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  1. That Spam comes in handy...
  2. I don't need to wonder. History is what certain people ignore to justify their current opinion. They refuse to acknowledge that the emperor has no clothes.
  3. I hereby order you to stop aging so quickly.
  4. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    It's the graphic that makes them, kind of like towelie on tubes.
  5. Warsteiner good choice. Today was more than a year for me.
  6. oldtimer


    What would Hitler do?
  7. You're not trying hard enough.
  8. richieb only recommends the wonder bread kind...
  9. Is there a way to get these twist ties without having to buy that awful bread?
  10. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    Don't quit your day job.
  11. oldtimer

    What I Got Today!

    Yeah there are lots of them here. God bless their hearts.
  12. It should be punished, not congratulated. Of all people, encouragement is not prudent.
  13. I'm all out of member berries.
  14. Just about finished with the Tanzanian Peaberry, next is another splurge on some single source Chiapas.
  15. oldtimer

    The Cola Wars

  16. There are hard maples and soft maples. . For flooring make sure it is the hard type. Maple makes an attractive floor and is offered by the major manufacturers.
  17. Same here but what about Stoney and Boney?
  18. I never heard yours. His was dialed in really well for music, the name is eq shadimar.
  19. Absolutely. One of the long time members here has more than one SVS in an all Cornwall surround system and it hands down is better than no subs at all.
  20. oldtimer


    There are sharks in germany?
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