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  1. I know what they are, I saw the thread. I was kidding. They are gorgeous.
  2. Competition is what? Danley, SVS, HSU, Funk audio, rythmik, psa, pro subs. Am I missing something? Again, this is for those like myself that ARE NOT DIY. I completely understand and side with the DYI folks. I don't have the time or patience for it
  3. I get it. If I didn't have my hypex amp serviced annually, I would be guessing if it would turn on every time I tried to fire it up. If it had dust, it's trash.
  4. Ay yes, the anual cleaning and maintenance (whatever that means). I have white gloved professionals come out every year for every piece of equipment I own. Would be foolish not to.
  5. You sell quite a bit... When I posted several items for sale when new, I was hassled quite a bit. Interesting...
  6. Tapped horn territory....
  7. No need to pm. It's listed. $2900 for PA, v9ce driver, $3150 for Eminence drive in the 19 hz version powered. I know they have been updating their website regularly.
  8. Priced right in my opinion means, compared, to the competition, there is nothing like it for the price unless you go DIY and likely bigger and multiples. Bang for the buck for those the want over the top bass from even a single sub. Just my opinion, I'm sure several will disagree.
  9. Those CANNOT have dynamics like that. There are no horns. Come on guy....
  10. Can I charge even half that much for my jubilees and destroy the Wilson's at the same time?
  11. Don't know as of yet, but we should talk. Come down to visit, you have my number. We can make a day out of it.
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