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    NOS Valves VRD Amplifiers (V-Cap TFTF)
    Custom Cabinets by Tom Keady

    La Scala 1976
    - LS BB (Aletheia Audio Super AA networks w/ OIMP V-Caps)
    - Beyma CP25, BMS 4592ND-MID Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 Horns

    Cornwall 1967
    - WO (moved from ALK CornScala-Wall networks
    with Mundorf MCap EVO Aluminum Oil caps to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)
    - Crites CT-125, K-55M Drivers,
    - Fastlane Audio Fastrac Horns

    Cornwall 1968
    - WO (B type Xover upgraded to B2 with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

    Heresy II 1985
    - Veneered and upgraded to Heresy III

    Heresy I 1976
    - WO (E type Xover with Flat Stacked Jupiter caps)

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  1. I was concerned with that too... my configuration was similar to Marvel's. I placed a couple of layers of felt on the top in front of the tweeter. I tried thicker egg crate foam but didn't like the result (don't remember why). The way I play with audio setup is like playing darts blindfolded... I throw the dart in the general direction and hope for the best. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised and other times it's like I've impaled a cat.
  2. Yes, don't ask for trouble! Have your vintage SS equipment rebuilt by @paul79 of Many Moons Audio He will do it right and stand behind his work. It will also likely sound better than new as well. Other favorite vintage receivers would be Marantz 2330, Yamaha CR-2040 or CR2020. I really like the 2040 but the sx-1250 wins.
  3. The Pioneer SX1250 is one of the best sounding receivers there is... there you are... search over. Worrying about how many watts you need or don't need is not necessary.
  4. I've heard this multiple times about the mid horn not being included but my III upgrade kit came with the driver mounted to the horn. It was all complete... just needed the old HII boxes. It was a little over 500 including shipping for the parts for both speakers.
  5. Klipschorns for sure... but I'd also have to add a new house to the list as well because I don't have appropriate corners anywhere. My wife and I looked at a nice and big place not long ago. It was tempting as it checked a lot of boxes but it didn't have the corners where I'd want. I didn't mention that to my wife but when she hesitated I was quick to say forget it.
  6. muel

    Where's Amy Now?

    I'm always surprised when I look in the mirror... who's THAT!? I used to blame the light in the bathroom for the white showing up in my hair. The phone contact pictures of my kids are also 5 to 10 years old. I never did quite look like my avatar. Embrace the change and enjoy!
  7. Years ago, I took a decibel meter into the kids room to see exactly how loud I could get in the cave without being able to hear anything in the bedrooms. With all the doors closed the tipping point was around 74-75 db which I felt was pretty decent considering how close we were. I could push it to 80+ but then I was taking a chance on them waking up. That was when I had Cornwalls but I might compare now that I have La Scalas. Placement in the room makes a difference to the neighbors but there is only one best location in my room and I'm not going to make placement decisions based on how it sounds outside the room. 😜
  8. Oh here we go! Cotton? Nylon? Polypropylene? Jute? Wait, I've got it... hemp surely sounds best.
  9. I've used a lot of RTV sealant for some NEMA enclosure situations. This was to seal circuit boards from exposure to dust and water. I've been curious about the long term effect of RTV on the boards but they have usually been damaged within a couple of years by other causes before I could see any harm from the sealants. Thoughts on RTV? I've been using Dow Corning 732 since this was a gasket type use but 738 might be more appropriate. https://www.modusadvanced.com/hubfs/Brochures-Guides/Dow-Corning-Silicone-Sealants.pdf
  10. That looks WAAAYYY more fun than a minivan!
  11. It's a good idea! At least I'd get to feel a little better about it
  12. Yeah, I' might take that for it... just kind of nostalgic I guess... lot of years of hauling kids in that thing. Just getting tired of all the unexpected expenses lately but that's how it is sometimes. Once in a while it all hits at the same time. All part of the fun!
  13. Kelly Blue Book says 2800 - 4100. 4100 would be top dollar from a dealer and I’d guess it would be closer to 3k+ from an individual. A used transmission isn’t much less than that. Body is decent and everything works (even dvd) except the passenger window. Considering donating maybe.
  14. Just a month ago, my wife and I were talking about selling the old 2003 Odyssey but we hadn't done anything with it yet. Well, we waited too long I guess and now the transmission needs to be replaced. It isn't worth the cost and effort to us because we really don't need it anymore. The engine runs like a top and I imagine this fully loaded van at 148k miles could have a lot more miles to go potentially. Any ideas or interest?
  15. Where are the Heresy's and what in the world are those in the corners?
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