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  1. That is a crazy good price for all listed. Wow, wow, wow. These are still available 2 weeks after posting? Bill
  2. She was out of town and just got back. Wanted to do it in person. It's a no go. Explained to me that what I have is perfectly fine, which it really is, and "we" don't need to spend anything on something "un needed" with spring vacation trip coming and medical bills not completely satisfied. I have no real argument to that. Sorry for the waste of your time. Bill
  3. Funny, me too. I get to work about 15 minutes earlier than everyone and just about every morning I pull out the football and throw it in the parking lot and go retrieve it. My coworker thinks I'm nuts but surely admires how I can still sling it at 56 years old. If I forget my football, it's on to the gravel/rocks in the beds. Bill
  4. Had a coworker's son go through it after he started his college baseball career. He was a highly recruited catcher with a rocket arm and Pudge-like batting power. If I am not mistaken, he sat out an entire college baseball season. I think it was about 9 months of full recovery. Bill
  5. willland


    @JAdamsky, Seams to be a similar-named member on the forum, @jadams2ki, if that is not you, then welcome to the forum. Could it be that you also have a pair of KLF-20s and a single KLF-C7? Just asking so no one else gets confused. Yes that would sure help. Bill
  6. Give me a minute(a few hours) to convince, persuade, butter up, manipulate, beg, my bride. I'll get back with you. If someone else claims before I return, then all is well. Bill
  7. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649714180-bampk-reference-7250-series-ii/ Crazy price for a beast of an amp. Bill
  8. @Gen2mike, Welcome to the forum. As far as "vintage" goes, trust me on this one, 80's/90's Denon PMA amps. Fast and punchy, neutral, great dynamic headroom. Love them. http://www.classic-audio.com/denon-integrated-amplifiers-c-58_64.html?osCsid=6990547be7d6ce96a996d75bb1d3dd8e I have owned the PMA-700V, PMA-500V, PMA-777, PMA-757, PMA-1080R, and each had some time driving my Fortes and Quartets and they all did it beautifully. "Newish", look for NAD C356BEE or Cambridge Audio 650A or similar variants. Where is your location? Bill
  9. Different animals but IMO, both sound great. Bill
  10. Maybe no one has ever heard that sound or at least recognize it to say definitively what it is. I listened to it several times and just have not even a guess. Bill
  11. I don't think it could have been explained better. Good job. Bill
  12. @Cornwill Is, Where are you located if you don't mind me asking? Bill
  13. willland

    RB-75s on Ebay

    Before my RSW-10d took a dump, it filled in the bottom frequencies(45Hz down)that the RB-75s couldn’t reach with ease. What a perfect combination. Virtually a hybrid RF-5/RF-7. Bill
  14. willland

    RB-75s on Ebay

    I originally wanted a pair of cherry RB-75s because of their uniqueness and rarity on the used market. Even though I had to go clear across(diagonally Tacoma to Kissimmee) the country to get the right pair at the right price from the right seller, it was worth all the "trouble". These are special and they rock like no "bookshelf" speakers have the right to. Bill
  15. I did think I had it during Christmas time due to feeling run down, chills and sweats, but no fever at all and food smelled and tasted great. I did a rapid test(finger prick) on Christmas Eve but was negative. Feeling great by the Monday after Christmas. Maybe a false negative test? Bill
  16. Still too young(56) and low risk. Wait, maybe that is a good thing? Bill
  17. It's not a gripe for me but I switched to Acurus because of their more neutral presentation. I did really like the way the PT-3/EX4420 sounded with my Heresys. Bill
  18. Hard to say for me. I have never heard the RP-160Ms. In true stereo, I think the RF-62 would have the edge due to them having a wider frequency response. Add a well integrated subwoofer/s to the RP-160Ms and you would have a different ball game. Bill
  19. They are pretty close but maybe centered on the space between the horns and the woofers on the RP-160Ms would be a bit better. Bill
  20. @Njpurvis28, Welcome to the forum. My first outboard amp was a B&K Reference 4430 and I used it to drive my RF-63s/RC-64 LCR. Liked the combo so much I added an EX4420 to drive the pair of 63s while the REF 4430 powered the RC-64 and surrounds. Eventually moved on to Acurus but my time with B&K was very enjoyable. Also owned a couple of PT-3 preamp/tuners and they were rock solid as well. B&K uses(used) mosfet outboard transistors which tend to add a "warmness" to the presentation where bipolar transistors are a bit more transparent. I don't think they were a big player in the business and got pushed aside when the likes of less expensive Emotiva, Outlaw Audio, etc. solidified their market share. Hard to compete with the internet direct companies when they(B&K) rely on a network of dealers to peddle their goods. B&K build quality was never an issue as well as their product support. They may have just lost their way. ATI scooped them up but don't think they really supported them the way they deserved. Bill
  21. True, nothing to lose but time to do it. On the other hand, move the RF-62s to another room for a banging stereo rig. They are very capable speakers for 2 channel and HT. Bill
  22. You will never get that rich beautiful natural cherry look. Clear coated natural cherry is just plain beautiful that gets more beautiful as it ages. Bill
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