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  1. CHERRY RF7-II's

    I can't believe no one jumped on these. Put them on eBay or Audiogon you will get much more publicity.
  2. My God this guy is making CF-4

    They're subs are similar to PSA subs.
  3. What Year Are My Speakers?

    How were you able to decipher that? Thanks
  4. Forte III

    Never had a chance to take a listen. How do they compare to RF-7's?
  5. He's a great guy. if you're ever in Vegas check out his warehouse.
  6. Eric hasn't had any Palladiums in months. He sold them all real quick.
  7. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Junk food delight
  8. I used to own RF-7's and after DeanG did his magic to the crossovers they were much more laidback.
  9. Klipsch RF-7 Grill Replacement

    I would contact Klipsch. sometimes the have them. You may get lucky.
  10. RF 7iii's - Where to Audition?

    Buy them you will not be sorry
  11. RB-5 IIs - wow

    Very nice set