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  1. Id be interested in klipsch heritage trades as well. Trade value will be 1350 as I prefer cash. If intersted, reach out via text.
  2. Interesting story and I know what you mean. I had my first unit for better than 10 years before I sold it off years ago.
  3. Located in Torrance, CA 90504 $150 FIRM Up for sale I have a Monster Power HTS5100 Signature Line Power Conditioner. Unit is in excellent condition. Sometimes the display works perfectly, other times it will remain off. This does not affect its function. All LED lights work perfectly. Price reflects this. Call or text (562) 354-1235 if you are ready to buy or have questions.
  4. Lethal weapon to be certain. You know they are serious when you pick them up
  5. That's what USHIP was created for. I pretty much shipped all of the large klipsch gear that I sold (402 horns, huge 3 Way grand cinema speakers and plenty of KPT-888SW subs) using USHIP exclusively.
  6. Price drop. Solid deal at this price.....
  7. I agree. At this price they are a no brainer in my book if you have the space. Can be powered with just about anything and they are full range and smooth. Winner, winner, chicken dinner
  8. Thanks. The sub is a MONSTER. Price was defineltely a selling point (25% off retail new doesn't hurt). I had trouble blending the Danleys well with my mains and needed cash at the time to fund my house remodel. Would have cost more money to integrate them properly. Right out of the box, the jbl sub blends well and offers full PEQ and delay. I know @babadono will love the subs when he gets them dialed in. Might have to go over there and do another listening session/barbie again 😏
  9. Topping DX7 PRO DAC, Hypex NC1200 stereo amp, ZeroSurge surge protector, Sublime Acoustic K231 crossover. Simple system with great results. The sub is a JBL SRX828SP. I bought that so I can run it nearfield and MIC it from the listening position. I can tune it through Audio Architect. I'm completely satisfied with the mains without adjustment.
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