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  1. 8 18's feels like everything you could ever dream of lol. i hope you get the 115 sub. its the only klipsch sub id even consider. try hitting up @MetropolisLakeOutfitters for pricing on one. he's an established for member and a klipsch dealer and an all around great guy to know!
  2. Yep 8 now. All the way to the ceiling.
  3. Center is the number one most important speaker following with sub close second. You wet big on the sub which was the correct thing to do. Get the 450c. If you have to save up for a bit then do so. You'll be fine without for a little while. You'll regret getting a 250 and end up with the 450 anyways then you'll lose money selling the 250 at a loss. Trust some of us that have had countless theaters. Upgrading is more expensive than just doing it right the first time. Welcome to the forum!
  4. It's a vinyl wrap.
  5. Man yours have them magnets purtruding also! Mine better not be like. I'll be pissed. That's not right.
  6. Yep those were ours.
  7. did you order the other set of cali blacks from him?
  8. Sending you a pm
  9. I may actually be the first in the group. Hard to say. But the first two sets cory ordered were for me and him. Either way. I'm pumped for these
  10. Front ported 61ii that can hang flush on wall get my vote. They should have not rear ported the 160's.
  11. @Jppeek where are you located at?
  12. I'm guessing you bough brand spanking new ones. They will arrive on that pallet juuuuust fine. Congrats man.
  13. Robert are you the one with a bunch of nice high end gear around Kansas City? I feel like we have talked before via pm
  14. The bookshelvesnwill do just fine in a room that size. I'd put the extra money towards some super cool stands.
  15. Crappy guy to not trying o be pushing new product, but probably a good salesman considering instead of selling 3600$ worth of speakers he sold 12,000$ worth of speakers.