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  1. My 1962 vertical Cornwalls have been in my main system for over 30 years. I will never replace them.
  2. I made the stand - the speakers just slide in from the back but they look built in. t’s a very practical setup for me, as I don’t need surround sound or subwoofers. The NAD really sounds great - especially through the OPPO with a good DVD or Blu Ray.
  3. i am using this very amp to power my 2-channel “home theater” with a Sony TV, an Oppo disc player and a pair of old Heresys. It works great.
  4. That’s a plinth- BEAUTIFUL!! But you’ll still need a tonearm board! Maybe you’ve got one in a box over there- seems like you keep finding some pretty great stuff! Look for one of these:
  5. I’m not of the opinion that elliptical is better than conical- but It’s a fair observation. I play mostly 1950s and 60s LPs and I think the conical is way more quiet and forgiving and I don’t hear any loss in detail. Maybe if you’re spinning new records the elliptical would be a better choice. In any case , the SPU is the pinnacle!!!!
  6. That’s even better - a 3012. Do you have the arm board for the TD-124? If you don’t they are easy to find on ebay. Now you just need an ortofon SPU!! If you don’t want to spring for a step-up transformer then look for an SPU-GT that has the transformer in the head shell. There’s a used one on ebay from Japan for $800- that’s a good deal! Go for it!
  7. And don’t forget about that TD-124 table - the best turntable ever made in my opinion. You’ll need a different tonearm, however!! Sell the MC-240 and use the money for a new arm and cartridge for the table. SME 3009 and an Ortofon SPU should be an option with the cash you’ll clear on the 240. Youll need an early 3009 with the detachable headshell and the sliding counterweight. You will never regret it!
  8. Didn’t Klipsch always use furniture grade WHITE oak on their speakers? Can’t imagine they ever used red oak.
  9. I had to lay off 50+ employees exactly one month ago - our business went to ZERO in matter of 3 days. Very few of my people will qualify for ANY Stimulus because they are highly paid - most make between 90 and 115 K per year - some without working spouses might get something. CA unemployment is $450/week so they are getting that - and there is supposed to be a supplemental amount above that as well. I applied for a SBA loan because bills don’t stop even if revenue does. We are shuttered and I don’t really expect we can resume until late summer or early fall. It’s a bloody nightmare. Our industry really can’t operate under any sort of “social distancing” in many ways.
  10. Yep - I ended up with all the audio gear. It wasn’t all high end but there are some cool pieces - there’s a CHERRY Marantz 18 receiver in the Rick Baldwin house (Leo DiCaprio) that there is a tight close up of in the final scene- that system also has a pretty much brand new condition AR table and a wild pair of Altec speakers in custom cabinets with 1967 dates on them. Also a 1968 Sony reel to reel. The Jay Sebring stuff was the best - all Mcintosh with the thorens and if I remember right Frazier speakers. And everything had to work so I had to go to every set either on location or at Raleigh studios and dial everything in because QT would flip on every system and put on a record when he walked on set. He did allow for modern cartridges because of availability. I was most disappointed when they cut the scene at Al Pacino’s house because of budget - i was going to use my Metregon there! EDIT: I guess Sharon Tate had the Frazier bookshelf speakers!! Jay Sebring had AR speakers with the linen grille cloths.
  11. I ended up with this TD-125 after providing all of the audio equipment for the last Tarantino film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” Everything had to work and be absolutely period correct. I ended up with two very early TD-125 tables while purchasing and refurbishing all of the gear. I put the best parts of the two tables together for the scene in Jay Sebring’s house - a scene that was cut from the final edit!! Anyway, I took the parts left over and built this TD-125 for my desert system. I had the FR arm in box from WAY back, but no headshell. So I made a mounting board and bought the Ikeda headshell off of ebay (Ikeda was the designer of the FR arms back in the 70’s). I already had the 103 and the step up so I used them. It’s a cobbled together rig for sure but DAMN it sure is sweet!!!
  12. Oppo isn’t making blue-ray players any more as far as I know. I love mine - it’s built like a tank
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