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    NOS Valves VRD Amplifiers (V-Cap TFTF)
    Custom Cabinets by Tom Keady

    La Scala 1976
    - LS BB (Aletheia Audio Super AA networks w/ OIMP V-Caps)
    - Beyma CP25, BMS 4592ND-MID Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 Horns

    Cornwall 1967
    - WO (moved from ALK CornScala-Wall networks
    with Mundorf MCap EVO Aluminum Oil caps to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)
    - Crites CT-125, K-55M Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Fastrac Horns

    Cornwall 1968
    - WO (B type Xover upgraded to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

    Heresy II 1985
    - Veneered and upgraded to Heresy III

    Heresy I 1976
    - WO (E type Xover with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

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  1. The cool thing is that the tweeter and mid drivers would have hardly any use due to the attenuators cranking them way down. A nice feature is the top is removable for easy access to the mid and tweeter. The bottom is still the access for the woofer. This is the configuration my LaScalas came in from 1976. The Rogers amps had a thin sheet of aluminum newspaper plate between the amp and the cabinet. You could see some the news of that day on the aluminum. I would have spent more time looking but the seller was keeping the amps and I wanted to get out of there before he changed his mind The plywood of mine was a bit "chippy" from many years in a hot choir loft but nothing a little epoxy couldn't cure. These look nicer than mine. You might show a more complete picture of the crossovers. They are easily converted to standard AA's
  2. I have to laugh at myself for wondering where I could put these even though I already have more than I can use. I'd appreciate the handles for sure though. Look nice!
  3. While my original Heresy's still had the original caps there was nothing about the sound that I can really point out... maybe missing highs but not until I replaced the caps did I notice that is was like removing a blanket from the speakers. The music became more natural and real yet I thought it was sounding pretty good before. It is mostly in retrospect that I would say it was muffled a bit. Hear what you think!
  4. As you can see, there are lots of possible choices available! I'd definitely get rid of physically leaking caps. We seem to LOVE to have capacitor discussions around here but it's been rehashed quite a bit. As far as sound memory... I'm not necessarily sure what parts of the experience I am remembering but I imagine it is systemic... not just memory of sound waves vibrating my eardrums. We might lose some various details but I think what is left of the whole is usually enough. Just because you forget some doesn't invalidate what you do remember. In the end, I just care how it makes me feel anyway. I was surprised lately when I put my Sonicap capped AA networks back into my La Scalas. They hadn't been there for years but I've improved the placement of the speakers and worked on acoustic treatments over the years. It sounded far better than I remembered. Setup in the room matters a lot. I have Jupiter VT caps (the old square style) in most of my crossovers which many would say is crazy $ to spend. My main system network is from Deang and has OIMP V-caps. I think you can probably be happy without spending nearly as much but my crossovers are here to stay.
  5. Yeah, we need some pictures I have overpaid before... sometimes it's what you might choose to do instead of waiting months for the next opportunity to come along and who knows how far you might have to travel. Seriously, people around here have spent 100's on gas. The farthest I've gone was 4 hours away but worth it for $600 La Scalas. (yeah, they were a bit rough but not too bad). Waiting is a cost too in my opinion... life is short.
  6. muel

    Bob Crites RIP

    I'm late to see this... sad to hear! Bob was patient, kind, helpful and fair in my experience. I'm sure many more things. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends!
  7. Crank it... the mouse will find it's way out.
  8. How many things in your house did your wife choose? Geeeze... seems you could choose your speakers. I’m lucky my wife is a good sport!
  9. I think he said the SX1250 was his first receiver growing up so he definitely knows what it is supposed to sound like. He doesn't do any boutique kind of stuff to things. He probably would if you asked him but he will tell you what he thinks. I get what you are saying about staying true to the original... I remember some website selling old HH Scott amps that have had their tone controls all disconnected from the amp... I understand doing that on some equipment but I think that is where some of the magic happens on those old Scott amps. Also, I am especially not a fan of the LED lit up with blue lights that some people like to put in their old receivers.
  10. Absolutely a great person to rebuild your SX1250 is Paul of http://www.manymoonsaudio.com/ @paul79 He has done multiple rebuilds for me including a beautiful SX1250! There is quite a backlog so I imagine it will be a long wait but he will replace everything needed with the best parts for the job and what you will get back is better than new. A 1250 is worth the effort.
  11. I played around some with raising them a small amount... it all sounded bad! Among other things, I tried 2x4"s... 2 foot square sheets of plywood... Flat on the floor was best.
  12. muel

    Parental Phrases

    Funny! Dad was a surgeon in Vietnam... he had said the same thing to patients.
  13. muel

    Parental Phrases

    Or the variation... "This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me..." I appreciate the honesty.
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