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  1. Yes. They are not all that sure they want to be associated with us.
  2. I disagree, but it beats the last response. After all, I don't know why it would be...
  3. I have an inkling that it has been already precedented, and is why it is happening more frequently.
  4. Is the gov't responsible for private company's negligence? Or put it this way---Does the gov't run that pipeline? Enquiring minds should want to know. (don't take it out on me---asking for a friend)
  5. Not a joke. It is what I have heard.
  6. I heard that he doesn't miss anything...
  7. Is there a vaccine for excessive paranoia? Draw your own conclusions. (asking for a friend)
  8. oldtimer


    Livestock farts are not a major source of methane by any stretch, look it up in Scientific American.
  9. oldtimer

    Beer Drinkers

    It's good. Had a few in my day.
  10. Better for grilling steaks. A little goes a long way for bbq.
  11. Mamas got a squeezebox!
  12. Does anyone remember when Jeff Matthews posted videos of people dying in the streets, and others being welded shut into their homes? At the time global spread was barely on the horizon in most minds.
  13. oldtimer


    Yes. Assessment of the state of their progress.
  14. There is this to consider, for those who love anecdotal style information... Studies of hospital workers suggest COVID-19 vaccines prevent coronavirus infections (msn.com)
  15. oldtimer


    On the contrary, if it hits in a remote region where the US dominates it could yield valuable intelligence.
  16. Baker put on a great display, but my money is still on Billy Cobham for best drummer on the planet.
  17. Rabbits are a great source of heat, smart cat.
  18. "Freedom's just another word for Nothin' left to lose..."
  19. Can of worms, and yummy...mmmmmmm worms. Really, you think there has been no censorship? As a corporate entity, they are allowed their censorship. Oh boy, think on that one!
  20. I grew up messing with them. Climbing trees to catch them, and the song is the definitive music of summer in NCT. We get the every year variety. Sometimes if you walk by a tree or shrub, you spook them and they take off, often right into your head or body. They pack a pretty decent punch for an insect.
  21. They seem to like their factory direct business model.
  22. Well Jimbo, that is probably less expensive than renting a vehicle plus the associated expenses to do it yourself. I looked up Nahunta on the map, it is almost to the Atlantic coast. Richie, the Yoder's look nice, but they are not reverse draft and look harder to clean.
  23. Sparks? I don't blame the pup.
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