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    +1 on Anthem gear
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    RP-280S with Palladium Fronts

    I bought a couple of RP-280S and boy do they sound good. I was listening to 5 channel SACD music and the guitar on the surrounds sounded almost real. Movies were great also. Makes me wonder if the P-27S are worth it?
  3. Awesome. He’s on the audiophile highway early.
  4. Having trouble editing. Please do it for me. Looking to buy a pair of Klipsch P-27S. I am in California. Thank you.
  5. Looking for a pair of Klipsch P-27s in Merlot color. I am located in California.
  6. 558

    RP-280S with Palladium Fronts

    Do you have a link?
  7. 558

    RP-280S with Palladium Fronts

    No I have not heard them. I'd just thought since those are the latest ones perhaps they will work out.
  8. 558

    RP-280S with Palladium Fronts

    Mainly music.
  9. I have Palladium P-37F and P-27C and I am considering these for surrounds. Will they match/blend musically?
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    Oppo BDP 105D

    Other than 4K there is no audible difference between the 105 and 205.
  11. 558

    Looking for klipsch p27c

    Maybe you can rub the scuff out and be done.