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  1. Might not match perfect but it will work. Usually want the front three to match as closely as possible
  2. lol I was just about to tag you in this so you would see it
  3. Beautiful. Very far away from a lot of us. I actually can't think of one person on here I know from over there. Please post an asking price if you can. Thanks! Good luck with the sale.
  4. Run speaker wire from receiver to speakers. Then a single rca cable to your subwoofer lfe input. That's it. Super simple.
  5. Good thing i posted these on Facebook so he could find you. Did you find a box for that 310 yet so I can buy it?? Lol.
  6. Never hurts to ask. I think it's horrible looking and I'd do everything I could to get a new one
  7. oh sorry just asked this in a message. hmm not sure i would trust fedex or ups to fix this up and get it to me safe. hey @willlandill make you a deal. you drive up and grab both subs and then ill buy the 310 from you and you can bill wrap that bad boy and send it to me? ill pay for a real nice dinner for you
  8. do you have boxes for everything? i may be interested in the subs
  9. You are most welcome. Give cory till in the morning. I'm sure he's sleeping. What I should be doing. 6am is gonna come fast.
  10. Oh you're leaving a lot on the table with just that ten. Get with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters He's a dealer in this group and I think he has some r-115's right now. His name is cory. He will see this since I tagged him
  11. you talking about roger chase?i know @twistedcrankcammer has the seven pro khorns
  12. oh well yeah it has duplicate drivers and I'm sure they are stereo in a sense each full range gets its own feed. i was just meant they are singles and the six is the set. the three really is great sounding. it sits off to my left in my office. I'm just now starting to wonder if its gonna last since they already are having lots of issues.
  13. Back to the top for fun.