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  1. This supplier has some nice offering. I just finished a rebuild of some Speakerlab KHorns using a white oak from him. As a professional designer, I'll suggest that it is really easy to go to far with something on a piece this big so be careful with that. jsowoodproducts
  2. Goodness, why did I click on this thread? 😖😉
  3. CNC. Got the Crites tweeter cut-out dimensions from Crites. The face of the horn and tweeter baffle was veneered since it will be covered.
  4. Nah, don't worry about it. The only thing I feel I need to do with these would be to recap and then make sure these ports are not totally screwing them up. I will simply so the recap and then see how they sound.
  5. Yeah, I realized that after posting that. Makes it easier to remove and replace the pieces I guess as needed. Reading that this is more of a KP-250 solution rather than an HIP.
  6. Found this photo on another post about the HIP showing it's own crossover labeled HIP.
  7. Interesting. Can you do me a favor and measure the diameter of those ports and length of the tubes? Also, is that cabinet the same dimension as a non-industrial heresy? Do you know if it still uses a Type E-2 crossover? It appears the horns and woofer are much closer configured and thus the motor board is lot smaller.....or that woofer is larger.
  8. I am working on a set of Heresy's for a friend with a recap to start with, but it appears someone changed out the baffle at some point and added a couple round ports that flank the tweeter up top. Any thoughts on what the net is on this move?
  9. I am rebuilding the Speakerlab version of the K. I stripped off the top hat and the front face board of the lower bin and have rebuilt those with hardwoods. White Oak.
  10. Please excuse my jumping in here but I have a very similar scenario as I wrap up a re-build of my Speakerlab Khorns and associated crossovers. I was going to initially just do a Type A build with better caps, but after reading this it sounds like I may want to take advantage of the Crites CT-120 tweeters with a few tweaks. Deang, what are you saying with that 2nd sentence?
  11. Woofers are 4ohm which I believe is indicated with the 4 at the end of the model numbers.
  12. I am rebuilding a set of Speakerlab K's from the bottom up. All new exterior (visible) wood etc. These will sport new Crites CT120 tweeters, Atlas PD-5VH drivers (same as the K-55V) on the H350 horn, and W1504S woofers. The original Speakerlab crossovers were trash so I have purchased a couple old Klipsch Type A crossovers to use since with the C120's the AA version is not required. The idea of course is to only replace the caps for now and I thought I would see what you all might suggest. I recently replaced all the caps on a pair of AA's for some LaScalas with Sonicaps but want to try something different with these. So far I am thinking using the Audiocap Thetas for the tweeters but beyond that I am still looking around. As Speakerlabs, and not Klipsch I need to probably be a little bit more cost conscious. What you think?
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