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    HT - khorns front, Chorus II surround, Forte center, McIntosh C-504 & MC-2125 integrated into Marantz AVR, McIntosh LD, Samsung BluRay, Denon CD, Mitsubishi Vertical Turntable, Samsung 67" DLP.
    Stereo 1 - Pioneer Spec System, HPM-150
    Stereo 2 - Marantz 4300, 6300, 5220, HD880.
    Stereo 3 - Yamaha M-80, C-80, Nak C-7A, CD, RF-7.
    Stereo 4 - Pioneer SX-1250, CT-1250, PL-570, Forte II.
    Stereo 5 - Sansui G-8000, Cornwall Vertical, CD.
  1. Kidney Stone Free....again

    Sorry. Just information...
  2. Kidney Stone Free....again

    A beer a day.
  3. Pick ONE, and ONLY one, Steely Dan LP

    Katy Lied - because I finally had a decent stereo when it came out.
  4. SW12 Best Connection

    Don't know what kind of preamp you have but I used y-cables as a splitter between the preamp and amp and ran cables to the line level inputs of the sub.
  5. FS: Cambridge Audio 751BD---$450.00

    Thanks guys. Should've got the 99...
  6. FS: Cambridge Audio 751BD---$450.00

    I need the HDMI connection for sacd and dvd-a through my Pioneer SC-95. It doesn't have multi channel inputs. I assume the highly regarded dacs would not be utilized? Forgive me if everyone knows this but me.
  7. I use two amps. So I guess I fit in the don't know / don't care box...
  8. I have a pair of Heresy's on their side with the tweeters close together. I've tried an academy and forte II but the Heresy's seem to work well with my heritage system. I've tried it with one connected, both connected with one tweeter disconnected and now with both fully connected. I can hear subtle differences in sound but all configurations were good. The comb filtering effect probably exists but I can't say that I hear it.
  9. Vintage Cerwins 15T Rare - $599 (Roseville)

    I had those when I started college. The woofers didn't have guards and they had a half grill over the mid and tweet. They looked cool - that's why I bought them. A friend of mine worked at Ideal Acoustics in Starkville and I was introduced to Klipsch. Took a while to scratch up the dough to take a pair of Cornwalls home. Needless to say I don't remember what happened to the Cerwin Vegas... Good Times! Minermark, Thanks for dusting off my memory...
  10. KLF-30's bass sucks

    Shouldn't... but it did
  11. KLF-30's bass sucks

    I learned from experience that you should use separate cables for biwiring - not pairs in the same jacket.
  12. The Pioneer SC 99 Initial Impressions

    Best Buy has the SC-95 for $1099 now - don't know if it's in store only. Monoprice may still have them discounted. That's where I got mine.
  13. The Pioneer SC 99 Initial Impressions

    I've glanced at the data results after running MCACC but missed this. May i ask where you found it? Thanks!
  14. The Pioneer SC 99 Initial Impressions

    Recently I've tried a Yamaha CX-A5000 & a Marantz 7702. I returned those and now I'm trying a Pioneer SC-95. I expected the Yamaha or the Marantz to be better but suprisingly the Pioneer is performing the best in my setup so far (only had it a few days). I think the standing wave analysis on the MCACC Pro helped.
  15. I use a Yamaha M-80/C-80 with my 30's and found it to be a good match. For critical listening you can run it in class A then crank it up for some loud and clear rock'n'roll. The KLF-30's are good for both and so is the Yamaha. Legendaryamps.com rates the M-65 at 170 watts plus...