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    Collecting classic stereo components.
    750 AMEN Choppers.
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    HT - khorns front, Chorus II surround, Forte center, McIntosh C-504 & MC-2125 integrated into Marantz AVR, McIntosh LD, Samsung BluRay, Denon CD, Mitsubishi Vertical Turntable, Samsung 67" DLP.
    Stereo 1 - Pioneer Spec System, HPM-150
    Stereo 2 - Marantz 4300, 6300, 5220, HD880.
    Stereo 3 - Yamaha M-80, C-80, Nak C-7A, CD, RF-7.
    Stereo 4 - Pioneer SX-1250, CT-1250, PL-570, Forte II.
    Stereo 5 - Sansui G-8000, Cornwall Vertical, CD.

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  1. They still sound good in the compromised position if your setup requires that. Mine have risers on the bottom. I assume the risers are factory but I don't know for sure.
  2. I've had a gravity grill for almost a year now. I chose it over a pellet grill and very happy with it.
  3. Hope they're worth that much... I have a set😁
  4. Khorns are easily my favorite (at least until I get to hear Jubilees). Other than that I like the Chorus when I want to crank it up and the CWs for more laid back music. Well if I keep going I'll name all of them. Most of the time my favorite is the one I'm listening to...
  5. Khorn Cornwall II (verticals) Heresy I Chorus II Forte II KLF 30 RF-7 Academy KG 1.5 4 RSW-15
  6. I'm one of the few. I just returned my 1967 Cornwall II with CT125s and B-2 crossovers to their original configuration. They sound good both ways but I prefer the k77s.
  7. I got the 1050 two months ago. It's a great smoker - holds the temp very well but it's big. Masterbilt just came out with a model 800 that I wish I had known about.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. I have one of these. Wouldn't mind having another one.
  9. Mississippi comes in handy sometimes when you're trying to make your point...
  10. I listen to my oak khorns in the dark...
  11. Montego

    HULU Anyone?

    I dumped Dish for YouTube TV. Local channels included.
  12. I have Cornwall II 'verticals'. I was told they are 1967 but I'm not sure.
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