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  1. I'm in the not category.
  2. We did. And we made treaties. Then we broke them. Simple enough.
  3. Disney is evil. I think I have said that before.
  4. Archived, you might have to get at it a different way... Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong - The Washington Post The post admits they also got it wrong. The facts are the facts. The rest of the story about whether it was enough to claim ethnicity on applications is another issue. Some people still believe the civil war was about states rights above all else. Maybe, you know, maybe....people believe in their perceived handed down heritage, it's all the same. So I say say cast stones at all of them, and quit being hypocrites.
  5. Actually, she is. And is more than I, having zero. And more than most of us. Honest, God fearing, white people...which I am except for the fear part.
  6. oldtimer


    I thought I noticed a wonky thought pattern.
  7. I believe so. There are books written on the subject. It's just wrong for so many reasons.
  8. We had some on our lanai. Finally got it up this year. It is hard to keep clean and does not last forever, and the deterioration process is ugly. I know you are just kidding...the previous owner wasn't.
  9. Look on the bright side. Less chance of getting a noise violation when pissing off the neighbors.
  10. Go commando but wear a face mask.
  11. Slavery exists to this day. Pointing fingers at others doesn't erase anything else. Using it as some sort of justification, moral or otherwise, is disgusting, yet typical of certain viewpoint's propaganda efforts.
  12. I grow horseherb under my oaks. Also liriope will creep in. Both extremely drought tolerant ground covers that can be mowed, or not. The horseherb does disappear in winter while liriope stays green all the time. Not sure what they would do in your climate zone.
  13. oldtimer


    But most of them don't post here anymore.
  14. oldtimer


    Did the culprit ever cough up the duck?
  15. oldtimer


    How are you doin'?
  16. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    Clover, rplace. Now that's a lawn. None of that monoculture grass stuff. It's good for the soil, too.
  17. Ah, the beginnings of a pond....
  18. Plus one. Bermuda is not killed off so easily anyway. Your 60 inches of rain a year is way easier on St Augustine than our plus 100's temps in the summer and half the rain. Drought tolerant ground covers are the only way to go for shade at least here. I have a liriope front lawn that filled in from the original bed border planting. It doesn't have to be mowed unless you want to once maybe twice a year, and looks good either way, depending on the look you like.
  19. St Augustine is a water hog, no doubt. It is not as hardy as other ground covers either. Up here I quit worrying about grass, now that I have so much shade, and just find hardy ground covers.
  20. They would quickly starve in Florida.
  21. West Nile virus, carried by mosquitos is also still a problem.
  22. oldtimer


    Lost your calculator?
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