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  1. All of that was just on offer up MUCH cheaper and then magically reappeared on Craigslist.... Hmmm....
  2. I have seen your posts around here plenty and have seen several ask and make references to you. I didn't mean to offend if I did. Was just stating my opinions on others speakers and what I have heard that matched what others were describing. I am well aware of the tradeoffs for klipsch in my opinion, in my room for what I am willing to spend. Not to mention, for what I liek to listen to. Most hifI systems cannot produce what I like to listen to properly. Klipsch can. I love klipsch, if you read otherwise, now you know. I have been playing with stereos since I was about 15. I know what I like and that's why I'm here (as it seems it is why you are as well). See ya around. No hard feelings.
  3. All good. I made a point about speakers OTHER than Klipsch IMO relevant to content being discussed and somehow I hate klipsch? You wanna help me out with that? Did I mention that I ONLY own klipsch speakers? Did I mention also that I DO NOT want to buy anything else?
  4. Ummmmm, the hell is someone supposed to say to that? You wanna add sowmthing or....?
  5. Ok buddy. I think there was a miscommunication, perhaps on my part? I've been here for more than a couple days and made more than a couple posts on here. I've bought and sold a couple things here. Been into klipsch for almost 20 years now (and I'm not that old). Relax, I am on your side (though it seems not currently?)
  6. The hell are you talking about? I currently own multiple sets of Klipsch speakers and have clearly stated that I understand why such systems I mentioned are what they are. They ARE NOT for me and I cannot afford them. I love klipsch, have left and came back to the brand multiple times and I'm here to stay.
  7. Yes, middle of the room. What is being confused about room reflections and output? The only one confused is you. Have you not heard such a "hifI" setup? It's quite common. Just go to a hifI show or someone that claims to be a hifI snob, I have seen and heard several such setups. I clearly understand the benefits, but there are many trade offs. Not sure what is unclear about that? The hell does output have to do with that? He had amplification to blow you out of the room if that is what you wanted. What's your point?
  8. I don't even understand what you are trying to say, try again please. The scenario I provided completely elimated room reflections (as close as can be possible). I failed to mention extensive electrical work, isolated room off of the house and compete room treatment. Maybe that will help you with your comment?
  9. You can guys can say that all you want, I've experienced it. My jaw literally hit the floor. Wall to Wall, ceiling to floor Soundstage from MY OWN RECORDINGS THAT I BROUGHT blew my mind! I have not experienced it since. This was on a pair of Dali megaline speakers. Pardon my French but HOLY SHIT did that burn a memory in my mind for the rest of my life. Haven't even gotten close since. Sorry klipsch guys. You have it? Let me hear it. Proowbly 8 feet from back wall and t feet from each side wall (huge room) and you could feel the bass as the volume increased. AMAZING. Danish amps and Preamps, would have to think of the name...
  10. I mean, I have a pair of 396s to sell a sucka for 5k all day long too but...
  11. Honestly, I know exactly what you are talking about AND it doesn't bother me. The other speakers you mentioned have MAJOR tradeoffs. I don't consider Soundstage depth a major tradeoff when the speakers also can do the vast majority of what else I want. Tradeoffs, I'll take the downfall ypu mentioned for the several positives any day. Been there, done that. If I go back in the direction you stated? Dynaudio and Dali all day long for me.
  12. And, I agree with you there. I don't have a problem putting a couple bucks in someone's pocket, but at his asking price? Ridiculous.
  13. Ouch.... My car still uses 5w30 or 5w40, so I guess speaking along the same lines, my butt is safe (literally) 😂
  14. The flippers in CA are getting quite ridiculous lately. There are at least 4 that I recognize, this is on one them. There are two more in orange county and one in San Diego. I see the ad the week before for a reasonable price or a solid deal. Next week? 4 to 5 times markup. Surely this case is no exception.
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