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  1. Westcoastdrums

    KG4’s for sale. All original and single owner

    Haha. I remember you and I had this Congo about the heresys. To pack and ship, fully insured from west coast to east cost was going to be close to 300.
  2. Westcoastdrums

    KG4’s for sale. All original and single owner

    Shocked at the cost high or low Jim? Shipping is outrageous near me lately...
  3. Westcoastdrums

    What I Got Today!

    OK I get it.... Now I understand you klipsch pro guys. These little guys are like heresys on a very healthy dose of steroids. They don't dig as deep but they easily best the sound of my older heresys I have had and the output capabilites are of course ridiculous.
  4. Westcoastdrums

    What I Got Today!

    Haha I don't think so. These will be PERFECT for backyard garage parties. No sub needed and they will be put of sight.
  5. Westcoastdrums

    What I Got Today!

  6. Westcoastdrums

    What I Got Today!

    Just bought a pair of KLIPSCH Pro KP-250 for $60. They work perfectly and are in pretty good shape. Will post pics in a bit. What a deal!
  7. Westcoastdrums

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    " Some of your fine stuff would be in my house now if you had. That is... if it was up here!" -easy fix. I have said it before but it's worth repeating. USHIP is VERY affordable if you have a little patience waiting for the right bid and it's shocking how cheap you can get large heavy speakers to your door from another state. They are driven to you and cared for by ONE person. I have never had a problem using their services. They have feedback for each shipper. That is always an option.
  8. Westcoastdrums

    SOLD NIB Klipsch The 3 For Sale-Klipsch Museum

    Klipsch "the three" is the model number
  9. Westcoastdrums

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    Guess who's gonna start listing in Seattle? 😁
  10. Anyone heard or own the KI 396 and using them for home duties? Impressions?
  11. Westcoastdrums

    Expectations, where do your lie ?

    I avoid that by skipping vintage electronics unless I want to spend the additional time and money rebuilding. Safe to assume it will need to be done I agree.
  12. @Coytee, what do a pair of the KI-396 sell for roughly? I don't see it listed as discontinued, yet there is no info on that model. Thanks.