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  1. You know, I was just thinking about that the other day. They have them both in stock. https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-1000329-rf-63-rf-83-tweeter-k-71-g/ https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-1000265-rf-63-woofer-k-1205-nb/ Bill
  2. Until I find a 2 way tower that sounds better, but I ain't looking. Bill
  3. @Bertuzzi, Welcome to the forum. Yes first version of RP line but from my understanding, voiced very similar to second version RP speakers. I doubt you could hear a difference. Bill
  4. These are fine reliable players that will perform very well. I second that but will be pricey. Bill
  5. Me too. @BluBitRates, Wow, long time no hear/see from. I hope all is well. Bill
  6. Yes, and the Denon 3805 is an upper midlevel/near flagship AVR and pretty potent for and AVR. Bill
  7. @Wm McMillan, Welcome to the forum. They look to be a pair of KG4s. Pull the front cover off so we can confirm. Bill
  8. This may be a problem. Your Yamaha is entry level or near entry level and just may not have the horsepower to properly drive your THX system. Bill
  9. If you can afford to get that deal without selling your RF-5/RC-35 combo first, then that is what I say do. Maybe do a few comparison demos for a week or so and sell the ones you like least. That would truly be the only way to know which combo is best, to your ears. Bill
  10. Wouldn't that be an equilateral triangle? Bill
  11. @VintageHero, Welcome to the forum. Really tough to say what would be ideal in your room without us being there. Many things can factor in to affect imaging, soundstage, bass response, etc., not just placement. If possible, I would start at about 9-10ft apart with a 10 degree toe in and adjust your listening chair to your liking. Bill
  12. I agree. Found this bench test with both channels driven full bandwidth. https://www.audioholics.com/amplifier-reviews/yamaha-a-s801-amplifier-review/yamaha-a-s801-measurements Yamaha A-S801 Full Power Bandwidth Continuous Sweep (185wpc, 4 ohms) The A-S801 produced respectable output on the continuous sweep tests. For 8 ohms, two channels driven, output was around 105 watts/channel and 185 watts/channel for 4 ohms under 0.01% THD+N (well below clipping). # of CH Test Type Power Load THD + N 2 CFP-BW 105 watts 8 ohms .01% 2 CFP-BW 185 watts 4 ohms .1% 1 1kHz Psweep 139 watts 8 ohms 0.1% 1 1kHz Psweep 148 watts 8 ohms 1% 2 1kHz Psweep 118 watts 8 ohms 0.1% 2 1kHz Psweep 125 watts 8 ohms 1% 1 1kHz Psweep 228 watts 4 ohms 0.1% 1 1kHz Psweep 241 watts 4 ohms 1% 2 1kHz Psweep 188 watts 4 ohms 0.1% 2 1kHz Psweep 199 watts 4 ohms 1% 2 Dynamic PWR 156 watts 8 ohms 1% 2 Dynamic PWR 260 watts 4 ohms 1% 1 Dynamic PWR 165 watts 8 ohms 1% 1 Dynamic PWR 295 watts 4 ohms 1% Bill
  13. @wvuvt1, Welcome to the forum. I have driven my RF-63s with my 90w/ch@8ohms Yamaha A-S1000 in my 5000 cu ft room and believe me it drives them with ease at higher volumes and high transient peaks. Bass drive is fast tight and punchy. That Yamaha A-S801, though not the 48 lbs beast that the A-S1000 is, should do a fine job with the RP-8000Fs. Bill
  14. @blueyeleon, As a long time wisher of cherry RB-75s and now owner for the last 6.5 years, I can without question sing their praises. They are beasts(for "bookshelf" speakers). They are essentially "mini" RF7/RF-5 hybrids. Clarity and detail and punch are their fortes, pardon the pun. I could easily "replace" my RF-63s(which I will not) with the 75s and not miss a beat. Can't really claim they have placement advantages over say the RF-5s due to pretty hefty stands requirement. Bill
  15. @Gadianton, Welcome to the forum. Too bad about the KL-650-THXs. Before considering another speaker, do what you can to repair the "broken" ones. May not be an expensive fix. Just my take. Bill
  16. @Arbrx, Welcome to the forum. In my opinion, if the RC-64III is not an option for you, then the 504 or 450 will probably work pretty good. No to the R-34C. You may consider and older RC-7 as an alternative to the considerably wider RC-64 III. The RC-7 is chunky but does have that wonderful 1.75" compression driver that should/could match up pretty well with the RF-7 IIIs. Bill
  17. I disagree. Some folks, maybe even on this forum, have it out for others, and will try to sabotage the sale. Even when it is completely legit. I know, I have had that attempted on one of my items for sale a few years back. Bill
  18. How about this. No negative comments allowed.(PM only if you must do so.) No questions/comments about price(PM only if you must) Yes words to encourage and or help facilitate the sale. Yes questions about condition, upgrades, shipping, and what all is included in sale if not stated. Bill
  19. @TallMartin, Welcome to the forum. I do think you could get away with the RP-600Ms in your room with your subs integrated properly. They sound pretty big for their size. On the other hand, the RP-8000Fs will edge them out a bit for HT and of course will clearly be better for stereo music. Bill
  20. I have experience will all three of those brands and have been more than pleased with all. I currently have NAD in two different rigs and Yamaha in another. I have owned several 80's/90's Denon integrated amps. Bill
  21. Possible purge down to just family room rig. Bill
  22. From my experience, you have to go up to near flagship models of the more consumer brands to get better build/quality parts that are geared more to sound quality. Bill
  23. What a joy to watch over the last several decades. Enjoy your rest, you earned it. Bill
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