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  1. Right? As I did above all I want to know is since the tweeters are 8 ohm, mids 16 and the woofer 4 ohm, is there any issue with the crossover as I've built it? And maybe some idea on why these all are different if this is by design on various KHorn models.
  2. Hey! Just a dumb question. My woofers are are 4 ohm. tweeters 8 ohm and mids 16ohm. Any adjustments needed to the AA to account for this? Or is this the standard configuration for the AA?
  3. So are the notches on the bottom just to account for base boards moldings? If so, you could just do whatever makes sense for your application with some thought for versatility I guess.
  4. Just looking for one little inductor......
  5. Shall do on the silicone. Now to find one more of those. I'm looking forward to it for sure. Unfortunately I didn't have a before listen.
  6. Okay, first one done.....I think. Still need to tie down the tweeter inductor when I find the thingy for it. Used Deang's AA roadmap thread in general. Didn't want to spend teh crazt money though on the 13uF cap, at least for now. If anything looks odd, let me know.
  7. I have one and need another if anybody has an extra. Thanks!
  8. I'm on it! Ordered the 2 additional Arizona's last night. Just need the inductors. I know I have one of the original klipsch AA coils..... Hey Deang, I was going to order some of the bus wire from Jameco but I really dont need that much and it would be cool to avoid the wait and shipping cost. Off the top of your head what would be an easy otherwise option for the small amount i need.?
  9. Okay, so I can go ahead and add a 2nd 2.2 Arizona and the coil back in easily enough. I am assuming that is all I need to do. ? Just gotta source em. I actually pulled some recapped AA crossovers from LaScalas to do my initial test on the K horns. In all my reading of related searches on this I thought I had mostly seen it recommended that once the tweeter was upgraded to the Crites tweeter, the belief was the A version would be all that was needed. I guess that was only based on the protection circuit aspect of the AA.
  10. How's that? The tweeter protection of the AA is not needed for the new Crites tweeters. At this point all I am using of the Type A's I got are the T2a. Here's what I've got.
  11. I have all the parts and am about to put together these Type A's. Does anyone care to share a photo or twp of their Type A builds so I can see how others have laid these out?
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