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  1. Ah! sorry, the first two are just the photos of the third, with me it works without a ban??
  2. Zenith Cobra dual tone arm, no ? https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images2/1/0113/22/zenith-cobra-dual-tone-arm-record_1_faec5a7d8c92a2276a7e35cc66749992.jpg https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/1/0113/22/zenith-cobra-dual-tone-arm-record_1_faec5a7d8c92a2276a7e35cc66749992.jpg https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/zenith-cobra-dual-tone-arm-record-406397947
  3. No ! For 2255 it was an example, there were many other class B at McIntosh: power advantage, low consumption and cold amp! Even their valve classics MC60, MC225, MC275 ... were class B, many of their modern ones are still with this class B their Solid State are also class B, old or modern: MC2505, 2255, 2125 .... MC7270 ... MC501 ... 😜
  4. ☺️👍 Example and Explications the MC2255 : http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/mcintosh-mc2255-284.html The output stages of the MC 2255 operate in class-B, but a unique biasing system completely eliminates the crossover distortion usually associated with class-B operation. This being the most efficient mode of linear amplifier operation, the total power consumption of the MC 2255 from the 120-volt a.c. line is only 0.7 ampere at idle (or normal playing volume) and 12 amperes at full output. The input and driver stages form a complete class-AB low-power amplifier which drives the front-panel headphone jack as well as the power stages. Switches connect the input sections for mono operation. In the mono/parallel mode the right-channel input drives both output sections in phase, and for the mono bridge mode the other input section is used as a phase inverter so that the outputs can be driven 180 degrees out of phase.
  5. McIntosh made a lot of class B amps and you can't say they're bad 😉
  6. If your amp is set for EL34, then you can put KT77 directly it's a replacement of EL34, you just need to change the 4 or 2 and do the Bias setting ! Attention KT77 has nothing to do with KT88 even if the writing is similar to KTxx look here direct replacement for EL34 = 6CA7, KT77 ... http://www.r-type.org/exhib/aaa0014.htm https://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com/t3289-6ca7-or-kt77 😉
  7. Hi @Flevoman, I too have an amp with EL34s, a Cary SLI50. For more dynamics and precision and after trying EL34, EL34B, 6CA7 big bottle and KT77. My preference is KT77 in 1st and 6CA7 in 2nd. In KT77 I currently use KT77JJ they are very dynamic and with fantastic highs. You can already try KT77JJ on your Dynaco ST70 first before changing amps
  8. Hi, I'm thinking of buying this disc, but in my country they sell this version, a double LPs SONY Legacy in pressing of 2010, list of tracks of the international version. I believe this is a copy of the English Track Records cover from May 1967, you have a Reprise Records US version cover from August 1967. It's about this 2xLPs version, but not Music On Vinyl, a close version but only SONY Legacy, I'll find out a little more: https://www.discogs.com/fr/release/2416762-The-Jimi-Hendrix-Experience-Are-You-Experienced https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Are_You_Experienced#Édition_britannique_et_internationale Edit : I just found the exact version I can buy, it's a SONY Legacy Europe from 2010 repress 2015. I like the photos and the inside booklet and the psychedelic colored disc labels. https://www.discogs.com/fr/release/7577132-The-Jimi-Hendrix-Experience-Are-You-Experienced/image/SW1hZ2U6MjAyNTgyNTY= 😜
  9. If the manufacturer/gentleman tells you that it works with an MC, then trust him and test the ART9xi on your set. On the other hand if it does not work it will be necessary to throw the stone at this gentleman. As Micromara said if it doesn't work that way, then either an MC transformer suitable for ART9xi with a minimum of 100ohms load will have to be added. Example http://www.rothwellaudioproducts.co.uk/html/moving_coil_step-up_transforme.html
  10. Hi Compared to your previous remarks, even if it is air, unfortunately the volume is paid at a high price, because there is wood / glue / stain, storage, handling, packaging, transport ... and its parts cost very dear. But also what is also certain is that the more air there is, the better the loudspeaker, look at the Heritage range: Jubilee is huge If you are interested in seeing the interior of H4 F4 and C4, here are some videos of Paducah Home Theater TV!
  11. Hey man, it's me ☺️ When I was 9 years old, around 1971 / 1972 , I had a nice collection, my first records were all 45 rpm EP 7" (45RPM) offered by Antar petrol stations (manufacturer of oil and petrol in France which does not no longer exists) when the car was refueled: - Ray Charles - Sing the Blues - The Rolling Stones - Paint in Black - Louis Armstrong - Frankie and Johnny - Marc Orgeret - chante Aristide Briant - Los 3 Paraguavos - Guantanamera - Tchaikowsky - Casse-noisette - Aeroplane - September in the Rain - Les Choeurs de l'armée Rouge - Kalinka - Sidney Bechet - Black and Blues - Ten Years After- I'm Coming On - ... nice titles for a first collection, right? I still have a few left on my shelves, and I was proud of my record collection 😉 In the 1970s there was a very big difference between the modern USA with beautiful giant cars and big Harley Davidson motorcycles and our old Europe: an Antar station with a Simca 1000, a Citroën Type H van, a Citroën 2CV van and a small Italian Vespa or Lambretta scooter. And again it is the capital of France Paris - Petit Clamart not the countryside. Edit : And I listened to the records on my sister's Nogamatic Prelude record player, we are far from McIntosh and Klipsch.
  12. Hello @Flevoman Already I must tell you that I am not American, I am French, so be indulgent if I express myself badly and that I write a wrong explanation: if so I think that the Klipsch fans will explain in good American what I trying to tell you. Now the explanation of point 2: I explained this on page 3 post of June 9, 2021: To do the test you take a small cotton towel or felt, you roll it tight and you plug one of the 3 vents of CW4. Felt on mine CW3 You're going to get something that looks like this red curve. simulation made for CW3, but roughly similar to CW4 It is interesting then to raise the curve by 2 or 3 db with the bass button of your preamp, the best is an equalizer centered on 30Hz in our case to compensate for the level between 20Hz and 100Hz approximately and obtain the blue curve: this is what you want. !!! >>>> Of course this remains theoretical and depending on your room and your configuration it may be a little different. And as everything is compromised, the defect is that it raises the distortion a little towards 20 > 100Hz: it's very good for a listening level of 70 to 90db, acceptable for 100 db, less good for 110 db, but the majority home listening is between 70 and 95db, so it's ok Green curve: original CW4, red curve = cotton cloth or felt, blue curve: cloth + equalizer approximately + 3db at 30Hz I specify that I did not invent anything, I just applied to Cornwall what Jean-Michel Le Cléac'h (the father of the famous Le Cléac'h horns) had found for the large Onken 360L. Onken 360L measurements: red 6 vents, green 5 vents, blue 4 vents Tell me if it's ok for you 😁👍
  13. @Idontknow Thank man 👍 Mine McIntosh are C504 preamplifier read there, i described the use of felt in a vent here >>> Example of the result
  14. Hi @Flevoman You can follow some tips here to get more bass on your CW4 1 - For me the first advice you can add 2 or 3 db around 30Hz with an equalizer (ideal McIntosh, Accuphase ... preamplifier or new DSP digital) 2 - Second, if you want a slightly lower Hz setting for your bass-reflex: temporarily plug one of the 3 tubes with felt 3 - Try to bring your CW4s even closer to the wall almost glued to it, you will still gain a little bass 4 - Make 1, 2 and 3 and you'll have a ton of bass just the way you like it Good tests and good listening Read the tips here
  15. Hi @Flevoman , Thank you for this comparison, it is very informative. You have seen what many CWIV users say: lacks a bit of bass and very good mids.
  16. Hi everbody, Miami F1 Grand Prix My favorite French driver is last on the grid due to an accident during practice. But he's a great Esteban Ocon driver, he's going to try to come back and make a top 10 to get points in the world championship!!! Pierre Gasly is great driver too ! Good Grand Prix 😁
  17. Hi @MicroMara and everybody 😀 Mine Enterprise ENS-2-5002 US 1971 : https://www.discogs.com/release/534008-Isaac-Hayes-Shaft
  18. It's weird, because if you read the manual it says: "40 dB gain suitable for all MM cartridges when used in conjunction with a line preamp with at least 10 dB gain." and then the specifications of 47Kohms and 40db correspond well to an MM input. What is destabilizing is that the gentleman tells you that the input is ok with an MC, if it is the manufacturer he must know what he is saying is correct. You can't do a test with an old MC cartridge lying around in a drawer (run a request on this forum for a loan) just to find out if the sound is ok with the Mapletree Phono 3E before buying a nice and expensive ART9 . https://mapletreeaudio.com/manuals/Phono 3E Users Manual.pdf
  19. Hi @mopardave To find out if Mapple Three is compatible with MC AT ART9Xi (great great MC 😍), tell us what your phono preamp model is and give us the specifications of the MC input. If Maple Three is not compatible with MC, you can try the MM from Audiotechnica they are splendid with a great sound VM740ML or VM760SLC 😉
  20. Hi, Here in Europe at a lot more increase than at home again. I bought my Cornwall III new and sealed boxes in July 2016 in Germany for €3020 per pair delivered to my door in France (a 1200kms / 750 Miles trip) on a pallet. Today Cornwall IV cost 8000€ in Germany and 8790€ here in France, that's about 270% or 290% increase, it's crazy!
  21. Hi @Dave A and all, CWIII also has the same wooden braces as CWIV. On the other hand CWIV has a plywood board at the top of the enclosure this is perhaps the difference with CWIII which does not have the plywood board. wooden braces in CWIII Dtel pics plywood board in CWIV at 2:10 > 2:58 😀
  22. 2005 prototypes and pre-series and 2006 commercial launch with sale of the first CWIII models
  23. Hello ! Interesting reading, CWIV new Tractrix ports, mid horn is most definitely superior in quality (Tractrix, mumps, top surface....) to CWIII small horn, but some things were good in CWIII too: 😀
  24. Hello ! It's been a long time since I put on an original record that I bought at the time in 1981. It's an LP of German artists for our friend @MicroMara, because he likes it when I put on records from him in Germany 😎 https://www.discogs.com/fr/release/383196-Geile-Tiere-Geile-Tiere http://forschung-kuenstlerpublikationen.de/Geile-Tiere.html https://www.dschungelberlin.de/geile-tiere.html https://www.freitag.de/autoren/der-freitag/geile-tiere
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