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  1. If you have kindle I might be able to share it to you. I've never tried it before so I'm unsure how it works, or what is allowed.
  2. Thanks but I'm all up to date.
  3. Black Ice by Brad Thor. Yet another in the Scott Harvath series, but what I like about Thor is his topicality imbedded in his plots. This one involves the "northwest passage" or arctic route if you will. International intrigue and its national security implications are in play.
  4. I'm not sure of all the choices. We got Samsung. My wife had an iphone a while back and it was so completely worthless we will never get an apple product. Putting a little down gets you "upgrades" but the A71 5G works fine for us. If you have been with them you probably are eligible for a newer phone.
  5. I'm loving it. It's so much better than what I had before.
  6. With a 2 year contract TMobile will give you 2 lines with 5G phones and unlimited data on their geezer plan for $70 per month total. I wish laptops came with cellular capability. Geezer in this case is 55 plus.
  7. Rolling Stones at the Cotton Bowl November 3rd. Not sure i want to go because I might be the youngest guy there.
  8. Hopefully your poops are not as large.
  9. But with world beating drummer.
  10. Some wise guy put limburger in the light fixtures in the shower/bathroom in college. Nothing got rid of the smell until the fixtures were replaced as the remedy...
  11. With spelling like that, I certainly will not.
  12. Of course. My reply quoted what I responded to, which mentions the Chorus II. We all know that tastes vary, just as we all have differing levels of experience and backgrounds in the field of music.
  13. Nice. I do similar, although not on that scale with limited space, but eventually find a use. Most of the time its never what i imagined at first.
  14. How woke of you to tell us how society can be better off... (Irony is the mother of satire)
  15. I own both Chorus II and forte II. Carry on.
  16. oldtimer


    Didn't make it.
  17. oldtimer

    The Other Discs

    Too old to be that nerdy. My half brother had one im sure.
  18. It was just a statement, not a judgment.
  19. You can never have too much money.
  20. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    There's carling canada, but also Carling from Europe, well UK. Two very different beers. Our Story | Carling Burton on Trent
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