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  1. Greetings Schu, Mossy and Shakey. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  2. Greetings from the lowlands of Arkansas - home of heavy soil, tall grasses and indestructible bugs! Just curious, as I begin to upgrade again. Among these three, which is the best receiver for a pair of beautiful vintage Klipsch La Scalas and why: Marantz 2275, McIntosh 4100 or Yamaha CR2250? Best wishes. -Uncle Choppy
  3. Greetings from the lowlands of Arkansas lowlands - home of heavy soil, tall grasses and indestructible bugs! Just curious as I begin upgrading again. Which of these three is the best receiver and why for vintage Klipsch La Scalas: Marantz 2275, McIntosh 4100 or Yamaha CR2250? Looking forward to your comments and insight. Best wishes. -Uncle Choppy
  4. Okay. Thanks. Please allow me to modify my question: In which year were birch plywood cabinets discontinued in favor of MDF for the Cornwall line of speakers? Was birch plywood ever used for the Chorus I cabinets? Best wishes. -UC
  5. In which year were Baltic Birch plywood cabinets discontinued in favor of MDF for the Cornwall line of speakers? Was Baltic Birch plywood ever used for the Chorus I cabinets? Best wishes. -UC
  6. Vintage Klipsch + Vintage Marantz = Vintage Bliss! Our Heresy speakers sit upon a large heavy cabinet which is against a long wall and approximately 32 inches tall. The room is a modest cube approximately 15w x 12d x 9h, with hardwood floor, paneled walls, a small rug and a tapestry wall hanging. The speakers, about 10 feet apart, are connected to a Marantz 1070 amp (35 wpc RMS). The sound is very spacious, full and detailed. We listen at moderate levels to music with lots of texture - Celtic and Scandinavian folk, medieval, Renaissance, early baroque, 40s and 60s jazz, classic rock. No need for a subwoofer. Even Guillou's interpretation of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-minor is rich and satisfying with just enough of the visceral to bring on the goose flesh! With your vaulted ceilings, the Forte II loudspeakers paired with the Marantz 2270 should make an excellent combination. Best wishes for happy listening. -uc
  7. Greetings again, and thanks for all your comments. Right you are - water and wood do not make good traveling companions. For initial cleaning, to knock away any daily life dust, a light solvent dampened rag would be best. I generally avoid petro chemical solvents and reach instead for turpentine (for use with BLO) and citrus solvent (for use with raw tung oil). They are excellent cleaners, and the aroma of either is far more pleasant to my olfactory buds. I have used Watco Rejuvenating Oil with great success on other projects, just was not sure if it would be okay for speaker cabinets. Watco Danish Oil, on the other hand, contains varnish and will seal the wood; really not what I want in this case. Mr. Clearly Insane, could you please elaborate on the "dreaded BLO product originally used at the Klipsch factory"? Is there a formula available? Best wishes. -uc >>>
  8. Greetings from the lowlands of Arkansas - home of tall grasses, heavy soils and indestructible bugs! I have a pair of Heresy (raw birch) and a pair of KG-1 (oak oil) speakers. The cabinets need a little attention. The birch plywood seems a little dry to the touch, and the oak veneer has several small scratches and and a couple of crayon markings. First, I plan to clean all the cabinets with a water moistened cotton towel. After sufficient drying, I plan to apply a thin coat of boiled linseed oil and turpentine (mixed 50-50) to the Heresys, rub in, buff. For the KG-1s, I plan to clean them again with turpentine, then after drying, thoroughly rub in the BLO/Turps blend, let it dry, and buff. Does this sound reasonable? Please let me know if there is a better solution. I want to retain the "natural" feel and look, so I will not be applying a varnish or lacquer finish. Many thanks for your input. Best wishes. -UC
  9. Greetings gentlemen. Many thanks for your input so far. Frzninvt, I am familiar with the ADS L710 and like the sound it produces; plus, the cabinetry is superb. How does the L300 you recommend stack up in construction and sound quality? My only knock against the L710 is that smaller acoustic pianos come across with just a hint of electronic nasality, while rock and some jazz drums lack crispness. Also, I am familiar with Polk; I use the Monitor 5b in a different room; although a tad bright, they are full and robust and just too hard to beat for the size! I'm curious about the NHTs; I do not know their sound but I'm on the prowl for a pair to audition. Best wishes. -UC
  10. Greetings from the Arkansas lowlands - home of tall grasses, heavy soil and indestructible bugs! I am searching for vintage bookshelf speakers for a small listening room. Something in the 12"h x 8"w x 8"d (or slightly larger) would be ideal. Being definitely old school, birch plywood cabinets with real wood veneers are preferable to MDF. The closest I have found so far are the KG-1 and KG-1.5 models. Can you suggest any other Klipsch speakers to consider? We have Heresy originals in another room and really like them. Best wishes. -Robert
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