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  1. Heh, beat me to it! He has toslink input on his Onkyo.
  2. This HDMI audio extractor really surprised me how good it is for the money. Really good! You have to spend quite a bit on your USB setup before you will have anything better. I'd use the toslink input on your Onkyo from the extractor. There was a long discussion about it here:
  3. I don't agree with this for music. I see your point and the benefits but it sounds better to me to let them go full range and tweak the subs to blend. Bracing the bins was essential.
  4. Not sure why you would assume not many would have this but this and her others with Nelson Riddle are awesome! I think my favorite might be "What's New?" but I guess I'll just have to listen to all of them again! One thing is for sure... that 2015 remaster, "Just One Look" is a horrible remaster! I will criticize it every chance I get because I don't think they should be let off the hook for saying that it sounds better than ever. Great songs and great voice though!
  5. Caffeine seems to make tinnitus worse. Teenagers whining does too!
  6. I can tell you I had a vaulted ceiling that drove me crazy. The best speaker location for clear and even bass destroyed imaging (singers voices sliding all over the place) and the best location for imaging created lousy peaks and nulls. Also, corners are not always the answer but you should try if you never have. Which part of the vaulted ceiling are the speakers located? How high is the shortest and the highest points of the ceiling? I'm hoping you don't have part of a cube there.
  7. Is this you?
  8. I'm betting your room has some peaks and nulls on the low end.
  9. I see that Discogs lets you create new fields as well. I guess it just depends on how much time you want to spend. That will take a little more ambition on my part. I'd say I'm perfectly happy with my spreadsheet but I don't have cover art. Maybe I could import to Access and give the records a jpg attachment. Over 2,000 items... Hmmm... That's a lot of work! Good luck to the OP!
  10. Oh gawd don't get me started on iTunes... I'm a hater, I confess. It all shows up in Foobar or Jriver or MediaMonkey etc.. but I track other information... notes about the music or recording, where I bought it, how much, when. I didn't start adding the extra information until about 5 years ago so I'm lacking quite bit but it still makes a nice reference. Sometimes I accidentally buy stuff that I already have so it is nice to have the list on my phone for a quick reference. Really, I'm convincing myself as I type that a spreadsheet isn't a bad way for me to go.
  11. That is a valid concern about the veneer! I'd put my equipment on a side wall and away from the speaker if I could. I get a better sound stage without any equipment in the middle. Can't always do that however.
  12. I wouldn't mind trying another database but unless they allow an import of a properly formated csv file or such I will just make do with Excel. That is way too many entries!
  13. I wouldn't do it but seriously! ...put your hand on top of that cabinet and feel the vibration at your listening volume. It doesn't amount to much. You could try these : I wouldn't want to leave them there for long, personally.
  14. Sorry I'm no help but I wonder why I had such good success with them? I bought 3 sets for work and 1 for home years ago. They all have run 24/7 with no problem this whole time. I hope someone comes along with a working answer for you...there are a lot of willing helpers here. It's hard for me to resist suggesting my home office computer speaker setup: La Scalas and VRD's.