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  1. Bump, price drop. No interest in a beast of a sub?
  2. One thing at a time, don't tempt me. I've always been a fan of benchmark stuff. I shouldn't be, but I'm shocked at the incredible difference between the parasound P6 onboard DAC and this. Direct driving the amps is absolutely the way to go.
  3. Hmmmm, may have to listen to these legacies a little longer now....
  4. I have wondered and heard good things. I actually like the slight aggressive "in your face" more than the laid back sound. These legacies are in the middle with insane bass. I thought this controller that they came with would fix the problem. It fixed the bass, but made kids and highs worse. Not a good trade off. I already knew the bass would be overwhelming without it. I really like the Cornwall III, heresy III and the 396s in here. 396s and heresys need a sub for me. Cornwalls don't. As much as many here don't liek Cornwalls, I do. Hence my interest in the cornscala. I'm gonam talk to Justin weber about em today and I'm sure hell give me the rundown I need on em. Thanks for the input from you two though, I appreciate it.
  5. No, for a second setup. These legacy's arent doing it for me the way I expected them to..... I decided I'm going to build Crites cornscalas (which I have never tried). I don't prefer the sound of the legacies with the damping control (messes with mids and highs) and without it pulled out as far as I can into the room the bass is overloading the room. Bass doesn't sound right with EQ or with ports blocked. I couldn't resist giving them another go as they sounded wonderful in a previous much larger room I had.... Oh well. Was worth a shot. They sound great with some material and with other genres.... Not so much. I think the cornscalas will fit the bill nicely. The wife is correct also and I hadn't thought of this. These legacies are very heavy and tall. As such they are top heavy and present a real level of danger to an infant/toddler....
  6. I see no possible way that could be offensive, your right, my over reaction.
  7. For a different system, not my main. Less than half the cost, no sub needed. Sure as hell doesn't sound strange to me. I'll take that as a compliment? Thank you for dictating what is and isn't appropriate for my wants and needs.
  8. I didn't say it had to be small or horizontal. A processor will dictate what is sent where (and based on how sound is mixed/broadcasted in your case) and a proper center with processing will likely sound better for movies and dialogue than a stereo setup.
  9. I'm only offended with moronic comments that are clearly targeted and unwanted, highly doubt you would be the type
  10. Well driving my wife's Accord does feel a touch slow compared to my modified golf r, I see your point and raise you one 🤔. If 95% of your time is spent with TV/ movies, the center channel and processor and your best friends.
  11. Check out southern California pricing. You can get you a killer set of "custom" vintage khorns for $5k, all day. But be quick, others will pounce.
  12. I am quite particular, yes (and maybe other things or all things as well).
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