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  1. Scrappydue

    Building First Kilpsch Home Cinema Kit *HELP

    RP-250s for sure on the side. If couch is against back wall then yeah no need for surround backs. If there is 5 feet or more behind you, then sure make it a 7.1 setup.
  2. Scrappydue

    My new Pallidium P27C

    Well I’m that case i have some p-17’s I’ll sell you you can use for a center.
  3. Scrappydue

    My new Pallidium P27C

    Seriously man??? You are just on here to ask everyone if they are gonna sell their center? Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.
  4. Scrappydue

    Building First Kilpsch Home Cinema Kit *HELP

    If mains are on sides i prefer the Wdst style surrounds myself. If they are behind then direct firing is fine. If you are gonna do bookshelf on a stand might as well just do tower. Built in stand basically. Not much more money.
  5. Scrappydue

    Receiver for Palladium Home Theater Speakers

    I have them back again now.
  6. Scrappydue

    Receiver for Palladium Home Theater Speakers

    What are you rocking now? I don’t get on here much anymore now that i run the Klipsch owners Facebook group. Haven’t seen a post from you in a while.
  7. Scrappydue

    Receiver for Palladium Home Theater Speakers

    I ran my palladium setup on a denon with zero issues. If i were doing it all over again I’d probably go the anthem route.
  8. Scrappydue

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    some gooood stuff in that album!!! next year i will bring my real camera
  9. Scrappydue

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    me too man. if only justin would have let us enjoy it with a little less crazyness lol
  10. Scrappydue

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    If i go gain next year i will hava a custom t shirt made eith my pic huge and name really big too.
  11. Scrappydue

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    great pics. i wish i had known more of the guys forum names. im seeing them on here and recognizing the faces but i got tired of running around flipping peoples badges trying to figure out who was who lol.
  12. Scrappydue

    2018 Pilgrimage Photos.

    for anyone with facebook i posted all my pics on the "klipsch owner's" facebook page. much easier to upload without a computer. can post here after returning home.
  13. Scrappydue

    The Right 7.2 Speakers For My Theater?

    For sure get matching LCR. If you anywhere local to Kansas City I’m actually selling my pro cinema setup for 3k. If you wanna look them up they are 3 kpt-904 and 4 kpt-100. I’d get you more info right now but i need to get ready for the pilgramage right now.
  14. Scrappydue

    Klipsch La Scala 70th Anniversary Matching numbers

    might have a little less distortion in the bass department but my guess i they wont be an improvement on anything else against a 904.
  15. Scrappydue

    facebook group

    @timdog5000 here you go. And bump to the top for any other new guys.