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  1. It does seem in my area that cases are down. I know of fewer people getting it. At one point I personally knew maybe 2 dozen people with it. Right now I only know 1 person with it. A small sample I know, but it seems to parallel reports on TV.
  2. Played two games yesterday. Behind the plate for both games. Can you tell he loves it? We iced that arm down last night.
  3. It's baseball season again! That's my boy slinging it on the bump.
  4. That's right, unless you've got some serious bank. There were 2 of us that worked in New Orleans for Norfolk Southern in the aftermath of Katrina as their maintenance guys. We had (2) 250Kw Gensets + one 125kw providing power for a kitchen, dining room, 2 doz campers, and power for reconstruction of yard tower, RR motel, etc. Each month the number one expense was power and it was by a landslide. Other expensive stuff was portable toilets, handwashing stations, on site laundry service, fresh water that was trucked in, etc.
  5. And sold at Harbor Freight. On the subject of generators, look at the cost to run the generator your interested in over time. It gets very expensive and quick. $150 a day is common. https://homeguide.com/costs/generator-cost
  6. Tube pre and bluetooth connectivity makes this one a winner. Seems like a cool amp for the money.
  7. Guy by the name of Roy Hancliff took this awesome photo. It's a Northern Red Shafted Flicker.
  8. Sputnik, you may have mentioned it before, but what do you do?
  9. Yeah, 76 million homes in the US are on a crawl space. My dad has one for 25 years, not a single problem. Works great for most people.
  10. 1 foot of basement wall is $6K. Maybe build it on a crawl space and save $50K? I know concrete is expensive these days, but that just seems like a lot for a foot unless it's a giant house.
  11. JL Sargent

    Half time show

    Nobody will accuse him of lip syncing. We've had a bunch of those.
  12. JL Sargent

    NFL 2021

    Shocked! That's why I don't gamble on football. Tampa Tom, look at you. Wonder what Belichick did tonight.
  13. JL Sargent

    NFL 2021

    I'm thinking Mahomes and the chiefs will win it by a TD at least. I'm gonna say 42-35.
  14. Off topic, but mentioned in your first post. How is Pops doing? Did he get a lot of birthday cards from the forum?
  15. Of course. We just stopped construction on a 800,000 gallon a day pipeline to Texas didn't we?
  16. It's not always easy to score a basket!
  17. That photo looks like Crystal Meth maybe, not Mt Dew LOL. Of course if you "bath" your teeth in anything like soft drinks it can't be a good idea. Mountain Dew soda, a product of the Pepsi Company, has been deemed the culprit in creating a high incidence of severe tooth decay in children from extremely poor regions, such as Appalachia, where there is often little resources or opportunity for routine dental care.
  18. "I'll be seeing ya Josie Wales" as another driver leaves their car behind.
  19. JL Sargent

    NFL 2021

    I think the Chiefs get it done on Superbowl Sunday. How bout you?
  20. JL Sargent

    NFL 2021

    Mahomes is the next king of football.
  21. Absolutely, but it's not all bad. An instate all in 4 year college degree from Alabama cost $125,000.00, so lets not feel too sorry for the players.
  22. A lot of players and coaches as it turns out. Interesting that Saban added 2 just fired NFL head coaches to his stall in the last week or so. All this turnover, all these changes, yet Alabama is preseason #1 for next year. The man has built an empire.
  23. I'm surprised you didn't ask about this over at the Heavy Equipment forum we sometimes visit. Like Carl said, I had a Cummins truck that ran 2 in parallel and never had a problem. They were like batteries.
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