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  1. NP ever with a 2004 RSW10. Other than the RSW line I know the R-115SW is a good one. I can not think of any other Klipsch subs were not outclassed for it's time though. I have heard recent rumblings about a new monster Klipsch sub coming, but that whisper died nearly instantly. I love competitive bass. Hope Klipsch gets in the game for real.
  2. OK. We have an update to my previous post above. Same settings. No Audyssey. Level match only. 60HZ crossover. Averaged across left and right channel across multiple seating postitions to allow a simplified understanding of what the result is without overwhelming with all of those measurements. One single SVS SB2000 sub set to 76%. AVR -15db. AVR sub level default 0db. Again, no room correction applied. Just a before and after.
  3. $500 Wow! Thanks for helping with the negotiations. Was not aware of the fact this was an auction site either. I never knew thr empty cabinets could be worth that. I'll be sure to give you a shout when I have something I am looking to let go of too. JK. LOL.😷
  4. I'll take the empty cabinets off your hands when the time comes. So now you have that assurance. Good luck anyway. Hope you get what you are looking for.
  5. A little tiny bundle of boom. It's so cute. I can even hold it on my lap without crushing my femural artery. The design committee won't even notice it. I already hid it under the foliage of a house plant.
  6. Here are the measurements of my room with audyssey turned off, left and right channels averaged at a central listening position, with no subwoofer. 6 measurements taken across 3 seating positions to get the average you see highlighted. +/- 4db is not a bad measurement concidering no correction software was applied. -12db smoothing applied in REW. Volume for the measurment is set at -15db and achieves reference levels at the listening position. I would like to see a smoother response from 80hz down to 25hz. We will find out if one SVS sb2000 can do the job or not.
  7. Revived! Late to the game again. On my way to purchase an open box SVS SB-2000 single today. Putting this in a 4000cu.ft. room. Pairing it with 5 Chorus II's each running 200W of class AB power. Oh, and just so you know, my home theater space has less than half the cu.ft. running 5 4 way JBL's with 14" woofers that are tuned down to 30HZ @ 200W each of class AB. In that space I run two Monolith ported 12 subwoofers that are practically 4 times larger each than the SB2000. The Monoliths dig down to 11HZ @-10db in that room. I do not want that in my living room. Reason for being so backward in placement you ask? Simple. Neighbors. They never complain about the theater, concrete walls and floor, but on the upper level the shared raised floor shakes their floor and has previously caused several complaints. I have been without a sub in the living room for almost 1 year now. I am just trying to get boost at a notch of about 7 HZ in my living room without killing it like I do in my theater. I like how the sealed SB-2000 rolls off just where I need it to without complicated or costly DSP add-ons. Measuring before and after with REW and UMIK-1 will tell the story of the benefits applied. My neighbors will appreciate me not sending them any inaudible but fully tactile infrasonic frequencies. The 5 Chorus II's can definitely fill the previously mentioned notch, but mostly at increased volume levels. Even with 200W/channel. Even with upgraded crossovers. Subs are independent and can be controlled depending on circumstances. They can also be placed in various locations avoiding room modes or nulls. I know I should be buying 2+ subs, but there is only 1 available and sold out everywhere now. Also the "design committee" is not overly excited on this one either. This little sub will be nearly invisible. If I do not like the results, I will not loose a dime and simply notify you all of my failed experiment. I personally do not require any "I told you so's" or "I warned you's". Cost, risk, and reward are far to low for that in my case.
  8. NOPE! Just relisted and price was raised. This will continue for the next 12 months, or how ever long it takes to sell. Craigslist here is cluttered with this guys overpriced stuff. His pricing becomes a problem for me occasionally during a negotiation in some of my dealings, but usually I can just ignore the listings. I am not on a smear campaign here, just here doing you guys the service of knowing you could potentially be taking advantage of the current market and thereby selling your gear for higher prices in your own hometowns. I will not be contacting the seller myself for anything, ever. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/brookfield-klipsch-quartet-speakers/7194529971.html
  9. Not from the original poster. Not from me. Just another local who is apparently venting. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/brookfield-klipsch-quartet-speakers/7194529971.html
  10. I sold my pair of Oiled Oak Quartets with brown grills on Ebay for $750 30 months ago. He came to pick them up too. Add $50 for Walnut. Add recent price increases and you are not far off of the pair in question. I thought I was robbing the place when I got that for them back then though. I would like to point out that good condition used Klipsch speakers, especially any versions of Forte, Quartet, Chorus, and Cornwall, have recently had very significant price increases on the used market. They are selling for those higher prices. We are all here shocked because of it, but it remains true. Here is another pair listed. Recently reduced. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/brookfield-klipsch-forte-ii-speakers/7191497650.html
  11. This guys M.O. is always the same. Highest prices I have ever seen, and the stuff sits around forever. Relisted weekly. He must find buyers though. Eventually the stuff disappears. It is extremely annoying and difficult to be a buyer in this area now with him listing extremely overpriced items. I can not imagine he cares very much about his time or what anything is worth, as long as he gets more than he paid.
  12. I know the flipper just paid $700 for them yesterday from a guy I talked to earlier. I was told I could have had them for $575. I wish this CL flipper would buy my stuff when I have something FS.
  13. If you have 1, 2, or 3 empty Forte II cabinets sitting around taking up space. Any condition. Any finish. My location is Wisconsin, but travel is an option, so try me regardless of your local (Lower 48).
  14. DIY you can run a test from this web page and plot the frequency response of your ear
  15. I would like to see one of these from a few of the audio reviewers, especially those who also happen to be of an advanced age, that many "audiophiles" pay so much attention to. Kind of like a lie "BS" detector for your ears. Going to go listen to the crickets and frogs in the otherwise silent room sing a beautiful caucaphany of sound now.
  16. WOW! What a response! Like a full page worth. Thanks. Always looking for another place to find rare, out of print, or otherwise hard to find copies of physical media.
  17. Interested in knowing exactly how many different movie titles this collection covers. Care to count them all for me? Thanks you in advance. Also did you have a link to where you made the purchase? Oh, More questions... Are those tracks direct off of the home releases of the movies, or are they recorded live, restoration of originals, or something else?
  18. Pardon the interuption. Just some crap I got cheap. Denon X4400W AVR (2013) ONKYO M-5150 amp (1988) Denon is going in the garage for 2 channel and maybe a screen. Onkyo is a 150W/channel ic chip amp with little to no following. At least was made in Japan, looks clean, and works now. Just wanted a toy. Moving out of the way now so I can make room for the Jubes.
  19. Get rid of the car. I hope you are going to not going to suffer anything long term. I had this happen to me before. Full stop, foot on the brake, turning left into my driveway waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. Minivan hit me dead on, never hit the brakes going 50mph. 2 weeks out of work, chiropractor, 2 years fighting insurance. I had intermittent boughts of back pain for 2 years afterward. Now, I always stare into my rear view when I am in this position, always prepared for these boneheads. Very important to keep your wheels straight. Anyone else, if you find yourself in this situation, take my advice and get an ambulance and an attorney. Yes, even when you feel fine and are not worried at the moment.
  20. Island Lake, IL · over a week ago Pair of klipsch forte1 in pristine condition. New crites x-overs no scratches dents or dings of any kind. Grills are perfect!. You won’t find a better pair anywhere in the United States. Price is firm!!!! All inspection and information tags are present! $1400
  21. This thread seems to never die. Not saying I would like to. Just to stir the pot. Adding this here to help future readers of this thread.
  22. I recall, not too many years ago, how $400 would have had original Forte I change hands.
  23. New accent lights for my theater. No electrical work was done. I made the frames they are mounted to. I converted the sconces so they plug in like a lamp and use Alexa or remote for switching. DIY.
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