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  1. Always happy to help a fellow vet. Get with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters His name is Cory and he’s an authorized dealer. He will set you up with what you need buddy! Where are you located at?
  2. RF7II Package Pricing

    Still feel this way?? Lol
  3. Gjallerhorn but drivers are hard to find. Othorn would be great but they don’t play super low if i remember. 25 and up for most users. Couple f-20 would be cheap. Or lil wreckers.
  4. Othorn...

    I’ve heard a pair with the ipal b&c woofers with a 12kw speaker power amp on them. They were absolutely insane. Only time I’ve ever been at a demo where i told the guy to turn it down because i actually felt like my ears were going to rupture or something.
  5. Klipsch RF-63’s cherry $399 Syracuse, NY

    Dang it i wish these were closer. Good luck with your sale. I’d snag in heartbeat if you were within a few hundred miles.
  6. FS: Klipsch Icon X & W (XF-48s, XL-23, XB-10s, WS-24)

    If I needed them to complete a setup I’d use, 400 seems fair since they are rare. Paying 400 to complete something that has been sitting in the closet for 1.5 years since the day I bought them would be stupid on my part lol.
  7. FS: Klipsch Icon X & W (XF-48s, XL-23, XB-10s, WS-24)

    I loved the icon w’s I had. If I had some towers I’d consider your surrounds to go with them but just having wb-14/wc-24 makes me not want to try and complete a little surround setup
  8. Best DIY subwoofer?

    I have 8 SI 18’s. And the kits are nice if you have no tools, but saying the kits aren’t much more is a false statement. If you get hem half off with a ultimax bundle they are still more than double what a sheet cost. And if you buy single flatpacks and have them shipped I can literally buy 4 sheets and build 4 of them for the same price or less. However time and tools do cost up front.
  9. You read wrong. They advertise b stock. Everywhere. It’s like they have an unlimited supply of them. You buy B stock on Ebay from them and you will receiver a stock. It’s BS that Klipsch lets them get away with it.
  10. We talking about cory aka metropolislakeoutfitter?
  11. You will be making a huge mistake NOT buying the 62ii center. It is the match for those. As for bookshelves I’d personally get the 61ii’s and put extra money towards the 115 sub. Better sub all around.
  12. No splicing won’t effect anything. Just do a good job of it and try to seal everything up tight to prevent oxidation.
  13. They advertise lots of stuff as b-stock and sell as new. Soon as I found that out I quit purchasing from them. Can’t stand people who can’t follow the rules. Scam artist. I will give it to the guy though he used to answer emails from me at like midnight.
  14. What to use as center channel home theater

    La scala or belle. Then pleeeeease get a big boy sub to go with your big boy speakers.
  15. RP 440 C Vs RP 240S

    No such thing as too big. Get the biggest center you can afford.