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  1. I remember hearing my first CD in around 1981 at The Sound Well in Berkeley CA. They had a huge in store event with some guy from Sony there and demonstrated the player through some super high end amp and the big KEF speakers. Everyone was ooohing and ahhhing and then I spoke up and said “am I the only person here who thinks this sounds like crap?” Early digital was AWFUL.
  2. I agree that two copies of the same record can sound WAY different and I guess if you bought 500 copies and carefully play graded all of them and found the best copy it would be worth a few extra bucks to someone who didn’t want to spend the time and money doing that. My experience has been that if you find the cleanest earliest pressing you will PROBABLY have the best sounding version. That said - this website looks like total BS to me.
  3. Yes - use a dedicated SME 3012 arm with an Ortofon mono SPU. I listen to mono about 2/3 of the time as many of my favorite recordings are early and sound way better in mono.
  4. Yes you do! The best 6L6 of all time. Nothing comes close-- even the GEC KT-66.
  5. I've been running the same quad of WE 350B output tubes in my McIntosh MC-30s for TWENTY YEARS. They still test as new. I bought ten of them from a guy who had 25,000 tubes in his garage. They are incredible in every way you can imagine. I don't think I will ever need the spare 6. If they can even come CLOSE to replicating this kind of quality then hooray for them.
  6. Hello fellow Klipsch folks. It's been a good long while since I've been around here but in the last few months as i slowly prepare for retirement (3-4 years off) I've been putting a couple of systems together in my Pipes Canyon place (5 acres at the end of a dirt road--paradise after 35 years in L.A.) I pulled my 1978 Heresys out of storage and built a little cabinet that houses them for my TV sound. I never went in for "Home Theater" but I wanted to have decent 2-channel sound so I paired them with an Oppo bluray player and a little NuForce digital amp. It sounds great to me-- this is the first time I have used anything but a cheap-o sound bar in my life. For music I'm using my JBL Metregon that i bought a few years ago but never had a place for. It's a really great piece of furniture and its a rare one with the 3-way system. I'm pushing it with a Fisher 500C I've had since the 70's and a Thorens TD-125 with a Fidelity Research FR-64 and Denon 103 with a Fidelity Research step up. It sounds great. It cant hold a candle to my main system (Mcintosh MC-30s/C22/Thorens TD-124-SME 3012-Ortofon SPU) with my beloved 1960 Vertical horn Cornwalls. Its good to be back!!
  7. TD-124 with custom plinth sporting two tone arms- Ikeda IT-407 with Otrofon SPU-GT and SME 3012 with Ortofon "SPU" mono with Jorgen Schou step up transformers. I have been using this TD-124 since the 1980's and have no need to consider any other table.
  8. I have two arms on my TD-124. A vintage SME 3012 with a recent production mono SPU and Jorgen Shou step up transformers and a 12" Ikeda 407 arm with a 1960's SPU- GT for stereo records. I doubt I will ever find the need to try anything else. If you don't want to use an SPU (and I can't imagine why you wouldn't!) then try out the classic Denon moving coils - the DL-102 mono and DL-103 stereo. They are the best bang for the buck with the SME arms. Then find a Denon AU 320 step up transformer on ebay. For less than $600 you'll have a GREAT cartridge for your SME.
  9. The greatest living American musician passed away a few days ago. And just in case you forgot how bad he really was:
  10. My all time favorite tenor player--Teddy Edwards. Must have heard him play live about 100 times from the 70's until he passed.
  11. When you talk to Craig, tell him you want to spring for Jensen caps. He did mine a few years back and I still marvel at the sound. And this is from a guy who's had a C22 in his main system for 25 years . . .
  12. The late, great Herman Riley--a fixture on the LA jazz scene for most of my adult life. Been gone a long while now, but I still miss him.
  13. Here is my suggestion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbEwVrDmlxk
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