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    Custom Cabinets by Tom Keady

    La Scala 1976
    - LS BB (Aletheia Audio Super AA networks w/ OIMP V-Caps)
    - Beyma CP25, BMS 4592ND-MID Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 Horns

    Cornwall 1967
    - WO (moved from ALK CornScala-Wall networks
    with Mundorf MCap EVO Aluminum Oil caps to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)
    - Crites CT-125, K-55M Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Fastrac Horns

    Cornwall 1968
    - WO (B type Xover upgraded to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

    Heresy II 1985
    - Veneered and upgraded to Heresy III

    Heresy I 1976
    - WO (E type Xover with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

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  1. On my La Scalas I just used a putty knife to scrape off the bulk of it and installed 1/8” gasket material. Done. No mess
  2. Excellent work, Chris! I decided to finish backing up the rest of my SACD's and have good success using a Sony BDP-BX510 to grab both the stereo and multi channel files from SACD's. I also have a working process to pull the DTS and PCM audio (or sometimes AC3 is all you get) from my concert DVD's which a lot of the time sound better than the CD editions. There is something very satisfying about that process! I'd be glad to help anybody who wants to try... just send me a PM. I'd do them for you for that matter if you needed.
  3. I think the single coat of walnut and the rest clear sounds like a great plan! Nice work! For birch that can appear splotchy I'd consider applying sanding sealer prior.
  4. All favorites! There was also the generic store version of hamburger helper... I use half the meat called for or I'd add a bunch of spaghetti noodles and extra water to make it go farther. In fact, that's what I cooked just a couple of nights ago and it was good for 2 meals for 6 of us. We lived it up with ACTUAL hamburger helper and Oldtimer's hotsauce.
  5. Yeah, those WTF files are hard to deal with! Foobar2000 with the SACD plugin is exactly how I played my DSF files for years. I'm using ROON which isn't as perfect as I'd like but it is way beyond anything else I've used. If you don't have a player that can play DSD, Roon will convert to PCM. Roon will also combine multichannel files to 2 channels if you need. Playing DSD files takes more processing power... If your server (wherever it is getting decoded) isn't up to the task you might actually hear a degradation in sound quality. Just my experience... there are a lot of variables. The DSD vs FLAC versions I have are not an apples to apples comparison.
  6. muel

    Those we lost... 2014

    These kind of lists always leave me wondering, "Who's left?!"
  7. It's been a while since we've seen any "smurf" blue speakers. ...just kidding! Please don't! on the other hand... Through the years, we have seen interesting examples of formica or shag carpet covered speakers... urp!
  8. Looks nice! Instead of screws I just laid a sheet of this on the slant risers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GJWL9PT Non slip liner did the trick but it seems the price now is higher than what I paid.
  9. muel

    What I Got Today!

    Are the knobs missing or did you remove them?
  10. Here's what I did: Don't forget diffusion!
  11. I don't care about over producing at all... I'm just offsetting my electric bill by around 18,000 KWh per year I hope. We currently use anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 + Yeah, it's a lot! All electric with multiple heat pumps and kids with lots of clothes to wash. Maybe it is more economical to heat with tube amps? I already got an estimate of removal of equipment for roofing replacement when that time comes... that will run about $2,500 which is a little less than a year of solar production.
  12. We have LED lights almost everywhere now. My first try with those was a total waste as they quickly failed. My more recent buys have been more reliable. I have one fixture and 2 flood lights still with incandescent bulbs. The incandescents are all over 22 years old now and counting. My cost for the panels now is less than half what it was 5 or so years ago when I looked. Maybe it was longer... I have little sense of time anymore it seems. A conservative estimate of the production per year and I should be able to pay for them in about 6.5 years but with a 25 year warranty (assuming the company we choose sticks around) I should be OK. Things happen so it could turn out to be a worse deal... roof leak and have to remove panels or company goes bust right before all the microinverters start to fail. If the electric company never raises their rates (yeah right!) it could take almost 8 years for pay back. It would be interesting to see if I have it better or worse than their predictions (which is really close to the NREL estimation) Hmmm
  13. Yeah, I'd still be on the grid... just producing enough to have no bill once or twice a year and lower bills the rest of the year. I'm not planning on any batteries at this time. I know I have noise now... just wondering how much worse it would be. Still no subs at my house... seems like it takes forever for me to make progress on "elective" projects.
  14. So, I'm considering solar panels (photovoltaic with microinverters) at my house. Anybody have experience with any negative effects on their sound system? Interference or noise? Seems I recall @Edgar mentioning something about this a year or so ago. Any problem that a power filter or nice sinewave producing power supply (or PS Audio's power plants) would correct? The return on investment is looking really good to me and I have to do something about those growing electric bills which are averaging almost a 4 1/2% increase every year for the last 9 years I've been tracking.
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