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  1. Much respect for @Crankysoldermeister. You have been doing this forum right sicne forever. Glad you are finally officiated, truly
  2. This is what I replied to. Was just giving my 2 cents on a Dell I happened to purchase that I am content with. Had a hassle free return window but I won't be sending it back. Anyhow, carry on.
  3. Good to know. I am hoping it will be as we discussed. Tubes mids and highs with bottom end approaching SS grip and tightness.
  4. Incorrect. Exactly as I stated.
  5. OK you know best. It's a setting in bios that is currently disabled and allows a multiplier once enabled.
  6. What do you like about it in particular? Fully restored I assume?
  7. Easy enough then, worst case scaneario, I'll pay $60, swap the CPU cooler and call it mission accomplished. Bios is fully updated, hyperthreading was enabled out of the box, overclocking is available for "k" processor in BIOS (no need).
  8. Order new wireless Logitech or other brand wireless mouse and keyboard. All should be PNP and not require drivers for the most par. Try a different USB port perhaps or several prior?
  9. System, settings, about or system information. Will tell you what version and if it's legit or not.
  10. multithreading if the program(s) in question allow
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