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  1. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    Crap i missed the train. I love mine. However they are ugly in stock form. They are much better than cornwalls. Except i don’t use them full range like cornwalls are capable of. I run mine with some small subs
  2. Subwoofers are hard.

    Or you could run a single to one corner and the other to another location of your choice. That’s what i would do.
  3. R-112sw in cherry

    It’s a wrap.
  4. FS: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    possibly. second pic looks much redder on my computer than my phone. youd tell the brown man. they are BROWN, and when they dont have light shining on them they look almost black.

    be prepared to leave wanting more than subs. cause once you hear the cinema series, nothing else makes the cut... good luck with the sale! whats next?
  6. One extremely nice sub or two very nice subs?

    i have eight stereo integrity 18's, and i built first 4 from flat packs, and second from scratch. and i dont push diy much unless guys are ambitious and already have the tools and the know how for the dsp and what not with the subs. otherwise i find a big lack of interest right off the bat, and i lots of cases guys getting upset that they got in over their head and wind up disappointed.
  7. Home theater seating...

    well i looked on their site and didn't see it. the ones i sat on out in california at a magnolia center were some of the comfiest ive ever sat in. they were like 899 a seat. all good leather. very nice.
  8. FS: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    If they are reddish at all then they arenfor sure Cabernet.
  9. FS: Klipsch WS-24 Surround Speakers ($300 shipped)

    Are these Cabernet or espresso? They look kind of red to me.
  10. Home theater seating...

    i think they sell seatcraft at best buy magnolia centers. might call a local one to see if they have any to look at
  11. Klipsch Gain problems Identical Subs

    Depends on placement in the room. Really need a mic to tell Best. However general rule of thumb is if one is front it’s at 0. If one is in back it goes to 180. Both at front both stay 0
  12. Vasubandu's terrifying build thread

    Can you go in ceilings for atmos? Modules are ok but they aren’t made to keep up with 7’s in my opinion.
  13. RF-7 II vs RP-280F vs RF-7 III Appearance Comparison

    Man read my post again please. Second sentence. The word “vertical” is in there in case you missed it.
  14. RF-7 II vs RP-280F vs RF-7 III Appearance Comparison

    Just to keep size down really. If your gonna have a center they try to keep them slim to they can sit on top of a tv stand. And the wider ones make it easy to set a tv on top of them. So it’s an easy marketing choice really. I run a diy setup in my living room and have a huge horizontal center. It has the exact same drivers as my mains. It sounds fantastic for a horizontal center. But like i said it’s HUGE.