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  1. 2x15's are working well Thanks again everyone for the input. I have some atmos speakers to put in the front and rear on order. I am still finishing some of the sound panels and playing with the speaker placements.
  2. Absolutely, I will post some pictures when its done, might be a few weeks.
  3. I think I like the AV7706 features better. Pulled the trigger so there is no going back now. I also added some RP-600M for the rear. Thank you all for the input, I can't wait to get all this installed and up and running.
  4. I might just go with the Marantz AV7706. Anyone here tried this processor?
  5. thanks, yeah I was kinda bummed the XMC-2 sold out. I literally had one in my cart 2 days ago.
  6. I ended up spending a little extra and getting the emotiva XPA-11 GEN3 amplifier. This should be good until I pull the trigger on a newer decent processor.
  7. So I decided to go with a second SPL-150 and the RP-8000f with the RP-504c center a pair of RP-502s to start out. I am still looking for a decent amp, looks like a lot of places are sold out or backordered. I was hoping to get the 11x from monoprice but that won't be available till March. Going to have a to save a little more before I pull the trigger on a better processor either the HTP1 or Emovita XMC-2. Everyone must be building theaters cause pickings are slim.
  8. Not picked out yet, I wanted to see what speakers I was going to get to make sure I had enough power.
  9. In what areas would you recommend more speakers? I was already planning for 3 sets of Surrounds, one for each row.
  10. Since I have 3 rows in my long room. Would it be best to put a surround next 2 each row? I was thinking about going with atmos speakers RP-500SA in the front and the rear eventually.
  11. I did get the SPL 150 on sale, actually that was just delivered today. I was holding out on the front center and surrounds until I did some more research.
  12. So I built a home theater but now I need some audio. I was looking at the Klipsch RP line I was thinking 8000f floor speakers with RP-504c center and a couple sets of RP-502S for the sides. Is this too much for a room this size? I have 3 rows and the back two are tiered up 10".
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