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    - Fastlane Audio Fastrac Horns

    Cornwall 1968
    - WO (B type Xover upgraded to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

    Heresy II 1985
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  1. FS: Logitech Squeezebox Touch

    Looks like I'm selling my other Squeezebox Touch ! Same deal as the first
  2. 7591's for Fisher 500B

    Well, I had to find out for myself... but I agree that the Tung-Sol is nice! Tube Depot was really quick to ship.
  3. Well, looks like I have another Squeezbox Touch for sale! Same deal as the first. I thought I needed a 2nd Logitech Squeezebox Touch but it turns out that I have only used this one a few times since I bought it last September. Great for streaming music from Internet or locally. It is streaming my music files nicely right now connected to my VRD's! I don't know why they stopped making these! Comes with boxes, manual, power, RCA cable, remote and the Squeezebox Touch. Software has been updated to the latest version. $125 shipped US. PayPal.
  4. Very cool! Don't know much about these... when were they made?
  5. 7591's for Fisher 500B

    Looks like the Tung-Sol might be in short supply as they are sold out at quite a few vendors. Jim McShane said that New Sensor told him they are discontinued. Looks like Tube Depot still has some though.
  6. 7591's for Fisher 500B

    Interesting info here: http://www.tronola.com/html/7591a_tubes.html The distortion tests look really good for the Tung-Sol.
  7. 7591's for Fisher 500B

    That IS quite a size difference! It's been a couple of years since I've looked... prices seem to be going up.
  8. 7591's for Fisher 500B

    Interesting you list the Electro Harmonix last... is that based solely on the sound or because they are a little oversized? I haven't rolled through power tubes on my 500C but I've really liked the EH tubes. Actually, I never bought anything else because of all the happy EH owners that I've read about. One warning about the EH is that the wood cabinet will hit the top of the tubes if you try to remove the cabinet with the power tubes installed. You have to install and remove the tubes with the cabinet ON. There is just enough room to install them.
  9. So, what's left? Is this list up to date with what you still have?
  10. HH Scott 299c

    ME LOVE THE 299!
  11. The Wussification of college students

    ‘Wussificiation’ of America: Is it real? 1. The Business World Doesn’t Give A Damn About You -Well, duh! -some appearence of a damn might be given if you are a member of a protected class. 2. The Only Safe Place Is Your Home RELATED: The lowering of higher education -Pretty much... assuming your home was safe. 3. There’s No Such Thing As “Free” -I don't expect "FREE" but how about not completely outpacing inflation by double year after year after year! Government just makes it worse... Any need based scholarships completely ignore any government loans or pell grants so colleges can automatically raise their prices that much more. It is absolute bullshit that my kids' 4 year degree is going to cost over $200,000. Incredible discipline and hard work was rewarded... it would suck to be an average student. If that is the case go some place cheaper if you can find it. Maybe look into FEE 4. If You Don’t Want To Be A Victim, Then Don’t Be -Refer to number 1 5. Success Is Hard Work -And businesses are glad to take advantage of technology to help keep you on the clock 24/7. By the way, your smart phone (paid for by you) is now the equivalent to driving your car to work. It is just part of your responsibility. It is the business tether to keep you tied to work all day and night without you even thinking about it and you also get to foot the bill. Your consolation is that you might be able to do your work while sitting in your underwear at home vs. having to go back in. If I'm working, whether at home or work... I am not paying attention to my family except that I am trying to provide. Take a long hard look at what "Success" means! hint... it ain't more stuff (Klipsch collections excepted)! -Researchers say the number of working hours has declined after the industrial revolution but I think as the lines have blurred between home and work the reality is that many people are working more than in a long time. It would be interesting to track my cell phone and computer time for work related activity. -Oh, and try working smarter while working harder. It's the only way your gonna make it. Everybody's story is different... we really need to be careful about making blanket statements about an entire generation. There are awesome as well as awful acting people in every generation... and the rest are somewhere in between.
  12. Well, that fits... I have them pulled out almost 3 feet into the room and not even close to the corners due to furniture limitations but also to get the nice imaging. To my ears the band or orchestra is spread before me nicely placed somewhere behind the speakers. I was getting some nasty peaks on the low end when pushed closer to the wall. Might have something to do with the vaulted ceiling beginning at 6 feet high on the wall on that side of the room.
  13. That would be pretty simple construction. I'm wondering if anyone has a switch box they use for multiple amps to one pair of speakers? In some stereo shop I remember a console where the salesman would select any amp or speakers.