improved aesthetic appearance and protect caster area. -Middle Atlantic BPFD-40: Plexiglass Front Door (Black Finish) for a sleek design as well as protection to the A/V equipment and features a pop-out latch and lock handle for additional security. -Middle Atlantic ERK-VRD-44: Rear Door with Top and Bottom Vents to promote air flow and help keep equipment cool. Protects your equipment from dust and other foreign debris. -Middle Atlantic MA-CAP6: Clamping Rack Shelf (6 RU) has vented sides and bottom for efficient cooling with weight limit of 100 lbs. Pick-up in St. Charles, IL.
    • What's this "other Klipsch" forum you're talking about?
    • And Kiefer was born in England.
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