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  1. Address? I'll fairly pay bottom dollar for all of it. No one else would want speakers from a manufacturer with such terrible customer service after all.
  2. HIGHLY doubt that. Run the woofers in a bit first if you are certain they are in phase. I dont think I would result to bass traps to solve this issue just yet... Rarely do I listen at very low volumes, but perhaps you do and need to get the woofers suspension used to moving first (perhaps a bit stiff new) ....
  3. Contact @MetropolisLakeOutfitters and see if he has a b stock pair left. You might be surprised at the price.... Black Textured will get you real close to your price range. Google that name and you'll get his cell number
  4. Fair enough. Good luck with your issue. Frustrating indeed.
  5. Pretty sure I asked all of these questions above and didn't get a response.... If you play one speaker at a time and bass improves significantly, it is liwlly polarity is reversed internally in one speaker. I did ask about source quality as well (not just Amplifier) and what type of music is being played to determine that Cornwalls with large internal cabinet volume and a 15" woofer sound like Bookshelf speakers. Do you have the ability to run then in a little (turn them up a bit and leave) to give the woofers a chance to get moving?
  6. But but but, he will consider reasonable offers. $500 for the pair it is.
  7. You clearly have quality gear. I would assume your source (media) is quality. Corner loading doesn't help. Everything is in phase and working.... Hmmm
  8. Good luck with my man.... Sounds like you guys have given it a good go around. Maybe someone else here will be of more use.
  9. Perhaps, this has something to do with the harshness and bass shyness(although you said, you tried several others...) ? When I sold my pair and demoed them to buyer, he almost didn't buy them as, they sounded exactly as what you are describing here with a bottom of the line, old Yamaha stereo receiver. They sounded AWFUL. Feed them garbage (low quality mp3) and they sounded like garbage (almost unlistenable)....
  10. What are you powering them with? How far away is the listening position? What are you using to judge their low frequency extension? I'll tell you my experience is completely opposite of yours. In my room, I had to pull them out from the back wall /corner a little bit to even put the tonal balance. They shook my couch approx 13 feet away at moderate volumes. With movies, they could be too bass heavy. I certainly wouldnt call the mids or treble harsh and I listened with the grilles off usually. I only powered them with roughly 100± watt solid state amps. With electronic music, bass can get downright silly when my guests would come over and many were very impressed overall... Hope you get your issue sorted.... Never felt that they were bass shy with any type of music I listened to, just a touch slow and sloppy in the bass (thickened the bass up if you will).
  11. Yes, too small of a room perhaps? Using a sub? Getting phase cancellation? I have had them in my room, which isn't all that large and they thunder. Possibly one woofer out of phase? You sure both woofers are on and didn't get unplugged somehow in shipping? Corner load them as well. Report back and see if that helps at all? Good luck
  12. Glad you got it solved. Would have drove me insane racking my brain trying to figure it out.
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