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  1. Yeah, I don't know about that guy.....
  2. Had to Google to learn what is being sold. Might help to give a little description. Five channel amp. GLWS
  3. Yes, they are quite large. 402 fits the bill
  4. Correct. But hey, I wasn't skeptical, I just needed that little push I guess. Once you told me that I thought what the hell. Glad I took the plunge.
  5. For the record, that was a joke. I have posted in a few places that I am a solid believer in the MAHLS and DE10s from @Dave A. I'm not getting paid for recommending these, I swear. He offers a FULL money back guarantee. Who does that? He knows you will keep them, that's why. I'll be ordering another set from him soon.
  6. That makes perfect sense. I figured it had some kind of gasket that turned to adhesive given time. When I opened my khorn bass cab in the past, the cracking sound that the wood made got my attention. Thought I broke the wood in half. Took a metal prybar and lots of patience to get it done. Oh what fun
  7. Yeah, had I kept going, I would have snapped mine as well. I can easily get the panel off, it's just doing it the right way without damaging anything.... You sure Klipsch doesn't seal these with epoxy and resin from the factory 😂?
  8. If I somehow manage pop them out and snap photos of all drivers inside, is anyone interested in purchasing as a result? I thought given the price these would move....
  9. Yes. So, I removed the screws on the input panel and gave it a SOLID tug and tried prying using car panel removal tools (plastic). Little sucker won't budge easily. I would rather not damage anything just trying to get a look inside. Anyone that is serious about the pair is more than welcome to come and do so yourself. Shipping I am guessing would be a deal breaker anyhow.
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