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    NOS Valves NBS Preamplifier (Duelund Cast-PIO-Cu)
    NOS Valves VRD Amplifiers (V-Cap TFTF)
    Custom Cabinets by Tom Keady

    La Scala 1976
    - LS BB (Aletheia Audio Super AA networks w/ OIMP V-Caps)
    - Beyma CP25, BMS 4592ND-MID Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 Horns

    Cornwall 1967
    - WO (moved from ALK CornScala-Wall networks
    with Mundorf MCap EVO Aluminum Oil caps to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)
    - Crites CT-125, K-55M Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Fastrac Horns

    Cornwall 1968
    - WO (B type Xover upgraded to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

    Heresy II 1985
    - Veneered and upgraded to Heresy III

    Heresy I 1976
    - WO (E type Xover with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

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  1. muel

    Anyone use induction cooktop? Thoughts?

    It would only happen once! 👿 Easy for me to say, I guess, but who knows what goes on when I'm not around!
  2. muel

    For Sale: ALK ES500 & ES5800

    Wow! Gorm's garage sale items (BMS mids, Beyma tweeters) give you a one stop shop for some awesome parts... better than the neighbors deserve!
  3. For Sale: SHM-CD format CD's. Super high quality CD's will play in any CD player! All prices include shipping US. $100 shipped for all 4! .38 Special UICY-78569 - Tour De Force = $25 UICY-78567 - Wild Eyed Southern Boys = $25 UICY-78566 - Rockin' Into the Night = $25 U2 UICI-9059 - The Joshua Tree = $50 (no longer in print - includes original poster still in plastic)
  4. FS: 1 pair of Premium grade Psvane 12ax7 tubes. $50 shipped. Bought these 5 years ago and used for about a month in VRD's.
  5. muel

    Memphis TN Impressions

  6. muel

    Imagine My Frustration

    I was never one to ask someone to hold my beer... I'd finish it first. Personally, I'm more nervous about the plumbing side of installing a water heater as opposed to the electrical. I even had a "pro" snap off the supply pipe inside the wall and then scramble looking for the main shutoff. I drove up to see a river flowing out of the garage. He was having his assistant cut the old pipe... well duh!
  7. muel

    FS: MHDT Pagoda

    It'd be great to hear about comparisons with the Havana! The Western Electric was my favorite tube for that DAC.
  8. muel

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Storms? Power almost always rock solid. Sunny days? Outages for hours!
  9. muel

    La Scala bass

    I understand there is a version with a side opening. I’ll have to get the newer version of the plans I guess? It would be nice to have some aiming choices. Not a lot of placement choices but a few anyway
  10. muel

    An Aspirin a Day might not be Okay

    I quit a few years ago since it was tearing up my stomach. It looked like a minefield.
  11. I've heard less than stellar comments about the dual driver version of the BMS 4592 compared to the bms 4592nd-mid (single driver). Do you have an idea what those folks were missing compared to what you are doing? I love the idea of the concentric driver and the Tannoy version in their Canterbury speakers are stellar for sure!
  12. muel

    La Scala bass

    There isn't a low profile (or tall) version of the F-20 is there?
  13. muel

    La Scala bass

    It has been so long I honestly don't remember the reasons I decided against the F-20. Seems like I was staying away from a tapped horn because of the definite need for EQ but I might need a little either way. I was also going with the low profile version of the THT so there was the placement capability taking up only 18"x18" of floor space.
  14. muel

    La Scala bass

    Now that I've found them I might put them here for sale. I want to build THT's instead.
  15. You have the SW-12 or KSW-12? I bought the KSW many years ago and it is boomy... that is just what it does. Fine for home theater for the kids but not for music. I'm sure I could improve things if I put in effort on the setup.