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    NOS Valves VRD Amplifiers (V-Cap TFTF)
    Custom Cabinets by Tom Keady

    La Scala 1976
    - LS BB (Aletheia Audio Super AA networks w/ OIMP V-Caps)
    - Beyma CP25, BMS 4592ND-MID Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 Horns

    Cornwall 1967
    - WO (moved from ALK CornScala-Wall networks
    with Mundorf MCap EVO Aluminum Oil caps to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)
    - Crites CT-125, K-55M Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Fastrac Horns

    Cornwall 1968
    - WO (B type Xover upgraded to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

    Heresy II 1985
    - Veneered and upgraded to Heresy III

    Heresy I 1976
    - WO (E type Xover with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

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  1. I think he said the SX1250 was his first receiver growing up so he definitely knows what it is supposed to sound like. He doesn't do any boutique kind of stuff to things. He probably would if you asked him but he will tell you what he thinks. I get what you are saying about staying true to the original... I remember some website selling old HH Scott amps that have had their tone controls all disconnected from the amp... I understand doing that on some equipment but I think that is where some of the magic happens on those old Scott amps. Also, I am especially not a fan of the LED lit up with blue lights that some people like to put in their old receivers.
  2. Absolutely a great person to rebuild your SX1250 is Paul of http://www.manymoonsaudio.com/ @paul79 He has done multiple rebuilds for me including a beautiful SX1250! There is quite a backlog so I imagine it will be a long wait but he will replace everything needed with the best parts for the job and what you will get back is better than new. A 1250 is worth the effort.
  3. I played around some with raising them a small amount... it all sounded bad! Among other things, I tried 2x4"s... 2 foot square sheets of plywood... Flat on the floor was best.
  4. muel

    Parental Phrases

    Funny! Dad was a surgeon in Vietnam... he had said the same thing to patients.
  5. muel

    Parental Phrases

    Or the variation... "This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me..." I appreciate the honesty.
  6. I have only heard the mid so this is hearsay... I have heard complaints about the tweeter not meeting hopes or expectations. I would have tried it myself but was scared away by others who tried although there was someone here that was still using it... sorry I don't remember who. The BMS mid is wonderful though, isn't it?! Oh wait.. found the link with some info:
  7. "You know he knows just exactly what the facts is" Steve Miller
  8. I use a lot of these! They are a little soft and easy to break but they make a good connection. I find putting the wire on first then attaching to the crossover to work a little easier.
  9. So has it really been 6 years? Seriously?! Well, 6 years ago this month I got my plywood ripped and only had one cross cut and the 11 degree angle cut remaining. I had to pause for other projects and the plywood sat in the garage neatly stacked gathering dust and cobwebs. Had 3 surgeries, got thin, beat cancer, ran a few 5K's, got fat again, got a couple of kids to college... been a busy time but I'm done waiting to get this done! I had to dry fit the Crites cast just to see for myself that it fit. I forgot that I was going to recess the cover but forgot. Oh well, I don't care that it will add another 3/4". One issue is that I don't have the room anymore for them to lay flat. I've got new subs placed such that I can only stand these upright in my room. I've got plenty of depth so that won't be an issue. I'll have an Elliptrac mid horn that I will basically have to sit on top of the access cover... or have the driver part of the frame resting on the cover and the horn sticking out and resting on the curve. I'll have to support that somehow. Assuming the woofer sounds good sideways, this is going to put my mid and tweeter too high. I currently have the mid horn and tweeter sitting on top of the La Scala and it's a bit too high already. I could benefit from sitting on a stool instead of a chair. Not really my favorite choice. I was thinking of building a bit of a frame (2x2 or thick dowel) to mount the mid driver in the bass horn close to the top but the mid driver would basically be shoved close to the vertical wall of the 31.75" board. Really don't know how this would affect the bass horn blocking it partially like that. I'm staying passive with my DeanG Super AA networks so I'm also a bit concerned pulling the mid and tweeter forward too much from the bass horn. I've got the tweeter mounted to the mid frame so that those two drivers are aligned. Ideas? Thoughts?
  10. I've used the Sharpie trick with good success. I pushed it into the scratch so it was completely covered with ink. The finish was still glossy enough that I could immediately wipe the sharpie off the top edges of the scratch. You couldn't tell that what I'd done... from close up it just looked like a dark scratch that I could barely see.
  11. I resisted... it wasn't easy!
  12. This is always a good conversation! Telarc has a lot of good recordings and anything from Sheffield Lab. Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session I have to say I enjoy the DVD version the most.
  13. I have horns with Dynamat and horns without... not really sure of the difference because there are other variables that are different. It's more important to have the horns mounted tightly. The screws will all loosen a bit over time so you might snug them down on the horns and woofer. Also, for the older Heritage with removable backs/access panels I like to add some foam tape to the frame to help seal up the box. The screws go right through and you get a better seal. I think this was what I used: https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-speaker-gasketing-tape-1-8-x-1-2-x-50-ft-roll--260-542 I'd be surprised if anyone ever reinstalled their old capacitors back into their B networks but maybe. Still, I'd suggest picking up a used pair in the garage sale area... they show up for a hundred bucks or so. I say this just because I'd like to hear the original networks just for comparison. Not a big deal... do what you want. You can find a lot of discussion here about choosing capacitors! Have fun!
  14. If you are liking the current sound I'd leave the current crossovers alone... at least for a while. I'm pretty sure the capacitors could use replacement BUT I'd rather pickup replacement crossovers or see if someone here has some B or B2 networks for sale in the Garage sale section that you could recap. I tried about 5 different crossovers in my Cornwalls. Where I wound up currently (and happiest) was with a pair of B networks from the garage sale that I converted to B2 networks and used Jupiter caps. Rundown on crossovers used: original ALK (ver2) Original B network with original caps Original B networks with replacement Sonicaps ALK ES500 and ES5000 networks ALK Cornscala-Wall network B2 networks with Jupiter caps I guess I counted wrong... I tried other caps as well so I guess that's more iterations than I imagined. If I listened loud all the time I might have stopped with the ALK extreme slopes. At least that was my thinking at the time.
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