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  2. If this makes any difference, it went something like: first roll = 4 on both dice, second roll = 1 on both dice, third roll on = 6 on both dice, fourth roll = 2 on both dice.
  3. Lorrie and I were rolling dice to see who gets the first roll/turn at a game of Yahtzee. We each rolled a single die and it came up with the same number 4X before we could start playing. Now what's the chance of that happening??
  4. Here's a really good source for what you need. Just tell them what happened and they can take care of you. BTW- I would order the woofers and mid diaphragms in pairs. www.critesspeakers.com
  5. The part that got me was where he's said they're stained/clear coated and that's original. But clearly the labels say HBR. So, either he doesn't know what he's doing or someone else didn't.
  6. I'd get em' but I don't need another pair. https://dayton.craigslist.org/ele/d/sidney-klipsch-heresy-one/7510693027.html
  7. Strange too with the hand written s/n instead of the Bates labeler.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2766674423476575/?ref=facebook_story_share
  9. All right, I have a friend that bought a 73' VW Thing Type 181 that he wants an 8-TRACK radio for that also has blue tooth. Any ideas??
  10. Just got the price of what this thing costs to charter....$4,500/flight hour.
  11. Kinda, I have a pair of Technics R&B Series SB-7's that I bought new in 83'. Nowadays they're like hen's teeth and there was a pair locally for $200. Parts alone are worth twice that at least.
  12. Almost seams toooo good... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/545982297035885/
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1598908297158977/
  14. Robert, you say you DID figure out what happened??
  15. And to think my favorite place was Uno's but the only one left is in downtown Dayton. Impossible parking on the weekends and too much rush hour traffic during the week. They had one called the SeaDelico that I would KILL for. ....we still make goo-goo eyes at each other. 🤪
  16. Do they have eat-in dining? Thinking of a place to take Lorrie for a date-night. It's about 20-minutes from us.
  17. Follow up: My new credit score is back up to 801-803. Still lower than what it was by about 10 points but that should come back too. I still think it's because both PayPal and Chase bank' security system automatically rejected a purchase I wanted to make for some $3,800. I called Chase BEFORE the purchase and they told me there was no need to notify them. That if I had the room on my account it would go through just fine.....(Price is Right buzzer sound).
  18. Last summer Case had a very close call. You guys out west will probably remember this. During his off hours he would fly recon for the wild fires out west. Taking a retired fire chief to assess where the chemical drop tankers should go. So, one day he was scheduled to go up but couldn't because the Cessna was due to come back from maintenance in California to Arizona. And Case was the only one type rated for that plane in the company. So, they sent up someone that could fly the Beechcraft King Air C90 for the recon. One wing of the plane came completely off, crashed, and killed both men. Case said last time he flew that plane the hair of his neck stood up cause things just didn't feel right. Turns out the company that owned the C90 was wayyyyy behind on all their maintenance. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-breaking/2021/07/11/jeff-piechura-among-2-killed-plane-crash-near-arizona-wildfire/7930508002/
  19. Case is Lorrie's son (but not my son). May Lee is her daughter-in-law but I call her my daughter-in-law too. In turn she calls me her father-in-law even though Lorrie and I aren't married. But we tell people in public Lorrie and I are (God awful complicated). I asked Case how much my ticket would have been considering there were six passengers on board for time and fuel. For 10-12 minutes, one passenger would have been about $700. The plane was going in for maintenance for 8-weeks about 30-miles away at another airport. So we all tagged along for the drop-off. Case is the captain, the co-pilot is to his right out of camera view. This plane always has to have two people at the controls. A couple of years ago, when Case and May Lee got married, if was his idea to fly the families from southern to northern Arizona (they lived in the south). But even though he was borrowing the Cessna (above) the company he worked for (and made a lot of money for) wouldn't cut him any deals. Including the paying for the co-pilot's hotel bill till they flew back the next day. The whole point was Case wanted to pilot the plane filled with the families to their own wedding.
  20. The Cessna Citation Ultra he used to fly looked a lot more sleek but definitely more cramped inside.
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