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Lets see YOUR Home Theater:


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I was looking for a thread that you guys have all posted pics and other info of your current HT setup. I wasn't able to find a specific thread, so I decided to start this one. Got pics, got specs? Go ahead and post 'em. I'd love to see your setup.

I'll start off with my humble setup:

Well, just got done installing all my speakers for my DTS ES and Dolby Digital EX 7.1 system. Here's a quick brakedown:

Sony Grand VVega 60" LCD

Denon 3805 Receiver

Nikko Sub Amp

Monster HTS 3500 Power supply/digital filter/line conditioner

Rockford Fosgate 12" subs in DIY cabs

Klipsch Reference Series

*Mains - RF-35

*Center - RC-3 II

*Side Surrounds - RS-3 II

*Back Surrounds - RS-3

Running 5.1 analog inputs from my Computer's Audigy 5.1 sound card for some serious 5.1 gaming or computer based media.

Here are some pics I just took tonight:

1 of 4


2 of 4


3 of 4


4 of 4


The only addition that I have yet to make is a desent DVD player that will support All video formats, as well as WMP, HDCD, DVD-A, and SACD formats as well.

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Pako: You have a very nice setup, indeed! I have seen the 50" Sony Grand Wega work and the picture is teriffic, so I can only assume that the 60" looks even better. I liked the picture so much that I once considered the 50" for our living room application. Unfortunatley, even at only 18" deep, it's still a bit too deep for our tiny living room. You certainly have some nice components. Thanks for sharing the photos with us all! Welcome to the forum!
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Picky: Thanks for the warm welcome. Love what you've done with your basement! That is sweet for sure! My wife had picked out the 50" but when it came time to purchase it, I broke down and went for the 60". You only live once right? Originally I really wanted a Front Projection DLP, but as it sits today, I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to each and every movie I watch (even the bad ones). :) I still have quite a bit of wire maintainence to do, but for the most part, I think I'm done for now.

Everyone else: Lets see those theaters.... 10.gif

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Ask and ye shall receive! Here is a small pic of my 5 Cornwall HT. All the specs are listed on my web page. A quick list would be:


Front Mains - '76 Designer Cornwalls

Center - '65 Vertical Cornwall

Surrounds - '79 Cornwalls

Subwoofer 2 X SVS 20-39+, 1 X SVS 20-39

Left Hand Side:

Technics Cassette Deck with dbx

Coustic Eq (used for tapes only - mainly live Grateful Dead Bootlegs)

Samson S1000 Sub Amp

Samson S1000 Sub Amp

Right Hand Side:

Cheap $10 Ebay TT -sounds ok but I need to get a "real" one

Fisher 500B used as a power amp always running Front Mains, also use phono preamp for vinyl and tuner for FM

H/K AVR 510 running Center and Surrounds, handles all digital signals, 5.1 processing, and all sources that are not vinyl

Pinoneer 47A DVD, SCAD, DVD-A player

H/K 5 disc CD changer

Zektor 4 to 1 HD switcher

Lite-On DV-2001 upscaling (720p, 1080i) DVD player

Motorola 6208 HD/HD-PVR cable box


VHS Player

Click HERE for a bigger picture or visit my HT Web Page.


Here are some comments from a recent listening session I held.



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What kind of DVD Player are you running? That picture looks beautiful! I have the 50" GWII and am running a Samsung DVD-HD931 which I will probably sell to get the DVD-HD941. I like the DVI...a lot and the scaling capabilities are great, but are there other options for me?

BTW great set up, and you did it right!

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I'm currently in the market of a new player. Right now I'm using my Computer's Sony DVD +/- R/W drive running DVI from my Radeon 9800 pro to the VVega. (I have a Sammy DVD player, but the model # escapes me. The digital audio out is on the fritz. Guess that's what I get for a $59.99 DVD player.) If the computer is in use, I'll use my XBox. Like I said, I'm in the market right now for a new player. The Denon 5900 would match up nicely with my receiver but even at a used price $1500.00 (via ebay), it's just too far beyond my budget at this time. So my research continues....

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On 6/7/2004 11:06:09 AM Pako wrote:

Picky: Thanks for the warm welcome. Love what you've done with your basement! That is sweet for sure!


If you were refering to our web site pictures, thanks. But, those are so old! I haven't updated the site since January. Here is a newer photo of the finshed bar area that I'd posted here a few months ago:


And here is a picture of fellow forum member Michael Hurd (right) and myself taken in May near the screen of our theater. I promise to update the site this summer!


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How does the picture display through the XBOX? Can you see the difference between that and the Radeon, if so is it very noticable?

I could go that route until the DVD-HD941 comes out in Aug. For $250 the picture quality is totally worth it, IMHO. I would love to do an HTPC but $1500 is breaking the bank a little right now. But I agree the Radeon 9800 is the way to go. A friend of mine purchased the Denon for something like $2000, the picture through his HTPC (Radeon and scaling) is much, much better.

What to do, what to do...

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Final question, then I am done. We are having a professional discussion here at work and I need some input. Is it spelled Sony "WEGA" or Sony "VEGA"?? Is it Pronounced "WEGA" or "VEGA".

I always thought it was spelled "Wega" pronounced "Vega".

How did this name come about?


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On 6/7/2004 1:37:22 PM j-malotky wrote:

Rudy, Love the Belles

How did you decide to put the Fortes in the rears and the Heresys on the sides?



I love the Belle's too. Using a La Scala for the center made all the differance in the world as far as timbre matching. Previously I had a pair of Chorus' for center. Although good, it wasn't great.

I put the Fortes as the sides since I felt they were better matched to the Belles. Also, I wanted to make the tables that were also bass traps and so it worked out better with a shorter speaker. Frankly, the system sounds just awesome. If I had a better layout, I would use Khorns and the Belles and La Scalas all around. The only problem there would be the tweeter at or below ear level. Dolby suggests having the tweeters above the sitting area.

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As far as picture quality goes, The HTPC though the Radeon, using the latest Catalyst software and color/picture overlay, I can get a much better picture though the PC. I have also found that WinDVD 4.0 plays the video much, much smooth, while Windows Media Player and PowerDVD both have a flicker on fast action parts of the movies. Still trying to figure out that one. One nice thing about using the HTPC, is that High Resolution movie titles that are out for Windows Media Player 9. I have already picked up T2, The Great Choral Reef, and Step Into The Liquid, all in 1080i resolution. They look absolutely amazing!

The picture quality of the Xbox is also good. It auto-scales for the TV and it's sometimes easier to just pop in the disk on the Xbox than it is to boot the PC, launch the video, turn off the extra programs (I hate MSN Instant Messenger popping up in the middle of scene. I notice more graininess with the Xbox (graininess being a very non-technical term), but it functions quite well.

I, as well as many others, pronounce WEGA as "V-E-G-A". I am totally unsure of the origin of this word or it's creators intent on how it should be pronounced. If you find out, please do tell. 4.gif


Whoa, definitely looks nicer completely finished. I like the color choices and the lighting, very nice....., but hows it sound? 2.gif Question, is your HT also used for casual viewing/listening or is it mainly just used for serious movie events?


Thanks! The Acoustic tiling does rattle a bit in the corner where the sub is. I have some that are a tad loose. I have some framed wall mounts (pictures, mirrors, ect...) that need to be remounted. But the only 'rattle' I get is from certain bass frequencies....usually around 65hz. Other than that, it's not bad at all. The RS-3's that are mounted in the back are completely isolated from the ceiling tiling, so there's no transference there. I build a recording room on the other end of the basement, and if I had the time and $$$, I would have loved to mimic the construction design of the walls and ceiling to optimize the sound. Oh, so much work...but it's so fun....I was complaining to my friend about having to do all this setup to get going (running on 3-4 hours of sleep trying to get it all setup in an evening...), he was quick to remind me how fortunate I was to have such problems. I thanked him for his perspective. 2.gif

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