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  1. Thanks. I'd like to think my price is fair.... Got to be where I'm located then I suppose
  2. Yup, still here. Need to make some room in the garage.
  3. damage that these speakers can sustain in shipping For anyone else interested, USHIP is very safe to ship such speakers with horn and bass cabs detached from one another. Have shipped many large pairs of speakers cross country with no issues.
  4. I think it goes without saying, but due to size and weight, these will be local pickup or USHIP only.
  5. I agree. This was the reason for purchase in the first place. Figured these would appeal to the klipsch crowd.
  6. Indeed, I certainly agree with you there. They are MASSIVE and have substantial weight to the for a HF driver.
  7. Thanks. Wish I could use them in a secondary living room, but it is shared with dining room/fireplace and they just don't fit well like some smaller jbls I have.
  8. $1150 FIRM for the pair Located in Torrance, CA 90504 Up for sale I have a pair of Electrovoice EV TS-940D speakers. They are in good condition and work perfectly with no issues. I bought these for my last house as my outdoor speakers. Wife and I moved to a new house shortly after purchase. I no longer have a spot for these and as such, they are for sale. Call or text (562) 354-1235 if you are ready to buy or have questions. I'm not on here too often anymore. Busy with work and family.
  9. Dunno what the hell he's talking about. Anyhow, get in touch when you are ready. Glad they are going to someone that will love them as much as I do.
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