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    HT - khorns front, Chorus II surround, Forte center, McIntosh C-504 & MC-2125 integrated into Marantz AVR, McIntosh LD, Samsung BluRay, Denon CD, Mitsubishi Vertical Turntable, Samsung 67" DLP.
    Stereo 1 - Pioneer Spec System, HPM-150
    Stereo 2 - Marantz 4300, 6300, 5220, HD880.
    Stereo 3 - Yamaha M-80, C-80, Nak C-7A, CD, RF-7.
    Stereo 4 - Pioneer SX-1250, CT-1250, PL-570, Forte II.
    Stereo 5 - Sansui G-8000, Cornwall Vertical, CD.

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  1. I've had a gravity grill for almost a year now. I chose it over a pellet grill and very happy with it.
  2. Hope they're worth that much... I have a set😁
  3. Khorns are easily my favorite (at least until I get to hear Jubilees). Other than that I like the Chorus when I want to crank it up and the CWs for more laid back music. Well if I keep going I'll name all of them. Most of the time my favorite is the one I'm listening to...
  4. Khorn Cornwall II (verticals) Heresy I Chorus II Forte II KLF 30 RF-7 Academy KG 1.5 4 RSW-15
  5. I'm one of the few. I just returned my 1967 Cornwall II with CT125s and B-2 crossovers to their original configuration. They sound good both ways but I prefer the k77s.
  6. I got the 1050 two months ago. It's a great smoker - holds the temp very well but it's big. Masterbilt just came out with a model 800 that I wish I had known about.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up. I have one of these. Wouldn't mind having another one.
  8. Montego

    Covid19 redux

    Mississippi comes in handy sometimes when you're trying to make your point...
  9. I listen to my oak khorns in the dark...
  10. Montego

    HULU Anyone?

    I dumped Dish for YouTube TV. Local channels included.
  11. I have Cornwall II 'verticals'. I was told they are 1967 but I'm not sure.
  12. Before the listing ended I asked what the speakers looked like on the top and sides. He replied walnut. He then chose not to honor the transaction and didn't respond to any communication afterward. I'll keep my perception to myself.
  13. The listing I bid on did not state 'best offer'. The present listing does as you already know.
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