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  1. Pulling air through your amp could cool the heat protection so that it doesn't shut down when it should. I'd suggest that you pull the hot air away from amp to keep the ambient temp surrounding the amp cooler.
  2. I think I've been told to work on my listening skills... not sure... wasn't really listening.
  3. I kind of like the patina you are starting with! I had some old Adirondack chairs with green stain that had weathered quite a bit and the finish was completely gone in places. I simply sanded them lightly and gave them a bunch of coats of spar varnish or maybe it was poly... don't recall now. The look was great! They had that weathered patina but were now protected from the elements. (not suggesting varnish or poly for your speakers)
  4. The fix for mine was when Craig went through and started reheating every solder joint. One was probably broken or had a bad connection due to being slammed around in shipping.
  5. Gotta keep 'em clean! Store bought tapes require a cleaning after one play it seems.
  6. Of course, I’m only measuring in my room but I never saw any drop there. I’ll have to look again soon. I could put stock AA’s back in to test.
  7. Would any electrical engineer say that they know everything there is to know? Well, maybe you can find someone like that. Hundreds of years ago people joked and made fun of the idea that there were little creatures smaller than the naked eye could see. It wasn't until the invention of the microscope that the existence of microorganisms could be proved. If I'd lived at the time perhaps I would have laughed too. I'd suggest we look at things with a tentative eye... or ear.
  8. I also have some MDF speakers that I bought in 1986 or so. Yes, they are still fine since I've been able to protect them from any mishaps so far. A lot of people sit their speakers on the floor which is usually where the water goes if there is a leak or flood. I've also lost some equipment many years ago due to a flooded basement and lived through tornado aftermath. Perhaps I'm just sensitive. I'm glad you're not worried. I have a strong basis for being concerned. I'm mostly sorry I let myself get sucked into this thread again.
  9. The idea that MDF is a structural equivalent to plywood is ludicrous! This is a different use but you simply don't want this stuff to ever get wet! I had a water heater burst a few months ago and thought I was lucky to be home at the time so I could get it turned off right away. Water was mopped up quickly but within half an hour the MDF underlayment started to swell. I'll spare you the details but the end result so far is over 40k in repairs and a week spent in a local hotel. If the underlayment had been decent material the mopping and drying would have been the end of it. Luckily, only the house suffered and not much "stuff" was even touched. I have 2 pairs of Cornwalls that are over 50 years old... I won't be around to verify but I wonder how many MDF constructed speakers constructed in recent years will survive to that age?
  10. Those meters might not move much normally with Klipsch but I bet I could make 'em jump.
  11. This has been one of the worst, best, funniest, with a dose of BS, but with a few gems here and there, as well as infuriating threads I've seen in a long time!
  12. Mmmmmm METERS!!! Everybody knows meters sound better, right?!
  13. I think he just told us to eat shit? and pretend it's an apple? 🤣
  14. Yeah, flac and wav CAN sound different. I have an opinion on why I think this is true (besides having experienced it) and have heard reasonable explanations regarding increased power usage due to more processing but I'm likely not educated or trained to the level to satisfy those here who are so quick to throw things on the BS pile. Some folks just really wear me out. With them, it's all or nothing... yes, or no, truth or BS. I'm glad if that world view works for them. Not aiming this at glens specifically, to be clear. I believe what I've heard from Paul McGowan has been accurate (note that I said accurate and not correct) more often than not and mostly agrees with what I've experienced. He has built some nice sounding equipment. Whoops! I forgot it all sounds the same... my mistake. Paul McGowan was wrong in his comments about Klipsch and I believe was guilty of grossly over generalizing. Personally, I think a retraction was in order but I'd rather go fishing than worry about that. By the way, with my current setup I cannot hear any difference between flac and wav. Between the two, there was never a dimes worth of difference though anyway.
  15. Oh goody! We're talking about caps! I prefer lower case most of the time.
  16. I moved my 40+ year old La Scala's upstairs by myself a few years ago. Left hand on the mid horn opening and right hand on the rear opening of the cabinet. Took one step at a time with 2 landings where I could rest a moment. If I'd lost my balance it would have been damaging to both me and the house! It was kind of dumb even though it went fine. No way will I try to get them down that way! Maybe I could set them on a piece of cardboard and let them slide down like my kids used to do? I find it easier to go upstairs than down.
  17. Do you think we could hear the difference between your Close N' Play and my Show N' Tell?? I just have to see if I can get one back from Ebay.
  18. ROON will ruin you! It is a whole new experience with playing your music. It is way beyond any other interface I've used (never used Sonos but a friend moved from Sonos to ROON recently). My only potential complaint is the search capability but I haven't delved into that much yet. It plays all my flac through the Chromecast just fine. Spotify works with it great as well. This is an area for background music so I'm not picky about sound quality as much but it is fine. I tried one of the DLNA interfaces with it to play direct from a NAS and that didn't work as well (very slow, locked up or didn't work at all). It's been months so I don't remember the specifics.
  19. I understand saying something without enough thought... I do it all the time. You might want to edit your posts to delete negative comment on his garage sale post
  20. Regarding this with La Scala's... If there is still too much "boom" in the room broaden the bandwidth by lowering the Q. Salt to taste
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