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  1. Man sweet stuff for sale. Wanted a pair of the natural palladium bookshelves for a long time now. Wish I had a grabbed a set when they cleaned them out. Good luck with sale.
  2. Sure if he decides to eventually upgrade all his other speakers too. Otherwise the 64ii wouldn't be worth the money. 62ii would be a better buy imo if your not gonna get the 7ii's down the road.
  3. You bought this yesterday and now you're selling? Why not just return it?
  4. And if you're really into aesthetics they are building a new veneers matching sub to match the 7ii's
  5. I'd say the 3's are gonna be a tad more laid back sounding. I certainly like the look of them better. I'm about the only one though I think. Everyone else likes the veneer front. I'd agree on black but I don't like cherry veneer on the front with copper woofers. The new ones are a nice contrast and the lean back and plinth is so much classier looking
  6. Let's bump this back up and see if anyone has any new pics?
  7. If you go pro you want the 396. The driver is uses on the horn is the magic. Don't skimp. Can you not do a shallow false wall?
  8. Nice where did you end up finding a good deal at?
  9. And welcome to the forum.
  10. Get the 240 for surrounds if they are gonna be on your sides. Or the 150's if they are gonna be behind you. Get the 450c for center. Don't skimp. This is the most important speaker. Sub is number 2. Get with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters For a sweet deal on a center and surrounds. He might even cut you better deals if you bundle with a sub.
  11. lol I sent that to my buddy and he's like yeah I know the guy that wrote that article. I hope one day to be that smart and know all the big dogs in the industry.
  12. Are we talking like coffee tables or stuff even closer?
  13. Just sent it to some friends to see what their take on it is.
  14. Hmm interesting read. Goes against what a lot of very high end installers talk about seems like to me.
  15. That's how you quote on a phone. Rarely on a computer on this site anymore.