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  1. I will continue to be candid ..... Plugging the ports will certainly change the deep bass. I can't imagine that it would improve the deep bass. Continuing to be candid ...... I think of much of what you are seeking has little to do with electronics. Unless you are comparing across units that include some real dogs. I believe what you are seeking (with these speakers) is mostly governed by room geometry and room placement. The good news is that after some false starts, you have now stumbled upon a better strategy. Good luck, -Tom
  2. Am I understanding you correctly that you blocked the port(s)? I will be candid, if this was given to you as advice ..... then that advice is very suspect.
  3. This is a garage sale thread. Maybe we should not knock the product.
  4. Hey Guys, Why not focus this thread on congratulating Roy and the folks at Klipsch on the well-deserved recognition they are getting.
  5. Henry, we are on the same page (you may have missed my follow up post). The thing that is interesting, given the efficiency of the driver and horn loading, is just how loud that must have been to blow tweeters using a Type A or a Type AA crossover. There must be many deaf users out there ....
  6. You are not understanding things. The low pass on the woofer is first order (as you have identified). This was true for both the Type A and the Type AA. The difference was in the high pass on the tweeter. The Type A was 1st order and the Type AA was 3rd order. This was done (along with the front-to-back diodes) in order to protect the tweeter (limit the voltage). I think we are on the same page, but I did not want others to be confused.
  7. You do realize that AA crossovers are NOT 1st order (the Type A were however). Maybe this was a typo. The tweeter filter is 3rd order. I hope no one gets confused about this. However, I do agree that the filter on the tweeter may not be that critical since there is so little energy (from program material) up that high anyway.
  8. Congratulations to Roy and the folks at Klipsch ! The newest version of the Forte was listed as a finalist for both Stereophile's Speaker of the year and also as Editor's Choice for Component of the Year. In looking at the reviews and the competitors' prices, It might make sense for Klipsch to raise their prices to something astronomical. Congratulations to all .... -Tom https://www.stereophile.com/content/stereophiles-products-2021-component-year
  9. This is progress, a tentative congratulations. I will say, these must have been beat up during the move or storage.
  10. The same hunches are bing re-hashed. Important: this happened to both speakers not just one. Let's not get carried away by an improbable "coincidence" Important: The OP said the bass was lost to an extent "that they sounded like headphones". "Sounding like headphones" is a major (not minor) deficit. And with other speakers in the room "those sounded normal" Obviously two things would be helpful. ) First - an inspection of the wiring and a volt meter to check for a open circuit (crossover or blown woofer and by some weird coincidence it happened to both). Second - run some pure tones through the speaker (at least an octave or two below the crossover point). Those would be interesting results (and some have already mentioned these diagnostics).
  11. What is perplexing is that both speakers are showing the problem. Well, at least no one has yet suggested that you need ---- 1) to use a tube amp, 2) to use a SS amp, 3) use vinyl, 4) put a few inches of foam along the south wall, 5) replace all crossover caps with $800 poly-metal-film-copper-etc caps. The last time something like this happened to me, I had modified something and intended to get back and finish it up. Instead I put the item in a closet and forgot I was in the middle of something and 2 years later I fired it up and it sounded like crap. I hope you have not fallen into my bad habits.
  12. Just to be clear - Both speakers are showing the same symptoms? If so, is there a possibility the EQ was left in some "funny mode"?
  13. Create a CD with test tones (sine waves) spaced every third octave (at least). If it is distorting, you will hear a "harshness". At what frequency does that occur? This will help narrow down whether it is a driver or a rattle in your cabinet. Determine the frequency, don't try and guess the frequency.
  14. I am starting to regret that I asked the question about drop-shipping. So I feel obligated to share my experience. About 10 years ago I purchased the K-402 package (horn, driver and stand) from American Cinema Equipment. My understanding is that these were drop-shipped from Hope to my house. The packaging was carefully done and they arrived intact. It was clearly packaged at the factory and not by a third party. They were so well-packed that I can't imagine them ever being damaged in transit. However, I know this sometimes happens and I have to assume that someone would have to be an idiot when stacking them or using a fork lift. I certainly had no complaints.
  15. That is interesting. Their competitor, American Cinema Equipment, sold a ton of "underground Jubilees" over the last 15 years. In their case, the product was drop-shipped from Hope. Although they were a selling the Pro stuff and not Heritage/Home stuff.
  16. I am curious about the logistics on these "new" Jubilees. Does the vendor get a "demo version" for their store and subsequent orders are drop-shipped from Hope to the buyer or are all Jubilees shipped from Hope to the vendor and then delivered to the buyer?
  17. I am afraid you are trying to use logic. Some are believing in using magic. You will have problems if you try and take away the magic.
  18. This is very sad news. I have the utmost respect for Gil, he is truly one of the good guys on the forum. I sincerely hope things take a turn for the better.
  19. Those DSP units (depending on their configuration and whether they are working) are worth a small fortune.
  20. This may explain why some of us, including me, were confused by the configuration of the bass bin. This was released by Klipsch (I assume) some months ago. For those of you just entering the morass, apparently this is NOT the configuration of the Jubilee bass bin that will soon be released. However it is still worth a look. -Tom
  21. I see that I have already answered this question over a number of years (it is an old thread). The thoughts still count
  22. With all due respect .... if the OP is suffering a medical issue, then talk to a medical expert. The Klipsch forum is not a substitute. Tinnitus can be a result of Noise exposure. There are ways of preventing further damage. If it is a symptom of an underlying disorder, then it should be treated. Any talk of whether a "speaker is the cause" is ridiculous. Treat this seriously and not as some audiophile nonsense.
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