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2023 Subfest (A Bonehead Class) Reports, Photos, Etc.

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On 11/13/2023 at 1:56 PM, JohnA said:


The size, of the 4, should be selected by output and performance.  There is not a recommended La Scala match, but I'll pick Large.  You will not want or need additional subwoofers for any reason.  If I were you, I'd replace any direct radiator subwoofers you have with these.  They are easily special effects capable.  You will not regret it!  We were given impressive response curves and told a lot about the physics of the subs, that i won't discuss.  The Medium goes deep enough for any music, the Large should cover most LFE effects, if not all and the XL is likely brown note capable.  😆  Choose the additional subs for the max dB output you require.   They are powered, so you will not need an additional amp.  The amplifier power is surprisingly low and the embedded amp allows some control of distortion. 


We were not given a release date, but speculation was not before Spring/Summer '24.  You have plenty of time to try to time the Market. 


This is the Large.


Large Sub.jpg

What's with the Name Tag ya old Coot ??

Can't remember who You are ??  ,,,😀😀😀

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That active LS system with new horns at Subfest will be launched this year and the last Pre-Production Beta has been offered to the Museum. The Museum is going to give them away as part of a Spring Klipsch Museum Visitor Campaign. Click link above for more information. 

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