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  1. Kind of shocked no one wants to buy these. Will likely pull them from sale soon. We'll say LAST CALL?
  2. If you were in CA, I'd offer a straight trade for my Danley TH215 subs. This is a KILLER combo and a solid price. GLWS.
  3. Agreed. If I didn't need the money, I wouldn't part with them.
  4. These CAN be shipped to you by USHIP easily if that is a deal breaker for anyone (buyer pays). They have wheels and duratex for easy transport. $2900 for the pair
  5. Unfortunately, they won't be hooked up in the usual listening environment. They are already out of the system for now. We are still under construction.... The sale will be more of a test for functionality. That being said, if you buy the subs, you are more than willing to listen to the JBLs that are hooked up.
  6. Well I would hope so. Indeed they are
  7. JBL 4722N. Less than the price of a pair of KI-396s. Got them new from an, authorized dealer and shipped to the door free. Bargain.
  8. Indeed, hence my sale 😔
  9. Need is a strong word in that sentence. You need the danleys that you will never see for sale again. The PrimaLuna used gear will always be available.
  10. I'll say 😁. One of the is more than I could ever likely realistically use in my room. As soon as two of them get fed a little juice, you just can't help but smile.
  11. Come take em off my hands. Now that I have a dedicated sound room of adequate size and dimensions, I can do whatever the hell I want in there without objections. Too bad I need the cash rather than EXTRA bass right now... Neither the JBLs nor the amps are going anywhere though.
  12. Yessir. Was 90 degrees plus or minus here for a couple weeks. No insulation in older homes.
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