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  1. There was never a peanut allergy thing growing up. Where did these genetic defectives come from? Boomers. The worst generation besides their greatest generation of failed parents in history.
  2. Does it deserve it?
  3. There is. You take them out into the woods and leave them. They either survive or die. But trust me, they won't survive on peanuts...
  4. Why should some dork with a peanut allergy ruin things for the rest of us? Better yet, why are they even allowed to live?
  5. Because they are wimps.
  6. I've never complained. I don't believe in thread "ownership" either.
  7. Typical thread drift in 2 posts.
  8. Sure, Jif tastes more like fresh peanuts, but Peter Pan tastes more like peanut butter. Oh the humanity!
  9. Wow, that's a scary lot! Happy Halloween while we are at it.
  10. You have a job?
  11. Look at it under a microscope, and if it's not overly worn it could be your tonearm. Make sure all the settings are still where you put them.
  12. Had surgery on my neck a few days ago. It is a pain in the neck. Literally.
  13. For what? I don't know it's all speculative.
  14. You see? This is how things are done in a meritocracy... Oh dear, is that a bad word?
  15. LOL. Hardly. I'm just trying to do him a favor and get from it what he can.
  16. The more you know, right? Kind of like why no one should waste money on a Linn.
  17. It's not actually. The Oak predates the Fig. Paleocene and perhaps older versus Miocene. The edible fig did not exist until men bred it.
  18. In my religion, the oak.
  19. I might have to report that.
  20. The problem with the question is that no matter the answer, the next decision becomes vs. Jeannie. I dream of Jeannie.
  21. Yeah but that was to Oregon. Are they ducks or what?
  22. What kind of morality? Oops. Forgive me for transgressing the restriction of discussing morality here. How about Ginger vs. Mary Ann?
  23. You just gave it away in another post. I deserve an oak leaf cluster.
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