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  1. More images (thanks Oicu812): https://postimg.cc/7G7fR3Lb https://postimg.cc/m1stWPcj https://postimg.cc/3d9WzJ3j https://postimg.cc/f3SL3cm5 https://postimg.cc/R6cZdvPH https://postimg.cc/23748Yzy https://postimg.cc/jDmfkdhg
  2. No sir. I'm not interested in breaking up the set.
  3. I'd like to post more pics and information, but I've reached my 2mb limit. So just the information and I can email additional photos to interested parties. Front Speaker #2: some small marks around the top woofer and a small crack in the faceplate that hold that same speaker in. These are very very minor. Also, this speaker has some minor deformation at the lower right hand front corner of the veneer. I suspect it is from banding (manufacturer damage?). You can't really see it but you can feel it if you run your hand over it. This speaker also had an issue with the tweeter not functioning when I got it from Scrappy (probably from shipping). Ended up being a loose connection at the xover (easily fixed) but not noticeable at first (hence the slight damage at the top woofer as I took it out to gain access to the tweeters during troubleshooting. Once I discovered it was the xover Scrappy had a new one sent to me. So - this sale includes a brand new extra xover for a P-37F. Subwoofer: display light is out. I discovered this is a fairly common problem with this sub during my research. The display works, it's just very hard to see since the backlight went out. Some minor damage around the speaker edge to the veneer itself. This resulted in trying to take the speaker out in attempt to repair (I thought it might be a loose wire) the light in the display. The top right grill peg likes to work itself loose so it doesn't always hold the grill firmly to the front of the sub. Not anything I did, just a manufacturing/engineering defect. Remote is included and works. I think I've been as descriptive as possible. If you want photos of the issues I described above send me a mail with your email and I'll get them off to you as soon as possible. Standard questions can be posted in here and I'll monitor the thread. EDIT: oh, and some of the little Klipsch logo decals are missing from the various speakers. IMO, these are crap and Klipsch should be ashamed of themselves for engineering such shitty decals.
  4. Here are the photos and information on the Palladiums: - I am located in Washington state. - Buyer would pay shipping. I have all the original manufacturer boxes, packaging, materials, etc. that came when these when I bought them. - I'm asking $8,950 U.S. and would entertain serious offers. Center Channel: flawless, no issues Surround #1: Flawless, no issues. Surround #2: Flawless, no issues. NOTE: When Scrappy sold me the set he mentioned a small mark on the backside of one of the surrounds. I couldn't see anything when I received them. But I'm mentioning it here for full disclosure. Front speaker #1: Flawless, no issues.
  5. Yes. We have. I'm simply gauging interest from the community to help me determine the market. For full disclosure to the community, I purchased this set from Scrappy about 4 years ago. I think he is willing to buy them back for what he sold them to me for - and I would be fine with that, however, because of the rarity of them coming onto the market I'm gauging if there may be more headroom on the selling price. I'm a capitalist - just looking for the best deal I can get. I will post pics and a full description of everything as soon as I can.
  6. Hello all, I'm the proud owner of a 5.1 Palladium set and I'm gauging interest IF I was to put them up for sale. So I figure this is the right place to test the waters. 2 P-37F 1 P-312W 1 P-27C 2 P-27S All in Merlot. Anybody intrested?
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