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  1. Ah, that's what I missed? I love that part
  2. Oh so you want a pair with metal trim and fiberglass you say? 😏
  3. Haha. There is no way in hell she'll take the kid. If I attend, solo it is.
  4. Yes. Wife isn't back to work yet. Turns out she goes back at the end of February.... She's "nervous" about going back.....
  5. Shit thought these would NEVER sell 😂. SOLD!
  6. I did, I sold them all to forum members here for a deal and had one person ***** and whine about it
  7. $1600 SHIPPED via Friends and Family Located in Lakewood, CA 90713 HATE to sell this and wasn't going to, but I'm going to fund my education. Found a cheap replacement that is suitable to me for now. Up for sale I have a Benchmark DAC3 L Black DAC Preamp in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Unit works perfectly and has no issues. Comes with original remote control thay still has the plastic protective wrap over it.
  8. $500 FIRM Located in Lakewood, CA 90713 Letting em go for sure this time. Need to fund my education. Up for sale I have Klipsch RF5 Black Speakers PAIR Excellent Condition. Speakers are all original and fully functional. No broken pegs on grilles. Feet and jumpers included.
  9. Oh I bet. Running on 2 hours of sleep at work right now (and around the same every day) if that gives you any clues about my attendance.
  10. Ha, I want to attend (family situation will dictate yay or nay on attending). No need to "fund it". More like fund my education shortly.
  11. It is, thanks. Hoping to move my remaining gear and free up cash and space.
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