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  1. Have you considered using Sonos products or something similar?
  2. Opps I need to post some updated pictures 😳 I have moved and that is my old house. I still have most of the equipment though!
  3. Well looky here. Someone was smart enough to take a picture (and save it all this time) of the crossover the last time they took the woofer out to fix a rattle 😀 Also included other random shots of the inside and woofer. As far as I know the speaker is totally stock. I have not made any changes to it:
  4. Ok a couple of answers. The cabinet size is the exact same size as a standard Hersey. The motorboard is also exactly the same layout as all other Hersey II's of the same era (minus the ports of course) and the same as the newly released Hersey III's as well. I should be able to take the measurements on the tubes that you want and check the crossover but cannot promise when that will happen. Maybe this weekend. Laters, Jeff
  5. I can't comment on the length but the placement looks like they are in the same place as my HIP-2 (Heresy 2 Industrial Ported) model. This is the best center channel speaker I have heard.
  6. Hopefully the issue is as simple as switching the "line" and "phono" switch on the speakers to the "line" position. Your turntable is already performing the amplification from phono level to line level. If you have the switch on the speakers set to "phono" you are severely overdriving the input. This would explain the distortion at all levels. You could also try the USB output from the turntable. Laters, Jeff
  7. Ok so I will put my flame proof pants on for this post. I have two turntables. One hooked up to my Fisher 500B (5 Cornwall system) and the other hooked up to my Onkyo 676 (5 Hersey system). Both turntables were purchased from eBay for about $30 each. I did purchase new cartridges for each at around $100 per turntable. Myself and others think they sound fine. I am sure there are gains to be had from all the fancy things expensive turntables do but frankly I have better things to spend a couple of grand on. So anyway I just wanted to throw a counterpoint out there especially if you are not sure if you want to get back into vinyl or not. Laters, Jeff
  8. I have a HIP II as a center channel with Hersey 1's as front and surrounds in my living room. They make a great center channel. I have had it for probably 15 years or so. When I researched it and asked Klipsch the response was that they were specifically made for clear vocals. Having said all that I have never had a pair so I have never had a chance to A/B them with the non ported versions. Laters, Jeff
  9. Ok just to muddy the waters a bit. Here are pictures from my HIP-II
  10. A bit late to the party but to answer the original question about a receiver, in the family room I run my 5.2 all Hersey system with an Onkyo TX-NR676. Very hard to beat the features and sound at $350.00 (it even has old school phono jacks!). Your sub is powered and you would hook it up to the subwoofer line out on any modern day receiver. Also one of the easiest ways to determine if you have Hersey I or II is that Hersey I had a removable back, Hersey II does not. Laters, Jeff
  11. I use simple crimp on connectors (Yellow VINYL 12-10 #6 Ga Wire Spade Terminal Crimp Connector). Yeah yeah not gold plated made with the best metal on earth etc but whatever they are connecting to a regular bolt that goes through the plywood to a terminal strip etc. so a fancy connector is sorta of pointless (unless you are redoing all the internals) but that is just me. Other people will have different opinions. I have never had anyone say that my system sucks so I don't care. The #6 is the key those are the narrow ones. Laters, Jeff
  12. I have a pair but I am traveling. If no one pipes up before I get back home I will take the measurements for you. Laters, Jeff
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