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  1. They know seafood and how to party like no other, as well as how to add quite the interesting accent to Spanish.
  2. Westcoastdrums

    JBL SRX718S Subwoofer PAIR 90713 $875

    Haha. Good for you. Keeping busy with audio related events. Your doing what you love, regardless of the toll it takes on your body (pregame with some motrin 😁). These subs IMO are all about SQ and have SPL to spare for days, if need be. I personally wouldn't consider JBL's JRX, MRX or PRX lines. If you have ever heard those lines compared to the SRX line you would know what I'm talking about. They are a damn bargain for the used prices they go for today. I have these listed at $1k outside the forum and will be patient. Who knows, at some point I may change my mind and keep em.
  3. Westcoastdrums

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Show, not go indeed. I just always liked the long stretched body personally. Many cars I would much rather have, just Two that were relevant to the discussion at hand. That grand national should have murdered that SS haha. If it didn't, you had serious boost leaak or perhaps rod knock? 😏
  4. Westcoastdrums

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    The heart of the Impala SS is the LT1 V8, which pumped 260 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque through a column-shifted 4L60 transmission
  5. Well that makes life easy, I'm going to best buy and dumping all my other amps, preamps and DACs. Why would ANYONE buy anything other than insignia brand? You would be a fool to buy anything else if everything sounds the same. Thanks for the enlightenment. What is weird is that there are so many audio companies in business for some time. I'm scratching my head as to why thay would be? Doesn't make sense if it is PROVEN that there is no difference.
  6. Westcoastdrums

    JBL SRX718S Subwoofer PAIR 90713 $875

    Haha I hear ya. THE PROBLEM with these subs IMO is that they are notoriously power hungry. For home use, that wouldn't be necessary. I ran 500 WPC from the K2 to them and they sounded great, but a little too tame for my tastes. When power is fed to them, they come alive in a comical manner. These subs are well known in the pro scene. I had powered new JBL subs that I borrowed from a friend and I HATED them. I totally understand the one man band outlook however. Gig on.
  7. Westcoastdrums

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Always wanted a grand national and or a late 90s SS impala.
  8. Westcoastdrums

    QSC PLX1602 Amplifier EXCELLENT Condition $350 SHIPPED

    I agree. If I couldn't have a crown I tech, Macro or K2, QSC plx amps are my first choice for affordable, bulletproof and excellent sounding amps. I am keeping a cheap, but wonderful sounding Crest VS900 to use with my KP-302s.
  9. Westcoastdrums

    JBL SRX718S Subwoofer PAIR 90713 $875

    If you were reasonably local, I would welcome you in to take a listen to my main system. I have another pair of them with my 396s and they would sell themselves to you. I wouldn't need to say a word. These aren't your typical pro subs. They dig deep and are very musical for 18s. They blend very well with my 396s crossed at 65 hz. Friend of mine that is a bass head was amazed how well they blend and commented that he felt no need to turn them up above blended volume.
  10. Westcoastdrums

    Henry Scott Yocum Memorial Amplifier Build

    Beautiful work you guys do. VERY NICE.
  11. Westcoastdrums

    QSC PLX1602 Amplifier EXCELLENT Condition $350 SHIPPED

    Thanks. Haha yes. I ran it bridged and got half the output that it was rated for hahaha. But yes, I ran it bridged into the JBL subs I also have for sale it it is an EXCELLENT match in the home setting. 30 hz infrasonic filter is a nice touch as well. Wish my K2 had that....
  12. Westcoastdrums

    JBL SRX718S Subwoofer PAIR 90713 $875

    Who's klipsch Pro speakers need some SERIOUS company?
  13. Westcoastdrums

    QSC PLX1602 Amplifier EXCELLENT Condition $350 SHIPPED

  14. Westcoastdrums

    UPDATE: It's 2018; what audio gear DID YOU BUY?

    Too much gear. Plenty of trial and error. Finally found the right components for my needs. 2019 will be the year to enjoy it all. Interested in a single horn loaded sub to replace both of my 18"s. Hopefully GSG Audio can help me out there. Waiting on a response in thay department when they get some time.
  15. Westcoastdrums

    What I Got Today!

    If he hadn't, it would have just been a minor fender anyhow if you had money and no big deal.