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  1. Will do but it may be a little later than that. Bill
  2. Just saw this a moment ago. Let me see if it works out with the "local" guy first. Bill
  3. This may work out. I will try to give you a call today. Bill
  4. willland


    Very nice. If I was not trying to purge then I might be interested. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  5. You guys are too much, but I sure do appreciate it. Bill
  6. Here we go again. $525.00 local pickup/reasonable delivery. Bill
  7. Okay folks, it gets a bit crazier. $575.00 local pickup/delivery. Bill
  8. Very nice with a nice price. Good luck with your sale. Bill
  9. No hard feelings here just a little confused by it. Appreciate the kind words from you and others. Bill
  10. And that is great. Nice speakers, nice price. Yes I am a bit surprised but IMO, it's not a cool thing to mention other speakers for sale on another one's ad. Bill
  11. Thanks for taking the attention away from my ad to FB. Bill
  12. Bump for a price drop. $600.00 local pickup/delivery
  13. @carlthess40 I appreciate the additional exposure. Very kind and selfless of you to do that.. I "may" be able to get them to Pensacola along with my NAD combo going to @GeorgeK. My buddy is transporting the NADs to Pensacola when he moves his daughter to college in a week or so. He may or may not have room for the Heresys. Bill
  14. The price just got crazier. $625.00 local pickup/reasonable delivery. Bill
  15. I appreciate that. Let me emphasize, "reasonable" delivery is an available option. Bill
  16. Thanks Carl, I am a bit surprised myself. I know my price is more than "fair" but limiting to "local" sales only does play a roll in all this. I have noticed. Yeah, just look at the news. I take that back, don't. Bill
  17. Back to $650.00 local pickup/delivery. Bill
  18. FYI, this special offer is winding down. 6 hours 24 minutes left. Bill
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