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  1. totally forgot this thread was still up. Just had a guy contact me regarding it.
  2. I have a 16x9 Seymour XD screen just sitting here. Grommets installed and rolled up. 125"
  3. +10 I agree. Only thing missing otherwise I would say this is many men's dream room!! Good job man! Not easy to pull off with that ceiling... But yeah, that's what's missing. thanks guys
  4. LOLOLOLOL sounds wonderful. thanks. they are great.
  5. nezff


    Lowered $1780 shipped, but without paypal fees.
  6. nezff


    Just talked to rich at pj people. Warranty is transferable. All Panasonic cares about is serial number and date purchased. They don't care about who bought it.
  7. nezff


    Yes it had lens memory. Main reason I bought it. Let me know today if you are interested. I have a guy interested also from another forum. I sent you a pm.
  8. nezff


    It's been sitting in the box it came in, inside my theater for 4-5 months.
  9. nezff


    Scrappy, projector people said the warranty IS transferable.
  10. nezff


    I would if I could get money for it.
  11. nezff


    price lowered
  12. how about now? thanks Scrappy
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