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  1. What to use as center channel home theater

    La scala or belle. Then pleeeeease get a big boy sub to go with your big boy speakers.
  2. RP 440 C Vs RP 240S

    No such thing as too big. Get the biggest center you can afford.
  3. RP 440 C Vs RP 240S

    Center would be the better upgrade of those two. Anything stopping out from getting the 450c so you have all 5.25" drivers across the front?
  4. no bass

    yeah i agree with wvu. maybe speakers are set to large and they need to be set to small so bass is directed to sub? or maybe we have the rca hooked in to the wrong spot on the avr? lost of possibilities
  5. Tour of Wakejunkie's Home Theater (Lots of Pics)

    so why not lower it as much as possible? nothing to do with dispersion from the horn. all to do with the fact that a vertical center sounds MUCH better than a horizontal.
  6. Tour of Wakejunkie's Home Theater (Lots of Pics)

    I guess I don't understand why the center is not vertical? Just doesn't make any sense to me.
  7. Rp250c's as surrounds

    Do it! Don't be scared. Will work just fine
  8. Mixing Reference and Reference Premiere

    Just contact @MetropolisLakeOutfitters For a good price and you won't have to wait for a sale.
  9. Forte III

    That and those are special editions which I believe are already all sold out.
  10. Shared this on the klipsch owners group on Facebook. Will get tons of attention there.
  11. RF-7 II vs RP-280F vs RF-7 III Appearance Comparison

    3's get my vote. Classier in every way imo minus the veneer on front. But I like the new baffles. Chamfer, black, magnets. Just better.
  12. RSW-15 vs KW-120 THX Subs

    Another vote for the. Ultras. Very musical subs. Loved mine
  13. Klipsch RF-7 II, RC64 ii 4 RS52 II

    Wow another duplicate. @Youthman another one needing deleted lol
  14. Polk LSiM Speaker Package

    @Youthman another one.
  15. Klipsch RF-7 II, RC64 ii 4 RS52 II

    @Youthman can we get this guys thread fixed so it's less confusing or just gone?