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LIMITED EDITION (Signed and numbered) 75th Anniversary Book of Klipsch ON SALE NOW

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The limited edition 75th Anniversary picture book package is still on the way and will be coming in a few weeks. 


The notification will come the same way as the previous items. No one who signed up for that has missed out on anything. Stay tuned.

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15 hours ago, dwilawyer said:

Which book did you sign up for on notifications? You realize there are two options right?


1. Limited signed Edition for $175.00?


2. Reg. Edition for $75.00?


If you signed up for No. 1 you don't have anything to worry about, it hasn't been released yet. I put an update on that 4 posts above.


You don't have to rely on this thread, register for notifications on the items you want and wait for the notification. 



I plan on purchasing both books and have signed up for notifications using the same three e-mail addresses for each item. 


Did not receive a notification email to any of the three email accounts stating that the Reg edition was in stock and ready for purchase.  (I was notified by reading this thread that book was in stock)


Not trying to create frustration for anyone, but your blanket statement of   "The notification will come the same way as the previous items. No one who signed up for that has missed out on anything. Stay tuned" is not correct and that things do in fact fall through the cracks sometimes.


Let's hope that I'm the exception and others can simply lie back an relax and wait for notification. :)





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And anyone else I missed. 


Order page is up and active for the 





Email was received 2:20A.M CST 


68 copies remaining ATM. I got #6






Either way your order the museum edition, you will still receive "An original piece of vintage Klipsch literature from the museum’s archives, hand-selected by curator Jim Hunter"


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  • Travis In Austin changed the title to 75th Anniversary Book of Klipsch ON SALE NOW
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4 hours ago, Tube Head said:

Hmm... not sure which version I am getting.

Is there a question I can answer that might help you decide?


Over 20 sold today (last time I checked. I have posted it this afternoon on some of the facebook pages, and on Monday I think they will be posting on the Klipsch social media and I think they will really go.

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9 hours ago, Travis In Austin said:

I don't think it should have either, that is why I have been sending emails and notices out.


I want to make sure everyone got the chance to get one that showed interest, and I think I'm close to that.


After that I don't care, if someone want to buy $6,000 or so worth of books I'm good with that, or two for grand kids, etc. I just want everyone on here who wanted one to have a chance. Between @314carpenter help in the alerts posted yesterday, and the stuff I have been sending behind the scenes I think we are close to getting there on that.


I got one and I'm going to donate that one to be auctioned off on the Museum YouTube Channel after I get everyone at the factory to sign it, it will be the "Factory Edition", 1 of 1.




Did I get the museum edition? I tried....


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The Limited Edition signed version of the Klipsch 75th Anniversary Pictorial History is officially on sale for $175.00. Limited to 75 numbered copies and includes extras like a poster and window cling.


The regular edition of the book continues on sale for $75.00.  The regular edition is SOLD OUT


All proceeds from these book sales benefit the Klipsch Museum of Audio History


Link to the books on the KGI website are here:


To order the signed 75th Anniversary signed limited edition book for $175.00 go here:




And find this item:




If you hover over it, it will pull up an add to your cart button along with the number you wish to purchase, or you can click on the copper cart in the bottom right hand corner to add to the cart. 


The regular edition of the book for $75.00 can be found here:


The regular edition is SOLD OUT



The original announcement about the book is here:




Quote From Facebook post:


Big announcement! You heard it here first. We are in the process of curating, designing and publishing the first comprehensive pictorial history of Klipsch loudspeakers and the entire Klipsch company, for the 75th anniversary. This large coffee table book (12x12 album size) will be sold and distributed through the kind folks at the klipsch.com store, with all proceeds going to the museum. Never-before seen images from the dawn of hifi, classic Klipsch images throughout history, commentary by famous fans, the whole enchilada. Does this whet your whistle? Who’s in?

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