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  1. Making a formal request for an update on the current quantity available now of the standard issue 75th Anniversary Book of Klipsch? My concern is as it always has been, wait for a signed copy and miss out entirely on the book. I am looking for a reply with factual information including an actual number, this can happen in PM, and not an opinion. If you have an opinion about my request, that's fine too, but my question will remain open and unresolved in that case.
  2. I have only owned and used 6 different external multi channel amps, they all have left me with the impression that there were distinct differences in the way they sounded to me, in my space, with my connected equipment. I definitely preferred some over others. Both used and new. I stay far away from all tube amplifiers for this reason. My OCD would be completely overwhelmed by all of the available combinations. Not nearly the difference I heard when changing pre-amps or especially speakers. Optical players have had the smallest sound signature for me. Some interconnects, but never speaker wire. I feel no vanity in saying these things. I know there are many who do not believe it. That's totally fine with me. I would never sell someone on the idea that they should hear a difference, I just know that I do, at least up to a certain price point or build quality.
  3. You are 10 years behind the curve. Di-pole, Bi-pole, either way 180 degree Wide Dispersion is the problem with RS-7 when used in Atmos formats. All you are doing is spraying and smearing the sound all over the walls, creating many more reflection points, in what the sound engineer intended to be a localized sound in the first place. I keep bringing up Atmos because it is quickly gaining ground, whether up-mixed, or discreet. The topic of the thread is Surround, and I don't think your listening to your Jefferson Airplane vinyl on your RS-7's.
  4. Not if you want to use them for Dolby Atmos decodes, in which case RS7 is certainly not better. Di-pole is a big No-No. Direct radiating speakers need only apply. Keep your facts straight when posting these sort of blanket statements. Try offering some references to show you know what you are talking about. Page 6 reads: Note: Dipole surround speakers are not recommended for use for Dolby Atmos playback. https://www.dolby.com/siteassets/technologies/dolby-atmos/atmos-installation-guidelines-121318_r3.1.pdf
  5. Which unfortunately is never the case when it happens, at least not until the entire thread is left in shambles, and the #1 reason I stopped posting my stuff in the Garage Sale thread. I have yet to see where someone who trashed one of these sales threads, either in public or private, was put into timeout. Usually I do not see direct attacks, but instead more of a line of questioning designed to set up the attack. The type of post I see happen quite often are when a would be protagonist asks an open ended question, designed to bait the OP into making an uncomfortable, but public statement, which the protagonist then continues into attacking the OP. If the OP chooses to leave the question unanswered, a viewer could then potentially perceive this unanswered questioning either as affirmation, or as being an unresponsive seller. I often use current market rates for my items. Unless it says firm, offers are open. I generally offer concierge type service in my listings, such as shipping options, personal delivery options, fees, special packing or etc. I doubt those who continually go around repeatedly thread-crapping garage sale pricing never look into what it takes to get a product safe and securely into the hands of another person, when you don't live in a large metro area with plenty of local buyers. I fully support the XX days moratorium on posts, including the seller, in all newly created Garage Sale listings. Make it happen!
  6. Not me, but my wife, got a fantastic new sewing machine today. Pretty big deal for us. Top of the line Pfaff from a few years ago. Performance 5.0. Decided to buy a used model with not too many hours of use and had been serviced. These computerized machines are pricey, but do not need to be replaced too often. I guess I won't be seeing her around much for a while.😘
  7. As Front Height, not Surround. Older pic, but have been running this configuration for a couple of years now. Not quite the same effect as the true ceiling mount Atmos setup I have in my dedicated home cinema, but for my family room, it works great. Yeah, Chorus II are not exactly Heritage, but are Extended Heritage in theory. I think the surround channels would be more problematic with timbre match though. Most of the content that I listen to in this space utilizes the RP-160M's for added ambiance and channel separation. Especially enjoying Dolby Atmos Music, but admittedly is less effective in my setup when providing a discrete lossless channel. For me, in my space, I am very satisfied and wouldn't have it any other way.
  8. 6 Days or less. I actually forgot to track it and missed the sale, but they are gone now either way. SOLD
  9. I didn't know that RF7 III's were made in Hope. Is this accurate? No other Klipsch "consumer line" models either? If so, stock on RF7 III just went way up in my book. I need to do more research.
  10. That is machine damage, not human error. But really who cares anyway, especially at these prices. Seriously, even if this were given away for free, how are you supposed to be happy with this mess? I get official theatrical release full sized Disney posters "free" (DMI points), and I still refuse to accept anything less than 99/100.
  11. I don't do albums, but I still do cover art
  12. So should be available Monday 8/30.
  13. Thanks! I have religiously removed every single sticker, tag, anti-theft, etc. thing from my 2000+ movie collection, but have pretty much just been using dumbass fingernail busting techniques. I still receive 50-100 new films every month, so I am definitely going to give Bestine a try now.
  14. SOLD Countdown began 8PM 8/22/21 Lets see how long this one takes to disappear. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-klipsch-chorus-ii/7369646819.html
  15. Seems to relate to how it "feels" inside my cozy home, when I hear about what it is like right now for people who are living in Afghanistan. I am not there, so I does not seem like it is so bad. Right? What could possibly be wrong there? Probably just the media again. Right? Maybe if they all just went and got their vaccines though...
  16. I edited the title of the post for you. You may not have been aware of it, but you are actually an active participant. Hiding in Plain Sight: Public Health, Eugenics, and COVID-19 https://harvardpublichealthreview.org/30-article-appleman/
  17. Related to you. Hiding in Plain Sight: Public Health, Eugenics, and COVID-19 https://harvardpublichealthreview.org/30-article-appleman/
  18. Oh, well, I just interpreted what was said, that preceded your comments, as being of the self deprecating sort, and not of the literal sort. It always seems to go back to the same thing here though, looking for a localized population to blame for something or another. I will just go back to the well with the other rabbits.
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