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  1. I bought my copy of Class Clown when I was about 10-years old at a yard sale for 50 cents. Should have seen the faces on my teachers (Catholic private school) while I sang the new version of the national anthem. 😂😂
  2. (Me being diabetic) "You can prick your finger; but you can't finger your prick." - George Carlin
  3. Here's another one of Ellen when she did some work on Wonder Woman.
  4. Yea, Vicky looks pretty sickly now. Ellen, however, said to help her skating shd did gymnastics and ballet in school (all kinds of thoughts now with a raised eyebrow) at only 5'2".
  5. I could ask him if you want. 😁 Though in that pic he looks a little tall. He be a short stocky dude. The other girl, facing the camera-ish, is Vicky Vickers.
  6. LOL! Mighty Favog was one of Jim Henson's first muppets that used to appear on SNL in the 70's. 😁
  7. That Warptail2 was one of the most versatile boards I ever had. Seeing there were no parks nearby we did a lot of freestyle in schoolyards with asfault hills. That same G&S was stolen about 6-months after this picture. I know who did it and I vowed to either get it back or re-create one. The latter won. You would not believe what NOS copers are going for on e-Bay for Trackers. For Mid-Tracks they were $130!!
  8. The nearest park to us was Cherry Hill 120 miles away AND nobody was old enough to drive much less gave a car. In high school I did skate for Coca-Cola for 18-months. But it got to be more of a job than a hobby.
  9. Hey ya Seti, sad to say that's the only two pics I have of it. The only thing I remember seeing on the speakers was a (I think) a single in line cap. 1 woofer on each side and 1 tweeter on each side of the front. The tt was driven by a rubber wheel.
  10. 2nd generation Sims LaMar. I wanted the first gen but that's what they sent me. Funny thing, that was the worst handling board I ever had. Best ones were between a Sims Lester Splash, G&S Warptail2 Squaretail and an Alva Lost Model.
  11. Here's another pic of it with my first real speaker(s) on it; Technics SB-7.
  12. Yea, I remember their console at Indy, though it wasn't working at the time. The wiring for the bluetooth was hanging out of the back.
  13. This is a Motorola that was handed down to me through my family when I was about 14-years old. It still had the original store receipt from 1962 from Bob Bigner TV in Cincinnati (still in business). My Dad took it upon himself to get rid of it during one of our moves. If I had room I'd look for another one. It was all solid state, sorry, no tubes. But I would crank Charlie Daniels, Doobie Brothers and an album called Hot Rocks from local radio station WEBN (only vinyl I had). It played vinyl only. No radio or tape player.
  14. https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/kellye-nakahara-wallett-of-m-a-s-h-dies-at-age-72/2224880/?_osource=SocialFlowFB_CTBrand
  15. I had a phono cartridge do the opposite (Shure V15XMr). Bass was heavy till a number of hours in.
  16. https://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/actor-comedian-orson-bean-91-hit-and-killed-by-car-in-la
  17. Any idea when the DVD/Blu-Ray is coming out??
  18. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/kirk-douglas-dies-spartacus-670526
  19. It wasn't in my system but I do know of one being used for the last 40-years or so with no problems.
  20. If you like anything old school, you can try an SAE 4000.
  21. I've always said those grills look like the metal grating of a wrought iron patio chair.
  22. Not mine https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/431613927529878/
  23. I wanna see two autonomous car driving robots get out of there cars and beat each other.......
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