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  1. I strongly prefer manual trans (except in my current car where I feel DSG is superior 😮). Too much damn traffic in LA. Really ruins the experience.... Getting difficult to find what you want in a manual the way you want it as well.
  2. Not entirely true.... Too many young kids are ever so talented at both around here...
  3. Wow, if I were closer, we would be making a deal. GLWS and welcome
  4. All fun and games. Just another item I'm flipping, that's all.
  5. I don't think so. Nicely bubble wrap each and put in a flat rate USPS Priority box. And my asking price is SHIPPED.
  6. Then you should have posted the one with the giant dent in the passive
  7. Ah yes, the Texas duo. They make incredible looking speakers, but the price tags always reflect this.
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