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  1. Of course it will work, but stereo sound quality will be compromised some. As good as my RF-63s sound in stereo driven by my NAD pre-pro/Acurus A200 combo, they sounded better driven by my Yamaha A-S1000 integrated stereo amp, same room, same placement. Bill
  2. Ok. I guess welcome to the forum is in order. Bill
  3. I think there might be some validity to that theory. I feel like that is what makes my RF-63s so special and balanced. Bill
  4. You could semi-build your own for cheap like the ones I have with my RB-75s. Or just go to monoprice.com. https://www.monoprice.com/category/mounts-&-stands/speaker-mounts-&-stands/speaker-stands Bill
  5. No doubt. Even if the amp craps out in a months time, $150.00 to $200.00 to repair/replace would still make it a "bargain" IMO. Bill
  6. Agree but just be cautious with the volume due to receiver seeing two pairs of 4 ohms speakers. Bill
  7. I agree totally unless you find a really good deal on a 5 or 7 channel. The used market is your friend where more horsepower is cheap. Not sure of your location but here is a great suggestion for little $$$. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649768893-outlaw-audio-7125-7-ch-amplifier/ Bill
  8. This is a prime example of what happens when a forum member(me), does not read the entire original post. What a dork I am. Thanks for "kindly" pointing out my obvious glazing over the important details.👍 Bill
  9. That would not deter me. $600.00 is a great price IMO. Bill
  10. Those look like Greg Roberts(Volti Audio) quality. Bill
  11. willland


    Very very nice with a great price. If these were the fluff pieces in the package, what are the ones you are keeping? Good luck with your sale. Bill
  12. Was there any profanity? Any political or religious conversation? Exactly. Bill
  13. @w30bob, Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the La Scalas. The previous owner most likely clear coated them with a poly but of course can't verify that myself. Maybe post some photos so others can help you out there. Bummer, I hate when folks do that. You should get plenty of responses about this and how to. Bill
  14. willland

    YouTube TV.....

    We just have the Spectrum TV Choice app(24.99) and are more than satisfied. We had Dish since 1999 with 250+ channels and were quite skeptical going to 15 selected channels plus locals(extra) and about 30 "fluff" channels. We found the phone apps to be pretty stable as well as with the Roku and Samsung TV apps. Bill
  15. The ATI 1502 is a beast of an amp and definitely has the power advantage but if it were me, I would keep it simple and go with the Pioneer SX-950. Bill
  16. RF-52II for $700.00, way over priced IMO. Bill
  17. Welcome to the club. I am very pleased with the results I have been getting with my Yamaha A-S1000/CD-S1000 combo for the last 6 or so years. Neutral tonally with great detail. Very balanced from head to toe. No sure what your budget is but I highly recommend any of these analog Yamaha integrated amps. The A-S1000 is the "entry" level offering from the first generation of the tank-like all analog models. They are dead quiet with uncanny ability to just let the music flow. The volume knob/remote volume button is very well designed and increases/decreases at a very manageable pace. Also, the tone controls are the best I have ever used. As mentioned, the A-S1000 is the lower tier of these integrateds so I can only imagine what the mid and upper levels would bring to the show. Bill
  18. @ali_alsaadi, Welcome to the forum. Nice amp for the price. What is your budget? Where is your location? Bill
  19. @Tracy D., Welcome to the forum. You got yourself a very nice pair of speakers. If you got them for free and don't have to sell them right now, enjoy them for a little while. If undamaged, they will retain their value and a year from now will still be desirable. Market value today would be in the 800.00 to $1100.00 range and will be at least that a year from now. Where is your location? Bill
  20. Movies: Dirty Harry Callahan Rocky Balboa Benjamin Braddock Hannibal Lecter Indiana Jones Scarlett O'Hara TV: Archie Bunker Hawkeye Pierce George Costanza Barney Fife Lucy Ricardo George Jefferson Bill
  21. @Solow73, Welcome to the forum. No $$$ invested is a good way to start your Klipsch journey. Just my thought here so take it all as you will. Sell or move one pair of RF-7's to another room. If you must use all 4 RF-7s in one system with an integrated stereo amp with A/B channels, there is one thing you must consider. The amp will see a 4 ohm load for each speaker which considering you like it loud, may shorten the life of that said amp. With that said, a high current amp is highly recommended. Not a bad choice with the Denon but a little more horsepower may be a better choice. The Denon PMA-600NE is their entry level stereo integrated amp that is better suited for a pair of bookshelf speakers or small/medium floorstanders. No you don't have to spend that much to get something to drive your RF-7s well but if a Denon is one of your choices, I would suggest this, which is less than $1500.00. No bluetooth though. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denpma1600ne/denon-pma-1600ne-integrated-amplifier-w/dac/1.html For even less, this Yamaha stereo receiver may be a nice alternative. Many nice features including bluetooth, subwoofer out, room correction, https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/yamrn803bla/yamaha-r-n803-2-ch-x-100-watts-networking-stereo-receiver-new/1.html Yamaha R-N803D Laboratory Since most of the loudspeakers are 4 ohms (although half of them are labeled as 8 ohms by the manufacturers), we did not consider 4 ohms to be "extremely difficult" and we did all the measurements with both 8 and 4 ohms. in output ("non-exceptional") mode. It was a good choice. At 8 ohms, when driving one channel, the power is as much as 146 W, slightly less in the two-channel mode (2x133 W), and at 4 ohms, the R-N803D "turns up" wonderfully, as befits a decent stereo amplifier - in one channel the power reaches 240 W, and with two loads simultaneously - 2 x 207 W, which is clearly more than in the manufacturer's data, which promises 2 x 160 W (at 4 ohms). The above Yamaha has been on my radar for quite some time. Bill
  22. With these below test numbers I bet it can. Lab Tests The R-115's power output at clipping into 8-ohm loads at 1,000 Hz was 105 watts per channel, well above its 70-watt rating. Into 4 ohms, the output was 148 watts, and into 2 ohms it was a potent 210 watts. The dynamic power output during a 20-millisecond tone burst was 170 watts into 8 ohms, 275 watts into 4 ohms, and 350 watts into 2 ohms. The 8-ohm clipping and dynamic headrooms were 1.77 and 3.85 dB, respectively. Bill
  23. You will only know when you give them a listen. Bill
  24. Cambridge Audio 840C NAD C 565BEE Yamaha CD-S700 Bill
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