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    The Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts
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    Amateur Radio, Pipe organ technician, Hammond Organs/keyboards - Cooking / wine tasting - riding a motorcycle and digital photography.
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    In March 2020, the Dynaco-Klipschorn system was sold.

    A new system consisting of a pair of Martin Logan 'Classic' ESL 9 electrostat speakers powered by a Parasound HALO A-21 / 400wpc @4ohms. mated to the Parasound HALO P6 2.1 preamp/DAC connected with Kimber cable balanced interconnects. The DACs are a pair of ESS Saber 32 Reference.

    (New in summer 2017) Marantz SR-6011 AVR, powering a pair of Klipsch Reference Premier 280F towers,
    Reference Premier 240-S bipolar surrounds and Reference Premier 250-C center. All in Cherry finish.

    A vintage pair of Pinnacle Mega Subwoofer 350's in each corner provide the bass for the Klipsch theater system in a 5.2 config. 50" Vizio 'M' Class monitor with 32 LED zones running in 4k for video.

    An Oppo 203 for audio/video is the source for 4k movies and high resolution audio playback.

    For vinyl, a Rega RP-6 turn table with Exact 2 MM cartridge. Color - red.

    For reel to reel playback, a Teac A-6010 deck.

    For Cassette, a vintage Realistic SCT-11 deck.

    The Marantz manages all input sources to it's own preamp, and all is output through ZONE TWO to the Parasound Halo P6 preamp input. Thus making it possible for BOTH systems to play all sources individually or similtanously via simple remote control operation...

    UPDATE! As of August 11, 2020 I added a new pair of Reference Premiere 600-M stand mount speakers for theater use and casual music listening. These are Klipschs' flagship stand mounts and are well viewed and liked throughout the audio community. They were even featured in Stereophile magazine and received a very positive report. Another purchase from my audio guys at Safe And Sound, Chicopee, MA. Brick and Mortar store who is a sponsor of the 'New Record Day' channel on youTube.

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  1. Listening to the 'upscale' system tonight with the Martin Logan 2.1 setup. Been a while since I fired it up. All ready to go on the ol Rega.....
  2. ........the vinyl with center label detail.....
  3. Rear cover and track listing......
  4. Good evening once again my vinyl friends! Been a bit, but, over in RTM spinning this ELP classic I bought back in the day! Still sounds just fine considering it's age! Here is the front cover all very familiar to us prog rockers
  5. Hi there............here is a photo of my 1968 'C's with RARE white grills. I owned these for 14 years and have only seen one other pair on the internet. Who ever had them took the bottom molding off which is too bad, these were like new and all original. Enjoy.
  6. Well my friends. That was a nice listen, and I am now ready to trail off to the rack for the evening, being up early for a painting project I am doing for my neighbor may have tired this old guy out a bit. With that, I appreciate all your likes and comment as always, and I hope to be back here again soon! Have a good evening / day. Until next time, cheers ! 🍷
  7. .....Side FOUR now in progress........
  8. Oh, the Nightwish concert was just last month. A real specticle for the eyes and ears
  9. Well, my NEW love is Symphonic Metal. Nightwish and Epica fan here. Nightwish performed live two nights in a row ONLINE. They were in a virtual 'world', the audio and visuals were fantastic. I paid $25 to see it, worth every bit. Floor Jansen and Simone are pretty much the two top female singers in that genre right now.
  10. Yup, have a bunch of Yes vinyl and CD etc. Seen them many times over the years as well. The rare one was the 'Talk' tour. An under rated album, however, it is finally getting some recognition, always one of my favorites and PLENTY of Chris' low electronic bass pedals all over the album. LIVE, it was incredible. NEVER in all my days of live arena concerts did I ever hear low end fill a 20k seat venue like that. You could feel the hair on your forehead buzz on your face, same with your arm hair and we were half way into the arena from the stage! The huge space was supercharged/pressureized, and to this day, I don't know how they did it !
  11. Excellent John. Mike surely has been a prog. influence here. I have NO Genesis in my vinyl collection, that is until he sent this great album along. Of course, he introduced me to Marillion and I enjoy their newest album in my Qobuz library. I have plenty of YES on a number for formats INCLUDING cassette! And like Stewman Steve, all the Starcastle albums on vinyl from their original release dates. I was thinking of hitting up some ELP next.
  12. Hope everyone is doing well... Things good here..........outside of my central AC failing in the spring. But, I have gotten used to the heat we are having. Hard to sleep when it is 88 degrees and fans just blow around hot air on you . New system going in on Aug. 23rd. Can't wait ! Genesis Side THREE coming right up 👍
  13. Good evening Mike, John and good morning Paul. Lunch time is near. 🍽️
  14. Side TWO now plays..........WOW, what low end on this first track, and I am amazed that old Shure is delivering such a great presentation with it through the Klipsch RP 280F towers.. Nice to relax with a glass of vino and actually listen to music again 🍷
  15. ......lastly, on the table, cued up and ready for a listen....in progress as I type and sounding very fine
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