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  1. For the woofer I first tried the Crites cast CW1526C, then k33's from my La Scalas then the Eminence Kappa-15C. The 15C won as far as my ears were concerned as they seemed the most even and the best upper bass. The K33's were fine but just a little weaker at the top and the Crites seemed a bit heavy on the lower bass but that might have been in a range that I already get a bit of a peak. For bass bins to sound THIS good and for only 400 bucks is simply amazing to me! This is some pretty good BANG for buck!
  2. Yep... funny thing when I bought my La Scala's the seller collected organs and wanted only the organ and the amplifiers. He didn't want the speakers! I also removed the attenuators that were installed on the factory networks that were on larger boards than usual. The attenuators were cranked way down so the tweeter and mids had hardly been used over the 35 years they sat in a choir loft. The amps were installed inside the the top part of the cabinet with a newspaper metal plate between the amp and the cabinet. I looked to see but there was no date on the portion of the plate that was there... kind of wondered if it was from the local Hope AR newspaper. Really nice thing about these is that the top of the speaker cabinet can be unscrewed and removed for easy access to everything. Seemed obvious that Klipsch had done some custom construction for the organ company.
  3. If you can't afford a pair of REL 212-sx maybe you could think about a pair of REL S/812 with the idea of maybe adding another pair to the stack in a few years? Definitely stick with a pair!
  4. Yes, the La Scalas are waiting in the garage for veneer or DuraTex paint. I like how tough DuraTex is so I might go that route or maybe veneer top and sides but with DuraTex on front edges and back. Interestingly, I didn't even use the REL's for the first couple of days I was so satisfied with the Q-Pies. I did miss that lower bass but the REL's messed up the sound stage. With the La Scala's I had no choice but to place the RELs to the inside of the speakers but the narrow width of the cabinets made the Q-Pies more flexible. REL subs in the middle made the sound stage smaller but it seemed more drastic with the Q-Pies. I moved the REL subs to the outside of the Q-Pies about 7" from the back wall and a couple feet from the corner which preserved the wider sound stage I have now and improved things without any detriment. If folks don't know, REL subs don't have numbers or markings on the level controls... they don't want you to get hung up on numbers. It is easy just to count clicks clockwise to keep track of your settings. As far as adjustments to the REL subs I dropped the crossover 7 clicks to start then I'll raise it back up. I also bumped up the REL volume a click. Currently, I have a bit of a drop around 50 Hz so I don't have it dialed in perfect but it is hard to care as I'm having too much fun listening to music!
  5. I assume you might wonder if it thins out as it gets to a lower volume which is something I've experienced but NOT here! Listening at low volume... 60, 55, even 50 dB at my seat the image is all still there with full life and energy. Amps play a role with that too as sometimes we get amps that don't do as well with high efficiency speakers at lower volumes.
  6. SO here is the hardware installed - Network: Dean's Aletheia Audio Super AA networks w/ OIMP V-Caps Tweeter: Beyma CP25 Mid: BMS 4592ND-MID Drivers Mid Horn: Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 Horns Bass: Eminence Kappa-15C I'm considering having a tweeter shootout. This seems mostly a flavor thing... the sizzle on your steak... the Beyma does a beautiful job (to my taste) with cymbols and trumpet highs. It sounds so natural and just the right tone but maybe it has a bit more distortion? I have an attenuator from ALK so I can knock down the tweeters that are a bit too efficient. Here is my list so far I will try out: K-77 Crites CT-125 B&C DE-10 with stock horn (think I bought these from Claude way back) B&C DE-120 with Fastrac horn
  7. It is crazy that it has taken me so long to finally get these built and installed in my room! I started cutting wood for this over 7 years ago... finally completed over a year ago only to sit in the garage. A couple of fellow audio nuts helped me carry these upstairs and also move the La Scalas out to the garage for new veneer or Duratex. WHY did I wait so long?! This sounds awesome! Smoothed out the bass and seems to add another octave down. It is so much smoother and clearer on the bottom end! I thought the dispersion would be a bit narrow having these up on end like this. The smallest adjustment of toe-in seemed to have a big effect. Quite a bit of listening and adjusting and all of a sudden they just lit up the room! It was actually that dramatic. It nailed it not only for the sweet spot (what I mainly care about) but most of the room. There was a bit of "chesty" resonance maybe around the lower registers of the male voice. It was suggested to drop a pillow at the end of the horn and that resonance was gone. I added some NoRez padding from GR Research... it helped a little but not nearly as much so I put the pillows back. The family wants the pillows back on the couch but I don't think that will happen too soon. The mid horn and tweeter assembly is sitting on a brace/shelf that is the exact height of where they were sitting on top of the La Scalas with a slight tilt down. Yeah, I'm pretty happy! Oh and for all the help I owe thanks to @paul79, his friend Jered, and certainly @ClaudeJ1!
  8. It is a lot of fun when things come together! What's amazing is that you can always seem to find even more improvements but there is nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying the moment!
  9. I did find that I would need to turn the volume up a bit to get the subs to kick on when set to "auto." They would also click off if I had the volume too soft. It was interesting because it wasn't just the click of the subs turning off but you'd audibly lose the bass as well. Even at low volume they had a bit of bass output but not enough to keep them on. Turning them away from Auto to "ON" avoids the issue fine. Glad I have solar panels to help offset leaving this stuff powered up so much of the time.
  10. This is the conversation I was hoping would start! I confess I'm weak on my electronics knowledge and my experience with my "101 electronic projects" kit from Radio Shack has been mostly forgotten. I get confused pretty quick when we start talking about signal, voltage or current, impedance, resistance, differential, Balanced or Single ended. I've never understood how subwoofers maintain a volume that is balanced to the main speakers at different volumes. I don't really understand it with low level OR high level but I'd like to stick with high level inputs for now. Say I've got some La Scalas (with 105 db efficiency) playing at around 85db and I've dialed in the gain on the subwoofers so they mesh perfectly. Say the pre-amp volume is around 9:00... If I crank the volume knob up the La Scala's are going to get louder in volume a lot faster than any speaker that has 90db efficiency for example but the subs are going to see the same signal from the amp and same rate of increase no matter which speakers I have connected. OR does the setting of the gain on the sub woofers change this in a way that I'm not understanding? If I disconnect the LaScalas and install some 90db speakers I'm pretty sure I'll have to lower the gain of the subs to match to the lower efficiency speakers. With the lower gain would the volume increase slower with the turn of the volume knob... matching the rate of volume increase of the lower efficiency speakers? Isn't that balance of sub to main speakers volume going to be off at different volume levels? Unless the subs respond in exact the same way to the turn of the volume knob isn't it going to be off (the bass getting louder faster or slower than the mains)? That said, my experience with the subs isn't really like that... the sub might be getting a little bit leaner as I turn it up but I don't hear it that way. On the contrary I'm still pretty happy with the results! I suppose I could test the db with pink noise and AudioTools at different frequencies as I raise the volume. The only way I can tell that I have subs running is by turning them off so I notice their absence. I'm happy with the results! I'm trying to understand something logically (not very well) that might be better to understand electrically. Anybody want to try to clear up any of my misconceived notions? Sorry if I'm missing something simple... I like to think a dumb question is one I don't ask
  11. Seems as though REL has decent respect for Klipsch speakers. I believe this REL blog is written by John Hunter https://rel.net/blog/2022-04-27/system-thinking/klipsch-and-high-efficiency-explained/ I find it interesting that he mentions at the end that you need to commit to low level inputs due to the high efficiency of Klipsch speakers. Funny that I went with REL, in part, because of the high level inputs. I always wondered about the speakers efficiency making the "dialing in" of the sub more tricky and that there would a volume sweet spot where things would sound the best (most balanced) I wish he had said more... I'm really wanting more explanation on the subject.
  12. I have similar… 1 tube trap in each corner, 1 at each first side reflection point, and 1 center of front wall pulled out a bit. I’m considering more diffusion at the front wall. I have some absorption on the ceiling due to the cathedral ceiling causing some issue. I’m glad I’m not buying those new today! They do a nice job but painful for the wallet.
  13. Congratulations! Corners weren't a choice for me as far as speaker placement. I played with speaker placement for a long time trying to get the peaks and nulls on the low end to even out as much as possible. I have absorption on the sides but much preferred diffusion to absorption on the front (between speakers). Absorption deadened the sound with just a single much less a couple of 2"x2'x4' panels on the wall. I now actually have a single tube trap with diffusion panel pointed forward and placed in the center somewhat even with the rear of the speakers. I can pull it forward and back to "focus" the sound stage somewhat... pretty cool results.
  14. Not familiar with the Yamaha you mentioned... is that model correct? I've had a lot of fun with the CR-2040 and Marantz 2330... if going vintage integrated the Yamaha CA-2010 is amazing. The 2040 has a really nice low end that helps the La Scalas a bit. I guess it kind of depends on your goals... I listened to vintage receivers usually while doing other things with Cornwalls or Heresy's (garage, bedroom). I'm not really answering your question but was curious about the Yamaha. Honestly, I'd like you to try them all yourself and report back with your comparison. Are your LaScalas stock? Have fun!
  15. I would not hesitate to get the 2nd but it is your money to decide, of course. It is amazing how softly I can listen but there is still the depth and dynamics from top to bottom... it reinforces all the notes somehow.
  16. Have to say I've been loving my pair of REL's with the La Scalas for almost 2 years now. I can't imagine being without them now but the only reason I finally bought them was a great deal that came up. No regrets. I like the high level input method. I was waiting for a order of baltic birch to build a pair of Bill Fitzmaurice's THTLP subs when I ran across the REL. I know the baltic birch wasn't necessary but I wanted it if I was going to the effort to build. I would have spent just as much easily since the only sub amp that had all the features I wanted was the Marchand and has since gone way up $$.
  17. Be careful with the tube amp... I know that some require a speaker load at all times while powered on. Might check to see if that is the case for yours.
  18. Dad was given a ball signed by Babe Ruth when he was a kid. He didn't know any better and scuffed it up throwing it against a brick wall. DOH! Well, he still has it 80 years later and it's not as bad as you might think but that is certainly a painful story. Paul's signature would be worth a small price bump to me and more likely to make me choose these over others. Condition would matter much more. If they were older with a story it would matter more to me... Just one guy's opinion... and me without decent corners for khorns anywhere in the house.
  19. I just assumed the difference in dimensions was mostly about the thicker panels but I can say that stiffening the sides of my 1976 versions made a big difference. Still haven't veneered the cabinets but might stick with the original black. Been on the fence for quite a few years now. I tried quite a few variations of heights to raise them up but no amount sounded as good as flat on the floor (room is wall to wall carpet). I use DSP to trim off 7dB at 148Hz Q 8.0 which cleans the sound up a lot. Also played with knocking off 4 dB at 180Hz Q 12.0 These numbers came from some conversation here about the LaScala bins but I don't remember the original source. My ears had me at 150Hz knocked down 4dB so I was pretty close.
  20. These ship nicely especially if you have the original shipping box that Craig used. That is a good looking cabinet on this one!
  21. Use a switched power strip for that vintage stuff and save wear on the vintage power switches that can be hard to find
  22. Manufacturers are liable to say just about anything.
  23. It is interesting to me that I had a similar experience as the OP when I traded my 12 ga Blue Jeans speaker wire for Duelund 16 ga tinned stranded wire. It seemed more clear but with a bit of loss on the low end. Swapped for Duelund 12 ga and the low end was better than ever. Only 6 foot runs so it was cheap. I shouldn't have heard a difference but I did. I expected to NOT hear a difference but I did. I don't claim magic or work of the devil either. We don't come close to knowing all there is to know... we just don't know how much we don't know. I think we ain't even close yet! I think science is perfectly capable of figuring this out if motivated to do so. Making psychological claims could have some validity in some circumstances but feels like mostly just a way to dismiss people as having misperceived experiences. I've got lots of questions and I enjoy the how and the why discussions but it would be nice to keep things respectful and let people discuss the equipment. Granted, by Internet and social media standards the crowd here stands out as relatively polite and considerate!
  24. That's a nice installation! It is also encouraging that these speakers are working for so long even with outside exposure! Today I got the wires run and speakers installed in spite of a bit of rain. The top of the bracket is tilted out and spaced from the siding with 25 washers stacked as a spacer. I found some white heat shrink tubing that I'll install to hide the cable a bit better. Used some black Monoprice 14g wire. A horizontal mount would have looked a bit better and maybe less obtrusive but I think I'm going to prefer the adjustability of a vertical installation. Yeah, I know... that siding needs some cleaning!
  25. d1-streamer-mk2 (totaldac.com) Nothing muddy or veiled there
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