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  1. @MeloManiac Hello ! For Belgium > To find vinyl LPs from Thelonious Monk and others: I am in France and to find new or used vinyls, I bought them from Jazz Messenger in Barcelona. The prices are good, the opportunities are of good quality and the transport is very good. Otherwise for excellent quality but more expensive occasions there is Paris Jazz Corner in France. https://www.jazzmessengers.com/fr/vinyl http://www.parisjazzcorner.com/dis_liste.php?page=3&ArtNeuf=&ArtOcc=&lang=&AutNom=monk&AutPrenom=&ArtTitFr=&op=&ArtAn=&SupNum=vinyl&SgrNum=&cd=&vinyl=&rech=avancee&LabNom=&InstNum=&ArtCaractFr=
  2. The Thorens TD124 😍
  3. Hi @Fido So you must be interested in a French singer who made wonderful music, who was beautiful, who acted in superb films, in short be curious and search for her music, her photos, her films, her life ... I am sure you will like it nota: she is accompanied by the musicians of Elton John
  4. Hi, I see that there is an autoformer on this network, if they have different sockets, it can perhaps be lowered by 2db without putting an Lpad. this is what you meant @wvu80 😎
  5. Hi, If you want to reduce your 8ohm tweeter by 2.8 db, use R1 = 2.2ohm and R2 = 22ohm If you want to reduce your 8ohm tweeter by 2.2 db, use R1 = 1.8 ohm and R2 = 27ohm ... https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/attenuators/l-pad-attenuator.html You have to put the R1 and R2 between the network and the tweeter If the resistance value R1 or R2 does not exist put 2 resistance in parallel to make the right value, for example for a reduction of 3db, we have R1 = 5.6 + 3.9 = 2.3 and R2 = 33 + 47 = 19.4 (I rounded the values and results a bit, but it's ok) 2.3 (5.6 + 3.9) 19.4 (33 + 47) 8 3 list of values R1 R2 impedance reduce db 2.8 (6.8 + 4.7) 15 8 3.7 2.8 (6.8 + 4.7) 16 (33+47+90) 8.1 3.7 2.8 (6.8 + 4.7) 17.1 (27+47) 8.2 3.6 2.5 (6.8 + 3.9) 17.1 (27+47) 8 3.3 2.4 (4.7 + 4.7) 18 8 3.1 2.3 (5.6 + 3.9) 19.4 (33 + 47) 8 3 2.2 22 8 2.8 2 (3.3 + 5.6) 24 (39+68) 8 2.5 1.8 27 8 2.2 1.7 (2.2+6.8) 31 (47+90) 8 2 1 (1.2+8.2) 56 8 1 😋
  6. Hi @Joe Carter This is what the panel does not retract on Heresy III and Heresy IV, because the speakers are mounted from the front. So to access the interior of Heresy IV you have to remove the bass speaker. look here https://blog.son-video.com/2020/03/test-klipsch-heresy-iv-lenceinte-compacte-3-voies/
  7. Beautiful restoration, brilliant 😎
  8. Hi @Davedev07 If you want to keep A4500, you can reduce the DE120 a bit by a few db with an Lpad, it will only cost you a handful of dollars for the resistors. http://www.mh-audio.nl/Calculators/att.html https://www.parts-express.com/search?order=pricelevel12:asc&keywords=dpr10
  9. Hi, I also like EL34. Also think that there are variants completely compatible with the EL34 amps, the 6CA7 which is the US version of the European EL34 and the KT77. EL34 6CA7 (here a very good model) KT77 🤩
  10. Hi @Klipschguy, I have an MC2125 with CWIII. I use my MC2125 only on the K33E, higher on the midrange / treble I run a Cary SLI50. At home I tested the 8ohms and 4ohms terminals of the MC2125, and well I prefer the 8ohms terminals, because the sound is better, the bass is fuller and with more firmness and authority. Take the test at home and tell us which terminals you preferred. 😎 edit: I just read that you prefer 4 ohms at home, like what according to the installation and the tastes the opinions and the settings change 😋
  11. salut @BanjoBill Vous pouvez facilement réaliser un L-Pad avec 2 résistances 5w pour haut-parleurs, par exemple pour réduire d'environ 2,8db l'utilisation de 2,2 ohm en série et 22ohm en parallèle. Voici une petite calculatrice pour L-Pad http://www.mh-audio.nl/Calculators/att.html
  12. Hi @Fido No stress, it's really rare a little problem, Klipsch does a good job 😎
  13. So I think someone's mixed it up in the labels and speakers with the similar grain veneers. Another person must have a mixed pair, what do you think! It's a klipsch selling point to say that the speakers go together for sound and veneer like a book. If you do not receive this it is because there has been a mixture and a problem with the quality control.
  14. Hi @Darkscience the boxes match and do the labels on the back of the speakers match your home? mine box mine rear labels speakers
  15. Hi, I have black ash CWIIIs and they have the book finish, the right speaker looks like the left speaker.
  16. I watched the last 10 minutes of the show on Youtube, but I have a hard time understanding your quick English with a lot of accent. It doesn't matter, it was great to see you for real, thank you guys 😎
  17. Hi and welcome @OttoBurgess You can ask @Cinéma maison Paducah he sells the Klipsch Heritage and home theater sets, maybe Klipsch can match 3 speakers on a special order. @Ceptorman Even if it's less critical, we agree, the Heritage blacks are also sold in pairs and the grain of the wood is matched, not the color of course. the label of mine
  18. Hi, I read your messages on audiocircle, but I am not registered there You can make simulations with this software free https://kimmosaunisto.net/Software/Software.html
  19. Hi @dwilawyer I bought mine in 2016 in Germany, the importer is Osiris Audio, there is their brand on the packaging of my photo. https://osirisaudio.de/produkt-kategorie/klipsch-heritage-series/ The store which is 20km (12.5 Miles) from my home is Iacono in Nîmes, France https://www.iacono.fr/fr/content/12-notre-magasin Nb: I don't know what they have at the moment like Heritage in the store, on the Klipsch.com site it says La Scala, Heresy and Klipschorn and I know that in 2020 he also had Forte III and CWIII Special Edition East Indian Rosewood that they sold at the end of 2020. With Covid 19 the store does not receive the public for a simple visit, they only do internet sales or visits by appointment for a purchase.
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