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  1. Yeah I could ship. I have one original box, and could make another one. I'll have to figure out shipping cost.
  2. rennoc442


    Thanks, these units sound great, and are beautiful to look at.
  3. If anyone needs more pics, please let me know. Also, what does everyone use to post pics?
  4. Thanks everyone, the speakers are now in a good home. I was going to use these components and do a new box for them, but my focus is now getting 3 Heresy iii's for my home theater.
  5. These tangents are definitely cosmetically challenged, but they make up for it in sound quality. One speaker has a small tear, but does not seem to effect sound quality. If you love the sound of the hersey ii, but want more bottom end, these are the speakers you want. Located in central Florida. $150.
  6. I am the original owner of these surrounds. Have been mounted to the wall since new so they are still in great shape. They have been powered by my yamaha rxv1500 and still sound like new. $100. Located in central Florida.
  7. rennoc442


    Just hooked this up to my old tangents and it still sounds great. Hard to believe that its only 20wpc
  8. Hey guys, Just met up with loddie and took a look at these heresys. Even though we couldn't work out a deal, these speakers do look like overall to be in good condition. Also loddie himself is a very straight forward and easy to talk to guy. Good luck with your sale.
  9. Oh that's less than an hour from me. I can get to bass pro shop in about 40 mins.
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