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  1. Develop a bad gallbladder and then put off doing something about it for months. Speaking from experience, you WILL lose weight.
  2. Our beautiful fall colors right now.,
  3. Not HF, but I bought this one from Home Depot. Been good so far. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Maasdam-3-Ton-Low-Profile-Floor-Jack-with-Quick-Lift-in-Orange-MPL4699-OR-DIP/314137079?
  4. Buddy of mine owns an auto repair shop and uses a few of those low profile 3 ton Pittsburgh jacks from HF. He gets good service from them and bragged on how good they were when I asked.
  5. Found it on Facebook. Those are some big living room horns!
  6. Yeah and like 99.99% of the people out there, I've used Paypal for 20 years without a single incident. USPS MOs have worked well when needed.
  7. This guy is hard at work near my gazebo this afternoon.
  8. Do tell? Probably not where hurricanes happen.
  9. I'd rather see Jimmie than Clapton. Surely Gibson would help Doyle with a left handed 335.
  10. Found him several years ago while watching the great Jimmy Smith on Youtube. Guy was a real performer on the Hammond. RIP
  11. Welcome to the madness! We had a guy here that used that one. Lots of great info about Klipsch here.
  12. It's a crazy world. With the last two movies I watched I was given the option of P+ or Amazon Prime as the provider? Knowing that Prime works every time without a hitch, I just used that. So in those instances I didn't even need P+ to watch the content. To answer your question though, no, P+ does not work here still and I'm tired of messing with it. It seems the older I get, the less I care about TV/ movies anyway. I wonder about a world without a TV.
  13. Haven't had any problem with Facebook. Post and share stories, pictures, happenings with family and friends. See a few ads along the way. No big deal.
  14. My ISP is ATT. The last time I asked them something my bill went up $100.00 a month. I am in a rural area. There are no neighbors in sight from my house. I do have a 5G hotspot for internet though. Most of the time my data speeds are 30Mbps down and 15 up. Should be plenty good for streaming a movie. I have tried it on 3 different smart TVs here as well.
  15. We've had really good luck with Dell for many years. I've bought the last few from the Dell Outlet. As far as support for 10 getting dropped soon, I have not been affected by that sort of thing so much? For example, I'm still using XP on one machine for a music server.
  16. C.E. Williams was certainly brilliant! Having studied the Basic Assembler computer language decades ago, I have an inkling of what he accomplished there. Obviously a genius, he certainly laid a foundation for what the world is today.
  17. Its just weird that any other streaming service we try works fine except this one. Paramount + works for a few seconds, buffers, works again but then buffers more, on and on. Unwatchable as it is. What am I missing here? Problem exists on different devices here at the house. I have reinstalled the APP 3 times on Amazon firestick thinking maybe a bad download. I have changed my DNS from automatic to manual after reading that helped some people. I tried it in the wee hours of the morning to see if that helped, nada. Right now I'm thinking inferior service??? Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.
  18. Gorgeous pictures of beautiful women. I'm liking every single one of them. Sometimes a thread this long can get kinda slow.
  19. I didn't take it, but it is reality!
  20. You guys taking pictures in Maui, Jeez. Must be nice.
  21. Diesel fuel and time could help free it. I would try cleaning that ball and bore best I could, fill the barrel with diesel fuel and give it a week or two soaking.
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