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  1. Don't really know about the ferrofluid thing. All I know is that the RB-75 uses a 1.75 in. titanium dome compression driver.
  2. RIP and let the harmonic angels continue to to feed Larry with the music he loved. 🎻🎺🎼🎡🎢🎷 Bill
  3. Grilled Sockeye salmon.
  4. Worth every penny at $700.00+. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  5. @KenMD, Welcome to the forum. Part of the problem is Netflix and Prime, as well as other "TV" networks. At one time I did feel the only culprit was my RC-64 until I added a more neutral sounding amp(Acurus A200x3) to the mix. A little EQ with my NAD T175HD pre/pro and things became clear as a bell. Bill
  6. Your best bet of course. I have owned two Acurus 200FIVEs, same as Aragon 2007 minus two channels, and one of them was purchased with a blown channel. Took it to my local electronics repair guy and yes the fuse was blown but that was due to a faulty output transistor on a single channel. Back then, about 13 years ago, I think I paid about $125.00 for the repair. Bill
  7. Only found woofers this time. https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-rb-35-rb-75-8-woofer-120861/ Bill
  8. Maybe get another plate amp or make it passive with an outboard amp. Bill
  9. I paired a 90's Onkyo integrated amp, I think an A-925, with my Heresy 2s in my bedroom for some time and the combination was wonderful. Also ran an Integra DTM-40.4(same as Onkyo TX-8050) network stereo receiver with my Heresys in a spare bedroom and it too was a great combination. Your Onkyo TX-SR805 is an overbuilt beast of an AVR with great capabilities. Definitely will not hurt to try. Bill
  10. One of my best friends of 54 years with Joe at Normans Rare Guitars. Hal giving Joe's 59 Les Paul a "test run". The Les Paul on left in Joe's hands is about $7,000.00. Hal was asking Joe his opinion before purchasing it. The Les Paul in Hal's hands was Joe's and worth around $350,000.00. Hal said he had never been so nervous holding a guitar before in his life. That is exactly what Hal said. A guitar geek through in through. Bill
  11. Of course we don't know all the specifics including what subwoofer is being used and room size, but moving from entry level small 4" bookshelf speakers to an upper tier pair of larger dual 6.5" floorstanders would have to yield noticeable improvements all around. Now this idea would be something to consider if you wanted to upgrade without breaking the bank. Of course seamless subwoofer integration would be a must. Bill
  12. Yes it would be an upgrade due to size alone, with some other factors thrown in. Being that the speaker is 39.6" tall, from the photo I would guess around 18.5 to 19.5 inches to bottom of lower woofer.
  13. willland


    Okay, I gave in to my obsession. Longines Spirit 37mm with OEM brown leather strap and a couple of my aftermarket straps. Bill
  14. For an AVR I totally agree. For dedicated 2 channel stereo not really required. Bill
  15. willland


    Also if possible the same time of day with all conditions being the same. We have used this Greater Goods scale and Weight Guru app since March 2020 and could not be more pleased.
  16. willland

    Brother John

    Man, that is really sad. Very sorry for your loss. Bill
  17. I have the "entry level" of the Yamaha analog integrated amps, A-S1000 driving my RB-75s and could not be more please. It is a 48.5 pound beast. It sounds fantastic with every speaker I have thrown at it including RF-63s. Heresys, and Heresy IIs. Search the web for reviews, professional and users, for the A-S3000, A-S3200 and majority consensus is very positive if not excellent. Bill
  18. @Silverfoxvtx1800, You will have a very tough time finding anything of this quality up to $5000.00. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/yamas3200blk-rb/yamaha-a-s3200-stereo-200w-integrated-amplifier-black/1.html Come to think of it, the younger brother is an even better bang for the buck. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/yamas2200bl-rb/yamaha-a-s2200-stereo-integrated-amplifier-black/1.html Bill
  19. I really don't have to say it but even used the 63's are worth every penny at $700.00.
  20. I think with these dimensions and your planned main listening position at 6 to 7 feet away from speakers, the Heresy IV's will be very adequate. You will not get the bass extension of the Cornwall III's, but will get some pronounced bass down to the H4's limits. Add a punchy subwoofer in the future if needed to fill the gap. Bill
  21. I love my 105 also but considering selling it because of the lack of use, as well as helping fund another watch purchase. @parlophone1, If interested, PM me and we can explore that. Bill
  22. willland


    We are good. Not much more than a a little past breezy(20mph) with intermittent downpours. At my house I have seen summer afternoon thunderstorms that kick up 60mph winds and drop 2 inches rain per hour. I guess we were blessed this time. Thanks for asking. Bill
  23. willland


    Prayers and safe wishes for our friend @billybob with his encounter with Idalia. Not sure of the exact location but I am sure he will see some impact.
  24. @renegade, Welcome to the forum. Will this work? Not sure if they ship to NZ. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-tweeter-1011978.html Bill
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