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  1. Goodness, why did I click on this thread? 😖😉
  2. CNC. Got the Crites tweeter cut-out dimensions from Crites. The face of the horn and tweeter baffle was veneered since it will be covered.
  3. Nah, don't worry about it. The only thing I feel I need to do with these would be to recap and then make sure these ports are not totally screwing them up. I will simply so the recap and then see how they sound.
  4. Yeah, I realized that after posting that. Makes it easier to remove and replace the pieces I guess as needed. Reading that this is more of a KP-250 solution rather than an HIP.
  5. Found this photo on another post about the HIP showing it's own crossover labeled HIP.
  6. Interesting. Can you do me a favor and measure the diameter of those ports and length of the tubes? Also, is that cabinet the same dimension as a non-industrial heresy? Do you know if it still uses a Type E-2 crossover? It appears the horns and woofer are much closer configured and thus the motor board is lot smaller.....or that woofer is larger.
  7. I am working on a set of Heresy's for a friend with a recap to start with, but it appears someone changed out the baffle at some point and added a couple round ports that flank the tweeter up top. Any thoughts on what the net is on this move?
  8. I am rebuilding the Speakerlab version of the K. I stripped off the top hat and the front face board of the lower bin and have rebuilt those with hardwoods. White Oak.
  9. Please excuse my jumping in here but I have a very similar scenario as I wrap up a re-build of my Speakerlab Khorns and associated crossovers. I was going to initially just do a Type A build with better caps, but after reading this it sounds like I may want to take advantage of the Crites CT-120 tweeters with a few tweaks. Deang, what are you saying with that 2nd sentence?
  10. Woofers are 4ohm which I believe is indicated with the 4 at the end of the model numbers.
  11. I am rebuilding a set of Speakerlab K's from the bottom up. All new exterior (visible) wood etc. These will sport new Crites CT120 tweeters, Atlas PD-5VH drivers (same as the K-55V) on the H350 horn, and W1504S woofers. The original Speakerlab crossovers were trash so I have purchased a couple old Klipsch Type A crossovers to use since with the C120's the AA version is not required. The idea of course is to only replace the caps for now and I thought I would see what you all might suggest. I recently replaced all the caps on a pair of AA's for some LaScalas with Sonicaps but want to try something different with these. So far I am thinking using the Audiocap Thetas for the tweeters but beyond that I am still looking around. As Speakerlabs, and not Klipsch I need to probably be a little bit more cost conscious. What you think?
  12. I got what I need. Thanks Hanksjim1!!
  13. Just need one and type B and AA work as well since I am replacing the caps anyway.
  14. Man, I really like those tie-downs on the caps. Where are those from?
  15. I like the room tfee! And the LaScalas appear to fit in their spot very nicely. Nothing insurmountable and the work will also be upgrades. What's the black faced beauty there in the middle?
  16. I guess HP has one here at their facility in Boise. I should try to get a tour of it. Take some measuring software and a driver or two while I'm at it!
  17. I have a Speakerlab Khorn rebuild that I need some Type A crossovers for. I went with Crites tweeters so I don't need the AA. Let me know.
  18. I am going to hijack this thread for a quick couple questions that are still pertinent to the subject thread title if that is okay. I am going to rebuild my AA crossovers for my LaScalas. Per my other thread I have a little less output on one of the speakers, primarily in the middle frequencies it appears where voice etc resides. (One of those situations where as I listen I question if I am losing a little hearing in one ear) Flirted with the idea of the Russian MBGO PIO's, but since there is no straight up 13uF option, never mind. Looking at caps, apparently Bob has faith in the Sonic Cap Gen 1 so I might as well stick with those. I may order some of the PIO's for the 2 2uF in the tweeter circuit and mix in the 13uF Sonic Cap. Am I heading in teh right direction as I attenpt to put things back to original? My 2nd question is should I replace all the original hook-up wire? If yes, what with? I can add some to my cap order to get the best option. 3rd, both mid horn drivers (55-V) register 10.5 ohm with my meter. Sound about right? Does that tell me anything in terms of their condition other than they are not open? I tested them to see if the one that I believe is putting out less sound might read a different value than the other but they are the same reading. Of course I wonder if the diaphragms should just be replaced at this point on both with the Crites option. Unfortunately I don't know if they ever were previous. Thanks
  19. Thanks guys. I am on the crossover and will get then all cleaned up etc and see what happens. Serial numbers are 18S417 and 18S418 It appears that the original stickers are still there, but painted over with black paint. Hmmm John, I am in Boise, Idaho. The receiver is a Pioneer SX5580. Just used to give em a try. I plan on using A Fisher TA600 or Dynaco St70 (both completely restored) with them once cleaned up and confirmed working. I also have bigger solid state power and tube pre in the main room to try at some point as well.
  20. A black cabinet version of La Scalas came up for sale at a very good price here so I grabbed em. The plan is to go through them and bring everything up to speed and then determine if they go or stay. I really don't have a place for them but I thought it would be at least fun to see what they are all about while bringing them back to life.Previous/original owner used them with his instruments, mixer boards amps etc as a musician. The terminal connection he had on them was for patch cords, not that it matters though as I quickly just pulled that off to run cables direct to the original terminals.The contingent is as follows:Crossover - AA with PIO caps etc.Woofer - K33EMid - K55-V with K400 hornTweeter - K77All drivers work and they sound pretty good, except I think I have a little less output/sound on one of them. Seems like the mid horn is not outputting as much as the other but it is hard to tell. I guess I should disconnect the tweeters and woofers and listen that way. ?So, hit me with things I should consider or need to do. For now I would rather stick with original stuff and then go from there. If I am getting slightly reduced sound from one speaker, my first instinct would be crossover issues. Whats the history with these original AA PIO caps? Usually PIO last a long long time. Overall the crossovers are really dirty so I will for sure get in there and clean them up to see if that improves a connection or something.Can diaphragms weaken and result in reduced output in a horn? Is that something that can be tested for?I only hooked them up to the pictured Pioneer SX5580 for now (went with the all black look) but plan on using tubes with them for sure. Thanks. My first posted thread here. More to come because I also just picked up some K Horns of the Speakerlab variety.
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